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Pastured Products Directory - Iowa

  • View these farms on a LARGER MAP, or browse the alphabetical list below.
  • Find grass-fed products at local markets, restaurants and stores on our Iowa Beyond the Farm page.
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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Bauer Custom Meats is a family-owned and run business in northern Illinois, centrally located between Chicago, Peoria, La Salle/Peru, Rockford, and the Quad Cities. We serve all of northern Illinois and eastern Iowa. We do not ship and currently do not offer delivery. We raise grass-fed and finished whole and half lamb and beef seasonally.

We believe in the humane treatment of animals allowed to live similarly as they would in nature, not crowded in a feedlot and fed unnaturally high levels of grains and concentrates. Our animals are never treated or implanted with hormones, or fed antibiotics to unnaturally increase rate of weight gain. We use an inspected meat processor nearby and butcher to your specifications.

Bauer Custom Meats, Anthony or Sandy Bauer, PO Box 237, Mineral IL 61344. (309) 288-5110.
E-mail: bauercustommeats@yahoo.com. Facebook: www.facebook.com/BauerCustomMeats/.

Driftless Hills Farm is a small family farm in the Driftless Region of northeastern Iowa. This farm is held in the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust and may only be used to grow food for our community practicing sustainable regenerative agriculture. We sell 100% grass-fed lamb, pastured pork and pastured poultry.

Our lamb is grown using rotational grazing practices and is certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW.

AGA logo

Our pork is rotated on pasture and in timber as the seasons allow and fed a ration of soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO certified organic feed that is formulated for higher omega 3s and vitamin content. Our pork is certified Animal Welfare Approved, also by AGW.

Our pastured poultry is soy-free and corn-free.

Meat is USDA inspected for resale at our farm and for online sales. We also sell whole and half hogs and whole lamb when pre-ordered by deposit.

Please contact us by email.

Driftless Hills Farm, Andy and Betsy Boone, 2264 200th Street, Calmar IA 52132.
E-mail: driftlesshillsfarm@gmail.com. Website: https://driftlesshillsfarm.com.

The birth of Fockler Creek Farm was the result of two common stories: A father with diabetes, and a son who wanted to farm but saw no way in. Sound like a strange combination? Shouldn’t in this day and age. Through the experience of a serious case of diabetes (6 shots a day) being cured with whole foods, and a dream of farming becoming reality with the use of innovative and unconventional techniques, Fockler Creek Farms took flight! Brian the previous farmer-to-be, and Scott the cured diabetic, along with their wives and children now raise beyond organic pastured pork, grass-finished beef and lamb, and pastured poultry.

Fockler Creek Farm’s mission is “To implement and develop systems of agriculture that result in solvent farmers, sane people, and sound ecosystems.” Since we are all part of the whole, the creation, the ecosystem, or whatever other term you use to describe it, our mission directs us to provide you with food that nourishes and heals. We’re very passionate about this as we have seen the difference it has made in our own lives. We’re also very passionate about promoting farmer-centric methods of agriculture and ways of farming that affirm the value of life.

For more detailed and technical information check us out on our website, focklercreek.com. We look forward to connecting you with the best our farm has to offer!

Fockler Creek Farms, Margaret Wosepka, 2450 60th St. Ackley, IA 50601. (641) 373-4971.
E-mail: cleanmeat@focklercreek.com. Website: www.focklercreek.com.

Forest Hill Farm raises certified organic, 100% grass fed beef from registered Red Angus cattle. The beef is dry aged for flavor and tenderness. We follow MIG grazing practices for both cattle and sheep.

Our Lamb is certified organic, 100% grass fed. Organic certification is through OCIA.

Forest Hill farm offers pasture-raised pork from our Gloucestershire Old Spots which graze certified organic pastures. Seasonal plantings of oats, buck wheat, rape seed, clover, and pumpkins add to the quality of our pork.

Pasture-raised poultry is available beginning each June. Free-range, heritage bred turkey is available beginning in November. Duck is available beginning in September.

All our livestock is raised using organic practices, however only the beef and lamb are certified organic.

We sell retail cuts of organic beef, organic lamb, and pastured pork and poultry.

Interested in buying larger quantities?

  • Whole, half, quarter steers
  • Whole and half lamb
  • Whole and half hogs

Iowa Delivery Locations: Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Dubuque

Illinois Delivery Locations: Oak Brook, Crystal Lake, Woodstock

Wisconsin Delivery Locations: Prairie Du Chein

Forest Hill Farm, Glenda Plozay, St. Olaf, IA 52072. (563) 783-2670.
E-mail: foresthillfarm@netins.net. Website: www.foresthillfarm.com.

Galen Bontrager Farm is a 'Beyond Organic" direct marketing, grass-based farm featuring Salad Bar Beef, Salad Bar Lamb, pastured pork, pastured broilers, pastured turkey, and pastured eggs.

As a former Polyface Inc. apprentice with Joel Salatin, I raise my animals using the Salatin methods that are highlighted in Michael Pollan's runaway bestseller The Omnivores Dilemma. (I'm actually mentioned in the book because I was an apprentice while Michael was there gathering the information for his book).

I am not "certified organic" but avoid the use of chemicals, growth hormones, genetically modified grains, antibiotics, dead animal parts, chicken litter, or drugs. Sales of some products are seasonal and others year-round; please contact me for availability. Custom beef is sold in wholes, halves, and quarters, and custom lamb in wholes or halves. Broilers and turkeys are custom ordered, processed, and picked up at the farm. On-farm sales of non-chlorinated eggs May–October.

I do not ship food anywhere and encourage people to patronize local producers. People are welcome to visit the farm, connect with their food, and see how it's raised. I greatly appreciate your support to keep local family farming alive and well.

For any inquiries about my products, ordering information, farm visits, and full-scale guided farm tours, please give me a call. I look forward to serving you. Joyfully at your service!

Galen Bontrager Farm, Galen Bontrager, 1840 500th Street SW, Kalona IA 52247. (319) 683-3199.

Our ranch, Graized, is based in Moweaqua, IL where we raise and finish all of our beef!

We began operation after the three of us graduated college with the vision of bringing a locally-raised, grass fed and finished beef product that benefited the soil all the way to the consumer. We were frustrated with all the misconceptions that exist around production agriculture so we set forth to bring our beef products direct to you, sharing our story all along the way.

We partner with local butchers from here in our backyard of Moweaqua to Springfield. Having these partnerships allows us to maintain full traceability of your beef and a high quality product, all while keeping your money local.

We follow the guidelines set forth by the American Grass Fed Association and prioritize transparency in every aspect of our business. We would love the opportunity to show you the ranch.

Graized, Kolten Postin & Luke Frantz, 2912 North 645 East Road, Moweaqua, IL 62550. 815-615-1012 (Kolten).
E-mail: Kolten.postin@graized.com; luke.frantz@graized.com. Website: www.graized.com.

Grateful Graze began as a way to provide healthy food from healthy soil to local families. Today we offer 100% Grass-Fed / Grass-Finished Beef, Lamb and Pasture-Raised Chicken online. It is available for home delivery around our region and for pickup at a growing number of locations (enter your zip code on our website to find the location nearest you). In the future, we will offer eggs and pork all raised upon the same soil health and animal health principles with which we began this journey.

We have worked for many years to adopt soil-improving practices such as no-till, buffer strips and cover crops on our family farm in Cambridge, Illinois. Now we are bringing livestock back to the land in the way God designed the soil-plant-animal system to work. We believe that soil health, animal health, and human health are linked together in ways that we are just beginning to understand.

Our cattle are outside in fields, never eat grain, and move across the land like a herd. They never receive hormones, and only a few get an antibiotic in the event of a life-threatening situation, never in their feed.

We are grateful for your belief in us, our team who makes this possible, the animals in our care, and the land we steward. Thank you for choosing Grateful Graze.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates! Join us for a farm tour to learn how our animals live and how they impact your family's health!

Grateful Graze, Monte Bottens, 19065 IL-81 Cambridge, IL 61238. (309) 852-3276.
E-mail: monte@gratefulgraze.com. Website: https://gratefulgraze.com/.

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Kinwood Farm is a fifth-generation family farm in northwestern Illinois, near the Iowa state line. Our goal is to lovingly raise food and products that nourish the land and its people. We offer:

  • 100% rotationally grazed grass-fed beef and lamb.
  • Pastured chicken and turkey moved daily to fresh grass, with 100% organic grain.
  • Organically-grown produce and flowers.
  • Gourmet mushrooms.
  • Pastured eggs with 100% organic grain.
  • Raw, local honey from on-farm hives
  • Wool and naturally-processed lambskin.
  • Farm tours, farm school, and events!

We deliver to your home near our drop off locations, which include the areas of Wheaton, Elburn, DeKalb, Sterling, Prophetstown, Cambridge, and the Quad Cities (for now!). Meat is sold as individual cuts and bulk. We offer bulk discounts and payment plans.

Our animals are moved daily to fresh pasture loaded with nutrient-rich forbs, legumes, and grasses, a practice called adaptive grazing. You won’t find any antibiotics, vaccines, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, or fungicides here. Our hope is to restore our community, health, and soils, and we appreciate you partnering with us.

Stop by our website to order products, check out events, classes, and tours, and sign up for our newsletter.

Kinwood Farm, Isaiah Jones, 28009 Seyller Road, Prophetstown. IL 61277. 563-370-5891.
E-mail: kinwoodfarm@gmail.com. Website: https://www.kinwoodfarm.com/.

McGreal Family Farm is a small farming business rooted in Clayton County, Northeast Iowa. Farming is our lifestyle, and we strive to work in harmony with nature as we raise quality products for ourselves, our friends, and neighbors. We specialize in pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed custom beef which we raise from birth to butcher on family pastures here in the driftless.

We have mostly black cattle, a mix of Angus and Hereford breeds that are well suited to this environment and have a proven record of quality. Our cattle are pastured using an intensive rotational grazing strategy that allows them to always have access to the most nutritious plants and allows the native flora to replenish. We never feed corn, we never use hormones, and we never use antibiotics as prophylaxis. Our animals are very healthy out in their natural environment and very rarely need any sort of veterinary treatment. The only dietary supplement we provide is in the form of salt and mineral licks.

We currently have beef available for purchase by the pound, either off the farm or if you meet us at our farmers’ market in Dubuque, IA on Saturday mornings. We are also currently taking reservations for quarters, halves or whole beef and we have trips to the butcher planned every month.

We also raise pastured Berkshire pork and have half and whole hogs available each fall. We will also have pork to sell by the pound while supply lasts.

Contact us at info@mcgrealfamilyfarm.com or give us a call at 563-245-1041 with any questions or to place an order.

McGreal Family Farm, Jake McGreal, 20447 Elm Road Strawberry Point, IA 52076. (563) 245-1041.
E-mail: info@mcgrealfamilyfarm.com. Website: www.mcgrealfamilyfarm.com. Find us on Facebook @mcgrealfamilyfarm.

Nettle Valley Farm has pastured pork available by the whole and half hog each fall. Our heritage breed hogs are raised on a certified organic, corn/soy-free diet (made from peas and barley) and lush pastures on our farmstead in southeastern Minnesota. Home delivery is available.

Through a partnership with an organic vegetable farm, our pigs also feast on thousands of pounds of culled produce like apples, pumpkins, squash, melons, and carrots which gives our pork an incredible depth of flavor. Tours available by appointment!

Nettle Valley Farm, Dayna Burtness, 23970 County Road 19, Spring Grove, MN 55974. Phone: Email is best.
E-mail: NettleValleyFarm@gmail.com. Website: https://www.NettleValleyFarm.com.

Prairie Ridge Farms is located in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Iowa. We have a certified organic dairy farm and direct market our grass-finished beef, and pastured pork. Our cattle are raised and finished 100% on grass. Our hogs are fed either non-GMO or organic grains, raw milk and have access to fresh grass.

Our animals are frequently given a fresh smorgasbord of forages. Our grazing management practices promote high soil fertility, and highly mineralized soil. We believe these high quality forages result in superior quality food.

We sell all of our meat by the whole, half, or quarters. Beef is available throughout the year. Pork is available at the end of the year, but check earlier on in the year for availability. Please contact us for more information.

Prairie Ridge Farms, Samuel Maibach, 13854 315th Street, Bloomfield IA 52537. (641) 208-6446.
E-mail: prairieridge83@gmail.com.

PrairieSun Organic Farm is located in Clay County, SD, and Certified Organic by MOSA. We focus on pasture-raised livestock that result in high quality meat and eggs. We raise pastured poultry, greenhouse vegetables, row crops, pastured pork, and fresh eggs.

We have been marketing and distributing pastured meats since 2008. We process our chickens on-farm in our certified organic semi-portable processing plant.

PrairieSun Organic Farm, Angela and Glenn, 46516 316th Street, Vermillion, SD 57069. (605) 638-0748.
E-mail: angela@prairiesunorganicfarm.com. Website: www.prairiesunorganics.com.

Roller Coaster Farm is a family-owned-and-operated farm located in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin’s beautiful Driftless Area. Our family has continually raised animals on the farm for over 30 years and it is currently operated by multiple generations of the family. We are firmly committed to the utilization of heritage breeds and natural farming methods that promote the health of our animals, our land, and our consumers.

At Roller Coaster Farm, we raise delicious, grass fed and grass finished Highland beef and Katahdin lambs as well as pastured Tamworth pork. We use Management Intensive Grazing techniques to rotate our cattle and sheep through lush pastures to produce lean, flavorful meat. Our Tamworth hogs enjoy grazing in the sunshine without any confinement for farrowing or feeding. None of our animals ever receive any added growth hormones, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics or animal bi-products.

To ensure the highest quality product and processing methods, we have partnered with Avon Locker Plant, a state inspected plant just 3 miles from the farm. Custom processing and packaging can be arranged after consultation with Avon. We direct market our products in quantities ranging from entire animals to 20-pound. variety packs as well as supplying select restaurants, catering, and processing facilities that share our vision and value our animals and their stories.

Farm visits are welcome upon request by email. We are located in the southwest corner of Wisconsin, just over an hour from Madison, and 50 minutes from both Dubuque, Iowa and Galena, Illinois.

For a current price list and availability, email us or give us a call.

Roller Coaster Farm, Charlotte Doherty, PO Box 153 / 12971 Roller Coaster Road, Darlington WI 53530. (608) 776-2718.
E-mail: rollercoasterfarm@gmail.com.

Shire Regenerative Farmhappy soil, happy plants, happy animals, healthy food

We grow high nutrient-density pastured Eggs, highly-pastured rich and tasty American Bresse Chicken, highly-pastured Duck Meat and Eggs, savanna-pastured Lamb, high antioxidant and phytonutrient Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Flowers, and more. Learn about our farm and schedule a visit at https://ShireRegenerative.Farm.

Our farming practices go beyond humane to happy, beyond conservation and beyond sustainable to regenerative. We orchestrate these knowledge-intensive practices to reinforce each other, to enhance the nutritional content of the food. We optimize for human health, and as a natural consequence this optimizes for environment, water, soil, plant, and animal health.

We serve the Quad Cities Illinois and Iowa regions; schedule a visit!

Shire Regenerative Farm, Coal Valley, IL 61240.
E-mail: See contact form on website. Website: https://ShireRegenerative.Farm.

Teelville Homestead is a small homestead of 6 ¾ acres located between the Quad Cities and Galesburg in West Central Illinois, owned and operated by Harold and Hope Teel.

Our dual-purpose chickens, Heritage turkeys and ducks are allowed to roam freely over our untreated 6+ acres of grasses during the day and penned up for safety at night. They are supplemented each morning with a small amount of grower feed or layer feed.

We sell both pasture-raised chicken and duck eggs year-round when available. Our ducks are either Pekin or Pekin/Rohan mixed.

We do not sell our dual-purpose chickens but do sell Cornish Cross meat chickens several times a year. These birds are kept in chicken tractors on pasture for their safety and moved every morning to fresh untreated grass on our acreage. They are supplemented with grower feed daily and then processed at a USDA certified processing plant in our region. A limited number of both Bourbon Red and Royal Palm Heritage turkeys and our ducks are also sold after being processed at the same USDA processing plant. We have also added Broad Breasted White turkeys this month that will be available for sale in the fall. The BB turkeys will be raised on pasture in tractors like the Cornish Cross and supplemented with high protein feed. We do not ship or deliver at this time but do make pick-up as easy and convenient as possible for our customers.

This year we added meat rabbits, selling them alive or dressing them for an added donation. Once the baby bunnies are weaned, they are kept in rabbit tractors that are moved to fresh grass every morning and supplemented with rabbit feed until they are large enough to process.

You can check us out on our website teelville.com.

Teelville Homestead, Harold & Hope Teel, 731 310th Street, New Windsor, IL 61465. 309-714-0857.
E-mail: teelvillehomestead@gmail.com. Website: teelville.com.

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Thankful Harvest is a grass-based, organic farm applying organic management for the benefit of the consumer, the environment, the animals and the farm. If you grew your own food, we believe you would do it like we do. We supply 100% grass-finished beef; 100% grass-finished lamb; organic, pastured, free-range poultry (chicken and turkey); and organic, non-soy farmstead eggs.

We feed our crops minerals based on detailed soil testing so that the crops are able to put more nutrition into what the animals and the consumers eat. If the minerals are not in the soil, they cannot make it to the table. We feed our chickens organic flax which is shown to increase beneficial fatty acids in the eggs. We strive to deliver maximum human nutrition to your family's table.

We deliver to homes, food coops, and buying clubs in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. We also ship nationwide via appropriate shipping options.

Thankful Harvest’s Tenderheart Beef, Tom and Kristi German, 5139 210th St, Holstein IA 51025-8061. (712) 830-3281.
E-mail: tom@thankfulharvest.com. Website: http://thankfulharvest.com.

Twisted Oaks Meats is a moderately sized farm committed to regenerative, sustainable ranching and farming. We only produce the highest quality pasture meats, from birth to finish. We raise grass fed beef and lamb, as well as pasture-raised, non-GMO pork and poultry (chicken and eggs).

We value the life of each individual animal and are on-hand every day of their life to make sure they are treated as humanly as possible. We treat each animal as it was intended to be treated in its own wild setting, and we have 30 years of experience we draw on to provide them with the best protection and stewardship.

We are as passionate about protecting the environment as we are about raising happy animals and producing healthy meat. We have adequate space to implement right and healthy regenerative practices and create a symbiotic relationship amongst ALL species, thus improving all the ground we touch.

Go to twistedoaksmeats.com to procure the best family-raised meat that Iowa has to offer!

Twisted Oaks Meats, LLC, Jamie and Cory Bierman, 1063 205th Street, Tipton, IA 52772. 563-889-0175.
E-mail: Jamie@twistedoaksmeats.com. Website: http://twistedoaksmeats.com.

Wacholz Farm Grass-fed Meats offers grassfed beef and pork. We are a small farm and focus on quality for the animals.

Our cattle are rotated on pastures in spring, summer and fall. NO antibiotics or growth hormones are given to our animals. During the winter the cattle get alfalfa hay.The feed for our cattle and pigs is all grown on our farm without herbicides and pesticides.The hogs receive grass/legume pastures and soaked oats. During the fall the hogs are fattened on fall apples; they don't receive soy in their diets.

Our beef is sold in 1/4, 1/2, or Whole. Pork is sold by 1/2, or Whole. Your animal will be processed at a locally owned and inspected butcher shop.

Wacholz farm is located near the I-35/I-90 intersection near Albert Lea, less than 10 miles north of the Iowa border. Come visit and see the animals!

Wacholz Farm Grass-fed Meats, Cazzi Wacholz, 81999 175th Street, Hayward, MN 56043. (303) 912-1499
E-mail: cwacholz@wacholzfarm.com. Website: www.wacholzfarm.com.

Wallace Farms is the ultimate one-stop shop for conscientious consumers who insist on only the best foods to support their family’s health.

100% Grass-Fed Beef

•   We Believe……Cows were built to eat grass, not grain
•   We Believe……Soil health is pivotal to the quality grass that our cows thrive on
•   We Believe……Cattle should be rotated to fresh pasture daily
•   We Believe……High levels of CLA in grass-fed beef support a strong mind and body
•   We Believe……Our grass-fed beef is not only healthy, but tender and flavorful
•   We Believe……Grass-fed is Best

Fresh-Air Pork

•  We Believe……Pigs should have access to plenty of mud and sunshine
•  We Believe……Agriculture should be sustainable and diversified
•  We Believe……Healthy eating gives new meaning to family life

Free-Range Chicken & Turkey

•  We Believe……Poultry need access to green pasture, bugs and sun
•  We Believe……Small family farms can be resurrected by producing quality, artisanal foods
•  We Believe……Animals should remain free of antibiotics and growth hormones

Wild-Caught Seafood

•  We Believe……Seafood should always be sustainably fished – not farm-raised
•  We Believe……Cook Inlet waters are the best in the world

Wallace Farms utilizes the “Buying Club” approach, which allows our customers to pre-order a wide variety of foods. We ship to all 50 states and currently offer pick-ups at the following locations:

IOWA LOCATIONS: Ankeny, IA; Ames, IA; Cedar Rapids, IA; Clive, IA; Des Moines, IA (Downtown); Johnston, IA; Iowa City, IA.
ILLINOIS LOCATIONS: Chicago, IL (Downtown); Naperville, IL (Western Chicagoland) – NEW WAREHOUSE!; Wauconda, IL (NW Chicagoland).

Wallace Farms, Inc., Keystone, IA. (319) 442-3244.
E-mail: info@wallacefarms.com. Website: www.wallacefarms.com.

Yoder's Natural Farm is nested in the rolling hills of Davis County, 15 miles from Missouri and 60 miles from Illinois. On our 159 acres we produce beef, pork, lamb, chickens, eggs, turkeys and dairy products. Dairy products are available through a private membership association.

Our farm consists of approximately 100 acres of pasture and the other 59 acres in forest—lots of oak, hickory and walnut trees. Our beef and lamb is 100 percent grass-fed, grass-finished. Chicken and pork get fed rations of non-GMO grains mixed with Fertrell minerals. Although not certified, we use organic practices. Our farming philosophy could well be likened to Joel Salatin's of Polyface Farm of Virginia.

Farmers Markets: Fairfield, Iowa, Saturdays, 8am–1pm, May through October outdoor; 9am–1pm November through April indoors.

Stores: Everybody's Whole Foods, 501 N 2nd Street, Fairfield IA 52556.

Yoder's Natural Farm, Robert Yoder, 19222 Jade Avenue, Bloomfield IA 52537. (641) 664-2060.
E-mail: heritagefood31@yahoo.com.

Iowa page updated 9/22/2021.

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