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Pastured Products Directory - Mississippi


View these farms on a LARGER MAP, or learn more about them in the alphabetical list below.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Amber Grassfed Beef is a birth-to-market, family enterprise that works with nature as a partner rather than a force to overcome. We are not certified organic, but only animals that are born and live their entire lives on our pastures, never in confinement, eating their natural diet of grass and legumes are eligible for Amber Grassfed Beef. This is the only way we can guarantee no antibiotics given or fed, no pesticides applied or given, no animal by-products fed, and no growth implants used. A charter member of the American Grassfed Association, we rotational graze to build soil fertility and to give our cattle fresh grass every few days.

Our beef is processed at a small family-owned, USDA-inspected plant whose owner has over 40 years of experience. He ages our beef the maximum time (usually 21 to 28 days) to get maximum tenderness and flavor, and then it is flash frozen. The 100% grassfed beef is sold by whole, half, or quarter (e-mail for details) and by the package when available.

We sell off the farm, pickup at the processing plant in DeKalb, MS, and make deliveries to Ocean Springs, MS and Jackson, MS.

Amber Grassfed Beef, Robert McCaskill, 703 Munn Road, Hickory MS 39332. (601) 646-5584.
E-mail: robert@ambergrassfedbeef.com Website: www.ambergrassfedbeef.com.

BDA Farm is a USDA-certified organic, regenerative farm located on 6,000+ in the beautiful Alabama Black Belt. We were founded with a focus on three principles: responsibility, service, and community. We believe that shared meals have always played a significant role in knitting together families and communities. This is why we hold it as our responsibility to serve our community through producing delicious and authentic food you can trust.

Our work starts with the question: “How can we provide for our community, while also restoring our soil and healing the land around us?” Through our practices, ( non-conventional, no-till, regenerative, organic, rotational grazing, non-GMO, antibiotic-free ), our gardens, pastures, and hives strive to provide the nutrient-dense food you and your family deserve.

We currently offer:

  • Grass-fed Beef
  • Grass-fed Lamb
  • Organic Produce
  • Pastured Eggs
  • Raw Honey

All of our offerings are available year-round. Items are available in a variety of assorted boxes and as a la carte items.

We currently take orders online and distribute via local pick-ups. (Birmingham, Alabama | Tuscaloosa, AL | On-Farm Pick-Up). We plan to begin ground shipping (1 and 2 day) for our meat offerings in the summer of 2020. We also sell through local farmers markets both in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa and supply to many of the best restaurants in these cities. (Our distribution channels are currently adapted to new COVID-19 protocols.)

We also work to provide farming techniques, recipes, farm stories, and more through our website and social media.

The best way to reach us is via our website, our social media, or our office phone number!

Bois d’Arc (BDA) Farm, Kyle Platt, Ben Moore, Elise Ferrer, Tammy Hobson, 8661 AL-183, Uniontown, AL 36786. 334-624-4660.
E-mail: thobson@bdafarm.com. Website: www.bdafarm.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoisdArcFarm. Instagram: @bdafarm.

At Dowdle Family Farms we produce grass-finished beef, forest-raised pork, pastured poultry, and honey. We are located in northeast Mississippi. We are a seventh generation farm that seeks to regenerate the soils, provide healthy, nutrient-dense food for our customers, and treat our animals with respect.

We offer pickup directly from the farm and convenient, free delivery to Columbus, Caledonia, and Columbus Air Force Base (meet outside the gate).

We are starting a shipping program for our meat products that includes Alabama, Mississippi, and the Memphis, TN areas. Sign up for our newsletter from our website for more information about our coming shipping program.

Sign up for our virtual farm tour on our website or send us an email and we will send you a link to the farm tour. We also welcome scheduled in-person farm tours when possible.

We would love to be your farmer.

Dowdle Family Farms, Rob Dowdle, 1412 Seed Tick Rd, Caledonia, MS 39740. 662-356-1095.
E-mail: rob@dowdlefamilyfarms.com. Website: dowdlefamilyfarms.com.

Goose Pond Farm has been producing and marketing pasture-raised chickens, turkeys, eggs, beef, lamb and pork for the past 15 years. All our animals are raised on pasture, are healthy, and thus, are free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and medications.

If you're the kind of person who takes comfort in the thought that the meat you eat once belonged to an animal that led a free and happy life, you should feel quite smug about eating meats produced on our farm. While roaming over some of the most beautiful land in the country, our privileged animals get lots of cleansing sunshine, lush green grass, and fresh country air. It’s the quintessential free range, just like you would imagine it in your dreams.

Our farm is made up of beautiful grassland and forest where we produce meats that puts the natural system to work. We are offering what more and more of you are dreaming of these days: high-quality, delicious tasting meats free of growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics, produced in a way that is humane and friendly to both earth and animals.

All meats are harvested seasonally to ensure the highest quality. Please visit our website for pricing and availability. We do not ship.

Goose Pond Farm, Charles and Laura Ritch, 298 Goose Pond Road, Hartselle AL 35640. (256) 751-0987.
Website: www.RaisedOnPasture.com.

Nature’s Gourmet Farm. Hello and welcome to our family farm! Since 2010 our mission is one of stewardship and health. As Holistic Practitioners, we focus on soil health and use diverse pasture forages and adaptive grazing to regenerate our ecosystems. We do not use hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, or GMO products to raise delicious, healthy, and nutritious grass-fed-to-finish Beef, pastured Pork, Chicken and Eggs.

We offer convenient and free pickup in key cities to include Madison, Hattiesburg, Gulf Coast, (Long Beach, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs) and Picayune.

The Heart Of What We Do...

Commitment: At Nature's Gourmet Farm, we have a passion for raising and eating delicious, nutrient-dense and healthy pasture-raised foods. We have visited industry leaders to learn best-practices first hand because raising food for your family is not just a business to us, but a personal ministry we take very seriously. We believe in helping to grow and shape pasture-based farming through our Board membership on the Grass Fed Exchange.

Convenience: We understand that obtaining farm fresh foods is not always convenient. That’s why we offer various package choices, pickup dates and locations. And, now we have made it easier to order. We are the only farm in MS where you can learn about our farm and products, shop our 60+ items, place your order and pay from our website.

Connection: Our goal is to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our customers. By supporting our farm we understand you are making an investment in your family's health. Therefore, we strive to honor your commitment by being upfront and transparent about our practices.

Nature's Gourmet Farm, Ben Simmons, 367 McKenzie Road, Petal MS 39465. (601) 434-9081.
E-mail: sales@naturesgourmetfarm.com. Website: www.naturesgourmetfarm.com.

New Grass Farms is a small, family farm focused on quality, healthy food products raised on our farm. Our commitment is to use all natural practices and raise our livestock in a humane manner while regenerating the land we use to grow our livestock. Currently we have a small beef herd, meat sheep flock and in the near future we plan to expand into laying hens as well as pork.

Our cattle and sheep are rotated frequently onto fresh grazing depending on the time of year and what we are trying to accomplish with the trampling affect of their hooves. We invite you to come out to our farm and take a look around.

If you'd be interested in hosting a drop-off location for meat deliveries, please do so on our website. Our goal is to establish drop-off locations in the cities of Starkville, MS., Meridian, MS., Tupelo, MS. Tuscaloosa, AL. We would service these routes on a monthly basis and customers can place their orders with us online and pick them up at the appointed location and time.

Thanks for your interest in wholesome, local food. Craig and Cheryl Schmidt.

New Grass Farms, Craig Schmidt, 2817 Douglass Road, Macon MS 39341. (662) 889-6628.
E-mail: newgrassfarms@gmail.com. Website: www.newgrassfarms.com.

Shareef Family Pastured Poultry is a small, diversified family farm dedicated to raising pastured poultry, sheep, and eggs. Future products will include ground chicken sausage, lamb, goat, goat's milk, and goat's cheese. Their feed contains no antibiotics, hormones, or drugs. Organically grown fruits and vegetables may also be available.

Shareef Family Pastured Poultry, Alvin, Abdul-Hakim, and Rosa Shareef, 15 Al-Quddus Road, Sumrall MS 39482. (601) 736-0136.

Weesner Meadow Farm is a natural ranch near Holly Springs. Gourmet meat and eggs. Organic – not certified. Pastured with room to roam. We raise and select livestock with room to move. Farm-to-table beautiful USDA cuts and gourmet sausages – real meat.


  • Pastured Heritage Pork - Registered Large Black Hogs.
  • Grass fed Heritage Lamb - St. Croix Sheep and Dorper. Delicate complex flavors, low lanolin.
  • Grass fed 21-day aged Beef.
  • Non-GMO, pastured whole Chickens.
  • Limited local availability of fresh Turkey and Guinea Eggs.

Custom processing by a Mennonite family-run facility that is also a natural meat producer, USDA inspected. All meats frozen, delivered locally, at farmers markets, and shipped online.

Weesner Meadow Farm, Karen Weesner, 4140 Highway 7, Holly Springs MS 38635. (901) 299-3806.
E-mail: karenweesner@icloud.com. Website: http://weesnermeadow.com.

Page updated 10/23/2020.

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