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Jo Robinson in her garden on Vashon Island

Eatwild.com was founded by Jo Robinson in 2001 to promote the many advantages of raising livestock on pasture on small family farms. When nature’s model is followed, consumers, animals, and the planet reap the benefits. Consumers have access to more healthful eggs, meat, and dairy products; the animals live relatively stress-free lives; and well-managed grazing improves the fertility of the soil, absorbs more greenhouse gasses, and helps retain more water and topsoil.

Eatwild is now the #1 clearinghouse in the United States for science-based information about pasture-based farming. The site features a state-by-state (plus Canada) directory of local farmers who meet Eatwild's criteria. You will find farmers close to you who respect the land and their animals, and produce delicious, quality food. The farm descriptions in the directory point you to information on how and where to pick up food. Some farmers will deliver or ship their products directly to you.

More than 9 million people have visited Eatwild.com to find wholesome alternatives to products from animals raised on unnatural diets and kept in confinement in abusive conditions.

Jo Robinson has been named one of the Top 50 Food Activists in the country and is the author of The New York Times bestselling book, Eating on the Wild Side. She has visited pasture-based farms across the country and given presentations to several thousand farmers and consumers. She is a highly regarded pioneer in the rapidly growing grass-fed movement.

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  • Support Eatwild. Eatwild.com does not receive any money when you buy meat, eggs, or dairy products from farmers listed on our website—what you spend goes directly to the farmers. When you donate to or buy books from us, you are helping to keep Eatwild online. Thank you.

    To date, over 9 million people have visited Eatwild.com.
    We have as many as 16,500 visitors per day.
    Good news travels fast!

Eatwild.com is owned and operated by Jo Robinson, an investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author who specializes in science-based health information.

Site updated July 18, 2024.

by Eatwild Founder
Jo Robinson

NY Times Bestseller
by Eatwild Founder
Jo Robinson

Eating on the Wild Side


Pasture Perfect
by Jo Robinson

book cover


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