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From the News Archives...

Pastured rabbits: "healthier and more delicious"

Most of the meat rabbits raised in this country are raised in confinement facilities, much the way chickens are raised. Putting rabbits out to pasture results in healthier, tastier, and more tender meat according to a new study funded by a grant from Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.

Robin and Mark Way conducted the study at their Rumbleway Farm in Maryland. Their indoor rabbits grew bigger, faster, and fatter than their outdoor rabbits, but the grazing rabbits won the culinary prize. As a bonus, they also had less overall fat and almost twice as many omega-3 fatty acids, making them the healthier choice as well.

"Determination of omega-3 fatty acids in pasture-raised meat rabbits." Robin and Mark Way in collaboration with Dr. James McNitt of Southern University. January 2003


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