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From the News Archives...

Fresh garlic powder wipes out harmful E. coli

Recently, Japanese researchers incubated deadly E. coli O157:H7 bacteria in a 1% solution of fresh garlic powder. By the end of the 24-hour experiment, all the bacteria had been killed. Earlier studies showed that a 1–2% garlic solution destroys Salmonella and Candida bacteria as well. The scientists concluded that "the practical use of garlic powder is expected to prevent bacteria-caused food poisoning." Few natural substances can claim this honor. For example, a 1% horseradish solution does little to inhibit bacterial growth, and a 1% aloe solution can enhance it.

The fraction of the garlic powder that is responsible for killing E. coli is not harmed by heat. The only bad news is that it also carries the characteristic garlic odor. Garlic has been a standard ingredient in meat marinades for hundreds if not thousands of years.

J. Nutr Sci Vitaminology, 1999, 45:785-790


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