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From the News Archives...

Confirmation of the health benefits of pasture-finished cattle

Researchers Loren Cordain from Colorado State University and Bruce Watkins from Purdue University have determined that meat from grassfed animals is very similar to meat from wild game animals. This is not true for grain-fed animals. Compared to elk, deer, and antelope, for example, feedlot beef has more total fat, saturated fat, and omega-6 fatty acids, but fewer health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids. According to the research team, "... pasture-fed cattle are closer to values found in wild ruminants, and from a health perspective, the meat from these animals would probably be superior to meat from grain-fed cattle."

L. Cordain, et al., "Fatty acid analysis of wild ruminant tissues: evolutionary implications for reducing diet-related chronic disease." EJCN, 2002, 56:181-191.


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