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From the News Archives...

Feed clover, not grease

Now that there's so much interest in the health benefits of CLA (the healthy fat found in grassfed animals) animal scientists are searching for ways to boost CLA levels in milk from cows raised in confinement dairies. Current feed additives under investigation include recycled restaurant grease, algae, flaxseed oil, corn oil, canola oil, and fish meal.

Nature's way is simpler. The research shows that when cows get all of their nourishment from pasture, they produce as much as 5 times more CLA than cows fed grain in a confinement dairy. New research suggests that if the pasture contains red clover, the cows will produce even more of this cancer-fighting fat.

Z, Wu, L.D., Satter, and M.W. Pariza, "Paddocks containing red clover compared with all grass paddocks support high CLA levels in milk." US Dairy Forage Research Center.


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