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From the News Archives...

Autumn milk has more CLA

Valerie Dantoin from Full Circle Farm in Seymour, Wisconsin, has gone the extra mile to verify that her Northern Meadows cheddar cheese is high in CLA—she's had samples of the milk tested at the University of Wisconsin throughout the grazing season.

As you can see from the graph below, there is a marked difference in the CLA levels of the milk from month to month. The cows were turned out to pasture in May and remained on pasture for the remainder of the study period. The CLA content in April (before the cows started grazing) is similar to the amount found in ordinary supermarket milk. By September, the CLA content was three times higher than at the start of the grazing season. (In addition to the pasture, the cows were supplemented with 15 pounds of high-moisture corn, 5 pounds of corn silage and 4 pounds of added protein from soybean meal and roasted beans. Milk from cows given no additional supplement is even higher in this cancer-fighting fat.

Seasonal variation in CLA levels

To learn more about Full Circle Farm and to purchase their cheese, visit Valerie's website at

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