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From the News Archives...

A welcome source of high CLA butter

To our knowledge, there are no American farms or cooperatives that are currently marketing butter from 100% grassfed cows. Although cheese from all grassfed cows is available from many suppliers on the Eat Wild Pastured Products directory, grassfed butter cannot be found. Restrictive government regulations and lack of consumer awareness keep small-scale butter operations from being profitable.

Until a US supplier gets up and running, it is possible to purchase excellent butter imported from Ireland by the Kerrygold company. The butter is made from cows that are raised on pasture or grass silage, making it five times higher in CLA and also higher in vitamin E and beta carotene than commercial butter, whether organic or non-organic. It costs about twice as much as ordinary butter and about the same as organic butter. It is yellower than butter from cows raised in confinement, melts at a lower temperature, and has a terrific taste. Look for Kerrygold butter in up-scale supermarkets and specialty stores. To see if there's a store in your neck of the woods, search Kerrygold for "where to buy." You can also order their butter and cheese on-line from (Once at the site, go to the "Irish Deli" section.) You may be able to convince your local supermarket to stock it, eliminating the high cost of shipping.

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