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From the News Archives...

How now mad cow?

Mad cow disease, officially referred to as bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE, is spreading throughout western Europe. Can it happen here? Even though the feeding of meat and bone meal to ruminants has been banned, mistakes do happen. A Gonzales, Texas, plant operated by Purina Mills Inc. mistakenly mixed cow meat and bone meal into a feed supplement that was put on the wrong truck, said Beverly Boyd, spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Agriculture. The feed was then offered to 1,200 cattle. If any of the meal had come from diseased animals, those cattle would have been at risk for BSE.

Consumers who want greater assurance that their beef will be BSE-free should choose grassfed beef. Cattle that are finished on a 100-percent pasture diet are never exposed to contaminated feed.


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