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Iowa Beyond the Farm...

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In a typical buying club, farmers consolidate orders from a number of customers and deliver them to a central location, typically a customer’s home. If you want to join a buying club in your area, contact the appropriate people below:

Galen Bontrager Farm participates in a seasonal buying club organized by Friendly Farms. Call Bob Braverman at Friendly Farms (319) 338-2920 for more information.

Prairie Ridge Farms delivers to Des Moines, Iowa and Kirksville, Missouri during the winter months and during the summer months they are at the Farmers Markets. To join their buying club, call them to receive their order forms and buying club dates.

Wallace Farms utilizes the “Buying Club” approach, which allows our customers to pre-order a wide variety of foods. We currently offer pick-ups at the following locations in Iowa and Illinois, and ship to all 50 states. For more information, contact us at Wallace Farms, (515) 480-8763, send us an e-mail, or visit our website.

  • IOWA: Ankeny, Ames, Cedar Rapids, Clive, Des Moines (Downtown), Johnston, and Iowa City.  

  • ILLINOIS: Chicago (Downtown), Naperville–NEW WAREHOUSE! (Western Chicagoland); Wauconda (NW Chicagoland).


Note: Many farmers markets are seasonal. To find more information about specific markets, check the USDA's state by state list.

Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market
Saturdays, 7am-Noon, May 1-October 30
Near 300 Court Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa

Prairie Ridge Farms, Nomad Grass-fed Beef Jerky,



117 North Linn Street
Iowa City, IA
(319) 354-1001
Highland Vista Farm (meat and eggs),
Galen Bontrager Farm

Motley Cow Cafe
160 N Linn Street
Iowa City, IA
Galen Bontrager Farm

Taste on Melrose
1006 Melrose Avenue
Iowa City, IA
Highland Vista Farm (meat and eggs),



Gateway Market
2002 Woodland Avenue
Des Moines, IA
(515) 243-1754
US Wellness Meats (MO)


Bread Garden Market
225 S Linn Street
Iowa City, IA
(319) 351-9119
Galen Bontrager Farm


Nomad Grass-fed Beef Jerky
West Des Moines, Iowa
(Also available at Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market)

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