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Pastured Products Directory – Indiana



Find farms or ranches near you on our Eatwild Indiana map, or browse the alphabetical list below

Go Beyond the Farm to find local stores, restaurants, and markets that sell grassfed products.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

A2/A2 Heritage Breed Farms see Heritage Breed Farms below

Brookstone Terrace Farm raises beef from a local line of 1950s-style cattle established by our neighbor two generations ago. All our cattle are born on our farm where we continue the tradition of naturally adapted genetics on 100% grass from conception to finish.

We are conveniently located 20 minutes west of Richmond, Indiana, off Interstate Route 70 and 50 minutes east of Indianapolis.

By the piece, quarters, halves, or whole beef, custom butchering is coordinated with our local processor so please call or e-mail for current availability and scheduling.

Please check with us for ground beef specials.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Brookstone Terrace Farm, Eric and Lisa Stickdorn, PO Box 63, New Lisbon, IN 47366. (765) 593-1545.
E-mail: estickdorn@gmail.com. Website: https://sites.google.com/site/brookstoneterracefarm/.

The Farm Connection has many local food products available. Owned and operated by Alan, Mary and Kate Yegerlehner, the farm is a 100% grass fed dairy with Milking Shorthorn and Devon genetics. They are milked once per day seasonally from April to December. Butter, milk and cheese are our specialties, but other dairy products are available as well.

Grass fed beef, veal, and whey/skim milk-fed pork are also raised on the farm. No antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or synthetic chemical fertilizers are ever used on the farm.

Visit our online store website: https://thefarmconnection.grazecart.com.

The Farm Connection, Alan, Mary, and Kate Yegerlehner, 1087 East County Road, 550 South, Clay City IN 47841. (812) 939-3027.
E-mail: swissconnectioncheese@gmail.com. Website: https://thefarmconnection.grazecart.com.

Farmer’s Provisions – ‘Beef Raised to be Delicious.'

Farmer’s Provisions was born out of our effort to improve the health and quality of the land that we farm. Now we work to help you expect more from the food you provide your family. We offer 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef by individual cuts, in bundle boxes, and in bulk (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef).We ship online orders directly to your home, or, if you prefer, you can arrange pick-up by appointment at the farm.

Our cattle are moved to a fresh swath to graze daily and from field to field throughout the year to mimic nature. This balances their diet and improves the ultimate nutrition of the beef. It also spreads the positive impact of cover crops and grazing to more soils.

We believe that trusting where your food comes from is critical to your family’s optimal health. And we believe a direct connection to the consumer is critical to the sustainability of our family’s livelihood. Our ‘Farmer’s Handshake Guarantee’ embodies our stubbornness to be proud of the beef we sell and satisfy the customer. Farming is all that we do and that is a blessing we don’t take lightly.

Visit our website to learn more and see our product offerings.

Farmer’s Provisions, Adam Howell, 12261 S CR 600W, Middletown, IN 47356. (765) 623-7949.
E-mail: beef@farmersprovisions.com. Website: https://farmersprovisions.com/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeefProvisions. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beefprovisions/.

Flying S is a family farm in East Central Illinois devoted to taking care of the land AGA logoand animals. Intensive Grazing practices are used to produce naturally healthy grass fed beef. We are approved by the American Grass Fed Association; we’re not certified organic, but you can come inspect us anytime!

Flying S beef is dry-aged for 14–21 days and is frozen in thick, clear vacuum packages. With advance notice we can cut your steaks any thickness you like.

NEW! Das Schlact Haus, our Amish butcher in Arthur IL, was so impressed with our beeves they now stock our beef as an option for their health-conscience consumers. Open 8AM–4.30PM Mon–Fri, and 8AM–3PM on Saturday.

Whole frozen pastured chickens available year-round.

NOW AVAILABLE: Home delivery! We are partnering with Hasselmann Farms who will deliver our beef each month to homes in Champaign, Bloomington, Naperville, Elgin, Fox Lake, Schaumburg, Evanston, Aurora, Downers Grove and everywhere in between.

Pricing and Order info on our website.

If you care about what you're eating call or email to order some natural grass-fed beef today. Thanks for supporting local farms!

Flying S Beef, Penny Shaw, 17594 East 500th Avenue, Palestine IL 62451. (618) 586-9999.
E-mail: beef@flying-s.com. Website: https://www.flyingsbeef.com/.

Full Circle Organic Farm – Grass-only lambs, raised on certified organic farm about 120 miles from the Indiana state line – 400 available.

We have 360 acres of pasture, all paddocks with fresh well water. Lambs are raised with all the organic pasture, hay, kelp, and organic minerals they want.

Lambs are available by private treaty or at the following grocery stores and restaurants. Grocery stores: Natural Local Food Express, Plymouth, MI., Grahams Organics, Rosebush, MI., Simply Fresh Market, Brighton, MI. Restaurants: The Boulevard Inn & Bistro, Saint Joseph, MI., and The Wooden Spoon in Brighton, MI. (Visit Eatwild's Michigan Beyond the Farm page for addresses and contact information for these locations.)

We also have certified organic wool, and certified organic seasonal peaches and cherries.

Full Circle Organic Farm, LLC, SuzAnne Akhavan-Tafti, 4545 Vines Road, Howell MI 48843. (517) 719-0073.
E-mail: chazmaven4545@yahoo.com. Website: http://fullcircleorganicfarm.com.

Gilland’s Green Valley Pastures – American Wagyu Beef is a family-run cow/calf farm producing American Wagyu beef on 70 acres of high nutrient-dense soil in the heart of Southeastern Indiana, near the Ohio and Kentucky borders.

Why high nutrient-dense soil? It’s because of the way we graze our herd. We use our cows to feed the soil microbes and the microbes feed our pastures. We don’t overgraze. We move our cows to a new strip of pasture every day in the spring, summer, and fall, and roll out high quality mixed hay in the winter. Our farm is rolling hills with a fresh water, plenty of shade and good wind breaks. We work hard to make sure our cows get all the fresh feed and water they want to eat and drink every day of the year. We offer free choice Kelp and Redmond salt/mineral at all times. Our cows really do get fat on grass and legumes with no grain when the pastures are managed correctly.

I grew up on a conventional dairy farm thinking cows needed grain, but now I know if your soils are correct cows are happier and healthier and really thrive on pasture. Take time to read up on all the heart-healthy benefits of eating 100% grass fed and grass finished beef. Our steaks are nutrient dense and delicious!

American Wagyu. Our Wagyu beef is 50% Wagyu or more, most are 75 to 93%. We have a few Angus that we offer for $3.50/pound hanging weight; our higher marbled Wagyu is $4 to $5/pound hanging weight. We have dates available soon at some local processing plants for quarter, half, and full beefs.

To learn more or to order, visit our website and/or email or call me or my son Grant.

Gilland’s Green Valley Pastures, Steve Gilland or Grant Gilland, 6518 W CR 650 N, Osgood IN 47037. 608-479-1389 (Steve) or 812-756-1208 (Grant).
E-mail: sgilland10@icloud.com. Website: https://www.gillandsgreenvalleypastures.com.

Gogel Pastures is a family-run, 3rd-generation farm specializing in 100% grass-fed beef and lamb as well as pigs (pork) and eggs raised 100% on pasture.

We sell all our animals in halves or wholes, along with some sales at local farmers markets. We are located in Southern Indiana near a little town called Bristow, about 10 minutes from I-64 exit 72.

We rotationally graze all our animals, moving the cattle, laying hens, and sheep once daily and the hogs every few days. We are striving to get nutritionally dense, local food out to our customers.

Please contact us by phone or email for questions, orders, or if you just want to come check out how we do things!

Gogel Pastures, Teagon Gogel, 19994 Clayborne Rd., Bristow, IN 47515. 812-686-5306.
E-mail: gogelpastures@gmail.com. Website: none. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gogelpasture.

Grass Corp. believes our farming practices can change the world! We feed the life in the soil so that it might grow healthy plants to feed our animals and produce nutritious meat, dairy, and eggs. Grass Corp. is proud to offer 100% grass-fed raw dairy; grass-finished lamb and beef; and pasture-raised eggs, pork, chicken, and turkey.

We farm simply, with the animals grazing on lush pastures. We do NOT use antibiotics, hormones, herbicides, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals on our farm.

All grains fed to poultry and pigs are non-GMO from other local farmers.

You can conveniently shop our online store and pickup at the farm or at one of our many pickup locations across Indiana.

Grass Corp. is owned and operated by The Steckler Family: Stan & Martha, Gavin & Kaitlin, Hunter & Samantha, Blake, Joel, Eli, and Jeremiah, 15606 Oriole Road, Leopold IN 47551. Call us: (812) 843-3277.
Email us: support@grasscorp.net. Website: https://grasscorp.net.

Gunthorp's Farm offers pastured pigs and chickens. The animals receive no antibiotics, growth stimulants, waste fat, etc. Chickens are available from June until December.

Whole, halves and split halves of pork are available for pick-up or delivery. Small quantities of pork chops, pork shoulder roasts, ground pork, bacon, and hams are also available.

Gunthorp's Farm, Greg Gunthorp, LaGrange IN 46761. (219) 367-2708.
E-mail: hey4hogs@kuntrynet.com.

The Hays Family Farm in Central Indiana offers high-quality, 100% Grass-Fed Beef, Farm Fresh Pork, Pasture-Raised Chicken & Eggs, and 100% Grass-Fed Lamb.

Our farm uses regenerative farming systems and adaptive grazing practices to promote soil health, encourage biodiversity, and overall enhance the environment in which our animals are raised. At Hays Family Farm, we believe that healthy soil creates healthy plants and animals, and healthy animals in-turn provide a healthier food source for us!

Our animals are humanely handled and are processed at a trusted local USDA-inspected processor.

We sell our products by the individual package, affordable bundles, and in bulk, and offer pick up at our farm, FREE Local Home Delivery (check website for availability), and FREE 1-Day Ground Shipping on orders over $149 in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Kentucky.

Check out our website to shop now or contact us for more information.

Hays Family Farm, Jenny Hays, 7499 East County Road 800 North, Bainbridge, IN 46105. 765-247-9053.
E-mail: contact@haysfamilyfarm.net. Website: https://www.haysfamilyfarm.net/. Facebook: haysfamily.farm. Instagram: haysfamily.farm. Youtube: haysfamilyfarm_regenerative.

Healthy Homestead, LLC offers 100% grassfed, Certified Organic (by OEFFA) dairy and beef, 100% grassfed lamb, and pastured poultry (chickens).

We provide raw milk, beef, and lamb by the piece, whole broilers and stewing hens and eggs, all sold through our on-farm store.

All animals have access to Fertrell mineral supplements.

Healthy Homestead, LLC, Neal or Michele Reishus, 5199 E 50 N Kokomo, IN 46901. 765-628-3381.
E-mail: reishusfamily@aol.com. Website: www.healthyhomesteadllc.com. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healthyhomestead46901/.

Heritage Breed Farms is located in west central Ohio, close to Indiana, not far from I-75.

We started our farm for several key reasons. First and foremost, we wanted to be sustainable. We feel that God has entrusted us as stewards of his creation. Being sustainable keeps our land and animals in the best possible health and returns the land in better shape than when we received it. Secondly, we wanted our children to grow up on a farm—who wouldn’t?! Third, we wanted to raise great tasting food that was also good for you. We grow everything using organic practices and primarily raise heritage breeds—Red Devon cattle, Large Black and Red Wattle hogs, Buckeye chickens, Katahdin sheep, and Bronze breasted turkeys.

Pastured Pork. There is lots of bacon on our hogs! No wonder they call Large Backs “bacon hogs.” In our opinion, there is no comparison for taste and flavor. Our Red Wattles are also featured on Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste. We currently have pastured freezer pork available.

Grass Fed Red Devon Beef is the fastest selling item on our farm. Devons are recognized worldwide for producing fine beef on pasture alone. They mature at a slow rate and their beef is considered of higher quality, in part due to their thick hide, medium frame, calm disposition, and great marbling characteristics derived from their long history of grazing dating back to as early as 55 BC.

100% Grass-fed A2/A2 Raw Milk. Herdshares available. We do not feed any grains to our cattle, ever. Guernseys were originally bred for royalty because of their unique golden milk. Our Guernsey cows are the queens of the farm and their creamy A2/A2 beta carotene-rich milk is the best!

Pastured Poultry. Please order ahead. We can raise as many meat birds as our customers want but must receive orders early as we get our chicks in late winter/early spring. We also have Pastured Eggs laid by our favorite birds, the Buckeyes, raised in the same great state as their namesake.

Delivery available in Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Indianapolis, and closer. Like us on Facebook and keep up with us via our website.

As always, thank you for your support of our farm and remember to eat local and eat fresh!

God Bless.

A2/A2 Heritage Breed Farms, Brent and Beth Schulze Family, 11591 W. Versailles RD. Covington OH 45318 (937) 710-7375.
Email: info@heritagebreedfarms.com. Website: www.heritagebreedfarms.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heritagebreedfarms.

Heritage Meadows Farm LLC is a small family farm located in Clayton IN.

Our mission is to protect the rare and endangered genetics of heritage livestock and poultry breeds for future generations. These truly rare animals represent a genetic diversity that may be needed by future generations due to their strong health, invaluable mothering abilities, incredible foraging characteristics, and their innate ability to thrive in a changing climate. These animals are a vital part of food security for the world.

We carry out this mission by providing premium purebred breeding genetics to novice and experienced breeders alike, by providing purebred feeder stock to those who wish to provide food security to their families, and by providing the end consumer with grass-fed lamb and pastured pork, chicken, duck and geese meat and eggs that are unmatched in quality and nutrition.

We further our mission outside of the livestock realm by maintaining a robust seed bank from crops that we grow. A lot of our seeds come from stock that are either thought to be extinct or are in danger of becoming extinct. We are not certified organic, but we are chemical-free. We do not use artificial herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers

Our products can be found on our website, on Market Wagon, at farmers markets, and at Garfield Park and Indy Winter and Summer Markets. Local delivery is also available.

Heritage Meadows Farm LLC, Alan McKamey, 1692 E County Road 800 S, Clayton IN 46118. 317-539-2489.
E-mail: info@heritagemeadowsfarm.net. Website: https://www.heritagemeadowsfarm.net/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeritageMeadowsFarm.

Holy Cow Farm Fresh is a small family farm located north of Monon, Indiana. It is owned and operated by Paul and Joanne Mosher and their children. We raise 100% Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork, and 100% Grassfed Lamb. (We also raise non-GMO, grain-finished beef separately from our Grassfed Beef.)

Our beef is crossbred, mostly Angus/Limousin. Our meats are natural, no antibiotics and no hormones. The animals are raised outside in fresh air and sunshine, with available shelter during bad weather. All hay for the animals is grown by us right here on farm with ALL non-GMO hay, pasture grown without chemicals, and with natural fertilizers. Our motto is happy, healthy animals make the best quality of food (and taste better too).

Our On-Farm Store is located at 10498 N US 421, Monon, IN. (Little Red Barn just North of Whistle Stop Restaurant & Train Museum). Check website or Facebook for hours.

We have an amazing website with online shopping and shipping within Indiana. We offer beef by the whole, half, or quarter, and pork and lamb by the whole and half.

We are just a God-fearing, home-school family, carrying on the God-given passion for farming that our grandfathers had. Our farm is not flashy nor showy, but we are transparent—we want you to know where your food is coming from, who is raising it, and how it is being raised. Farm tours available by appointment. God Bless!

Holy Cow Farm Fresh, Paul and Joanne Mosher, On-Farm Store Location: 10498 N US 421, Monon, IN 47959. (219) 253-8491.
E-mail: joanne@holycowfarmfresh.com. Website: www.holycowfarmfresh.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holycowfarmfresh.

Honeysuckle Farm in Morris, Illinois is a family-owned and operated, small-scale, pasture-based farm. We use organic and regenerative agriculture methods to produce delicious food with high nutrient density, integrity, and transparency.

Our family farm produces beef, pork, chicken, turkey, eggs, and honey.

Grass-fed Beef: Calves are born on our neighbor's farm and are not administered vaccines, chemical wormers, or antibiotics. Ground beef is available now, with more cuts available soon.

Pastured Pork: We breed our own Berkshire-Duroc hogs, so all our pork is born and raised on our farm. 100% pasture-raised, our sows are never confined inside buildings or small crates. Piglets can root and roam, consuming pasture forage and supplemented with locally milled non-GMO feed. Pork is processed at a certified organic, USDA-inspected facility.

Pastured Chicken: Cornish-Cross meat chickens are moved out to pasture from the brooder at three weeks of age. Supplemented with locally milled non-GMO feed, they are rotated to fresh pasture daily. Available as whole birds or individual retail cuts.

Pastured Free-Range Eggs: Available Spring-Fall, free-ranging hens can roam and scratch, consuming pasture grasses and supplemented with locally milled non-GMO feed.

Raw Honey: We keep our own honeybee hives in our small, on-farm apiary. Hive management includes chemical-free treatments and feed supplements during the non-growing season. We only harvest a portion of the honey from each hive, ensuring the bees are able to overwinter on the honey and pollen they worked hard to produce during the growing season. Harvested honey is simply strained and bottled; never heated, in order to preserve enzymes and local pollen proteins for healthy, local, raw honey.

Raw Milk: Our Guernsey cows produce A2 raw milk. Check the website for more info.

Our family is a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. We strive to emulate other regenerative farms such as Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm. We invite anyone interested in learning more to contact us and come see how our farm produces nutrient-dense food.

Honeysuckle Farm, Joe Conley, Morris, IL 60450.
Website: www.honeysucklefarm.net.

Hoosier Grassfed Beef is a family-owned farm. Our cattle are raised on fresh, green pasture whenever possible and never have grain in their diet; they receive no fed antibiotics or growth hormones.

Our endeavor is to work in concert with nature to produce the most healthful and tasteful beef possible. We use Angus genetics. Our farm has been recognized as a leader in truly finishing cattle on grass. “We sell no beef before it’s time.”

We offer beef year-round, by the quarter, or half. Pick up is at our processor in west central Indiana.

Hoosier Grassfed Beef, Dan and Barbie DeSutter, Rich and Jessica Hollinger, 3938 North SR 341, Attica IN 47918. (765) 585-2463.
E-mail: dan@hoosiergrassfedbeef.com Website: www.hoosiergrassfedbeef.com.

J. L. Hawkins Family Farm operates on a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), selling "shares" of the natural farm harvest to folks in northeast Indiana. A share includes a weekly allotment of vegetables for 22 weeks, 25 pastured meat chickens, a quarter grassfed beef, and a Thanksgiving turkey.

J.L. Hawkins Family Farm also raises pastured poultry (chickens and Thanksgiving turkeys) for seasonal direct sales.

J.L. Hawkins Family Farm, 10373 N 300 East, North Manchester IN 46962. (260) 982-4961.
E-mail: JLHFarm@hawkinsfamilyfarm.com. Website: www.hawkinsfamilyfarm.com.

The Maker's Meadow is a grass-based, regenerative family farm located near Dayton in southwestern Ohio. We offer convenient shipping of premium quality, organically raised...

  • 100% grass-fed Beef and Lamb,
  • Low-soy pastured Chicken, Turkey, and Pork, and
  • Wild-caught Salmon, Cod, and Shrimp from Alaska!

We understand you're busy and it is not always easy to get food that helps heal your family instead of harming their health.

It's so simple:

  • Place an order for delicious healthy meats at themakersmeadow.com.
  • Get FREE shipping to your door on orders over $149, or choose to pick up on the farm.
  • Enjoy delicious nutrient-dense meat raised with integrity on a farm near you.

The Maker's Meadow, John Filbrun, 3135 N Preble County Line RD, West Alexandria Ohio 45381.
(937) 336-7025.
E-mail: support@themakersmeadow.com. Website: https://themakersmeadow.com/.

Meadow Oaks Farm raises grassfed Angus beef.

Our cattle are grazed on pastures and fed hay in the winter after the grazing season is over. We do not use hormones, antibiotics or feed additives on our cattle or any chemicals or chemical fertilizers on our pastures or hayground.

We sell, wholes, halves and split halves and also grassfed hamburger by the pound. The meat is processed at the Brook Locker, a small town, family-owned locker plant where individual attention is paid to each animal processed. They do a fine job. Our meat is lean, tender and fed right so it is flavorful and an excellent eating experience. We also charge a reasonable price for the meat; see our website freezer beef page for pricing details.

We also have Registered Angus grazing genetics available for those who would like to produce their own grassfed beef. We are not organically certified, but raise our cattle as if we were.

We are located almost midway between Indianapolis, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois.

Meadow Oaks Farm, Debbie Drinski, 3635 W 700S, Morocco IN 47963. (219) 285-2182.
E-mail: info@meadowoaksangus.com Website: www.meadowoaksangus.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HOMEGROWNBEEF.

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Naomi's is a small, woman-owned farm in Bremen, Indiana—close to South Bend, Warsaw, Elkhart, Valparaiso, Peru and two hours from Indianapolis, West Lafayette and Chicago—and willing to deliver larger orders directly to you!

Naomi's offers 100% grass fed and finished Hereford beef and Katahdin lamb by the quarter, half, or whole. My beef and lamb are raised from birth at my small family farm and all have free range of the fields with their mother so that each animal is raised with the proper nutrition and love, making for the most delicious meat available.

I also have free-range whole pastured chicken and raw honey. The chicken is available each summer via pre-order. Pastured eggs and honey are available year round. My egg customers consistently tell me I have the best eggs around. I do not use antibiotics, hormones, steroids, vaccines, herbicides, or pesticides. My chickens are offered non-GMO corn to supplement their diet during the winter months.

I am not certified organic, but am applying regenerative farming practices to build soil, provide a haven for wildlife, sequester carbon and do my part to help climate change and save the world!

Naomi's, Naomi Enamorado, 752 Dogwood Road, Bremen, IN 46506. 574-546-4587.
E-mail: naomienamorado@hotmail.com. Website: www.facebook.com/naomis.grassfed.

Providence Pastures is a family-owned non-profit farm anchored by a herd of over 100 South Poll beef cattle. Cattle are 100% Grass-fed, NEVER any grain. Pastured-raised meat, poultry (chickens), and pasture-raised eggs are available.

Poultry rations include ROASTED soybean, not bean meal exposed to hexane.

Certified Organic maple syrup available while supplies last.

Deliveries may be available, depending upon amount spent and location. We also encourage all buyers to visit the farm at least once per year to see “Where Their Food Comes From” and to “Meet Their Farmer.”

The farm pastures are certified USDA Organic since 2018AD. All farming practices EXCLUDE all toxic pesticides, and herbicides. Soil biology growth and conservation is promoted. The farm is sustainably and holistically managed with the attitude of stewardship and appreciation for the Intelligent Design intertwined in the natural ecosystems.

Providence Pastures doesn’t just want to sell you food . . . we want to be your farmer. Come and See!

Providence Pastures Co., Scott Foster, 5343 N CR 800 W, Fairbanks IN 47849. (812) 572-4293.
E-mail: scott@providencepastures.org. Website: http://pasturesofprovidence.com.

Roach Family Farm, located in Switzerland County (Vevay), Indiana, is a first-generation farm started in 2014 by John and Mardean to instill Faith, Family, and Farming. We know as farmers that we are the caretakers of our land and animals, and we strive to leave our land better than we found it and provide the best care for our animals.

We offer beef that is grass-fed and grass-finished and goat raised on acres to browse and graze (not grain-fed). We offer pasture-raised, non-GMO grain-fed pork, chicken, and turkey. Eggs and produce are available seasonally.

All our animals are raised on pasture in a humane environment. We do not use hormones, medications, or dewormers, only natural, organic methods unless an emergency exists and then the animal would no longer go into our freezers for sale to the public. All products are certified Indiana Grown and Homegrown by Heroes (Veteran-owned farm).

You can find us at the year-round Madison, IN Farmers Market, and we offer select items through the online Hoosier Harvest Market. We may attend other markets, so watch our website or Facebook for updates. We offer sales at our farm store by appointment as well as local delivery.

See “Farm Products” on our website for a listing of available cuts and pricing. We offer the purchase of whole or half beef and pork; beef is limited. Whole turkeys can be reserved up until the first week of November for a pickup prior to Thanksgiving, or we may be able to hold a turkey for you at the farm a month or two longer.

We look forward to meeting new customers and hope that might be you!

Roach Family Farm, Mardean Roach, 1860 Green Valley Road, Vevay, IN 47043. 812-427-3001 (landline) / 618-889-1982 (cell).
E-mail: roachfamilyfarmllc@gmail.com. Website: https://www.roachfamilyfarm.com/. Facebook: facebook.com/roachfamilyfarmllc.

Schacht Farm is a small family farm located in Bloomington, IN. We raise free-range broilers (meat chickens), free-range laying hens for eggs, free-range turkey, pastured pork, and grass-fed (and finished) beef.

All animals are raised outdoors where they have room to express their species-specific behaviors. Our management practices allow the animals to be raised naturally in a healthy environment without the use of chemicals of any kind. Our grain ration for the poultry and hogs is GMO-free and includes a blend certified organic supplements.

Our products are sold by the retail cut at several farmers markets, in bulk for those wanting to stock their freezer, or as a monthly share through our CSA/Buying Club.

Please visit our website for further information about products and purchasing.

Farmers Markets: Please visit our website for a current list of markets we attend.

Schacht Farm, Mandy Corry, 1470 E Schacht Road, Bloomington IN 47401. (812) 824-6425.
E-mail: schachtfarm@yahoo.com. Website: www.schachtfarm.com.

Seven Sons Farms is a pasture-based family farm in northeast Indiana. Our mission is simple: We strive to produce nutrient-dense foods in a way that heals and nourishes our land and the people who eat of its bounty.

We offer a variety of pasture-raised meats and organic groceries, including: 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry, lamb, and bison. Pasture-raised eggs. Wild-caught seafood. And much more!

We offer shipping locally and throughout the continental United States! You can place your order online to be shipped to your door.

Visit our website to see all our available products.

Seven Sons Farms, 15718 Aboite Rd, Roanoke IN 46783. 1-877-620-1977
E-mail: support@sevensons.net. Website: https://sevensons.net/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sevensonsfarms/.

(Steckler) Grass Corp. believes our farming practices can change the world. We feed the life in the soil that it might grow healthy plants to feed the animals to create nutritious pasture-raised eggs, pork, chicken and turkey; grass-finished lamb and beef; and 100% grass fed raw dairy.

We farm simply, with the animals grazing lush pastures. Our job is to care for the land that we might manage the pastures and the animals to create nutrient-dense foods. There is no need for antibiotics or hormones.

Then we bring these foods to you with delivery sites throughout southern Indiana.

Grass Corp., The Steckler family: Stan, Martha, Gavin, Garth, Samantha, Blake, Joel, Danielle, Eli and Jeremiah, 15606 Oriole Road, Leopold IN 47551. (812) 843-3277.
E-mail: grasscorp@psci.net. Website: www.grasscorp.net.

The Maker's Meadowsee Maker's Meadow above

Third Day Farm is a family-owned farm located in Northern Indiana. Our mission is to provide meat that is humanely and ethically raised on pasture from start to finish. We offer 100% grass fed start-to-finish beef, and pasture-raised pork, chicken, turkey, sheep, and eggs.

Goodness...From Our Family to Yours

We have many convenient pick-up locations:

  • Culver
  • Fort Wayne
  • Goshen/ Elkhart
  • Plymouth
  • Mishawaka
  • Granger
  • South Bend
  • Walkerton

We would love to start a pick up location near you.

Third Day Farm, LLC., Brittany Smith, 2814 Plymouth Laporte Trail, Walkerton, IN 46574. 574-485-6397.
E-mail: thirddayfarmllc@gmail.com. Website: www.thirddayfarmllc.com.

Upstream Farm offers rotationally grazed beef and pastured pork available in bulk custom orders and in USDA individual cuts. We are a family farming together. Our goal is to raise animals outside in ways that benefit them, heal the earth, and nourish the people who eat them.

The foundation of our beef is our forages, mainly grass and legumes on pasture. These plants take sun, water, and carbon from the air and produce the energy and protein needed to grow and sustain the cattle. We see this as the most restorative and forgiving process on our farm.

We rotate our small herd multiple times per week on pasture. This resting of the pasture allows for regrowth, as well as a break in the parasite life cycle. In the winter they are fed hay, mostly harvested from our land. Our cattle are never fed grains. All our beef is dry-aged for 3 weeks and can be purchased in bulk or by individual cut.

Our pigs live outside, enjoying the shade of trees, tasting a variety of forages, and exploring new paddocks every few weeks. They rotate on pasture around our pond and between a shady strip along the wetlands and the market garden (Well-Watered Farm). We plan to use the pigs’ digging abilities in the garden area after harvest. The pigs also have free access to a locally milled non-GMO grain feed. No antibiotics or growth hormones ever. Our goal is to breed, farrow and raise our own stock of heritage breed pigs.

Everything can be purchased from the farm or delivery is available locally through Market Wagon. Email us with questions or to schedule a farm pick-up. We are currently taking bulk orders for fall 2021. Read more about purchasing here.

Upstream Farm, Joel and Anna Parker, 2105 Bakertown Road, Buchanan, MI 49107. 269-697-3327.
E-mail: upstreamfarmer@gmail.com. Website: www.upstreamfarm.com.

Voegeli's Natural Beef. We are about producing good healthful and humanely raised beef. We do not use growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. We are looking for customers concerned about; the environment, small farm sustainability, their own health, social welfare of the animals, good quality beef, lower fat, higher levels of CLA, Beta Carotene and Omega 3.

We offer purchases by the whole, half, quarter calf and individual pieces. Processing to select your own cuts usually occurs in early October. Beef is available year-round but may be limited in quantities and cuts if not ordered prior to processing in October.

We will deliver within 50 miles of our farm in Milan, IN. Mail order can be discussed. Visa and Master Card welcome.

Voegeli's Natural Beef, Sharon or Bob Voegeli, (513) 505-8884 or (812) 654-2188, Milan IN 47031.
E-mail: saavoegeli@gmail.com. Website: www.farmone.net.

Woodview Acres LLC. Experience a true connection to the food you eat by investing in your own dairy cow through our herdshare program. We have herdshares available for those wanting raw milk from our grassfed herd. Our cows are also tested to make sure they produce the A2A2 milk.

Our cows are on organic pasture during the day and receive approximately 10 pounds per day of a grain-free, non-GMO mix during milking. This includes alfalfa, spelt hulls, and molasses.

Woodview Acres also raises red wattle hogs so we have pork available, and at times we may have beef available. We also sell eggs from our pastured hens, including some soy-free eggs.

Know you are helping support a small, sustainably managed, local farm as you enjoy fresh eggs from happy hens on pasture, and fresh, creamy raw milk for about the same price you would pay for ultra-pasteurized organic milk.

Woodview Acres LLC, Delbert Troyer, 609 2b Rd., Nappanee, IN 46550. 574-773-2880.
E-mail: farmer@woodviewacres.com. Website: Woodviewacres.com.

Updates posted to this page 5/20/2024.

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