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Pastured Products Directory – South Dakota



Locate a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild South Dakota map.

Visit our South Dakota Beyond the Farm page for local restaurants, stores and markets that feature grass-fed products.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

The Anoka-Butte Lumber Company – Marlowe Farm's is a small grass based farm located in the hills of Northern Nebraska. The Anoka-Butte Lumber Company was owned and operated by my family from 1936-1993. I am in the process of resurrecting it. Hogs and cattle were a part the family business.

I moved onto this farm in August of 2003. I raise cattle, sheep and pigs. All animals are raised on pasture. Cattle and sheep are fed exclusively grass and a limited amount of hay in the winter months. The cows, sheep and pigs are rotated through a series of paddocks. The pigs are fed varying amounts of grain depending on class. Sows and gilts graze/forage for the bulk of their diet with some corn fed as an energy supplement and to keep them docile. Growing pigs are fed a ground corn/soybean ration. Low-grain pork and No-grain pork are available upon request.

By keeping livestock in the pastures manure is spread evenly across the ground. What manure is collected around the barns is spread on my poorest ground. I'm hoping the application of manure to my poorest ground will in time make it some of my best ground.

At this time I only have pork available for sale. I do ship.

Anoka-Butte Lumber Company - Marlowe Farm's, Christopher A. Marlowe, 48412 907 Road, Butte, NE 68722. (402) 775-5000.
E-mail: marlowepasture@nntc.net. Website: www.anokabuttecattle.weebly.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marlowefamilyfarms.

Bauman’s Grassfed Beef was begun in 2011 amid some family health issues. It is a very small, unique beef operation. We’ve found a niche that works for all—particularly young or small families—with smaller quarters and halves that are more affordable and easier to store. We’ve struck a fine balance of tenderness and taste. All sales are bulk, and all butchering is conducted in October with beef available annually in October and November.

Pete is professional land manager and grassland enthusiast. He works professionally in SD with many farmers and ranchers. He has served on the board of the national Grassfed Exchange since 2017, a volunteer position that allows him to stay current with the grassfed/grass-finished industry.

Our small operation consists of native prairie grasslands and old fields we’ve restored to native grassland species and other mixes. We work within our neighborhood to secure small tracts of remnant prairie, managing them for the two-fold purpose of grassland health and high-quality grazing forage through various combinations of rest, prescribed fire, grazing, and occasional seed harvesting. Wildlife and ecological management are high priorities for us, and we generally have 50% of our land base dedicated to wildlife habitat.

We deliver to most local customers, and we also schedule an annual fall delivery date to Delano, MN.

We work with new customers in every detail of the ordering process to ensure your beef is cut and packaged to your specific desires. We only offer about 12 animals/year for butchering, so it is important for potential customers to get on the list in the spring for fall delivery.

Bauman’s Grassfed Beef, Pete Bauman, 17755 456 Ave, Watertown, SD 57201. 605-880-6542 (Pete), 605-880-6530 (Bridget).
E-mail: baumanbunch98@hotmail.com, peterjbauman@gmail.com. Website: none. Facebook: Bauman’s Grassfed Beef.

Knutson Farm raises 100% grass-fed registered Black Angus. Our herd is exclusively grass-fed from conception to finish. We take extreme pride in the fact we use no GMOs, no antibiotics, no added growth hormones and no chemical fertilizers on our pastures and hay crop. We believe in giving the animals what they were naturally made to consume.

Our grass-fed beef has very desirable marbling qualities. One of the keys to our quality of beef is that we have performance genetics that finish and allow for processing around 18–20 months of age ensuring tenderness and flavor.

Our farm is located 1-hour north of Sioux Falls, SD. Give us a call to learn more about our operation and passion for quality grass-fed beef or to schedule a tour of our farm. Our website has pricing and package options. We deliver locally and will ship USPS.

Knutson Farm, Gary & Kyle Knutson, 45915 210th Street, Volga, SD 57071. (605) 627-9400
E-mail: knutsonangus@hotmail.com. Website: www.knutsonfarm.com.

Prairie Soul Meats by Sand Ranch is located in Ashley ND, just a mile from South Dakota.

Home-raised, Grass-Fed / Grass-Finished Beef is available in 1/4, 1/2 and some smaller bundle options. Check out www.sandranch-prairiesoulmeats.com for more information and how to order.

Also available for bulk purchase: Grass-Fed Lamb and Pastured Pork.

Prairie Soul Meats by Sand Ranch, Cody or Deanna Sand, 10064 66th Avenue SE, Ashley, ND 58413. 701-357-7011.
E-mail: sands@drtel.net. Website: www.sandranch-prairiesoulmeats.com.

PrairieSun Organic Farm is located in Clay County, SD, and Certified Organic by MOSA. We focus on pasture-raised livestock that result in high quality meat and eggs. We raise pastured poultry, greenhouse vegetables, row crops, pastured pork, and fresh eggs.

We have been marketing and distributing pastured meats since 2008. We process our chickens on-farm in our certified organic semi-portable processing plant.

PrairieSun Organic Farm, Angela and Glenn, 46516 316th Street, Vermillion, SD 57069. (605) 638-0748.
E-mail: angela@prairiesunorganicfarm.com. Website: www.prairiesunorganics.com.

Sunrise Ranch is a (ICS, Inc.) Certified Organic ranch. We offer organic grass fed lamb and beef as well as natural pastured pork and chicken. We deliver from the Black Hills to Denver and all places between.

Our livestock spends their lives on grass in the Black Hills and the Cheyenne USDA sealRiver Valley. They are never exposed to chemical herbicides or pesticides and have no antibiotics used on them. We raise Scottish Highlander cross cattle. These are a heritage breed that produce the highest quality meat that we have ever experienced. Our lamb is served at Delmonico Grill, one of the finest restaurants in the Black Hills. For a truly exceptional eating experience give us a call.

We also have a lodge on the ranch. We encourage you to come and see the ranch, and how we raise our animals in sync with nature. We also host “Where does your food come from?" Weekends. These are great family events where we milk cows, gather eggs and do a host of other activities.

Sunrise Ranch, Mark Hollenbeck, 27772 Elbow Canyon Road, Edgemont SD 57735. (605) 685-3376.
E-mail: markholl@gwtc.net. Website: www.sunriseranchsd.com/meats.

Thankful Harvest is a grass-based, organic farm applying organic management for the benefit of the consumer, the environment, the animals and the farm. If you grew your own food, we believe you would do it like we do. We supply 100% grass-finished beef; 100% grass-finished lamb; organic, pastured, free-range poultry (chicken and turkey); and organic, non-soy farmstead eggs.

We feed our crops minerals based on detailed soil testing so that the crops are able to put more nutrition into what the animals and the consumers eat. If the minerals are not in the soil, they cannot make it to the table. We feed our chickens organic flax which is shown to increase beneficial fatty acids in the eggs. We strive to deliver maximum human nutrition to your family's table.

We deliver to homes, food coops, and buying clubs in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. We also ship nationwide via appropriate shipping options.

Thankful Harvest’s Tenderheart Beef, Tom and Kristi German, 5139 210th St, Holstein IA 51025. (712) 830-3281.
E-mail: tom@thankfulharvest.com. Website: http://thankfulharvest.com.

Two Plus Three Acres grassfed beef: All-natural beef that just says "No" to Drugs, Growth Hormones, and Grain.

Grazed from birth to finish on native grass, our cattle rotationally graze year round in a low stress environment and are never confined. We deliver live animals to local processing plants in our Central South Dakota area. Customers pay on hanging weight plus processing fee.

Two Plus Three Acres, David and Katherine Hieb, 20424 SD Highway 47, Highmore SD 57345. (605) 852-2554 or cell: (605) 204-0537.
E-mail: dhieb@venturecomm.net.

Wild Idea Buffalo Company was started by owner, rancher, author Dan O'Brien. Wild Idea Buffalo Co. was conceived by Dan's environmental concerns and prairie restoration passions. By using the native specie "Buffalo" as a tool in those endeavors, not only are the eco-systems improving, but we are also able to produce the healthiest red meat available today. The buffalo are raised on two ranches, which are located on the prairie in the shadow of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Our animals roam in large pastures and are 100% grass fed. They are never subjected to antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or confinement. In addition to that, we harvest the animals humanely in the field under state inspection.

Wild Idea Buffalo Meat is lower in calories, cholesterol and fat then any other red meat or chicken available. Although we are a small company, we do supply like minded health food markets and restaurants that support sustainable agriculture such as Staple & Spice Health Food Store in South Dakota, Harraseeket Inn, Freeport ME; Heatland Cafe, Chicago IL; Vincent's, Phoenix AZ; and The Gilbert House, Gilbert AZ.

Wild Idea Buffalo meat offers a variety of cuts. Our product is frozen and shipped directly all over the country, via UPS or Fed-Ex. It is available by calling us directly or through our website. Please visit our website for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Wild Idea Buffalo Company, Jill Maguire, PO Box 1209, Rapid City SD 57709. (866) 658-6137 toll free.
E-mail: info@wildideabuffalo.com. Website: www.wildideabuffalo.com.

Yes Ma’am Country Harvest is a three-generation, woman-owned, ranch-to-table business. We are dedicated to producing the healthiest 100% grass-fed Angus beef cattle, free of antibiotics and growth promoting hormones. Our family ranch is located in NE Wyoming, between Gillette (50 miles) and Casper (75 miles).

Being stewards of this land since 1917, our family has embraced soil, grass, and water conservation practices in order to successfully sustain a working cattle ranch within a diverse wildlife population.

Our Angus cattle thrive on pasture settings and are supplemented during winter with alfalfa hay and pellet “cow cake.” They always have access to fresh water, salt, and minerals and are handled with humane and gentle practices during seasonal work.

To meet optimal natural marbling potential, we do not process our 100% grass-fed beef prior to 2 years of age. We use a USDA inspected facility and dry-age each carcass 21 days. Individual cuts are vacuum packaged to extend freshness and prevent freezer-burn well beyond a 1-year timeframe.

Yes Ma’am offers bulk beef in whole, half and quarter sizes, as well as smaller bundle sizes. We also fill personalized orders through our farmers market trailer.

Customers pre-purchasing whole or half beef have the option to set their own cut sheet, with fulfillment of pre-orders occurring in the fall season. We do carry limited supplies of bulk beef for immediate purchase throughout the winter season.

Yes Ma'am Country Harvest, Laura Roush or Madison Roush, 113 Todd RD, Gillette, WY 82718. 307-680-3966 – (Laura); 307-622-7571 (Madison).
E-mail: yesmaamcountryharvest@gmail.com. Website: yesmaamcountryharvest.com.
Facebook: facebook.com/yesmaamcountryharvest/.

Page updated 5/16/2023.

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