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Pastured Products Directory – Rhode Island


Find a farm ner you on our Eatwild Rhode Island map, or browse the alphabetical list below.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

CertifiedGrassFed logo

BOTL Farm is a pasture-based, sustainability-focused livestock farm situated on 41 acres of transitional silvopasture in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut. We run a regenerative farm performing intensively managed rotational grazing year-round for as long as weather and grass production allow.

All our animals are Animal Welfare Approved, and our sheep and goats are Certified Grassfed by A Greener World.

We have designed and developed our farm so that our animals can express their natural behaviors. The animals live on pasture all year long and are never confined, they breed according to their natural cycles and birth unassisted on pasture, plus they have the room to explore and interact with their surroundings.

Raising animals in this way makes our farm sustainable compared to conventional farming practices – the animals are improving the quality and fertility of the land, not to mention their meat tastes exceptional!

Focusing on heritage breed animals is a natural choice for our farm and we choose breeds that can thrive in the New England climate of hot summers and cold winters.

Our Kiko goats and Icelandic sheep (lamb) are only fed grass. Typically harvested in the fall, frozen and vacuum sealed cuts of goat and lamb are available until they run out.

Our pigs (pork) are Mangalitsa/Berkshire/Large Black crosses. They are fed soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO, and organic feed. Frozen and vacuum sealed cuts of pork and meat boxes are available year-round.

Our laying flock of chickens are a mix of heritage laying hens. They are fed soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO, and organic feed. They are rotationally grazed behind our sheep, goats, and pigs.

Multicolored eggs are available year-round and stew birds are harvested in the winter.

We sell directly to customers at our farm and assorted farmers markets year-round; see our website for details.

BOTL Farm, Nick Weinstock, Danielle Larese, 859 Westford Road, Ashford, CT 06278. 908-268-3192.
E-mail: nick@BOTLFarm.com. Website: https://BOTLFarm.com.

Copicut Farms is located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, part of the state’s scenic farm-coast region. We pasture-raise meat chickens, laying hens, ducks, turkeys, and pigs. We practice rotational grazing management, and supplement what our animals glean from our chemical-free pastures with locally milled grains. All our poultry is hand-butchered by us, on our farm, in our own state-licensed processing facility.

Our Products:

  • Chicken: Sold fresh as whole or half chickens, as well as a variety of individual cuts (e.g., boneless breasts, thighs, etc.)
  • Duck: Sold as whole ducks.
  • Eggs: Sold as dozens, ungraded and unsized (generally large and jumbo).
  • Pork: Sausages, bacon, ground pork as well as all typical cuts (e.g., ribs, chops, roasts, etc.)
  • Turkey: Whole holiday turkeys sold fresh during the Thanksgiving season.
  • Beef: Steaks, cuts, and ground.

How to Buy:

Home Delivery A La Carte: Search all our products on our website, select what you like, pay online, and have your order delivered right to your doorstep. Delivery is available in and around most of eastern Massachusetts.

Home Delivery Subscription: Sign up once to have a box of meats delivered to your door on a regular basis. You can select the types of meats in your subscription box, as well as the frequency in which they are delivered. Pause, change, or cancel your subscription online at any time.

Farmers Markets: We attend 14 farmers markets year-round in and around greater Boston. See our website to find the nearest location.

Farm Share: We offer a popular summer/fall share program where customers can pay discounted prices for a diverse array of poultry and pork at the beginning of each farm season and pick up their fresh products according to their location and schedule.

Fall Bulk Orders: A limited number of “fill your freezer” bulk packages are available in the fall.

Farm Store: Open Saturdays from 10am–4pm, June through Thanksgiving, at our farm in North Dartmouth.

Copicut Farms, Vincent Frary, 11 Copicut Road, N Dartmouth MA 02747.
E-mail: copicutfarms@gmail.com. Website: www.copicutfarms.com.

Devon Point Farm in North Stonington, Connecticut is committed to providing delicious, antibiotic- and hormone-free grass fed, grass finished, pastured BEEF and all-natural heritage breed PORK.

See our website for details and pricing on all of the following:

Our grass fed BEEF: We raise our cattle on pasture using rotational grazing and sustainable farming practices. They have access to fresh clean water, trace minerals, and round-baled hay during the winter months. Cattle are grown and finished on grass and hay only – no grain, no antibiotics and no hormones. Compared to grain-fed beef, grass fed beef has less total fat, less saturated fat, less cholesterol, and fewer calories. It also has more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and a number of health-promoting fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and “conjugated linoleic acid” (CLA) than grain-fed beef. The beef is humanely slaughtered and butchered under USDA supervision, dry-aged for 10–14 days, clear plastic shrink-wrapped, labeled, and frozen. For sale at our Farm as half beef, quarter beef, sampler boxes and by the individual cut.

Our PORK: Heritage breed, all natural, with no hormones or antibiotics. They are fed a robust diet of vegetable scraps from our all-natural (chemical-free) vegetables, and supplemented with grain as needed. It is humanely slaughtered and butchered under USDA supervision and custom cut to your specifications. For sale at our Farm by the individual cut, or by half or whole.

We also raise heritage “ruby red” American Milking Devon cattle for sale as breedstock.

Devon Point Farm, Erick and Patty Taylor, 54 Jeremy Hill Road, North Stonington CT 06359. 860-942-6292.
E-mail: devonpointfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.devonpointfarm.com.

Gray Rock Farm, in Tiverton, R.I. just west of the Massachusetts state line, is a 50-acre family-owned farm since 1923. We are now raising grass fed Herford/Angus beef on managed, rotated pastures using no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or antibiotics.

Winter feed is homegrown hay or haylage from our hayfields. To promote healthy soil and animals, we use mostly organic practices at this time, but we are not organic certified.

Sales are made by appointment on availability. Processing is done at a USDA approved slaughterhouse. Call or e-mail for details.

Gray Rock Farm, Ron and Shirley DuPonte, 148 Narrow Avenue, Tiverton RI 02878. (508) 994-5312.
E-mail: workingfarmgirl@yahoo.com. Website: https://www.grayrockfarm.com/.

Jordan Farm raises grass fed Hereford cattle just off Buzzard's Bay in S. Dartmouth, MA. We work with a closed, cow/calf herd where all market animals are born and raised on the farm. Following the rotational grazing practices of Jim Murphy, Joel Salatin, and Sarah Flack for over 30 years, our objective has been to constantly improve the quality of our herd, our pastures, and the winter forages leading to higher quality cattle and beef products.

Certified Grassfed logo

Jordan Farm is Certified Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) and Certified Grass Fed by A Greener World. We follow sustainable, organic, and regenerative protocols on the farm; we will be seeking regenerative certification in late 2024 and organic certification in 2025/6.

Except for organic mineral supplements, we use no chemicals, growth hormones or GMO products in our animals or on our fields/winter forage.

All animals are processed at Meatworks, the new USDA processing plant in Westport MA; bulk orders are all cut to each customer's specifications.

Jordan Farm, Andy Burnes, Manager, 22 Jordan Road, S. Dartmouth, MA 02748. 617-759-1701.
E-mail: andy@jordanfarm.com. Website: jordanfarm.com.

Rhodemont Farm is proud to offer you superior natural Angus beef that is raised in Corinth Corners, Vermont and Coventry, RI. Angus Cattle are chosen for their heartiness and ability to perform well on a pure grass diet. We raise our animals using the practices of sustainable agriculture and rotational grazing, keeping our pastures productive and healthy. Our cows are provided with a peaceful and healthy environment with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

Pasture grass and stored grass products are raised organically with no fertilizer and no pesticides (not certified). We believe very strongly that healthy animals provide us with healthy food. Water is provided from a dedicated underground spring which is the same water we use. This water source is rich in minerals. Our animals are totally vegetarian fed, with no added hormones, steroids, animal byproducts or antibiotics.

Our meat is prepared in a small USDA inspected processing plant, aged, hand cut and cryovac sealed for maximum freshness. We provide our beef to small retail outlets (e.g., Alternative Food Co-op, Wakefield, RI) and consumers. We stock most cuts of beef here at our Rhode Island Farm. Custom orders with advance notice are welcome. Beef available as retail cuts, and quarter, half and whole cuts. Beef is available year round.

  • Natural Angus Beef
  • New England Raised
  • No Added Hormones
  • No Antibiotics Used

Rhodemont Farm, Jeff or Mariann Gardener, 488 Weaver Hill Road, Coventry RI 02816. (401) 397-7878.
E-mail: rhodemontfarm@aol.com.

Sanford Farm is a family farm raising grass-fed Angus-Hereford cross beef. The beef is available in fall and early winter, and occasionally in early summer with a steer held over the winter.

Our beef animals are bred, born, and raised on a closed farm, in a low stress rotation system, going on new grass every 1 or 2 days. They only eat grass with no subtherapeutic antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical pesticides. Their winter feed is hay produced on this farm and one or two others. The only grain they see is the bait necessary to lure them into the headgates for low stress handling.

They are processed in a USDA inspected facility, and then aged for a week or ten days before butchering. The animal is divided into 4 equal quarters, containing one fourth of the different cuts, which are freezer wrapped, labeled and weighed. The current price is $7/lb. The quarters weigh between 80 and 100lbs, depending on the size of the animal.

We are also associated with another grass based farm in Greene, RI, that follows the same protocols for raising and processing their animals.

Sanford Farm, Ted Sanford, 10 Sanford Farm Road, Exeter RI 02822. (401) 294-3145.
E-mail: tedsanford@verizon.net.

The Watson Farm is a 265-acre, seaside farm, preserved by Historic New England and managed by Heather and Don Minto since 1980. The farm produces pasture-raised Red Devon Cattle and Romney Sheep. Red Devons have provided genetics for superior performance on a grass based diet for centuries. Watson Farm Red Devons are selected for tenderness, intramuscular marbling, mothering ability, and temperament to produce the highest quality, tender, and flavorful beef available to the local market. Romney Sheep are a dual purpose breed that produce sweet meat and lustrous wool. All of our wool is used to produce our "Conanicut Island Blanket."

"Conanicut Island Grass Fed" beef and lamb is 100% pasture-raised and grass finished on a system of intensively managed pasture rotations. No grain, antibiotics, or hormones are used. Kelp, salt, and minerals are available to the livestock at all times. Our grassland is constantly being improved through innovative methods to promote healthy soil, forages, and livestock.

Our beef is sold directly to families in portion packs of approximately 30 pounds, as well as by the quarter on a pre-order basis. Whole or half lambs are also available. All of our product is USDA inspected, cut, cryovac-wrapped, labeled, and flash frozen for the highest quality.

The Watson Farm is open for self guided tours on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 1-5. Stroll the fields and enjoy the pastoral seaside farm, gardens, shoreline, and grazing animals. Our retail store is open as well during this time frame, or customers can call ahead to set up an appointment.

Watson Farm "Conanicut Island Grass Fed," Heather and Don Minto, 455 North Road, Jamestown RI 02835. (401) 423-0005.
E-mail: watsonfarm1796@yahoo.com.

Updates added 9/26/2023.


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