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Pastured Products Directory - Arizona




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The following farms and ranches have certified they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

A Bar H FarmSee Chiracahua Pasture Raised Meats.

Aravaipa's Painted Cave Cattle Company - 100% Grass Fed, Local Beef

Our operation is based at Painted Cave Ranch, located only 70 miles northeast of Tucson and bordered by the beautiful Aravaipa Canyon and the San Carlos Apache Reservation. The ranch is managed by the Hill family who have been in Arizona since the 1800s and have always valued holistic and environmentally friendly practices.

When asked why we have never used pesticides, herbicides, steroids or hormones, our answer is quite simple. Our forefathers never needed to use them, so why should we? This principle of knowing the land and recognizing what the land needs, allows our practice of providing sustainable healthy beef from nurtured and healthy land.

Our goal is to maintain and improve the native species composition, diversity and structure for the desired plant communities needed to protect the land and to maintain the long-term health and varieties of the indigenous wildlife populations. Diverse wildlife include Desert Big Horn Sheep, Coatimundi, Javelina, Black Bear, Mule Deer and White Tail Deer, Lowland Leopard Frogs, Sonoran Desert Tortoise, Mountain Lion and, of course, Coyote.

Everything we do must meet this test: Does this action support the ecosystem with sustainable results?

Our ranch covers almost 30 square miles and contains five unique biomes. As stewards of this resource, we are committed to preserving its complete biological diversity. 

Tucson Beef - Painted Cave Cattle Company, Langdon Hill and Christina Cook, Ranch address: 92945 East Aravaipa Road, Winkelman AZ 85292; local pickup address: 237 South 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701. Mailing address: PO Box 228, Tucson AZ 85702. (520) 882-5020.
E-mail: contact@tucsonbeef.com. Website: www.tucsonbeef.com.

AZ Grass Raised Beef Company is 100% Arizona grass raised and grass finished beef. Our cows forage for their own food their entire lives. They are never given hormones, antibiotics, grain or spend a minute on a feedlot.

Our cattle graze in the Arizona sun all year on naturally occurring grasses, water and flowers while roaming millions of acres of ranchlands. We manage our cattle on horseback and rely on windmills and solar power systems to ensure our sustainable ranch practices. The result to our customers is a taste of AZ sunshine with every delicious bite!

What makes our company unique is that we own our very own USDA harvesting plant, where we humanely fabricate all our beef. Integrity and accountability is important to us, so in addition to being USDA inspected, we are also third-party verified through the America Grassfed Association. We stand by our claims and want to assure customers that their expectations of what our beef is, can be trusted as we navigate through the grass-fed revolution.

In addition to providing our customers with a variety of beef options because we AGA logohave our own USDA inspected harvesting plant, we have the unique ability to hand fabricate and utilize our bone spectrum to produce what we believe to be the most gelatinous, nutrient-dense, never pasteurized bone broth in the world.

Our products are available online at https://azgrassraisedbeef.com/shop/, retail at Natural Grocers, Arcadia Meat Market, Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market and various food service and retail distributors such as Albert’s Organic

Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company, Deborah Bernett, Scottsdale AZ 85262. (602)920-9006
E-mail: deb@azgrassraisedbeef.com. Website: http://azgrassraisedbeef.com

Aschbacher Acres/American Surf N' Turf raises beef using the "all grass, all the time" philosophy. Our Black Angus Wheat Grass beef are raised on the high plains of Union County in northeast New Mexico. No hormones, steroids, or antibiotics are used.

We sell our products primarily through Farmers' Markets in Phoenix and Albuquerque. Products are also available through a few retailers and restaurants in Arizona and New Mexico. Kenny spends his summer months harvesting Wild Salmon in Kodiak Island, Alaska. We market five species of Wild Alaska Salmon and other Alaska seafood specialties at all of our market, restaurant, and retail locations. Visit our website for further details.

Aschbacher Acres/American Surf N' Turf, Kenny and Brenna Aschbacher, mailing address: 2031 N 47th Street, Phoenix AZ 85008; farm address: 1037 Cowen Road, Sedan NM 88046. (602) 286-9233.
E-mail: info@fishhugger.com Website: www.fishhugger.com

Broken Horn D Ranch is located in Prescott, AZ. Dave Pawel and Kim McElroy raise Corriente cattle and produce USDA Process Verified Grass Fed, Criollo beef.

All the beef comes from animals born and raised on the ranch, spending their days in range pastures grazing on native grasses and browse, as well as irrigated pastures. Cattle are handled quietly from horseback and are processed locally at Perkinsville Processing in Chino Valley, an ADA-inspected slaughter facility. Beef is available on the hoof; whole, or half carcass. Individual cuts are for sale at the ranch, delivered locally and at the Prescott Farmers Market, Chino Valley Farmers Market and Prescott Valley Farmers Market.

Criollo beef comes from cattle of Spanish origin. These cattle are especially well adapted to the hot, arid Arizona climate. Their muscle fibers are fine, like buffalo or elk, making the meat tender and incredibly delicious.

All Broken Horn D Ranch Criollo beef is USDA Process Verified Grass Fed, No hormones, No antibiotics, and No animal by products ever, for the life of the animal. Kim is also a Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certified Producer, further verifying the ranch operates by the highest industry standards for humane handling and care of the cattle. Dave and Kim are passionate about their cattle (and horses), and being good stewards of the land.

New in 2017 is our Grass/Mash Criollo Beef. Pasture raised with grass + spent brewers mash from the Prescott Brewing Company, giving the beef a milder, softer flavor. The Grass/Mash is also certified No hormones, No antibiotics, No animal byproducts, ever, for the life of the animal.

Broken Horn D Ranch, Kim McElroy and Dave Pawel, 11325 Strickland Wash Road, Prescott AZ 86305. (928) 708-9385.
E-mail: k_mcelroy@msn.com. Website: www.BHDRanch.com.

Chiracahua Pasture Raised Meats. Anya Owens at A Bar H Farms has retired from production. Josh Koehn, her business partner of several years, is now owner of the grass fed meat company along with his wife Tara. Josh and Tara are raising all the livestock on their farm in Kansas Settlement, Arizona. The name has changed but our products have not. They remain beef, lamb, whole roasting chickens, eggs and holiday turkeys. Whole and half beeves and whole lambs are available along with the individual beef and lamb cuts.

Josh and I have been like-minded producers who are passionate about offering the best natural product we can. It remains Josh’s intent to raise tender, tasty and healthy meat and eggs. He raises cattle and sheep as ruminants were meant to be raised, without corn, grain distillery products or hormones and antibiotics. Our beef and lamb are on green pastures all of their lives. The cattle and sheep are supplemented as needed with hay that is raised and stockpiled on Josh's farm.

The poultry roam freely on irrigated pastures and are provided shade, water, dry feed and protection. Josh makes his own chicken feed that combines with the grasses to provide a well-balanced ration. By making his own feed, he is assured that it is free of additives, genetically modified products and animal by-products.

Our products are directly marketed to individuals, buying groups, Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups and farmer market vendors in Sierra Vista, Bisbee, Phoenix and Tucson. Our direct marketing routes for Phoenix and Tucson are on our web site.

Josh welcomes visitors to his farm. We feel consumers benefit from knowing how their food is raised and who raises it.

Chiracahua Pasture Raised Meats, Josh Koehn, 7708 Kansas Settlement Road, Willcox, AZ 85643. (520) 507-0529.
E-mail: info@cprmeats.com. Website: www.cprmeats.com.

Date Creek Ranch, established in 1966, is a family-owned and operated working cattle ranch in the middle of the Sonoran and Mojave deserts. Our cattle are born and raised on the land, working with us to better our soil and ecosystem. We have grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pastured chicken, pastured pork, and grass-fed lamb available online for delivery each month.

Our cattle forage for their own feed all through the year, and when selling time comes they are finished on irrigated pasture. They have never—and will never—know a feedlot or taste grain, soy or corn. Antibiotics and hormones have no place on our ranch because of our healthy and practiced grazing methods. We work hand-in-hoof with our animals to sequester carbon, keep a nutrient-dense soil, and provide Arizona families with rich flavor and quality you can trust.

All of our animals intermingle to keep a healthy ecosystem for native plants and wildlife. We pride ourselves in providing for our community!

In July, we have peaches to pick and in September, apples in our old family orchard. (Visit our website for more info.)

Our ranch is totally run on solar power, keeping in tune with our goal of sustainability. Local, sustainable, holistic. Date Creek Ranch – From our pasture to your plate.

Date Creek Ranch, PO Box 1484, Wickenburg AZ 85358. (602) 527-9369.
E-mail: savannah@datecreekranch.com. Website: www.datecreekranch.com.

Double Check Ranch raises, finishes, and processes grassfed beef right on the family ranch. Three generations of the Schwennesen family collectively manage this 14,000 acre operation with strict attention to the health of the land as well as the quality of the beef.

We direct market via wholesale to restaurants and resorts as well as to our community members through our CSA program, our Cow-Pooling Program and at farmers markets in Tucson, Phoenix and Gilbert. We are Animal Welfare Approved and committed to a healthy and wholesome relationship between our animals and our customers: we emphasize humane treatment and do all of our slaughters in a low-stress environment right on the ranch. 

We welcome visitors at any time, believing that customers ought to be able to truly know where their food comes from.

Double Check Ranch, Paul and Sarah Schwennesen, PO Box 404, Dudleyville AZ 85292. (520) 357-6515. 
E-mail: Schwennesen@mac.com. Website: www.DoubleCheckRanch.com.

GrassRoots Meats is committed to supplying all natural, grass-finished, hormone and antibiotic-free beef and lamb to health and quality conscious individuals who desire an enjoyable and flavorful alternative to standard commodity meat products.

From birth until market our animals breathe fresh clean air, graze on lush green grass, and drink crystal clear water. Our business is built on the foundation of placing God and family first, and maintaining honesty and integrity throughout all phases of our operation. We like to think of our customers as friends and partners, and we want you to feel comfortable about buying your meat from someone you know and trust. Your comments and questions are welcome.

GrassRoots Meats is located in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, but we also have grazing leases in Oklahoma and New Mexico. Our meat is available year round, and is shipped in thermal lined freezer boxes. We can ship quite reasonably throughout the entire United States. Your meat will arrive still frozen and ready to put into your freezer.

Our meat is dry-aged and USDA inspected. Select the individual retail cuts that you want or choose from one of our many packages. The meat is vacuum packaged, in stock and ready to ship, but halves and wholes are available by advanced order only.

For more information, or to order our delicious meat, visit our website or e-mail us. For references be sure to check out the testimonials posted on our website.

GrassRoots Meats, PO Box 429, Pagosa Springs CO 81147. (970) 731-1471 or toll-free (800) 681-2260.
E-mail: grassroots@centurytel.net. Website: www.grassrootsmeats.com

Gryphon Ranch LLC, located south of Globe, Arizona, proudly offers all naturally raised, grass-fed, grass-finished Scottish Highland beef. Gryphon Ranch is the only source of Highland meat in Arizona.


Highland beef is naturally lower in fat and cholesterol, while still tender and delicious. Your beef is born, raised, and butchered here. They get natural grazing in the picturesque mountains and canyons, additional alfalfa hay, fresh mineral spring water and of course that gorgeous Arizona sunshine. There is no GMO, corn, antibiotics or growth hormones. Guaranteed.

We encourage you to visit the ranch to see how your beef is raised and get a free sample to take home and enjoy. Once you have enjoyed Highland beef you will be spoiled. Remember that warm from the vine tomato you bit into that has no comparison to a grocery store tomato? 

Your beef is humanely slaughtered at the ranch so there is no stress to the animal. We are inspected annually and nationally certified humane raised and handled, carry the Quality Highland Beef endorsement from the American Highland Cattle Association, in addition to being certified grass fed by the American Grass Fed Association.

Your beef is dry-aged at 34–37 degrees F. for a minimum of two weeks to ensure maximum tenderness. Only then is your beef cut and wrapped YOUR way – 100% to order by a state-licensed mobile butcher. The price includes everything – no extras, no surprises!

Due to state and federal laws, we can sell only by the full, half or quarter animal because your beef never leaves our ranch until it is in the white package with you.

Remember that we guarantee your beef – if you don't like it for any reason we will take it back and reimburse you for what you return.

Gryphon Ranch LLC., Jim and Carol Ptak, PO Box 1432, Globe, AZ 85502-1432. (253) 279-3291 or (253) 861-7149
E-mail: captak@gryphonranch.com or jwp@gryphonranch.com. Website: www.gryphonranch.com.

Hart Ranch LLC is a family-owned and operated ranch providing 100% all-natural, grass-fed and grass-finished beef. We are located outside of Duncan, AZ, near the New Mexico border.

Our cattle are raised on native Arizona forage without grain supplementation and never leave native pastures until delivery to the meat processing facility. No growth hormones, implants, antibiotics or vaccinations of any kind are ever used on our cattle.

Our beef is lean, tender and packaged in chlorine-free freezer paper at an USDA inspected facility. It is tested by the University of Arizona meat lab for fat and nutritional content. We deliver in certain areas, please contact us for more information on delivery. We will ship anywhere in the United States for the cost of shipping. Our beef is also available at Lee's Rite-way Market in Safford, AZ.

Our family has been enjoying the many health benefits of grass-fed beef and now we would like to offer it to you and your family at an affordable price. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, we look forward to serving you.

Hart Ranch LLC, Katherine Turner, PO Box 1416, Safford AZ 85546. (928) 359-9235.
E-mail: jandkturner@msn.com.

JH Grass Fed Beef is a small, local, family-owned operation offering Grass Fed/Grass Finished beef and lamb. Our charge is to furnish health- and quality-conscious consumers with the best quality meat, free from hormone, antibiotics, grains, and other feed by-products.

Our meat is locally processed, dry-aged and inspected under USDA and Arizona Department of Agricultural regulations. The results are a quality product that is delicious, flavorful, and a tasty alterative to commercial commodity meat products.

To place an order, call us, visit our website, or come by and visit with us at one of the many Farmer Markets listed on our website. Free local delivery in Phoenix Metro Area - minimum purchase is required.

JH Grass Fed Beef, John Holbrook, PO Box 63, Cave Creek AZ 85327. (602) 769-4614.
E-mail: info@jhgrassfed.com. Website: www.jhgrassfed.com.

The Larder Meat Co. is a subscription-based farm meat delivery service. Larder Club subscribers receive a monthly delivery of pork, beef, and chicken sourced from small ranches on the Central Coast of California (every product is labeled with the farm it came from). We buy whole animals (always pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free) and divide them equally among our subscribers.

Our beef is harvested on the ranch and processed at a local USDA processing facility. All our meat is flash frozen immediately after processing and shipped to you within the month. Our sourcing standards ensure you are buying from ranchers who care about how their animals are raised and who care about providing your family with healthy, ethically-raised meat. 

We have two box sizes to choose from; each box includes recipes and a few extra items to help stock your larder. You can cancel any time, or skip a month whenever you need to!

We ship on the third Monday of the month, unless otherwise arranged. Shipping is free to any business or residence in California, Arizona and Nevada. To sign up visit www.lardermeatco.com.

Here is and example of what is included in a large Larder box (13–14 lbs total):

  • 3 lbs steak
  • 2 lbs ground beef
  • 1 lb burger
  • 3 lbs roast
  • 3.5 lbs chicken (whole)
  • 1 lb ground pork
  • 1 lb bacon

Note from Eatwild: The Larder Meat Company's chicken and pork meet Eatwild's criteria, but only some of the beef. To receive beef that is grass fed and grass-finished, you will need to make a special request.

The Larder Meat Co., Grace and Jensen Lorenzen, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. 805-439-4240
E-mail: info@lardermeatco.com. Website: www.lardermeatco.com

ME Cattle, LLC. – From our Family’s Range to Your Table

As sixth generation ranchers in Southeastern Arizona, we make it our priority to raise superior quality range-raised beef. Our cow/calf operation passed down through the ages allows us to trace back our herd over 100 years earlier to the original cattle ranch purchased by our family who came here by wagon from Texas in the early 1900s. This means that not only are we claiming quality on “this beef,” but on a long line of cattle over the generations.

We strive to uphold integrity in the beef we raise by keeping our cattle free of antibiotics, steroids, hormones and corn, and allow them to live in a low-stress environment of sunshine and plentiful feed. Our cattle are fed off the land from native grasses that have been untreated or tampered with.

Because of the strong immune systems these cows develop being in their natural element, consuming a large variety of grasses, plants, weeds, and browse acceptable to their pallet and beneficial to their diet, and dwelling with equally healthy cattle also means that not only are antibiotics not used but not needed! These things make up what we like to call, the range-raised difference.

We are committed to serving you a better beef for a better way of living!

Range Raised • USDA Inspected Processing  •  Locally Grown and Raised

ME CATTLE, LLC., Chance and Iliana Smith, 6981 E Hwy 80, Portal, AZ 85632. (520) 780-4345.
E-mail: rangeraised@gmail.com. Website: www.mecattle.com

Milky Ranch is a family-oriented operation, combining old and new practices in the livestock business to create a responsible, profitable, environmentally friendly and sustainable business while trying to preserve the family farm and ranching way of life.

Our beef comes from our Angus/Hereford cross herd that grazes the 90 square miles of open range known as the Milky Ranch. These cattle are born and raised on our ranch, and spend the duration of their lives grazing in a stress-free and natural environment. 

We believe that the seasonal abundances of native grasses and browse, including blue grama, black grama, sacaton, needle and thread, rice grass, gaeta, chamisa and white sage provide an ideal slow growing nutritional base to produce quality grassfed beef. No growth supplements, steroids,hormones or antibiotics are used. We are not certified organic, however are practices would qualify our product as such.

When ready to be harvested, our animals are locally processed at a facility that uses humane slaughtering procedures and is inspected by the Arizona Department of Agriculture. All beef is dry-aged for seven days, then packaged and hard-frozen. Our packaged beef is free of antibiotics and hormones, raised in the most natural way possible. We offer individual cuts as well as whole, half and quarters of beef. We deliver to the Show Low / Pinetop area.

Milky Ranch, Traegen or Marilyn Knight, PO Box 1980, St. Johns AZ 85936. (928) 524-3740.
E-mail: naturalbeef@milkyranch.com. Website: www.milkyranch.com.

At Primal Pastures, we believe that nature knows best. That's why we are proud to offer a full line of our pasture-raised meats, including pasture-pure beef and lamb, and certified organic-fed, soy/GMO-free pastured pork and chicken, wild local sustainably caught fish, and raw local unfiltered honey.

All of our meats are truly antibiotic-free, and rotationally grazed to benefit the environment year after year. Our animals all live outside on green pasture 24/7/365.

We offer online ordering and weekly home delivery to California, Arizona, and Nevada. We also offer bulk ordering (shares) as well as a la carte items like our famous pasture-raised, sugar-free chicken sausages.

We invite you to join us on a monthly farm tour, workshop, or event to see your food in action – so you can stop relying on marketing labels and INSPECT what you EXPECT! We look forward to becoming your local family farm.

Primal Pastures, Paul Greive, 42125 Elm Street, Murrieta CA 92562. (951) 297-9933.
E-mail: info@primalpastures.com. Website: www.primalpastures.com

Saguaro Juniper Natural Beef is produced by a group of families dedicated to a healthy environment working together on range and pasture land in the San Pedro Valley. Our cattle are raised in a clean, low-stress environment with plenty of exercise. For that reason, we neither need nor use the antibiotics or hormones routinely found in conventional beef production.

Our grassfed beef is available in quarters, halves, and whole carcasses. The cuts are a mixture of T-bones, round steaks, sirloin steaks, shoulder roasts, sirloin tip roasts, rump roasts, Pikes Peak roasts, stew meat, short ribs, soup bones, and ground beef. Maximum flexibility is available with the purchase of a half or whole steer.

We have grassfed beef quarters and halves available most months of the year except for September and October when the packinghouse is busy with county fair animals.

Saguaro Juniper Natural Beef, Tom Orum, 1125 East Linden Street, Tucson AZ 85719. (520) 573-1463. 
E-mail: torum@email.arizona.edu. Website: www.saguaro-juniper.com/food/beef.html.

San Rafael Valley Natural Beef

100% Grass-Fed is Naturally 100% Organic.

Angus-Hereford cattle are raised in one of the last intact short-grass prairies in the Western US. Towering cottonwoods and riverbeds meander through the high Sonoran grasslands that gently roll across the valley floor. These cattle eat native Arizona grasses and drink pure water drawn up by windmill from the Coronado Forest Aquifer and watershed that become the headwaters of the Santa Cruz River. At 5000 feet, the ranch is in the heart of the valley, arguably the most beautiful cattle country in Arizona.

All orders are customized, no minimums and customer selections are based on availability. Animals are harvested regularly to keep all orders fresh. Meat is dry aged for 21 days. All cutting, packaging and deliveries are overseen by the owner to maintain the highest standards possible. 

These animals never see a feed-lot, never get hormones or antibiotics. Customers are encouraged to visit the ranch with family and friends.

You are welcome to visit www.srvbeef.com but all orders are done directly by phone or email.

San Rafael Valley Natural Beef, Ms. Sidney Spencer, PO Box 547, Patagonia AZ 85624. (520) 394-0031 (ranch), (520) 841-2420 (cell).
E-mail: sidney@dakotacom.net. Website: www.srvbeef.com.

Stronghold Beef. Natural, Grassfed, Range Raised. No antibiotics or growth Hormones.

It's simple: We raise Balancer cattle that are a cross of Angus, Hereford and Gelbevieh...because we love to. There's no mystery to the formula, just good cows and a heap of hard work. Our cows eat grass, drink water, mingle with the wildlife, and moo. That's pretty much it!

Our mission: To preserve ranching heritage with good stewardship of God's natural resources while producing good quality natural beef. To raise the public's awareness of sustainable agriculture through hospitality, recreation and educational opportunities.

Product availability varies with the season. Extra lean hamburger. Steaks (10-pound minimum). Quarters and Sides. Whole animals. Customers may purchase by contacting us directly.

Stronghold Beef, Sonia and David Gasho, PO Box 882, Pearce AZ 85625. (520) 826-0009.
E-mail: strongholdbeef@yahoo.com.

Susieville Cattle Company and the Thistle Dew Ranch are located in the Magical Mimbres Valley of Southwestern New Mexico. Our grass-fed and grass-finished cattle are raised on open range and finished on rotational pastures to produce our unique, lean and tasty heritage breed, Criollo beef products available to those who recognize their inherent benefits.

The Criollo beef cattle were first brought to the new world by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the new world. Our Criollo have a genetic foundation that was preserved through the years by the Tarahumara Indians residing in the Moris River Region of the Copper Canyon area of Mexico. These cattle have been found to still be genetically similar to those brought by Columbus.

Check out our website for additional information. To purchase our beef, contact Susie at (575) 534-4529 or eickhoffjns@outlook.com. If you are interested in offering Susieville Grass-Fed Beef at your store or restaurant, or in purchasing a beef on the hoof, please contact Susie at (575) 534-4529!

Retail cuts are available in the following southern New Mexico and Arizona stores and restaurants:

Silver City Food Basket
, Silver City, NM;
Bayard Food Basket, Bayard, NM;
Lee’s Rite Way Market, Thatcher, AZ;
Saucedo’s Market,
Lordsburg, NM;
El Rey Meat Market, Deming, NM;
Toucan Market,
Las Cruces, NM;
Village Market,
Hatch, NM;
Bullock’s Market, T or C, NM;
Nature’s Pantry, Alamogordo, NM;
Mario’s Market, Ruidoso, NM;
Smokey’s Country Market,
Capitan, NM;
The Weed Store, Weed, NM;
Proverb’s Farm & Dairy, Hurley, NM.

Wrangler's Bar & Grill, Silver City, NM.

Susieville Cattle Company, Susie Eickhoff, PO Box 590, Silver City NM 88062. (575) 534-4529.
E-mail: eickhoffjns@outlook.com. Website: www.susieville.com/.

This page was updated on 1/23/19.

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