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Pastured Products Directory – Louisiana



The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Brookshire Farm produces grass-finished, dry-aged beef. Individual cuts are available, or you can preorder a beef half or as a split half/quarter, available twice a year. Visit brookshirefarm.com to find the pickup location nearest you.

Our animals are rotated daily on open pastures without grain supplements, growth stimulants, antibiotics or other synthetic additives. For more information visit our website.

Bob Blanchet and Cat Ellison are the 7th continuous generation to live on the land (since 1795) and in the farmhouse, which was built in the1840s. In 2011, Bob, took over the management of the farm. We value our family's long tradition and commitment to safeguard the environment and promote animal welfare while producing food that is nutritious, wholesome and delicious.

Brookshire Farm, Anne and Ben Blanchet, 8916 Brookshire Road, Abbeville LA 70510. (337) 893-5115.
E-mail: blanchets@brookshirefarm.com. Website: www.brookshirefarm.com.

Butterfield Farm is a small, family owned and operated farm. We raise and market hormone-free, grass fed beef directly to the public using the community sustained agriculture (CSA) model. Our dream is to provide a healthy product that the public will enjoy, educational opportunities for the public through "Agri-tourism" and to expose our customers to our "Family" way of life. You and your family are invited to come join us on the farm and learn about what we do.

Our cattle are raised here on our pastures and eat only our carefully grown grasses. We do not treat them with growth hormones or additives. Butterfield Farm cattle roam freely, live stress-free lives, and are never brought to a feedlot. We use sustainable farming practices that support our local community, reduce pollution, and fortify the land.

We have a limited amount of beef shares available sold on a first-come, first-served basis. One share consists of one quarter of beef sold as a split half, just over 100 pounds. You may purchase as many shares as you like. Your beef will be processed into retail cuts and wrapped at a state licensed facility and available for pick up or local delivery at the end of the season.

You may contact us by phone, email, or use our website to reserve your share(s) using Paypal!

Butterfield Farm, The Butterfield Family, 228 Butterfield Lane, Pollock LA 71467. (318) 899-5789.
E-mail: will@butterfieldfarm.net. Website: www.butterfieldfarm.net.

At Earth Friendly Farms, the cows rule! We raise grass-fed beef without any hormones or antibiotics. These free-ranged calves have plenty of fresh water and sunshine. Grass is highly managed to maintain top-quality forage for animals. Will sell live in 1/4, 1/2 or whole. Will deliver live animal to state-inspected processing facility within 150 miles of SW Louisiana.

Earth Friendly Farms, 11574 Hwy 190, Kinder LA 70648.
(337) 738-5218.
E-mail: earth.friendly.farms@yahoo.com.

At Iverstine Family Farms we produce high quality, all-natural, nutritional foods for our community. We currently offer Pastured Broilers, Grass-Fed Lamb, Pastured Holiday Turkeys, Heritage pastured Berkshire Hogs, and 100% grass-finished Beef.

We aim to respect the design of creation by working with the resources that nature has provided for us. We see ourselves as stewards of the land driven to develop sustainable growth techniques. We seek transparency in all that we do, through responsible farming practices that respect the land and the animals that we raise. We strive to build a relationship with our customers that gives them access to their food from the farm to the table.

Please visit our website for more information on tours, our practices, and how to purchase our products.

Iverstine Family Farms, Galen R. Iverstine, 2973 Newman Road, Kentwood LA 70444
E-mail: galen@iverstinefarms.com. Website: www.iverstinefarms.com.

Jubilee Farms sells all grass-fed beef and lamb and farm-raised pork!

Jubilee Farms is a family farm located in Covington, LA. We take great pride in quality and value of our products. Natural farming is a personal commitment – to the animals and to the land. We pride ourselves in practicing the most natural and compassionate approach to farming.

Our animals graze in pastures all year long, 100% grass-fed:


We offer FREE neighborhood delivery on all orders over $80. We delivery to Covington, Mandeville, Hammond, and Slidell area.

You can also visit us every Saturday at the Covington Farmers Market from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. The Farmer’s Market is located at Covington City Hall, 609 North Columbia Street Covington, LA.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jubileefarmscovington/

Jubilee Farms, Lizbeth Emenes, 19313 Section Road, Covington LA 70435. (985) 518-2880.
E-mail: jubileefarmcovington@gmail.com. Website: www.jubileefarmcovington.com.

Mahaffey Farms is located a few miles outside of Shreveport, LA. We're a regenerative family farm that provides 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pastured pork, pastured eggs, pastured poultry and seasonal vegetables.

Our mission is to produce healthy, delicious foods for our community, as we regenerate our land. We're passionate about the natural process of building soil and biodiversity and ensuring our livestock live as they were meant to live. The ultimate benefit is healthy, nutrient-dense food for you and your family.

Our livestock spend their entire lives on pasture, foraging in our pine and oak savannas. We practice rotational grazing and other regenerative agriculture techniques. Our animals are fed certified organic and verified non-GMO feed. 

We provide farm store pick up and local home delivery in the Shreveport/Bossier metro area. We encourage you to know your farmer, there's lots of ways to visit the farm. For a more detailed introduction, please visit our website and sign up for our newsletter.

Mahaffey Farms, Evan McCommon, 440 Mahaffey Road, Princeton, LA 71067. 318-949-6249.
E-mail: info@mahaffeyfarms.com. Website: www.MahaffeyFarms.com.

Shady Grove Ranch produces the best quality pasture-raised meats and eggs you can find in the East Texas and Shreveport area. Our products include 100% grass-fed beef, soy-free, non-GMO pasture-raised pork, and truly pastured soy-free poultry, including whole chickens, Thanksgiving turkeys, and fresh eggs.

We use old-fashioned breeds that are hardy and produce well on a natural diet. We focus on utilizing rotational management, “buffet-style” mineral supplementation, total avoidance of chemicals and drugs, and fully finishing our animals on appropriate diets. This means that cows only eat grass, and pigs, chickens, and turkeys forage freely and are supplemented with non-genetically-modified, non-soy grains. Our animals never remain on a fixed patch of ground indefinitely—they are moved regularly, according to season and herd size, to ensure good nutrition and avoidance of disease and parasites.

We only process animals that are nice and fat to ensure amazing flavor, excellent tenderness, and plenty of marbling. Our meat is not extremely lean like some grass-based producers. We believe that most of the goodness about grass-fed beef and pastured pork and chicken is in the fat, so we ask our butcher not to trim, and we select animals for slaughter that are in good body condition—not too fat, not too slim. Animal protein with a moderate amount of fat is tastier, more filling, and easier to digest than leaner meat. Our animals are bred for efficient pasture-fattening and they eat diets appropriate to their species The fat on our animals is buttery, flavorful, and rich. It is nothing like greasy, filmy corn-fed beef fat! And you have never tried a real pork chop until you have one from our Large Black pigs. Caution: After tasting Shady Grove Ranch products, you may never be able to eat store-bought meat again!

We sell by-the-cut and in bulk. We welcome visitors to our operation so that you can learn where your food comes from and know how it is really produced. We offer farm tours and encourage you to sign up for our semi-monthly newsletter to receive information (but never spam!) about our specials, practices, events, and more.

Shady Grove Ranch, Jerica Cadman, 539 Shady Grove Road, Jefferson TX 75657. (903) 665-7076.
E-mail: sales@shadygroveranch.net. Website: www.shadygroveranch.net.

Southern Pastures Farm is a small farm located in south west Louisiana. We raise and sell grass fed beef, pastured pork, and pastured poultry.

Our cattle never receive any grain or hormones. The cattle are on pasture all their lives. In the winter the cattle are fed hay and provided shelter along with full access to pasture. We don’t use antibiotics in any of our animals. If we must use antibiotics because of injury or illness the animal is removed from our program when it gets well.

Pigs are on pasture all their lives. They are allowed to root in the dirt and lay in the mud to their hearts content. Quality pasture is supplemented by locally grown and milled grain for a complete ration.

Broilers are brooded on deep bedding in our brooder with plenty of sunlight and fresh air. As soon as they are able to survive outside they are moved to portable field shelters that get moved to fresh pasture everyday. The broilers are supplemented with locally grown and milled feed. Throughout the farm we follow organic principles and practice regenerative agriculture.

We are starting buying clubs in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport, Beaumont, and Houston as well as the surrounding areas. We also work together with Hill Crest Creamery to provide pastured dairy products. The dairy cows have access to pasture all the time. We supplement the pasture with up to 6 pounds of locally grown and milled feed a day. The cows receive no growth hormones and if we must use antibiotics due to illness the milk is tested and discarded until no antibiotics are present. Visit our website to learn more.

Southern Pasture Farm LLC, Daylon Schmidt, 354 Schmidt Road, DeRidder LA 70634. 337-401-5175.
E-mail: spfarmla@gmail.com. Website: https://southernpasturesfarm.com.

Louisiana page updated 5/3/2021.

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