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Pastured Products Directory – Indiana



Find farms or ranches near you on our Eatwild Indiana map, or browse the alphabetical list below

Go Beyond the Farm to find local stores, restaurants, and markets that sell grassfed products.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

3D Valley Farm — See below.

A1 Heritage Breed Farms is located in west central Ohio, close to Indiana, not far from I-75. Like us on Facebook (HeritageBreedFarms) and keep up with us via our website.

We started our farm for several key reasons. First and foremost we wanted to be sustainable. We feel that God has entrusted us as stewards of his creation. Being sustainable keeps our land and animals in the best possible health and returns the land in better shape than when we received it. Secondly, we wanted to raise the best tasting food because food should never have additives if its authentically good! Third, we wanted our children to grow up on a farm—who wouldn’t? Lastly, and most importantly, we wanted food that was good for you. Raising a young and growing family, eating healthy food was a no brainer which is why we grow everything using organic practices. All of these decisions lead us to raising the heritage breeds of: Dexter cattle, Large Black and Red Wattle hogs, Buckeye chickens, Olberhasi goats, Katahdin sheep, Bronze breasted turkeys, and several other mixed breeds of animals, most of which follow the heritage breed lines.

We currently have pastured freezer pork available. There is lots of bacon on our hogs—32 pounds on average! No wonder they call large blacks “bacon hogs.” These are our personal favorites, they taste EXCELLENT. In our opinion, there is no comparison in taste and flavor! Our Red Wattles are also featured pork on Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste.

Grass Fed Dexter beef is the fastest selling item on our farm. Dexters have excellent marbling for grass fed animals and have about a 20% larger rib eye for its size (my favorite cut! ) They are extremely docile and small. If you are used to ordering a half, then you want a whole; if you are used to a quarter, you want half a Dexter. This allows you to get all the premium cuts of meat without breaking the bank!

Pastured poultry. Please order ahead because we get our chicks in late winter/early spring. We can raise as many meat birds as our customers want, but we have to receive the orders early to get our preparations done ahead of summer. We also have pastured eggs layed by our favorite bird, the Buckeyes! What a great bird, raised in the same great state as its namesake!

Delivery available Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Indianapolis and closer.

As always thank you for your business and remember to eat local and eat fresh!

God Bless.

A1 Heritage Breed Farms, Brent and Beth Schulze, Russia, OH 45363. (937) 418-3790.
E-mail: 1701farm@gmail.com. Website: www.heritagebreedfarms.com.

Amazen Graze Organic Farm is certified organic through MOSA. Our cattle and sheep are raised withoutMOSA_Organic_logo antibiotics, growth hormones, or grains. We believe in a regenerative and holistic approach to managing our soils, livestock, and water resources.

We sell whole, half and 30-pound beef packages. We sell whole and half lamb packages. We sell directly from our pasture to your plate. 

Amazen Graze Organic Farm, Jeff or Dylan Chandler, 9560 South State Road 129, Cross Plains, IN 47017. 812-667-5396 or (Cell) 812-756-8065.
E-mail: amazengraze@gmail.com or Dylan_chandler@hotmail.com. Website: None.

Brookhill Farm LLC, conveniently located just minutes from the Kentucky Speedway at Sparta on the I71 is a 130-acre sustainable grass farm and home to Free Range Chickens, a Grass Fed Beef herd, a small flock of Grass Fed Sheep, Pastured Broiler Hens and Turkeys and Forest Ranged Pork. We also have vegetables and fruits from our large garden for sale.

Our mission is to grow soil by using synergistically integrated methods of moving animals across the pastures to feed them and feed the soil at the same time. We raise all our animals as naturally and humanely as possible. Our chickens are either completely free range or moved to fresh grass each day. Our cows and sheep only eat grass and are moved to fresh pasture every day. Our pigs live in the woods and thrive on a diet of acorns, nuts, roots and tubers as well as a GMO free grain ration. All our animals are antibiotic- and hormone-free and raised on pesticide- and chemical-free pastures. Our vegetables are grown in the same sustainable and organic manner.

Our farm is open to public inspection, in fact we welcome it. We believe that one of the greatest joys of farming comes from meeting and talking to our customers. Guided tours will be available occasionally through the year. Keep an eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter for the latest up to date information and product availability. Feel free to call our number to ask questions or place an order.

Brookhill Farm, LLC., Richard and Tina Boutall, 4858 HWY 184, Ghent KY 41045. (859) 567-4858.
E-mail: brookhillfarmky@gmail.com. Website: www.brookhillfarms.com.

Brookstone Terrace Farm raises beef from a local line of 1950s-style cattle established by our neighbor two generations ago. We continue the tradition of naturally adapted genetics on 100% grass from conception to finish (we meet the Eatwild requirements, but are not currently organic certified). We are conveniently located 20 minutes west of Richmond, Indiana, off Interstate Route 70. (50 minutes east of Indianapolis)

By the piece, quarters, halves, or whole beef, custom butchering is coordinated with our local processor so please call or e-mail for current availability and scheduling. 

Thank you and God Bless you. 

Brookstone Terrace Farm, Eric and Lisa Stickdorn, PO Box 63, New Lisbon, IN 47366. (765) 332-2107.
E-mail: estickdorn@gmail.com. Website: https://sites.google.com/site/brookstoneterracefarm/.

C & D Family Farms, LLC is dedicated to raising hogs in their natural environment. Our happy hogs are raised on pasture and in wooded areas where they can root and play and be hogs. They graze on pasture designed for them or eat leaves and acorns from their large wooded pens.

Hogs are very social animals and are kept in herds so they can socialize and prosper. Happy hogs mean great pork.

WHAT MAKES OUR HOGS NATURAL: We simply do not use Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics, Hormones or Animal By-Products.

Here at C & D Family Farms, we use a special feed blend by Hubbard Feeds from their Homestead line that does not contain sub-therapeutic antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products so none of this is passed on to our consumers.

We focus our efforts on raising healthy, natural, and happy hogs.

We sell by the whole, half, or individual cuts; visit our website for details. Our pork is also available at several farmers markets, grocery stores and restaurants. (See Indiana Beyond the Farm for specific locations.)

C & D Family Farms, LLC., Crystal Nells, 10565 E 50 N, Knox IN 46534.
E-mail: crystal@cdfamilyfarms.com. Website: www.cdfamilyfarms.com.

Cox Family Farms provides grass-fed heirloom beef from the rolling hills of Kentucky to the Greater Cincinnati area.

Like horses and bourbon, Kentucky produces world class beef! We receive accolades on taste and tenderness from local chefs and families alike but our primary responsibility is to provide our customers with the healthiest food available.

Our beeves are treated with utmost care and attention from pasture to plate. Our mission is to provide food to local families and businesses that is organically, ethically and environmentally responsible. We believe that people should be able to provide healthy, high quality food to their families for an affordable price.

We also carry pastured milk, cheese and eggs from other local farmers that meet our high standards. We deliver weekly to the Anderson, Florence, Ft. Thomas and Hyde Park areas. Please see our website for details.

Cox Family Farms, Elizabeth Cox, 151 Cox Lane, Foster KY 41043. (513) 484-8809.
E-mail: coxfamilyfarms@gmail.com. Website: http://thecoxfamilyfarms.com.

Day's Heritage Farm raises Large Black and Large Black and Tamworth crosses. Our hogs are raised on pasture and fed a small supplement of ground feed with minerals added. No hormones or antibiotics are used. Hay is fed when pasture is not available. The animals are humanely treated and sustainably farmed.

We sell feeders, breeding stock, and freezer meat. We will have pork available early fall. We will start taking orders soon. The hogs will be transported to our local USDA processor, or to a place of your choice for an extra shipping charge.

When you buy from us you get great pork and the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting local businesses. From the grain farmer, to the elevator owner, to the processor, it's all local, and small businesses!

Day's Heritage Farm, Brett Day, 821 East State Road 16, Lucerne IN 46950. (574) 242-2587 or (574) 398-8810.
E-mail: bday@frontier.com.

Eby Farms is a small beyond-organic family farm in southwestern Michigan and we have seasonally available beef, chicken and turkey. Eggs, homemade soap and body products are available year-round. All our products are antibiotic and hormone-free and the farm is open to all to visit and verify production practices.

Grass raised and finished Beef. We offer spring and fall beef from our herd of Scottish Highland and Jersey cows. These intentional/rotational grazed animals offer superior taste and nutrition. They are fed pasture during the growing season and stored forages during winter plus free access to salt and kelp.

Pastured Poultry

  • Chicken & Turkey. Broilers and turkeys are grown in pasture shelters once old enough to be outside. They are moved daily to fresh pasture and are fed free-choice non-GMO feed. Broilers are available seasonally in three separate batches during the growing season by pre-order only. One batch of turkeys are available by pre-order for Thanksgiving.
  • Eggs. Laying hens are housed in a portable egg-mobile for the warm season and follow the cows around on their pasture rotation. Also fed free-choice non-GMO feed. Loose-housed over winter with deep litter bedding.

Farmers Markets: Skip's Farmers Market: Meat available here for pre-orders and eggs available on-site mid-May through mid-October, Sundays 9 am to 3 pm. 

All of our products are available on our farm in Cassopolis, Michigan and some products available through local retail stores. Please contact us or check our website for a full list of locations. 

Eby Farms LLC., Jennifer Eby, 56641 Glenwood Road, Cassopolis MI 49031. (269) 535-6857.
E-mail: ebyfarmsllc@gmail.com. Website: www.ebyfarmsllc.com.

Egly Land & Cattle, 100% Natural Grass Fed Beef is 100% grass fed AND grass finished. The Egly farm is conveniently located in Paw Paw, Michigan in the southwest corner of Michigan. This is also close to Kalamazoo, St Joseph, Niles, New Buffalo, and northern Indiana.

We raise Red Devon and Red Devon cross with rotational grazing methods, and they are wintered on our own clover/alfalfa hay. Our goal is to raise our animals in the most natural, environmentally friendly ways possible. We are members of the American Devon Association, and we are certified by the Michigan Agriculture Environment Assurance Program (MAEAP).

You may visit our website for more information and find us on Facebook.

Egly Land & Cattle, LLC., Rob and Chris Egly, 65701 39th Street, Paw Paw MI 49079. (269) 370-4228.
E-mail: eglyreddevons@yahoo.com. Website: www.eglygrassfedbeef.com.

The Farm Connection has many local food products available. Owned and operated by Alan, Mary and Kate Yegerlehner, the farm is a 100% grass fed dairy with Milking Shorthorn and Devon genetics. They are milked once per day seasonally from April to December. Butter, milk and cheese are our specialties, but other dairy products are available as well.

Grass fed beef, veal, and whey/skim milk-fed pork are also raised on the farm. No antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or synthetic chemical fertilizers are ever used on the farm.

Visit our online store website: https://thefarmconnection.grazecart.com

The Farm Connection, Alan, Mary, and Kate Yegerlehner, 1087 East County Road, 550 South, Clay City IN 47841. (812) 939-3027.
E-mail: swissconnectioncheese@gmail.com. Website: https://thefarmconnection.grazecart.com.

Flying S is a family farm in East Central Illinois devoted to taking care of the land AGA logoand animals. Intensive Grazing practices are used to produce naturally healthy grass fed beef. We are approved by the American Grass Fed Association; we’re not certified organic, but you can come inspect us anytime!

Flying S beef is dry-aged for 14–21 days and is frozen in thick, clear vacuum packages. With advance notice we can cut your steaks any thickness you like.

NEW! Das Schlact Haus, our Amish butcher in Arthur IL, was so impressed with our beeves they now stock our beef as an option for their health-conscience consumers. Open 8AM–4.30PM Mon–Fri, and 8AM–3PM on Saturday.

Whole frozen pastured chickens available year-round.

NOW AVAILABLE: Home delivery! We are partnering with Hasselmann Farms who will deliver our beef each month to homes in Champaign, Bloomington, Naperville, Elgin, Fox Lake, Schaumburg, Evanston, Aurora, Downers Grove and everywhere in between.

Pricing and Order info on our website.

If you care about what you're eating call or email to order some natural grass-fed beef today. Thanks for supporting local farms!

Flying S Beef, Penny Shaw, 17594 East 500th Avenue, Palestine IL 62451. (618) 586-9999. 
E-mail: beef@flying-s.com. Website: www.flyingsbeef.com.

At Forest Ridge Farms we have created an environment for producing gourmet quality pork that reflects the way pork is produced in Spain. Our pigs are allowed to forage through our oak forest, where there is an abundance of acorns, beach nuts and other woodland mast. They enjoy a free-choice supplemental feed consisting of a vegetarian non-gmo diet. No antibiotics and no hormones. They roam free and live like their feral ancestors.

We harvest in late fall/early winter and sell half and whole hogs, and individual cuts. Harvest takes place at a USDA inspected facility that is certified Animal Welfare Approved.

Available Cuts:

  • Bone In and Boneless Smoked Hams
  • Smoked Ham Steaks
  • Smoked Belly Bacon
  • Smoked Cottage Bacon
  • Boneless Loin Chops
  • Tomahawk Loin Chops
  • Spare Ribs
  • Sausage (Italian, Breakfast, Bratwurst)
  • Country Ribs
  • Pork Steaks
  • Leaf Fat and Fat Back – great for rendering and making wild game sausages.

Shipping available. Locally raised. Direct from the farm. Made in Michigan.

Forest Ridge Farms, George and Bonnie Klein, Fennville MI 49408. (269) 214-8624.
E-mail: forestridgegfarm@aol.com. Website: www.forestridgefarms.com. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pasturepork/.

At Fox Family Farms, our goal is to produce nutrient-dense, pasture-raised products. We believe that we are to steward the land to the best of our ability. 

We raise 100% grass fed to finish beef, pasture raised eggs, chicken, and pork on our family farm and offer different pickup locations and home delivery so you can enjoy the convenience of nutrient-rich food to your neighborhood or door step. 

We believe our farm should mimic nature as much as possible. Our animals are always raised on pasture, allowing them to have access to fresh air, sunlight, and grass. Our animals spread natural fertilizer and trample organic matter onto the ground which feeds the living microbes in the soil. Healthy soils produce healthy plants, animals, and most important healthy families.

By following these practices, we have eliminated the use of pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial growth hormones and antibiotics. All our products are GMO-Free. 

If you want to nourish your family with nutrient-rich food, we encourage you to check out our website. We want to make shopping easy and convenient. You can find all the products we offer and choose from different delivery or pickup locations.

Thanks you for supporting local farms and our passion for raising real food!

Your farmers, 
Taylor and Ashley Fox 

Fox Family Farms, Taylor Fox, 14959 S. Markley Road, Danville, IL 61834. (217) 304-4009.
E-mail: foxfamilyfarms8@gmail.com. Website: https://foxfamilyfarms.net/.

Full Circle Organic Farm – Grass-only lambs, raised on certified organic farm about 120 miles from the Indiana state line – 400 available.

We have 360 acres of pasture, all paddocks with fresh well water. Lambs are raised with all the organic pasture, hay, kelp, and organic minerals they want.

Lambs are available by private treaty or at the following grocery stores and restaurants. Grocery stores: Natural Local Food Express, Plymouth, MI., Grahams Organics, Rosebush, MI., Simply Fresh Market, Brighton, MI. Restaurants: The Boulevard Inn & Bistro, Saint Joseph, MI., and The Wooden Spoon in Brighton, MI. (Visit Eatwild's Michigan Beyond the Farm page for addresses and contact information for these locations.)

We also have certified organic wool, and certified organic seasonal peaches and cherries.

Full Circle Organic Farm, LLC, SuzAnne Akhavan-Tafti, 4545 Vines Road, Howell MI 48843. (517) 719-0073.
E-mail: chazmaven4545@yahoo.com. Website: http://fullcircleorganicfarm.com.

Glory Farms has the goal of providing the healthiest food possible, to as many as want it, and in a manner that God will be glorified.

Our ruminant animals (cows and goats) graze only pasture in the growing season and hay in the winter. Our chickens receive grain as well as fresh pasture. We do not feed antibiotics or growth hormones, but keep the animals healthy with properly balanced soils thru liming and mineralizing.

We are currently offering 100% grass-fed beef and pasture raised chickens and eggs. We offer our beef in mid-september at the end of the growing season to ensure the highest level of CLA. The broiler chickens are offered monthly in May, June and July during our warm growing season.

We coordinate group delivery and pick-up here at the farm, which can be done by giving us a call. Sorry for no e-mail, but dinosaurs still exist? We would love to hear from your by phone, or have you come meet our family on the farm. Call, come visitor, or log onto our website for more details.

Glory Farms, Doug and Heidi Bidlack, 9050 East 300 South, Angola IN 46703. (260) 488-2671.
Website: www.gloryfarms.com.

Grace & Joy Farms is a 270-acre family owned farm raising grass-fed and grass-finished cattle and sheep using humane and all natural processes. Our steers are moved from field to field and graze on non-treated high quality nourishing forage. When ice and snow prevent natural grazing, we provide the highest quality hay to our animals. No pesticides or chemicals are used on our forage. Our animals ingest young clover and a variety of "salad bar" greens including various grasses and free choice minerals. They are provided with a source of fresh water and we maintain a low stress environment. We do not use any antibiotics or hormones in our cattle or sheep, ever.

Their grass fed diet translates into healthier beef and lamb as well as a superior taste. Grass-fed results in higher levels of CLA and Omega 3. Additionally, our beef is dry-aged for a minimum of fourteen days which adds to the flavor and tenderness.

Our goal is to provide superior beef and lamb at competitive prices for those who are educating themselves about the content and quality of their food. We have an "open farm" policy and are happy for those wishing to purchase beef to come visit our farm and see the animals for themselves. We are located in Bloomfield, Kentucky off Exit 34 on the Bluegrass Parkway. We are centrally located within one hour of Lexington, Louisville, and Elizabethtown. 

Grace & Joy Farms, Matt and Kelli Morgan, 2130 Highway 1066, Bloomfield KY 40008. (502) 648-9484.
E-mail: matt@graceandjoyfarms.com. Website: www.graceandjoyfarms.com.

Grass Corp. believes our farming practices can change the world. We feed the life in the soil that it might grow healthy plants to feed the animals to create nutritious pasture-raised eggs, pork, chicken and turkey; grass-finished lamb and beef; and 100% grass fed raw dairy. 

We farm simply, with the animals grazing lush pastures. Our job is to care for the land that we might manage the pastures and the animals to create nutrient-dense foods. There is no need for antibiotics or hormones.

We now offer home delivery shipping. Our shipping area covers all of Indiana and Kentucky and parts of Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, and Georgia. 

Grass Corp., The Steckler Family: Stan, Martha, Gavin, Garth, Samantha, Blake, Joel, Danielle, Eli and Jeremiah, 15606 Oriole Road, Leopold IN 47551. (812) 843-3277. 
E-mail: grasscorp@psci.net. Website: www.grasscorp.net.

Grass is Greener Meats and Produce, LLC is located in northeast Marshall County, IN adjacent to St. Joseph, Elkhart and Kosciusko counties; within an hour from South Bend / Warsaw / Columbia City / Elkhart / Valparaiso / Peru.

We offer seasonal fresh vegetables and brown eggs, pastured Red Wattle pork, and grass-fed Jersey beef, Red Poll beef and St.Croix lamb. Our pastured poultry features Freedom Ranger chickens which have the rich flavor of a stewing hen and tenderness of a young chicken. In addition to chickens, we raise Bourbon Red turkeys, Cayuga ducks, and Pilgrim and American Buff geese.

Animals that receive supplemental grain (poultry, waterfowl and hogs) are fed only non-GMO rations; herbivores are intensive rotationally grazed during the growing season and fed high quality grass hay during the winter. Pork, beef and lamb are available year-round in our farm store priced by the cut. Meat CSA shares are available May thru December. Please call for store hours or more information.

Grass is Greener Meats and Produce, LLC. John and Toni Rowe, 2760 4C Road, PO Box 321, Bremen, IN 46506. (574) 209-6371.
E-mail: grass_is_greener@ymail.com. Website: www.grassfedinbremen.com.

Grazey Acres is a small family-owned farm. We use natural methods for raising livestock and produce. Chickens are pasture-raised in portable pens. We mix our own chicken feed using all natural ingredients including grains and kelp meal.

Eggs are available year-round. Broilers are available on a pre-ordered basis during the summer. A limited number of turkeys are available as well. Some pastured pork may be available in the future. We use no antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or herbicides on our farm. We also specialize in heirloom, non-hybrid vegetables grown naturally. Culinary herbs are available seasonally as well. Please contact the farm for availability.

Grazey Acres, Jerry & Stacey Muncie, 4014 West Lower Bloomington Road, Cory IN 47846. (812) 864-2344.
E-Mail: grazeyacres@aol.com Website: www.grazeyacres.com.

Groce Family Farm is a small family farm in Southern Indiana. We offer chicken, pork, beef, and lamb, plus fresh, never frozen, pastured, GMO-free Thanksgiving turkeys which can be reserved through our website.”

All of our animals have access to frequently rotating pastures, and our pigs and poultry are fed a non-GMO grain supplement in addition. The heritage breed pigs enjoy a life in the woods, where they exhibit their natural instincts in fresh new paddocks every week. Every 4–7 days our slower-growing chickens are given a brand new paddock that provides them with a fresh, new 30-square-feet per bird.

All of our ruminants are fed strictly forage, and remain outside year round. Most of them end up in our meat Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares.

Our CSA program provides a stress-free way to provide your family with healthy, ethical, local, convenient meat—plus no need to buy a freezer to get a discount or avoid having your favorites go out of stock. With our CSA, you receive at least 20% more each month than a shopper spending the same amount at our retail booth. Our meat CSA features:

  • Discounted but consistent access to the best pastured meats.
  • A wide variety of pasture-raised chicken and pork, and grass fed beef and lamb.
  • Convenient drop off locations.
  • Three sizes to choose from: $75, $100, and $140/month.

Visit https://grocefamilyfarm.com/collections/new-meat-csa-bundles to sign up for one of our Meat CSA subscriptions today!

We participate in farmers markets in Louisville, KY, including the St. Matthews Farmers Market and the Original Bardstown Road Farmers Market. We have monthly drop off locations for our meat CSA in Louisville and New Albany. Email us, or check out our website for details. We do not ship.

You can also find our food at many fine restaurants and grocery stores throughout Louisville and southern Indiana. 

Groce Family Farm, Luke and Katherine Groce, 1513 East Carnes Mill Road, English, IN 47118. (502) 436-0311.
E-mail: info@grocefamilyfarm.com. Website: http://grocefamilyfarm.com.

Gunthorp's Farm offers pastured pigs and chickens. The animals receive no antibiotics, growth stimulants, waste fat, etc. Chickens are available from June until December.

Whole, halves and split halves of pork are available for pick-up or delivery. Small quantities of pork chops, pork shoulder roasts, ground pork, bacon, and hams are also available.

Gunthorp's Farm, Greg Gunthorp, LaGrange IN 46761. (219) 367-2708.
E-mail: hey4hogs@kuntrynet.com.

Heinig Family Farms LLC offers free range, clover-fed, pasture raised heritage Narragansett Turkey.

Fed every day with grass-fed rich and creamy Ayrshire non-homogenized whole milk. Also raised on hard-boiled free-range pastured eggs with deep orange yolks. Makes for the most flavorful and delicious mouth-watering meat. 

Turkeys weigh 14–18 pounds at $6.50/lb.

Heinig Family Farms LLC, Elizabeth Heinig, 1064 Fairground Road, Xenia OH 45385. (937) 352-6100.
Website: https://plus.google.com/photos/102009688426965962350/albums/6049800558830958673.

Hollen Family Farm is located in East Central Indiana near the small town of Liberty. We offer grass fed beef, pastured poultry and free range brown eggs. No hormones or antibiotics are given to our animals. Our animals are raised on grass – the way nature intended.

Our mission is to provide a healthy, all-natural food source to our local community through eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural production.

For more information, visit our website, e-mail or call.

Hollen Family Farm, Chris Hollen, 3466 West Byrd Road, Liberty IN 47353. (765) 580-1520.
E- mail chris@hollenfamilyfarm.com, Website: www.hollenfamilyfarm.com.

Holy Cow Farm Fresh is a small family farm located north of Monon, Indiana and owned and operated by Paul and Joanne Mosher and their 4 young children. We raise Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork, Pastured Chicken, Free-Range Turkeys, and Free-Range Chicken Eggs (our farm also raises non-GMO, grain-finished beef separately from our Grassfed Beef).

Our beef is crossbred, mostly Angus/Limousin, but we are integrating heritage breeds into our farm with chickens and pork. Many of the beef and pigs are born on farm. Our meats are natural, no antibiotics and no hormones. The animals are raised outside in fresh air and sunshine, with available shelter during bad weather. Feed for the animals is grown by us right here on farm: with ALL non-GMO hay, pasture, corn, wheat, and soybeans, most is grown without chemicals, with natural fertilizers. Our motto is happy, healthy animals make the best quality of food (and taste better too).

Our On-Farm Store is located at 10498 N US 421, Monon, IN. (Little Red Barn just North of Whistle Stop Restaurant & Train Museum). Check website or Facebook for hours. Join us at our Fall Corn Maze; on Saturdays, we cook up our pork burgers. Our meats are available year-round by the cut, with no minimum order size or by bulk.

We have an amazing website with online shopping and neighborhood delivery currently servicing Lafayette, West Lafayette, Valparaiso, Zionsville, and other surrounding areas. We also offer beef and pork by the whole, half, and quarter.

We are just a God-fearing, home-school family, carrying on the God-given passion for farming that our grandfathers had. Our farm is not flashy nor showy, but we are transparent. We want you to know where your food is coming from, who is raising it, and how it is being raised. Farm tours available by appointment. God Bless!

Holy Cow Farm Fresh, Paul and Joanne Mosher, On-Farm Store Location: 10498 N US 421, Monon, IN 47959. (219) 253-8491.

E-mail: joanne@holycowfarmfresh.com. Website: www.holycowfarmfresh.com.

Homestead Heritage is a grass-based family farm located outside of Kokomo, IN. We grow grass-finished beef, as well as poultry, pork, Thanksgiving turkeys, and eggs, all with an emphasis on grass. We feed barley sprouts in winter and use strictly non-GMO grains.

Find us at Sunspot Natural Foods, Kokomo, IN (year round), or visit our Mobile Market trailer every Saturday at:

  • Tractor Supply Co. in Noblesville, IN (year round)
  • Binford Farmer's Market in Indianapolis, IN (May – October)
  • Northview Church Binford Campus in Indianapolis, IN (November – April)

For more information visit our website at www.homesteadheritagefarm.com.

Homestead Heritage, Jonathon and Lucinda Gingerich, 5254 North 500 East, Kokomo IN 46901. (765) 628-3561.
E-mail: homesteadheritage@gmail.com. Website: www.homesteadheritagefarm.com.

The Honored Prairie Fellowship of Family Farms represents a local group of like-minded farmers and artisans. We are working together to produce and market healthful pasture-raised foods that are a direct result of sustainable farming practices that honor the Creator's intended design of our land.

Products Offered:
 • Grass-fed Beef
 • Raw Milk Cheese
 • Free-Range Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Duck & More.

How & Where to Buy:
Our Farm-to-table distribution model works by taking online orders on our website (www.honoredprairie.com). We then deliver your order to an established Honored Prairie Buying Club pickup location. (View our Welcome Video to learn more about who we are and how to order.)

We are currently establishing pickup points in Indiana in Anderson, Fort Wayne, Greenwood, Hammond, Indianapolis (2), South Bend, and Valparaiso, as well as Chicago, Illinois & surrounding areas. Contact us about starting a buying club in your neighborhood!

Honored Prairie, Blaine Hitzfield, Chicago IL. (877) 997-9449.
E-mail: sales@honoredprairie.com. Website: www.honoredprairie.com.

Hoosier Grassfed Beef is a family-owned farm. Our cattle are raised on fresh, green pasture whenever possible and never have grain in their diet; they receive no fed antibiotics or growth hormones.

Our endeavor is to work in concert with nature to produce the most healthful and tasteful beef possible. We use Angus genetics. Our farm has been recognized as a leader in truly finishing cattle on grass. “We sell no beef before it’s time.”

We offer beef year-round, by the quarter, or half. Pick up is at our processor in west central Indiana.

Hoosier Grassfed Beef, Dan and Barbie DeSutter, Rich and Jessica Hollinger, 3938 North SR 341, Attica IN 47918. (765) 585-2463.
E-mail: dan@hoosiergrassfedbeef.com Website: www.hoosiergrassfedbeef.com.

J. L. Hawkins Family Farm operates on a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), selling "shares" of the natural farm harvest to folks in northeast Indiana. A share includes a weekly allotment of vegetables for 22 weeks, 25 pastured meat chickens, a quarter grassfed beef, and a Thanksgiving turkey.

J.L. Hawkins Family Farm also raises pastured poultry (chickens and Thanksgiving turkeys) for seasonal direct sales.

J.L. Hawkins Family Farm, 10373 N 300 East, North Manchester IN 46962. (260) 982-4961.
E-mail: JLHFarm@hawkinsfamilyfarm.com. Website: www.hawkinsfamilyfarm.com.

The Maker's Meadow is a grass-based family farm located in southwestern Ohio. We sell organically-raised Grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured chicken and turkey and whole wheat breads made with traditional methods.

We understand you're busy and it is not always easy to get food that helps heal your family instead of harming their health.

So it's simple:

  1. Place a order at themakersmeadow.com.
  2. Pick it up on our farm or choose free delivery to your door in the greater Dayton area.
  3. Enjoy delicious nutrient-dense meat raised with Integrity in your community.

The Maker's Meadow, John Filbrun, 3135 N Preble County Line Road, West Alexandria Ohio 45381. (937) 336-7025.
E-mail: makersmeadow@gmail.com. Website: http://themakersmeadow.com.

Meadow Oaks Farm raises grassfed angus beef.

Our cattle are grazed on pastures and fed hay in the winter after the grazing season is over. We do not use hormones, antibiotics or feed additives on our cattle or any chemicals or chemical fertilizers on our pastures or hayground.

We sell, wholes, halves and split halves and also grassfed hamburger by the pound. The meat is processed at the Brook Locker, a small town, family-owned locker plant where individual attention is paid to each animal processed. They do a fine job. Our meat is lean, tender and fed right so it is flavorful and an excellent eating experience. We also charge a reasonable price for the meat; see our website freezer beef page for pricing details.

We also have Registered Angus grazing genetics available for those who would like to produce their own grassfed beef. We are not organically certified, but raise our cattle as if we were.

We are located almost midway between Indianapolis, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois.

Meadow Oaks Farm, Debbie Drinski, 3635 W 700S, Morocco IN 47963. (219) 285-2182.
E-mail: info@meadowoaksangus.com Website: www.meadowoaksangus.com.

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Other Side of the Fence Farm is dedicated to raising the best quality food possible from our pastures near Huntingburg in southwest Indiana. Our primary product is chemical-free grass-fed beef sold by 1/4, 1/2 or whole.

The animals are on a rotational grazing system with fresh grass and room to move about. Our cattle are never confined! We ensure all animals are not given hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts or drugs of any kind. This we have done since 1991. The fertility program used is the cornerstone of the operation in that everything done in the soil, in the grass, in the animals and ultimately ending up in us is for quality NOT quantity.

Animals are processed only after they are ordered. The cut, wrapped and frozen finished product can then be picked up at the farm or UPS shipping can be arranged.

2005 plans include pastured pork, chickens and eggs.

Other Side of the Fence Farm, Marty and Lisa Whitsitt, 2180 S 650 W, Huntingburg IN 47542. (812) 630-1985 or (812) 683-5773.
E-mail: grasswhit@aol.com.

Pasture’s Delights Farm in Decatur, Indiana offers fresh, raw Ayrshire cow and Nubian/Toggenburg goat milk. This is naturally-produced, lab-tested, unpasteurized, unhomogenized REAL (raw) MILK. The Ayrshire cow herd is pasture grazed year round (weather permitting) on forages grown in the farm’s own pesticide and herbicide free soil and receive absolutely no grains. The goats are not 100% grass-fed and do receive some (non-GMO) barley and oat rations.

Cow milk is available year round, but the goats do have an 8–10 week dry period during the winter. Farm visits are encouraged and regular tours are offered. They deliver raw milk to their herdshare owners throughout northern and central Indiana including:

  • Northeast Indiana—Auburn, Roanoke, and Fort Wayne (3 locations), and South
  • East central Indiana—Muncie, New Castle, Richmond, Upland, and Yorktown
  • Central Indiana—Avon, Carmel, Indianapolis (3 locations), Kokomo, Pendleton, and Zionsville.
  • Northwest Indiana—Munster, Knox, La Porte, and Valparaiso (planned)
  • North central Indiana—Goshen, Peru, South Bend, Wabash, and Warsaw
  • West central Indiana—Lafayette

Pasture's Delights Farm, 4579 North Salem Road, Decatur IN 46733. (260) 366-6455.
E-mail: marketing@pasturesdelights.com Website: www.pasturesdelights.com. Delivery location map: http://goo.gl/maps/sbaC.

PATHwayPASTURES is a family-run grass farm located northeast of Fort Wayne, IN, just off State Road 1. Our goal is to provide high quality farm products that allow us to build customer loyalty.

We raise our animals the way God designed—a high quality pasture diet with no hormones, animal by-products, and/or antibiotics. Pigs, chickens, and turkeys receive some organic grains along with their regular pasture. Cattle and sheep graze on a daily pasture rotation plan and kelp, without grain supplements. Our products include:

Beef—available as cattle become grass-finish ready, in quarters or larger. Ground and/or stew occasionally available in per pound quantities.
Grass range chickens—available June through September.
Pasture lamb—June through October. Sold in halves or wholes.
Pork—halves and wholes available throughout the year.
Turkeys—usually available throughout the year, but Thanksgiving and Christmas by pre-order only.
Eggs—available on a first come, first serve basis.
Stewing chickens—available at various times of the year.

Pre-ordering guarantees that you get the quantity you want, when you want. Wait lists available for all products (a pre-order customer may cancel), except eggs.

PATHwayPASTURES, Otto and Gail Knottnerus, 6037 County Road 52, St. Joe IN 46785. (260) 337-0101. E-mail: knottnerus@juno.com Website: www.pathwaypastures.com.

Prairie Winds Farm, located just south of South Bend, Indiana, offers heritage breed animal products, a 5-member vegetable CSA, and visitor experiences on 85 acres of wildlife habitat, fenced pastures, and 150 year old barn.

Milking Devon cows, Tamworth hogs, Cotswold sheep, Nigerian Dwarf and Tennessee Fainting goats, Dominique chickens and Bourbon and Narragansett turkeys rotationally graze on cool season grass, prairie grass, and hay in winter, and drink from water troughs filled by an operating windmill. Chickens and turkeys start in moveable pens and transition to free range. There are beehives, an heirloom vegetable and herb garden, and berries. Visitors can explore mowed trails through restored wetland, native prairie, and woodlands.

Our meats are raised without antibiotics or hormones. We use organic methods (not certified). Heritage breed free-range Bourbon Red and Narragansett turkey is available fresh for pickup at the farm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The toms are about 15 lbs. and hens 10-12 lbs. Grass fed lamb and goat are available in fall and winter by the half or whole. We will deliver directly to your freezer. We also sell raw wildflower honey and eggs. Pre-ordering in spring allows us to plan for your needs.

Prairie Winds Farm, Charlotte P. Wolfe, 21439 Osborne Road, Lakeville IN 46536. (574) 291-9943.
E-mail: wolfecp@wildblue.net. Website: www.prairiewindsnaturefarm.com.

Providence Farm is an 82-acre family-owned, USDA Organically Certified farm in NE Indiana that produces small quantities of superior quality all-natural pastured meat (beef and chicken).

Our farm has been chemical and pesticide-free for nearly 27 years. All of our meat animals are raised on organic pasture in the fresh air and sunlight. We raise 100% Angus beef cattle, individually selected for superior grass genetics to ensure the highest quality grass-fed beef. They fatten naturally (without grain) on the broad variety of fresh forages contained in our pastures. Our beeves receive no grain, growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, wormers, animal by-products, growth promoters, or feed additives. We offer Redmond salt, sea kelp and natural source minerals on a free-feed basis. Our chickens are also pastured out in the fresh air with plenty of sunlight. Our chicks are started with organically certified grain. Their foraging diet consists of grasses, legumes, bugs and grain that contains no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or animal by-products.

Our farm is small enough that we are able to put a great deal of emphasis on the health of our land, our soils, our forages, and our animals—and that careful management undeniably converts to the health and goodness of our beef and chicken. We believe that it is our role to be good stewards in caring responsibly and respectfully for the land and the animals entrusted to us by God.

We offer freezer beef in whole, half, and quarter portions in mid-September, and fresh whole jumbo roasters mid-summer and late-summer. We generally have a supply of ground "All Cut Burger" year-round. Our meats are delicious, tender, flavorful, loaded with the CLA that comes from fresh green grasses and legumes, and (bonus!) good for you!

Providence Farm, 0209 CR 16, Corunna IN 46730. (888) 777-6917.
E-mail: providencefarm03@earthlink.net. Website: www.providencefarmallnatural.com.

Providence Farms, LLC is a family-owned farm anchored by a herd of over 100 South Poll beef cattle. Cattle are 100% Grass-fed, NEVER any grain. Pastured-raised meat, poultry, and pasture-raised eggs are available. 

Poultry rations include ROASTED soybean, not bean meal exposed to hexane. 

Certified Organic maple syrup available while supplies last. Green vegetables (green beans, lettuce, broccoli) and carrots are grown in soil (not pots or aquaponically) with green houses added for winter 2019AD for an extended season. 

Delivery routes in Indiana to Sullivan, Terre Haute, Linton, Bloomington and Vincennes and to Robinson, Illinois beginning in May 2019AD on a monthly basis (cooler bag deposit required, no disposable packaging products are used). We also encourage all buyers to visit the farm at least once per year to see “Where Their Food Comes From” and to “Meet Their Farmer.” 

The farm pastures are certified USDA Organic by CCOF since 2018AD. All farming practices EXCLUDE all toxic pesticides, and herbicides. Soil biology growth and conservation is promoted. The farm is sustainably and holistically managed with the attitude of stewardship and appreciation for the Intelligent Design intertwined in the natural ecosystems.

Order your family bundle today . . . only a limited number available (125 total). Pastured organic eggs, $4.00/dozen; Grass-fed hamburger, $5.00/pound (1-pound and 2-pound packages); Grass-fed Chuck Roast, $11.00/pound (2.5–5 pounds each); pastured frozen Chicken (parts and wholes), $2.81–3.89/pound; Organic Maple Syrup, $7/pint; organic greens (beans and lettuce in late June 2019AD), $3/pound.

Providence Farms doesn’t just want to sell you food . . . we want to be your farmer. Come and See!

Providence Farms, LLC, Scott Foster, 5113 N CR 800 W, Fairbanks IN 47849. (812) 572-4293.
E-mail: scott@pasturesofprovidence.com. Website: http://pasturesofprovidence.com.

Rising Sun Beef Farm is set on 800+ acres in the beautiful South East Indiana among the rolling hills. This area is close to both Ohio and Kentucky, in the Tri-State area, close to Cincinnati. We are family owned and operated with dedication to our customers and neighbors to raise our Beautiful Angus with utmost integrity. Our animals are 100% grass fed, with fresh water and pasture always available.

We are non-GMO, steroid free, antibiotic free, pesticide and herbicide free. Our animals are treated with the best care and attention. We believe we should restore the healing power to the earth by practicing the most ethically and environmentally sound farming as possible. Our goal is to make available excellent meat at an affordable price.

Although we are not certified Organic, we believe our practices are of a higher standard. We are constantly striving to create and improve the living environment that was intended for our Angus.

We currently have beef available year round.

Rising Sun Beef, Ray Kersey, 4498 Stahl Road, Rising Sun IN 47040. (513) 200-6042.
E-mail: risingsunbeef@yahoo.com. Website: www.risingsunbeef.com.

Runner Livestock is a small family-owned farm that raises Grass-fed Beef.

We also grow and sell rich Alfalfa/Orchard grass hay.

We believe in feeding our animals the way nature intended.

Please visit us at www.facebook.com/runnerlivestock

Runner Livestock, Robert and Kim Runner, 9310 E Walnut Lane, Crawfordsville IN 47933. (765) 723-1306.
E-mail: runnerd@tds.net. Website: www.facebook.com/RunnerLivestock.

Schacht Farm is a small family farm located in Bloomington, IN. We raise free-range broilers (meat chickens), free-range laying hens for eggs, free-range turkey, pastured pork, and grass-fed (and finished) beef.

All animals are raised outdoors where they have room to express their species-specific behaviors. Our management practices allow the animals to be raised naturally in a healthy environment without the use of chemicals of any kind. Our grain ration for the poultry and hogs is GMO-free and includes a blend certified organic supplements.

Our products are sold by the retail cut at several farmers markets, in bulk for those wanting to stock their freezer, or as a monthly share through our CSA/Buying Club.

Please visit our website for further information about products and purchasing.

Farmers Markets: Please visit our website for a current list of markets we attend.

Schacht Farm, Mandy Corry, 1470 E Schacht Road, Bloomington IN 47401. (812) 824-6425.
E-mail: schachtfarm@yahoo.com. Website: www.schachtfarm.com.

Seven Sons is a pasture-based family farm in northeast Indiana. Our mission is simple: We strive to produce nutrient-dense foods in a way that heals and nourishes our land and the people who eat of its bounty.

We offer a variety of pasture-raised meats and organic groceries. Including: 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry, lamb, and bison. Pasture-raised eggs. Wild-caught seafood. Raw-milk cheeses. And much more!

We have pickup locations in and around these areas:

  • Fort Wayne
  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Toledo
  • Cincinnati

Visit our website to see all our pickup locations and products.

Seven Sons, Blaine Hitzfield, 15718 Aboite Road, Roanoke IN 46783. (877) 620-1977.
E-mail: support@sevensons.net. Website: www.sevensons.net.

Sheepdog Farms is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. All of our livestock is raised on green pasture. We move them daily to fresh, clean grass. Creating a healthy, low stress lifestyle means no need for any medications or hormones. We offer pastured eggs all year, and hand processed pastured chicken from May to October.

On-farms sales allow you to see just how your food is raised. The health benefits from eating grass comes through in the eggs and meat, straight to you. That means more Omega 3 fatty acid, more beta carotene, and less fat. By using sustainable, natural farming practices, we know that we are raising nutritionally dense, wonderful tasting, healthy food that also heals the land that provides it.

Sheepdog Farms, Teresa and Jason Warner, 9300 N 450 W West Lafayette, IN 47905. (765) 583-4464.
E-mail: teresa@sheepdogfarms.com. Website: www.sheepdogfarms.com.

Skillington Farms Inc. is a family owned farm serving Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. We practice holistic and environmentally sound management to produce all-natural beef, poultry, and pork. Our business model is similar to a cooperative where yearly orders are taken in advance for each family.

The beef and poultry are raised on lush green pasture throughout their natural growing season—(due to challenges associated with pasturing pigs, we do not pasture our pigs)—and processed according to customer preferences. We do not use hormones, antibiotics, growth stimulants, or animal by-products in the feed.

Our Mission: To provide healthy all-natural beef, poultry, and pork raised the way God intended—no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or growth incentives—at reasonable prices to families who are concerned about what they eat.

Skillington Farms Inc., Stan and Laura Skillington, 465 N 500 E, Lebanon IN 46052. (765) 482-5481.
E-mail: stan@skillingtonfarms.com. Website: www.skillingtonfarms.com.

(Steckler) Grass Corp. believes our farming practices can change the world. We feed the life in the soil that it might grow healthy plants to feed the animals to create nutritious pasture-raised eggs, pork, chicken and turkey; grass-finished lamb and beef; and 100% grass fed raw dairy. 

We farm simply, with the animals grazing lush pastures. Our job is to care for the land that we might manage the pastures and the animals to create nutrient-dense foods. There is no need for antibiotics or hormones.

Then we bring these foods to you with delivery sites throughout southern Indiana.

Grass Corp., The Steckler family: Stan, Martha, Gavin, Garth, Samantha, Blake, Joel, Danielle, Eli and Jeremiah, 15606 Oriole Road, Leopold IN 47551. (812) 843-3277. 
E-mail: grasscorp@psci.net. Website: www.grasscorp.net.

Stonewall Farm is a pasture farm in southern Indiana. We raise pigs and chicken on the pasture, and provide the best in naturally-raised meat to the tri-state area.

Our egg chickens are free-range, running around the barn-yard all day. Our animals are not given hormones or antibiotics. Our pigs and chickens are offered a non-GMO corn when they are young.

Farmers Markets: Vanderburgh County Farm Bureau Farmers Market, May - Oct Fridays, 7am-1pm;
Historic Newburgh Farmers Market, May - Sept, Saturdays, 8am-1pm;
Deaconess Gateway Farmers Market, June - Sept, Tuesdays, 10am-2pm;
Deaconess Downtown Farmers Market, June - Sept, Wednesdays, 10am-2pm;
St Mary's Farmers Market, July - Sept, Thursdays, 8:30am-1pm

Grocery Stores: River City Food Co-op, 116 Washington Avenue, Evansville, IN.

Stonewall Farm, Bobby Cannon, 9200 Amber Lane, Mount Vernon, IN 47620. (812) 985-0349.
E-mail: stonewallfarmathome@gmail.com. Website: www.stonewall-farms.com.

Sunny Hollow Farm is a family farm located in Hagerstown, Indiana. Our farm’s specialty is pasture-raised poultry.

We offer pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken, turkey, and farm fresh eggs. We also will have grass fed beef that will be available in the late spring of 2011. We currently have great tasting frozen chickens in stock that were processed this fall.

If you would like a turkey for thanksgiving season you should order it as soon as possible because we sell out quickly. In the summer and fall we will have fresh chicken (whole, parts, and whole cut-up) in stock, call to reserve yours.

Farmers Markets: From May to October we are at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market on Thursdays and Fridays, from noon – 6pm.

Sunny Hollow Farm, John Mark Stoltzfus, 13637 Pierce Road, Hagerstown IN 47346. (765) 489-5140. (No e-mail or website.)

Sunny Meadow Farm produces raw milk cheese products from grass-fed jersey cows.

We practice environmentally friendly biodynamic farming methods. Chemical fertilizers, synthetic hormones or toxic pesticides are never used on our farm. Our Jersey cows are never force-fed to produce more milk than they were designed to produce. This one reason our Sunny Meadow Farm Cheese is so delicious and nutritious.

Products Offered:

  • Cheese made from raw milk
  • Beef, Pork, Eggs and More

How & Where to Buy:

  • Farm Store – Open Friday & Saturday from 8AM to 6PM
  • Honored Prairie www.honoredprairie.com (Buying Clubs in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan)
  • Retail – Look for our products in retail store and farmers markets in Indiana and surrounding states

Sunny Meadow Farm, Harry Weaver, 6112 20th Road, Argos IN 46501.
Website: http://honoredprairie.com.

Swissland Cheese Co. began operating as Swissland Milk Co. in Berne, IN 25 years ago. We started business as a milk transfer station for the local Amish. Over the years we have always wanted to make cheese using our Amish milk supply. The dream became a reality 2 years ago.

We make a variety of cheddar cheeses. Our Organic cheeses are make with milk from cows fed 100% Grass. Higher in Omega 3, these cheeses are healthier for you and taste great! Another variety of cheeses we make are from goat's milk. Feta Cheddar Style and Pepper Jack to name a few. We also have several Raw MIlk Cheeses. These have been aged 60 days in a climate controlled environment.

Swissland Cheese Co., Kirk and Mary Johnson, 818 Welty Street, Berne IN 46711. (260) 589-2761.
E-mail: info@swisslandcheese.com. Website: www.swisslandcheese.com.

Welcome to 3D Valley Farm. Here, we raise our Angus Beef cattle on pastures of native grasses and forages in the hills of Southern Indiana. Unlike industrial raised beef, our animals are not subjected to hormones, antibiotics or chemicals of any kind. Our farming practices reflect our respect for the land and the traditions that we hold true.

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and wildlife stewardship ensures respect for the delicate balance of the land and those of us who inhabit it. We practice a holistic approach to our farm management which helps sustain and nourish the environment through pasture rotation and ongoing efforts to improve soil fertility.

Our cattle are bred for the quality of their beef. The animals are never held in confinement and are continually moved to new pastures to ensure they always have plenty of fresh grass and forages to eat that are free of pesticides. These practices along with managing the animals humanely and minimizing stress ensures the best quality beef possible that is consistent in its clean flavor and tenderness. Our family is committed to providing you, and your family with the healthiest, most delicious, and highest quality beef and pork you can buy.

(Note from Eatwild: 3D Valley Farm also raises some grain-finished beef, so be sure to let them know you want their grass-finished beef.)

3D Valley Farm, Jane Carr, 4870 HWY 64 NW, Depauw IN 47115. (812) 347-2846.
E-mail: info@3dvalleyfarm.com. Website: www.3dvalleyfarm.com.

Traders Point Farm Organics offers certified USDA organic grass-fed dairy products, eggs, and raw honey from our farm. We use a rotational grazing system to ensure that our animals receive the freshest high-quality food possible. We raise Brown Swiss Cows and free-range hens. Our cows are 100% grass-fed and our hens are free-range and supplemented with an organic diet.

Our certified organic "Creamline" dairy product line includes: organic whole milk, organic chocolate milk, organic whole milk yogurt (plain or with organic fruit), organic ice cream, and organic cheeses.

Our products are available at our Traders Point Creamery Farm Store that is open 365 days a year from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and from over 57 retail outlets in the Indianapolis, Lafayette, Bloomington and Kokomo (Indiana) areas. They’ll also be available in the Chicago area in 2005. Visit our website for a list of where you can find our products.

We believe in "Nourishing the Land that Nourishes Us All." This means preserving the family farm and continuing our grandparents' legacy of sensible, sustainable agriculture—agriculture that uses our natural resources wisely.

Traders Point Creamery, David Robb, 9101 Moore Road, Zionsville IN 46077. (317) 733-1700.
E-mail: info@tpforganics.com. Website: www.traderspointcreamery.com.

Tyner Pond Farm is Indiana's only farm certified by the American Grassfed Association. AGA logoLocated in Hancock County, our farm originally grew corn before we purchased the land in 2010. Since then, we have been converting those corn fields into pasture for naturally raised beef cattle, chicken and pigs (pork). 

Our farm utilizes sustainable rotational-grazing practices to maintain nutrient-rich soil and healthy animals. 

We are dedicated to providing our local Indiana communities with the highest quality food and we deliver to the local counties for free every single weekday! 

Absolutely no antibiotics, hormones or GMO's in our animals or in what we feed them. 

Stop by the farm store open 6 days per week to learn more our farm or visit our website to order today!

Tyner Pond Farm, Amber Groce, Farm Store: 90 West McClarnon Drive, Greenfield, IN 46140; Local Market (sells farm products and other local products): 120 South Audubon Road, Indianapolis, IN 46219. (317) 477-7940.
E-mail: amber@farmersmarket.com. Website: https://tynerpondfarm.com.

Under the Sun Farm specializes in raising heritage breed pastured pork. We are a small family farm located in east central Indiana, a few miles from Frankton. Our Large Black Hogs and Tamworths are raised on pasture with minimal supplemental grain and fed hay when grass isn't plentiful. 

Grass-fed beef will be coming soon. Check our website for details. (Note: Meats listed on the website as "naturally raised" do not meet Eat Wild criteria.)  

You may buy as little or as much as you would like. Pick-up is available at the farm or at the Minnetrista Farmers Market in Muncie.

Under the Sun Farm, Jeff Bever, 8825 North 400 West, Frankton, IN. (765) 754-8704.
E-mail: underthesunfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.underthesunfarmindiana.com.

We are Vintage Meadows, Ryan and Katrina Schrock and our three children. Our statement of purpose is “To honor God and the whole of His creation by endeavoring to grow healthy foods in keeping with the Creator’s design, thereby serving our customers with integrity and blessing our community with the increase God provides.” 

We raise 100% grass fed beef on our succulent, improved pastures. We pasture-raise top notch pork and broiler chickens while supplementing them with our own farm-raised grains. We raise all of our own hay and barley sprouts and do not use any vaccinations or antibiotics in the products we sell. Working with other like-minded farming families, we offer 100% grass fed dairy products through a herd share program, rich green pasture eggs, 100% grass fed lamb, free-range turkey and duck, as well as chemical-free produce, honey, maple syrup, and many other wonderful, locally-produced farmstead kitchen products! We have a great, small scale, inspected, cheese house producing 100% grass fed, A2, raw milk cheeses located close to us, whose cheese we market, as well as an organic berry producer, making wonderful organic jams and jellies. We also offer soaked-grain sourdoughs and other breads, baked in a wood-fired oven from ‘Anna’s Bread’ in Goshen, IN.

We are proud members of the Westin A. Price Foundation, Slow Foods USA, Goshen Farmers Market, and other small farm supporting organizations. We are blessed to be able to provide this variety of quality food choices to our family and are happy to offer it to our many customers!

Vintage Meadows, Ryan or Katrina Schrock, 14855 State Road 4, Goshen, IN 46528. (574) 361-9737. 
E-mail: katrina@vintagemeadows.farm. Website: www.farmmatch.com/vintagemeadows.

Voegeli's Natural Beef. We are about producing good healthful and humanely raised beef. We do not use growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. We are looking for customers concerned about; the environment, small farm sustainability, their own health, social welfare of the animals, good quality beef, lower fat, higher levels of CLA, Beta Carotene and Omega 3.

We offer purchases by the whole, half, quarter calf and individual pieces. Processing to select your own cuts usually occurs in early October. Beef is available year round, but may be limited in quantities and cuts if not ordered prior to processing in October.

We will deliver within 50 miles of our farm in Milan, IN. Mail order can be discussed. Visa and Master Card Welcome.

Voegeli's Natural Beef, Sharon or Bob Voegeli, (513) 505-8884 or (812) 654-2188, Milan IN.
E-mail: farmone@farmone.net. Website: www.farmone.net.

Weldy Jerseys is offering herd shares for raw milk. We are located between Lima, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Our Jersey cows graze on certified organic pastures from April to December, then are fed certified organic forages during the winter months. Free choice minerals are offered year round. No grain, antibiotics, or hormones are fed or administered.

Visitors and inquiries are always welcome.

Weldy Jerseys, Stanley Weldy, 19679 Wetzel Road, Middle Point OH 45863. (419) 587-3720.
E-mail: smweldy@tds.net. Website: none.

Wolfridge Heritage Farm is a small 70-acre operation in S.E. Indiana, focused on raising heritage breeds of poultry, beef; honeybees and Icelandic sheep in a 100% natural way.

We use no chemicals on the farm in any capacity. We follow sustainable methods and raise all of our animals in a humane and natural environment. All of our animals are free-range and grass fed. In winter we feed only hay from our own fields which are also 100% natural, using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Water is from natural springs and combined with lots of sunshine and natural care, all the animals here live happy productive lives.

We offer free-range eggs, raw honey, gourmet lamb and beef and sometimes veggies. Occasionally we will have chicken, turkey and goose available. All products are for sale as they become available through the year and until they are gone. It is always best to call to see what we have and to reserve lamb and beef. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to take a tour of the farm.

Wolfridge Heritage Farm, Bob Wimberg, 6130 W County Road 425 N, Osgood, IN 47037. (812) 717-0607.
E-mail: wolfridge@seidata.com. Website: http://wolfridgeborzoi.com.

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