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Pastured Products Directory – Texas


Looking for a farm or ranch near you? Find it fast on Eatwild's Texas map, or browse the alphabetical list below.

Find local stores, restaurants and markets that sell grass-fed products on our Texas Beyond the Farm page.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

1915 Farm – One Stop Shop.

  • Grassfed and Finished Dry Aged Beef
  • Pasture-Raised Heritage Pork
  • Pasture-Raised Chicken

Shipping Nationwide. Delivered directly from our local farm outside of Victoria, Texas to your doorstep in small bundles, large orders, and subscription options

"I used to work for a pharmaceutical company and sell diabetes medications for a living. This made Tanner and I extremely passionate to get to the source of the problem: what we choose to eat every single day. I quit my pharma career and vowed to use my education of the disease to help prevent, instead of mask the causes of diabetes. Our goal is to help you eat healthier by raising healthier meat. Our animals are raised in their natural environments - outdoors on pasture, with the land and animal welfare at the top of mind, free from drugs and antibiotics." – Catherine

We hope you visit our website to learn more. It is BRAND NEW, interactive and easy to use. We post resources often to help you in your journey to eat healthier as a conscious consumer. Watch a quick video about our farm on the home page of our website to see our farm for yourself!

Use our online ordering system, or just call us.

1915 Farm LLC, Catherine Klemcke and Tanner Klemcke, 224 Fox Crossing Road, Meyersville TX 77974. 361.212.3255.
E-mail: Catherine@1915farm.com. Website: www.1915farm.com.

At Abundant Pastures Farm, we raise

  • Pasture Raised Chicken
  • Pasture Raised Lamb
  • 100% Grass Fed Beef
  • Pasture Raised Pork

Our chickens and pigs are raised on pasture and supplemented with a non-GMO, non-soy feed from a Texas feed producer. Our sheep and cows are 100% grass fed.

If you're looking for healthier, more nutritious meats, then we have it! We are not only passionate about what we put on your family's dinner table, but also the impact that food has on our environment. We practice sustainable, regenerative agriculture that leaves the earth better than we found it.

Our products are available for purchase online to either be picked up in our farm store or picked up at our drop site in San Antonio where we deliver products once weekly. Instructions for our drop site are included on our website.

Abundant Pastures Farm, LLC, Rachel or Alex Fernandez, 540 County Road 448, San Antonio, TX 78160. 210-716-4821.
E-mail: rachel@abundantpasturesfarm.com. Website: www.abundantpasturesfarm.com.

Affordable Grass-fed Beef makes your decision simple and easy. You will get beef that was born, raised and finished on Texas natural pasture in Chappell Hill, about halfway between Houston and Austin.

Our pastures have never been touched with herbicides and are abundant with a variety of grasses harvested in a sustainable, efficient manner by the cattle themselves. We use no pesticides and we do not give them hormones. We do not use antibiotics because the cattle are healthy and not crowded together.

Our grass-fed beef is easy and affordable because you purchase either a whole grass-fed yearling or a half (also known as a side). After we receive your deposit you choose the processor from our list and we deliver the animal to them. The carcass will be dry-aged and then cut per your specifications on the processor's cut sheet. The meat is wrapped and frozen and picked up by you or it can be stored for an additional charge. Wholes are $2.85 per pound and halves are $3.00 per pound, plus processing. Processing charges vary, but usually amount to $1.00 per pound.

Affordable Grass-Fed Beef, Michael W. Kmiec, 11950 FM 1370, Chappell Hill TX 77426. 979-451-3135.
E-mail: orderaffordablegrassfedbeef@gmail.com. Website: none.

All Houston & San Antonio Farm to Home is bringing you all the best Texas has to offer and delivering straight to your home.

We are currently raising our very own 100% Grass-Fed Beef in beautiful Fayette County. ABSOLUTELY NO GRAIN, NO GMOs, NO HORMONES, NO ANTI-BIOTICS, NO STEROIDS, NO PESTICIDES, NO HERBICIDES, NO CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS for our 100% grass-fed beef on approximately 750 acres of pasture. We use a certified humane butcher shop.

Having access to other local farming, we're doing more than just grass-fed beef. Join our 100% Grass-Fed Jersey Grade "A" Raw Milk Co-Op.

Enjoy pasture raised poultry, 100% grass-fed lamb, pasture-raised pork, which are NEVER fed any GMOs, corn, or soy.

We are connecting you to the nutrition you want without the hassle of driving hours to get it. Visit our websites or call for more information.

We are currently serving all of Houston and San Antonio.

For all y'all Houstonians...
Text/Phone: (832) 302-9189
E-mail: HoustonFarmToHome@gmail.com
Website: www.HoustonFarmToHome.com

For all y'all San Antonians...
Text/Phone: (832) 302-9189
E-mail: SanAntonioFarmToHome@gmail.com
Website: www.SanAntonioFarmToHome.com

The rest of y'all Texans can pick whichever is closest to you!

All Houston & San Antonio Farm to Home, Matthew, 5730 Mueller Road, La Grange, Texas 78945. (832) 302-9189.
E-mail: info@houstonfarmtohome.com. Website: www.houstonfarmtohome.com.

American Criollo Beef Alliance offers all-natural, free-range, grass fed, unbelievably tender Criollo (krēē-ō-yō) beef with a mouth-watering aroma and robust, full-bodied flavor that makes tenderizers, rubs, marinades and sauces unnecessary. It is a healthy source of high-quality protein and essential fatty acids. And finally, our beef is MORE TENDER and of HIGHER Quality than Kobe (Wagyu) beef and we have the documentation to prove it. Kobe Quality at an Affordable Price!

Our Criollo Cattle:

  • Are NEVER given antibiotics, growth hormones or grain products.
  • NEVER go to crowded, dirty feedlots.
  • Are DNA-tested prior to harvest to verify superior tenderness and quality.
  • Roam spacious pastures their entire lives, grazing on native and improved grasses.
  • Are ONLY fed high quality grasses, hays and alfalfa.

This natural, stress-free life without grains, growth hormones, or antibiotics lets you serve family and friends something delicious you can feel good about. Give it a try with our 10-pound "Just a Bite" package and taste the difference. Looking for a side of Criollo Beef? We have it! Check out all our Criollo Beef selections on our website.

Do you live in the Abilene area? Avoid shipping charges and pick up your Criollo Beef here at the ranch. During checkout, just mark the option to pick up your order at the Jandal Ranch. It's easy!

Criollo cattle were brought to the “New World” from southern Spain’s high desert plains on Columbus’s second voyage and are superbly adapted for the hostile environments of North America's southwest. Renowned for their hardiness, fertility, gentle nature and longevity, Criollo cattle are easy on the land, tending to improve a pasture, rather than destroy it as they naturally self-rotate through a pasture, utilizing every square foot of acreage, rather than concentrating on any one area.

Our cattle spend their entire lives roaming spacious pastures in West Texas, getting fat easily on natural grasses with no supplementation, only needing high quality hay in the winter months. Ranch visits are welcome (by appointment).

American Criollo Beef Alliance, Dale Price, 357 County Road 200, Winters, TX 79567. (325) 201-3201.
E-mail: dkp@jandalgroup.com. Website: www.LeanAndTenderBeef.com.

Anala Goat Company provides raw goat's milk, raw cow's milk, raw goat's milk chevre, feta, kefir and whey.

Member only pre-orders delivered to seven Houston area farmers' markets weekly.

Anala Goat Company, Roy and Linda Atkinson, 6631 River Road, Richmond TX 77469. (281) 343-5991.
E-mail: mother@analagoatcompany.com. Website: www.analagoatcompany.com.

Ann and Weldon Warren's Holy Cow Beef, Pasture-Raised & Pasture-Finished Dry-Aged Beef. We operate an Angus cow/calf operation that produces the highest quality “home-grown, pasture-raised & pasture-finished” beef available to your dinner table.

We are located some 70 miles west of Ft. Worth. Our goal is to continue as a sustainable steward of God’s natural resources. We raise our animals from birth to finishing for retail consumption by family, friends and savvy consumers.

We harvest each animal when it develops adequate back fat and intramuscular marbling; this is normally achieved before 30 months of age. We are continually improving our genetics to produce bigger rib eyes, better marbling, and natural tasting beef. Our management style avoids grain, corn feeding, stress, and the feedlot environment. We employ rotational pasture grazing on native Texas grasses, winter annuals and select introduced grasses. Fortunately, our animals benefit from the distinctive flavoring provided by the high mineral content of the rocky soils of the Palo Pinto hill country of Young County, Texas. We use NO growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. These animals are “finished” in the most natural and low stress conditions possible.

Our beef is Dry Aged (hanging in a freezer before processing) for 14–21 days to provide a hearty, brown-roasted beefy flavor, then vacuum packed for optimal storage and “wet aging” in your own fridge by you if desired. Savor the healthier flavor and enjoy the wholesome and nutritional advantages of Holy Cow Beef’s naturally finished beef.

We sell by the cut with a 10-pound minimum order when delivered within 30 miles of Graham and a 20-pound order (multiple 10-pound group orders work well) within 75 miles of Graham, TX. Shipping is available; contact us for details. Farm fresh eggs are available when supplies are adequate.

Our beef is sold at the Sunshine Natural Living Market and Abundant Health Naturally health food stores, and through the Debbie Seelig and Cross Timbers Food Co-ops. (See Texas–Beyond the Farm for details.)

Ann and Weldon Warren's Holy Cow Beef, 2491 Finis Road, Graham TX 76450. (940) 521-0595.
E-mail: holycowbeef@yahoo.com.

Aquilla Hill Angus Farm is a working cattle ranch located in Covington, Texas about 40 minutes south of Fort Worth. We specialize in producing registered Angus cattle on natural grasslands without using growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or commercially produced fertilizers and feeds. We offer home delivery of our product to the DFW metroplex area and south along I–35 towards Austin.

We breed Angus for its superior marbling characteristics, then raise these animals on grass pastures to insure a heart-healthy product chalked full of CLA, Omega-3-Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, HDL and Beta-Carotene. Our natural approach to raising cattle consists of open range feeding on Bermuda and wild rye grasses, all natural fertilizers such as compost teas, humate and molasses applications as well as humane treatment of our cattle to lower stress and stress-related diseases. This method of cattle farming is safer for the environment, animals and our customers.

We complete the beef experience by dry aging our carcasses 21 days and delivering whole or half sides to those who want a healthy cut of beef on hand when they need it.

Aquilla Hill Angus Farm, Bill Morgan or Blaine Morgan, 465 HCR 1450 N, Covington TX 76636, (254) 854-3086.
E-mail: blaine@aquillahillangus.com. Website: www.aquillahillangus.com.


Back 4T Farms is a CCOF Certified Organic farm located outside of Eden, TX. We raise and sell organic, pastured beef, chicken, and eggs. We also raise and sell pastured pork.

Our pastures are certified organic, and all our cows, chickens, and pigs are raised on pasture 365 days/year. Our beef is also 100% grass fed and finished. Pigs and chickens are only supplemented with soy-free organic feed.

We sell our products online as well at the Concho Valley Farmers Market in San Angelo, TX.  We are local to central Texas but serve the whole state and ship nationwide.

Back 4T Farms, Laura Turnbough, PO Box 610, Eden, TX 76837. 806-215-1499.
E-mail: hello@back4tfarms.com. Website: back4tfarms.com. Instagram: @back4tfarms.

B&C Farm is a 100% pasture-raised farm 20 miles south of Abilene, TX. We currently specialize in pasture-raised eggs and pasture-raised chicken.

Our coops are mobile so that we can move our flocks to fresh, clean pasture. Frequent movements allow our flocks to stay hygienic and busy with the new assortment of bugs and forages, as well as give our pastures a rest period to regenerate and incorporate the manure left behind.

We take orders online and deliver in the Abilene area every Friday morning. Come taste the difference!

B&C Farm, Chris or Brittany White, 340 County Road 140 Ovalo, TX 79541. 325-829-1095.
E-mail: sales@bcfarmstand.com. Website: www.bcfarmstand.com.

Bandera Grassland produces grassfed Texas Longhorn beef. Cattle are raised on our sustainable family farm and seasonally finished on lush grass and legume pasture. We supplement with alfalfa hay during dormant seasons.

AGA image

Nutritional analyses rank Bandera Grassland beef lower in cholesterol and fat than salmon and chicken.

Our beef is dry-aged 21 days for tenderness and robust flavor. Whole carcasses, sides, quarters and eighths are available. Please visit our website for more information. To arrange a ranch tour, contact Debbie Davis at beef@banderagrassland.com.

Don Davis operates the Grassfed Livestock Alliance (GLA). The GLA supplies locally produced grassfed meats to the Southwest Region of Whole Foods Market. Its goal is to provide a fair market for family owned and operated farms that put their reputation into the quality of beef they produce.

Animals marketed by the GLA are raised using the American Grassfed Association protocol. The GLA requires traceability from birth to harvest without administering antibiotics or growth hormones. Confinement and feeding animal by-products are also prohibited. Cattle are handled with utmost care using the highest standards of animal husbandry and humane treatment to insure a consistent, tender and healthy product. For information about joining the GLA, email info@grassfedlivestockalliance.com or call (830) 562-BEEF / (830) 562-2333.

Bandera Grassland, Debbie Davis, PO Box 122, Tarpley TX 78883. (830) 562-3650.
E-mail: beef@banderagrassland.com Website: www.banderagrassland.com.

Bar 3 Ranch All Natural Grass Fed Beef is raised in Central Texas with Texas Charm using Angus and Angus-cross cattle. Our cattle were ultrasounded and DNA tested for tenderness and marbling.

We have assortment boxes so you can select the beef you want in a quantity you can afford. The Grillmaster box has steaks for grilling, or try the BBQ, Souper, or Slowcooker boxes, or Build your Own box a la carte!

Our finishing formula uses techniques we learned from Argentinean researchers. Using the finest perennial and annual grasses with irrigation means we have beef that has the marbling to consistently grade choice for tenderness and flavor. We make healthy taste good.

Order on-line, or call us if you have a custom order.

Bar 3 Ranch Beef, Jeff Rusk, 520 Rusk Lane, Georgetown, Texas 78626. (512) 930-1996.
Email: hello@bar3ranch.com. Website: www.bar3ranch.com.

Bard Farms raises Lowline Angus and Lowline Angus / Angus cross grass-fed, grass finished non-chemical beef. Lowline beef is already one of the best tasting breeds available with real grass genes. We are now starting to cross some of our Red Lowlines with Red Wagyu cattle from Japan. Wagyu is the producer of the fabulous tasting Kobe beef sold in high end restaurants and the premium grocery stores. It is considered to be gourmet meat. Breeding stock and meat are available. Meat is usually slaughtered in late spring but burger and some steaks are available year around.

We also have a limited amount of beef jerky that is safe for diabetics, no sugar / high fructose corn syrup, no added MSG or other chemicals.

Animals are grass-fed—no chemicals, no vaccines, or drugs. Occasionally animals will get cuts, abrasion, or animal pink eye infections. In these cases we use filtered water infused with ozone, nature’s natural healer.

We have also added Kunekune pigs that maybe the only pig that can be fed grass and finished on grass. We have two small boars for sale and will have meat available in the future. Kunekune’s are also producers of gourmet tasting meat.

Sometimes we have free range eggs available.

We have also added the equipment to grow hydroponic fodder grass inside our barn. With this we can control the nutrition of our animals and avoid huge hay bills when we have droughts. Custom made fodder growing units will be available in the future for sale in small sizes for chickens or larger units for cattle, pigs, sheep, or goats. During the next 6 months we will add aquaponic units for raising produce and tilapia.

Bard Farms, Robert Bard, 3059 West Line Road, Whitesboro TX 76273. (903) 564-7878.
E-mail: icok@hughes.net. Website: www.bardsfarm.com, www.eathealthybook.com.

Bastrop Cattle Company: Local 100% grass-fed beef only available to Central Texas. No hormones. No antibiotics. No grain/corn ever. Raised on chemical-free pastures in Bastrop and Fayette County.

A woman-owned, independently operated small business for 13 years. Pati Jacobs sells 100% grass-fed beef direct from the CJ Ranch to your door! Whether it is a custom-cut, half-cow order, a combination box, or your own special order, BCC strives to give Central Texas residents amazing customer service, delivery options and quality.

We take orders through the website or by email. We include free delivery for orders over $150 to Austin and surrounding areas. Smaller orders under 20 pounds can be shipped to most areas state-wide. Ranch pickups can also be arranged by appointment.

We also sell custom-cut halves and whole animals. We work directly with you on what type of cuts, thickness, and quantity you prefer so you get everything you love. There's no added charge for customization and we keep your cut page on file for your next order. It's a great and easy way to stock up your freezer with 100% grass-fed Beef.

We raise our herd using sustainable, regenerative practices. Our cattle are a custom hybrid that we have been working on for over 15 years. BCC firmly believes the natural way is the best way.

Get in touch with Pati today and see why so many people choose Bastrop Cattle Company as their personal grassfed beef provider!

Bastrop Cattle Company, Pati Jacobs, 510 HWY 304, Bastrop, TX 78602. 512-537-6893.
E-mail: info@BastropCattleCompany.com. Website: www.BastropCattleCompany.com.

Big Oaks Ranch runs a small herd (13) of Black Brangus and Black Angus mama cows. The bull is a registered Black Angus bull. Calves are born in the late Fall, weaned in the Summer and finished on grass for slaughter at 21–26 months of age.

Our target goal is to produce and market INTEGRITY BEEF, grass-fed for healthy, tender, tasty meat that is free of supplemental hormones, antibiotics, or any grain or grain products whatsoever. This requires a good team and close on site management of genetics, health, quality grasses and legumes. We are achieving this goal through the organic planning; genetic testing, selective breeding, and grass farming.

INTEGRITY BEEF means organically raised grass-fed beef that is consigned, slaughtered and custom packaged. The beef is slaughtered at Mineola Meat Packers, a USDA inspected facility. They deliver the halves to Texas Meat Packers of Henderson TX (formerly Gentry Farms Processing.) We counsel and discuss the cut order with the customer, so we are familiar with the customer’s family, eating and cooking habits. After 21+ days of aging, the owner-producer, Danny Burrows, observes, directs, and helps Texas Meat Packers cut and package each calf. The beef is vacuum packaged in clear packages and after 3 days the customer picks up their order of frozen beef.

The Big Oaks Ranch Goat herd has grown to over 75 head. They eat weeds, briars, and brush; they keep the trees pruned, and provide organic fertilizer everywhere they graze. Customers came to buy the goats for breeding and meat. This led to the target goal of Grass Fed Boer/Nubian Cross Goats. The cross breeding was accomplished through using registered Boer and Nubian bucks. They graze free-range and are ready for sale by private treaty purchase or consignment by the head or by the pound.

Big Oaks Ranch began raising chickens in the fall of 2001. Soon we were receiving calls requesting "yard eggs," laid by free-range/pastured hens that graze the pastures and fields freely. The eggs are of superior quality and free from added hormones, feed fillers, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides. The hens roost and lay the eggs in mobile coops with laying boxes that are cleaned every day. The chicken litter is recycled through the ranch compost pile. The coops are moved every 2–3 days. This maintains a clean and healthy environment for the animals and is a natural and organic means of fertilization.

Big Oaks Ranch, Danny and Carletta Burrows, 6001 CR 267-D, Kilgore TX 75662. (903) 643-0530 (ranch); (903) 557-1016 cell Danny; (903) 557-1018 cell Carletta.
E-mail: info@bigoaksranch.net. Website: www.bigoaksranch.net.

Birthplace of Texas Beef is located in eastern Washington County between Houston and Austin. We offer grass fed beef, raised the old-fashioned way and slaughtered humanely.

For more information go on our website or call Mike at (713) 392-9343.

(Note from Eatwild: be sure to ask for their Grass Fed Beef because they sell grain-finished also.)

Birthplace of Texas Beef, Mike Bodensteiner, PO Box 465, Washington TX 77880. (713) 392-9343.
E-mail: farmer@birthplaceoftexasbeef.com. Website: www.birthplaceoftexasbeef.com.

Broken Arrow Ranch is a family-owned, artisanal producer of high quality free-range venison, antelope, and wild boar meat. We field harvest these truly wild animals by partnering with ranchers in Central and South Texas as an integral part of their population management programs. This practice provides a humane life and harvest for the animals, maintains a sustainable animal population for the rancher, and produces wild game meats of legendary quality.

Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Broken Arrow Ranch harvests axis deer, fallow deer, sika deer, and South Texas (nilgai) antelope using highly refined field harvesting techniques that avoid stress, and utilizes a unique field processing facility to allow immediate processing of the meat in a sanitary environment. The animals we harvest are truly free-ranging and subsist on a natural diet of native grasses, forbs, and browse. All products are harvested and processed under full government inspection.

Our customers are America's finest restaurants and discriminating consumers who really care about the quality and safety of the meat they consume. We ship directly from our processing facilities to your kitchen and guarantee safe arrival.

Broken Arrow Ranch, Inc., Chris Hughes, 3296 Junction Highway, Ingram TX 78025. (830) 367-5875.
E-mail: sales@brokenarrowranch.com. Website: www.brokenarrowranch.com.

Buck Creek is a third-generation family farm near the small town of Paducah, Texas*. It is a place that means family, heritage, health, country living and taking care of the land we've been blessed with. Buck Creek was born out of the desire to establish sustainable grass farming practices on our farm. Our efforts were focused on producing better, more sustainable grass on our place and to provide clean meat that is not just healthy but delicious to eat and raised by Texans for Texans.

Our meats (Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Eggs and Wild Pork) are home-grown right here in Texas, raised on grass with no grain, no hormones, no antibiotics, and FINISHED on grass NOT grain. Our calves are selected for slaughter between 20 and 27 months. This more mature animal allows for the meat to marble "finish" unlike younger animals. Because of this, our calves will be larger in size and will marble well, giving you a better tasting, tender product; many of our calves will grade "choice" which is fantastic! Like in many “fine” restaurants, after slaughter our beef is aged between 14 and 21 days, depending on the weight of the animal, to create an even more tender product with an even more “beefy” flavor.

The chickens and eggs are raised at Buck Creek running free on our pastures. Hens utilize a mobile coop and chase bugs, seeds and the grass they wanna eat without restriction and they lay beautiful large brown eggs. The “meat” chickens are raised on grass and moved daily so that they always have access to fresh pasture. Any supplement feed is soy free. Our neighbors raise the lamb locally and around Texas and they are only ever fed grass and momma’s milk out on the free range…they are delicious. Our pork is the ultimate in sustainable free-range pastured pork as they are actually wild animals. They are free to eat the best grass everyday and because of that, their meat is scrumptious and super healthy for you. We capture them and only select the best female animals so the meat is mild with a slightly nutty flavor…beats the heck out of store bought pork!

Our meat is sold by the cut/pound, package, subscription and primal (quarter, half, whole)…check out our website for more info.

We are proud of our heritage and of our beef. We are certain that you'll be proud of your purchase and knowing that you are serving your family the absolute best!

Sincerely, Richard & Mona Gregory

*Sold throughout DFW & Texas

Buck Creek Land & Cattle, Richard and Mona Gregory. Mailing address: 16 Meadowcreek Drive, Melissa TX 75454; Farm: 358 County Road 233, Paducah TX 79248. (806) 683-2590.
E-mail: info@buckcreek.com. Website: www.buckcreek.com. Facebook: facebook.com/buckcreekmeat. Instagram: buck_creek_meats. Pinterest: @buckcreekmeat.

Burgundy Pasture Beef – 100% Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef. No Antibiotics or Hormones ever. We Dry Age, Cut and Package our own beef at our USDA inspected meat market in Grandview Texas (South of Ft Worth). We are a family business – producing 100% Grass Fed beef since 1999.

Our Beef and other locally-produced Pasture-Raised Meats are available for nationwide shipment (order online through our website) or visit one of our retail meat markets in Ft Worth, Dallas, and Grandview.

Burgundy’s Local – Grass Fed Meat Market in Ft Worth and Dallas, TX.
Burgundy Boucherie – Grandview, TX

Our meat markets offer both fresh (never frozen) and frozen cuts of our grass fed beef, pasture raised pork and chicken, grass fed lamb, raw milk cheeses, eggs from pastured hens, local raw honey and more. Visit our web site for contact info and hours of operation for the stores.

Burgundy Pasture Beef, Jon and Wendy Taggart, Grandview TX 76050. (817) 866-2247.
E-mail: info@burgundypasturebeef.com. Website: www.burgundypasturebeef.com.

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Chisholm Trail Grass-fed Beef is a rancher-owned and -operated cooperative that raises longhorns locally on family ranches around Texas.

Chisholm Trail cattle graze in pastures and thrive without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, placing far less stress on the natural environment than grain-fed cattle raised on factory farms. Chisholm Trail partners are focused on providing delicious red meat for healthy eaters and educating people on the nutritional significance of 100-percent grass-fed beef. This results in healthier food with less impact on the environment. Not to mention the real taste of delicious grass-fed beef, just the way nature intended.

Our longhorn cattle produce lean cuts of meat. In fact, it’s leaner than regular beef, pork and even most cuts of chicken and turkey. It’s packed with more vitamin B6 than 6.5 cups of raw spinach, and contains high levels of iron, zinc, phosphorus and vitamin B12. Our natural beef is the new health food that never has added hormones or antibiotics.

Chisholm Trail Grass-fed Beef supplies its meat to local restaurants and grocers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. For more information, visit www.eathealthybeef.org or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Chisholm Trail Grass-Fed Beef, Mike Crawford, 8131 LBJ Fwy, Suite 275, Dallas TX 75251. (972) 489-3832.
E-mail: m.crawford@eathealthybeef.org. Website: www.eathealthybeef.org.

Cosgray Grass-Fed Beef raises nutritious grass-fed and finished beef and ships it to our customers in the lower 48 states.

Our cattle are raised naturally without antibiotics or hormones. They spend their entire lives grazing on lush pastures. We offer a variety of grass-fed beef boxes ranging from 10 pounds to a 1/4 beef.

Check out our website for more information and to place an order. We would love to serve you!

Cosgray Grass-Fed Beef, Joseph Cosgray, 35535 Vernon Frost Road, Simonton, TX 77476. 346-257-3257.
E-mail: joseph@cosgraygrassfedbeef.com. Website: www.cosgraygrassfedbeef.net. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cosgraygrassfedbeef

USDA Organic Seal

Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill & Farm sells certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified livestock feed and pasture-raised eggs. We sell grass-fed beef too.

We produce feeds for all livestock and we sell certified organic grains, legumes, alfalfa pellets, and livestock supplements. Coyote Creek feed never contains GMOs, synthetic herbicides and pesticides, animal by-products, non-gmo logohormones, or pharmaceuticals. Our feed results in a variety of benefits including increased egg production, a more efficient feed to meat conversion ratio, and lower mortality.

By building a market for organic grains, Coyote Creek helps grow rural economies and keep small family farms in business, while providing the highest-quality feed available to farmers and backyard livestock enthusiasts.

Coyote Creek is also home to the hens who produce Jeremiah Cunningham's World's Best Eggs. Our hens spend their days enjoying our certified organic pastures, running around in the sun, scratching and digging for bugs and grubs, and taking dust baths. We offer a soy-free egg as well, produced by hens who have not had soy in their diet.

Starting with our soil, we are stewards of 90 acres of blackland prairie which is certified organic. We spray our pastures with high-quality compost tea to keep a healthy herd of micro-organisms, and we feed the soil biology with hydrolyzed fish, molasses, and humic acid several times each year. Mother Nature takes over from there!

Our grass-fed South Poll cattle are sold by the half and whole beef. See our website for more information.

Please visit our Facebook page and website for where to find our feed and eggs, resources on raising livestock animals, and our compost tea instructional guide.

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality feed, eggs, and meats, and we look forward to working with you in your organic endeavors.

Contact us for more information.

Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill & Farm, 13817 Klaus Lane, Elgin TX 78621, Office: (512) 285-2556.
E-mail: mill@coyotecreekfarm.com. Website: www.coyotecreekfarm.com.

Crawley's Country Beef and Texas Bred Organic Beef, a division of DWC Cattle Co., specializes in grass fed, organically raised, Red Angus Beef, Chicken, Eggs and Honey.

Texas Bred, Texas Born and Texas Raised, on one central Texas ranch. All beef sold is 100% Red Angus with Red Devon influence. We practice organic standards in managing all our beef, chickens and honey—no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics, no pesticides and no herbicides—but our cattle, chickens, eggs and honey are not certified organic. All cattle are grass-fattened on pasture where they were born. Cattle are not fed grain of any kind. The beef we sell comes exclusively from our herd of Momma Cows.

For over 30 years we have selected genetics for a quality eating experience. All of our cows, bulls and offspring graze freely year round in a natural environment. Our pastures consist of a variety of native and introduced grasses and legumes for quality finishing of all cattle.

Beef is dry-aged a minimum of 14 days, shrink wrapped, frozen and sold in individual cuts. Custom half and whole beef packages are available at times during the year. Whether our beef is picked up at the processor, shipped within the U.S. or delivered locally (free), our goal is to provide you, our customers, with the BEST BEEF and BEST SERVICE available year round. We group orders together from our customer base in Dallas/Ft. Worth metro, Waco, Harker Heights/Killeen, Corsicana and Austin for (free).

Our broilers and laying hens freely roam the same organic pastures as our cattle eating grass and insects. All chickens are supplemented with a Non-GMO/Non-Soy ration and we follow organic standards in raising all our chickens.

We are a family business and our goal is to provide you, our customers, with a quality eating experience, along with the knowledge that the beef you are eating was born and raised on one central Texas ranch, grazing and growing in a healthy environment on organic pastures as Mother Nature intended. We also work equally as hard to see all our broilers, laying hens and honey bees have equal access to the same pastures that our cattle roam on a daily basis.

Crawley's Country Beef, Denver Crawley, 195 HCR 3373, Hubbard TX 76648. (254) 580-8458.
E-mail: denversbeef@gmail.com. Website: www.texasbredorganicbeef.com.

Cross Creek Cattle Company raises Beefmaster cattle on the rolling hills of Plantersville, Texas in Grimes County. We are only 45 minutes from Houston, Conroe, The Woodlands, Hempstead, Bryan/College Station, Brenham, and Madisonville, Our location enables us to supply families from very populous areas with lean, flavorful grassfed and grass-finished beef. If you are looking to fill your freezer with healthy beef, Cross Creek Cattle Company is your answer.

We are a family-owned and operated cattle ranch. At this time, we offer pre-ordered whole, halves, and split sides. The charge is $3.50 lb. based on the hanging carcass weight. The cost of processing the animal is not covered, but the delivery of the animal to our local processing plant is included in the price.

From birth our cattle thrive on our native and introduced grasses and legumes. Through intense pasture rotation, our cattle maintain great condition. We supplement the cattle's diet with kelp meal, alfalfa, and hay during the winter. We handle our cattle with low-stress methods and only raise docile, calm animals.

At Cross Creek Cattle Company, we believe in raising cows the natural way: no antibiotics, no hormones, no synthetic fertilizers. We fully support groups wanting to co-op our beef.

Please visit our website for more information or contact us by telephone or e-mail. Better yet, call for directions and come visit us. We would be happy to have you.

Cross Creek Cattle Company, Kenton and Cathey Holliday, 6512 CR 207 B, Plantersville TX 77363. (936) 825-5921.
E-mail: holliday@beefmaster-ranch.com. Website: www.beefmaster-ranch.com.

Cross Timbers Ranch is a small ranch located in Robertson County, Texas. We grow our food and animals in a synthetic chemical-free and environmentally responsible manner. Our beef is pasture raised and finished. They are moved frequently for good grazing of a fresh grass/legume mix. A DE, kelp and salt mix is fed free choice as a de-wormer/mineral mix. No growth hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides or animal by-products are used.

Our beef is sold frozen by the split half (1/4), half, whole or variety pack (on a limited basis). We only sell what we breed and raise on the ranch.

Pastured poultry (broilers) are available seasonally. Farm fresh, hand gathered brown eggs are available year round and sold from the ranch, several area farmers markets and select retail outlets. Our layers and broilers are raised free range on pasture and moved regularly onto fresh grass. They are fed a custom ration, mixed to our specifications. The layers are fed oyster shell free choice.

Shipping is not available at this time.

Cross Timbers Ranch, Don Hobart, PO Box 1072, Franklin TX 77856-1072. 979-777-1877.
Website: www.ctrtexas.com.

The Cummins Family Farm produces pastured pork in the river bottoms along the Brazos in Parker County. The pigs are raised on grassy pastures and moved to fresh grazing regularly. No hormones or antibiotics are used.

Since pigs are not true grazers, their diet must be supplemented with grain, nuts, and other starchy crops. We grow these supplemental foods and give the pigs free access to them when the crops are ready. We have three young boys that are learning to love the land and care for it as they help us raise our animals.

Customers are welcome to visit our farm to see how our pigs have been raised and cared for.

Whole and half hogs are available. Whole pigs will yield between 200–225 pounds of meat. Half hogs will be just over one hundred pounds.

Cummins Family Farm, Aaron Cummins, 1286 Tidwell Road, Weatherford TX 76087. (817) 929-2434.
E-mail: aaron@texasnaturalpork.com. Website: www.texasnaturalpork.com.

Dalusa Organic Ranch is a 120-acre ranch located about 70 miles east of Dallas near Emory, TX. We are a small operation, but offer 100% organic grass-fed beef that is raised just as God intended: no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or chemicals are used on the property. We rotate pasture grazing on native Texas grasses. We have two natural ponds for water use. We feel our cows are the most content cows in east Texas!

Our start in organic grass-fed beef came from necessity due to illness, and we want to help others to eat healthily. We understand firsthand the importance of chemical-free, natural fresh foods.

Our beef is dry aged for 21 days to provide tender tasty beef, and wrapped in cellophane to help avoid contamination of beef with dioxins and phthalates from plastic wrapping. People with severe allergies can appreciate the benefit of our cellophane use. Our butcher will cut and vacuum wrap meat to your specifications if cellophane wrap is not desired.

We have beef cuts available for purchase. You may now reserve your half or split half order, available in June 2017, by emailing or calling us.

We will have fresh organic persimmons this year at the end of October and early November. Call us now to reserve persimmons!

Dalusa Organic Ranch and Gardens, Stephanie McCarter, 2755 Rains County Road 1490, Point TX 75472. (903) 598-6822.
E-mail: smccartermd@gmail.com.

Darby Farms is an East Texas based beef and dairy farm located near Gilmer Texas, which is approximately 100 miles east of Dallas. Cody and Rachelle Darby, along with girls Brynn and Josey, run approximately 200 beef cows that are all bred to registered Black Angus bulls. The beef cow herd is rotated on Bermuda/Bahai grass-based pastures. Their high quality diet results in an incredibly healthy and nutritious beef.

We are committed to raising our animals humanely and naturally. We never implant our cattle with hormones and none of the animals are ever fed animal by-products or given antibiotics. This is our promise to you and we feel you should have a choice.

Our beef is processed and vacuum packed at a local USDA inspected facility and the resulting beef is all natural, minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. We are proud of our natural beef and are honored to be able to offer it to our customers.

The beef can be purchased by the whole, half or quarter. We also have some smaller packages available for those who have limited freezer space. Shipping or delivery is available.

Darby Farms Natural Beef, Cody and Rachelle Darby, 9713 Giraffe Road, Gilmer TX 75644. (903) 725-7051.
E-mail: cody@darbyfarms.com. Website: www.darbyfarms.com.

Dautobi Acresproduces grass-fed lamb and dabbles in rare, heritage breed poultry conservation and prairie preservation. Our lambs are born and raised on our farm and our chickens and turkeys are hatched on our farm. We use low-stress management and gentle handling methods on all our livestock and poultry.

My husband and I have raised and sold hair sheep since 1996. My parents were dairy farmers and with the experience of large ruminants, we decided that small ruminants, with their more eco-friendly "hoof print," and are the logical choice for our small farm/homestead. Our hair sheep harmonize beautifully with the small critters and birds that inhabit the remnant Blackland Prairie. From carbon sequestration to watershed preservation, we strive to keep this patch of Earth, temporarily bestowed to us, as natural as possible.

We are also conservation breeders of rare Redcap chickens and Recessive Lilac turkeys. Our flocks (sheep/poultry) graze on pastures free of pesticides and herbicides. Our production methods DO NOT include the use of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides or feedlots.

The price of an entire lamb, custom cut and wrapped, is around $295.00; it varies somewhat with the fee charged by the processor. Lambs are delivered to a local processor where customers pickup their orders (and have access to more local meats and other products). We are located about an hour Northeast of the Dallas area and serve the Northeast Texas area.

We are members of the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, Native Prairie Association of Texas, and Katahdin Hair Sheep International. Our farm is veteran/female/Native American owned.

Visit our website for more information and thanks for supporting a small farmer – we know it is not convenient and appreciate the time you take to help make this world a better place.

Dautobi Acres, Richard and Lynn Rocha, P.O. Box 336, Leonard, TX 75452. (903) 453-5343
E-mail: dautobiacres@yahoo.com. Website: www.dautobiacres.com.

Here at Dewberry Hills Farm, we raise really good chicken for really good people.

We are a family-owned, pasture-based farm located in Central Texas specializing in compassionately raised poultry.Healthy, affordable food is our passion. We offer an alternative to factory farms and industrial organic grocery stores.

We provide a different way of raising food that works in harmony with the land, the seasons and the creatures in our care.

Our business is sustainability and stewardship of the earth.

Our pastures are herbicide and pesticide-free and as we also operate a USDA-inspected processing facility right here on the farm, our birds have a very short ride to the processing plant which minimizes their stress. All our chickens are processed with gratitude and humanely by hand.

We do meet-ups in Austin monthly or bi-monthly by pre-reservation at a central location. We also offer farm pickups and deliveries for bulk orders.

Contact Jane via email at dhfchicken@gmail.com or via text or phone at 5412-308-7706 for more information and orders.

We also offer wholesale accounts.

Dewberry Hills Farm, Jane or Terry Levan, 5619 FM 1624, Lexington TX 78947. (512) 253-0008.
E-mail: dhfchicken@gmail.com. Website: https://www.dhfarms.com/.

Dominion Farms is a family owned and operated farm and is based on the Biblical principle of stewardship. We are located 75 miles north of Dallas in Denison, Texas.

We raise the area's healthiest pasture raised beef, pork, chicken, and eggs. Our animals have a choice of many fresh grasses. Chemicals, antibiotics,preservatives and hormones are never used while raising our livestock. Our animals are always assured the healthiest growing environment with lots of sunshine, free space to roam, and fresh forages, and water.

Our chickens produce full flavored eggs that are high in Omega 3 fatty acid and CLA, yet are low in cholesterol. Our broilers are lean and tasty and offer a healthy alternative to commercially grown poultry. The taste and tenderness of the meat is second only to the healthfulness of the product Our meats are low in saturated fat and free from unhealthy byproducts. We raise all our animals as stress free as possible.

Dominion Farms, Jerry Bynum, 813 Well Road, Denison TX 75020.
E-Mail: j-kdominionfarms@sbcglobal.net. Website: www.dfmeats.com.

Double Bar A Ranch. Rolling hills, friendly faces, wide-open spaces. Camping, permanent access easements, grass feed.

Your family will become a part of the Ranch with visits and e-mail updates. You may also own animals at the ranch. Chickens, beef, hogs, vegetables, pecans, pralines, pecan pies. Come join our family.

Double Bar A Ranch, Jon Gammon, PO Box 557, Ben Franklin TX 75415. (903) 325-4448.
E-mail: embarnes@neto.com. Website: www.camprusk.com/DBARbody01.html.

Dr. Baker’s Grassfed Beef is raised and distributed at Baker Ranch in Belton, Texas. Belton is located in Central Texas about 60 miles northAWA logo of Austin in the Belton-Temple-Killeen Metroplex. A sustainable prairie was developed on 450 acres by reseeding native grasses, using nutrient-rich biologic amendments rather than commercial fertilizers and managed by rotational grazing. No GMO products, herbicides or pesticides are used—ever. Certified Black Angus cattle now peacefully graze on a variety of grasses and legumes and are entirely raised and finished on prairie grasses. No hormones or antibiotics or grain finishing is used—ever. Our cattle never experience stockyards or inhumane management.

The goals of Baker Ranch include good land stewardship, environmental protection and animal husbandry. These goals work together and result in improved soil, better grasses, healthier cattle and healthy quality meat loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, and anti-oxidants. The end result is healthy, tasty, tender beef.

Baker Ranch is a member of Animal Welfare Approved and Go Texan. An AWA certified butcher minimizes stress on the cattle and uses minimal processing to provide lean meat. To minimize costs, Dr. Baker’s Grassfed Beef is not sold in stores or markets but is distributed locally within a 40-mile radius of the Ranch. Distribution by mail is not available. A variety of preferred cuts or scheduled packages of quarter or half cows can be arranged for convenient delivery. Orders are best conducted by email or telephone to meet individual preferences.

Dr. Baker’s Grassfed Beef, Dr. Dudley Baker, 10258 FM 1123, Belton, Texas 76513. (254) 760-9127.
E-mail: dudleybaker@me.com.

Drop Horn Cattle Company is owned and operated by the Homeyer family. We are located 60 miles south of San Antonio. We raise and buy commercial cattle for breeding and for selling grass fed beef.

We have been practicing Holistic management since 1982, the practice that uses pasture rotation, monitoring, tools such as fire, herd impact, and just working with nature. We also have had the opportunity to learn first hand from Bud Williams the low stress handling techniques of moving cattle. Our feeders are fed only on grasses and forages and are vaccinated only for black leg and brucellosis. We also feed a mixture of mineral, salt and diatomaceous earth (for de-worming). If we have to treat a feeder for an illness, they are taken from the feeder herd. We feed our animals until around 22-24 months of age.

We sell whole, halves, and quarters and will deliver within a 60 mile radius of Karnes City.

We believe we have been given the talents from God to raise animals that are chemical free, pasture fed, and unstressed. We invite visitors to the ranch.

Drop Horn Cattle Company, Bil, Cam and Lee Homeyer, PO Box 596, Karnes City TX 78118. (830) 780-3421.
E-mail: rockinhorse@karnesec.net.

Edelen Farm, 3 E Brand Beef, produces grassfed beef, pastured poultry and honey. Beef and honey are available year round.

Edelen Farm, Greg and Lauren Edelen, RT 1, Box 228A, Alice TX 78332. (361) 668-8615. (409) 774-4307 (in Bryan, TX).
E-mail: edelenfarms@hotmail.com/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edelenfarms/.

Everything Jesus! Ranch is a 114 acre natural ranch that uses exclusively organic processes to raise and care for our milk and meat livestock. We have a licensed raw milk dairy and pastured meats of all kinds. Of course we use no pesticides, hormones, GMO feed, antibiotics or herbicides. We are God-certified, and are not certified by any government or private organizations. Our pastured beef is exclusively grass fed.

We sell beef and pork in bulk as well as individual cut, one- to two-pound packages. We also sell chickens, eggs, raw milk, raw butter, raw cheese, raw yogurt (everybody says our yogurt is the best in the world!), a wide variety of familiar and rare heirloom salad greens and other vegetables, and homemade body and bath gels, laundry detergents and cleaners that are sodium laureth sulfate and paraben free.

We also operate RawJesus! Living Foods Café here on the ranch! Come hungry! Sample farm-to-table cuisine while enjoying a five course meal including raw milk, butter, yogurt, cheeses, raw flaxseed crackers, smoothies, incredible salads with fruit infused balsamic/ranch dressing and, of course, our grass-fed meat, fresh off of the grill. Please check our website, www.moojesus.com for hours. The hours change with the seasons and product availability. We are closed on Sunday.

You can come and tour the dairy, milk a cow, harvest or plant in the gardens, ride horses or drive a horse and buggy, camp on our riverfront campsites, or stay in a guest cottage. Our regular customers come all through the week for meals, dairy products, fishing, camping…you name it! If you want to schedule a first-time visit on a day other than Saturday, please give me a call at the number listed above.

Please visit our website to find out more about our ministry, school, summer camp and ministry opportunities for volunteers. God Bless You! Gina

Everything Jesus! Ranch/MooJesus! Dairy, Gina Tillman-Young, 12061 FM 466, Seguin TX 78155. (830) 491-8557.
E-mail: gina@ejranch.com. Website: www.moojesus.com.

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Family Farms Naturally – it's not just a name, it's our lifestyle and philosophy. We have always used organic and natural methods (composted manures, cover crops) to produce some of the finest quality, healthy, grass-fed beef and chevon in Texas – naturally!

No Mystery Meat Zone! Our beef stock is from closed herds, no imports, no auctions, no mystery beef on the ranch or mixed in with our processing; each order is custom processed, TDA inspected and numbered. When you order BeefNaturally, ChevonNaturally, or NaturalSteakBurger, you can be assured it's fresh, inspected and processed humanely in an ultra-clean environment.

We're custom growers for the professional chef and now for the backyard grill maestro as well as for families who enjoy healthy (ideal Omega ratio), nutritious and delicious gourmet quality meats and produce – naturally.

Family Farms Naturally, J.R. (Jim) Suda, 407 Old Srpingtown Road, Suite 120-301 (package/mailing address), Springtown TX 76082. (817) 550-3660 (FOOD).
E-mail: grill@beefnaturally.com. Website: www.gourmetfoodsnaturally.com or www.beefnaturally.com.

Farm To Market Beef are born and raised in south Texas and our headquarters about 40 miles south of San Antonio where they are grazed on south Texas native and improved grasses.

Farm To Market Beef was founded because of our desire to spend more time with our family while doing something we are passionate about and believe in: sustainable locally grown food and high quality beef.

Our cattle are raised in a sustainable manner without the use of any hormones, antibiotics or grain. Our cattle are processed at a locally owned Texas Department of Agriculture inspected facility. We harvest our cattle at a fairly young age so a side of grass fed beef yields around 130 pounds of boneless retail cuts, and a whole carcass usually yields about 260 pounds. Please keep in mind that these weights are averages and will vary, as each animal is different.

Our price for a side (1/2) of Grass Fed Beef is: $6.25/lb.

Our price for a whole carcass of Grass Fed Beef is: $5.75/lb.

We also can provide wholesale ground beef for restaurants and catering. Volume discounts do apply. Please contact us for details.

This price includes free delivery to San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi and Houston areas!

Orders can be placed by phone or e-mail.

Farm To Market Beef, Bob Meeks, 610 Aransas Street, Kenedy TX 78119. (830) 299-9814.
E-mail: bob@farmtomarketbeef.com. Website: www.farmtomarketbeef.com

Fredericksburg Grassfed Beef Ranch, located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country near Fredericksburg, is family owned and operated.

Our cattle are primarily Hereford and Angus cross. We strive to produce a black calf. We have learned that an important factor in producing tender meat is having gentle, docile cows. As we select replacement heifers, disposition is as important as confirmation. Working with gentle stock is safer for the livestock and easier for us.

We operate on organic principles, but have not yet achieved organic certification. Our pastures have not seen herbicides or fertilizers for over 20 years. Herd health is maintained by frequent pasture rotation. We do not use any antibiotics or hormones. We do use preventative vaccines for our calves at 30 to 60 days of age.

This herd has been wholly owned by our family. Many of the cows have lineage back to the first cows brought to the ranch by our parents over 50 years ago, and the lineage actually begins with our grandfather's herd, which was established in the early 1900s. We know where these cows have been all their lives—they are Texan born and raised.

Calves are available for slaughter beginning in May. This is dependent upon the weather. We do not supplement our slaughters with grain; they are raised and finished in the same native pastures in which they were born. This means that the animals feed on a broad variety of plants, which in turn produces a healthier animal and a more flavorful meat. In 2004 we began offering 24-month-old calves for slaughter. These animals have a higher degree of marbling than calves in the 14 to 18 month old range.

We have USDA labeling and are able to offer packages with assorted cuts of meat.

Due to the continuing drought in Texas we have a limited quantity of meat available and sell by appointment only, and at Peach Basket Natural Foods, 334 W Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, (830) 997-4533.

Fredericksburg Grassfed Beef, Chuck and Teppi Schmidt and Patricia and Lonnie Marquardt, 110 East Highway Street, Fredericksburg TX 78624.
E-Mail: info@fredericksburg-grassfed-beef.com Website: www.fredericksburg-grassfed-beef.com.

Frerichs DairySee The Jersey Barnyard below

Glory Farms converted to the “simple” way of raising cattle and selling beef in the late 1990’s. We started “finishing” our animals on grass only and not subjecting them to man made chemicals by way of their feed.

We let our pastures lay dormant for three years without any manmade fertilizers of insecticides added. In 2002, we moved locations, however, we continued the same philosophy. Our new pastures are ready and we are back in the grass finished business.

We will continue to furnish angus/angus cross steers, but we have changed direction a little. We are seeing the importance of smaller serving sizes and the need to produce smaller “finished” animals. We have entered into the mini Hereford business. These are smaller animals that reflect the size of animals my dad and grandfather raised.

Our philosophy can be summed up very easily. We believe the old ways are better. Animals need to be raised naturally; they need to go a minimum of 6 months without medication before being sold for beef; they need to be “finished”; they need to have clean water and lots of grass; and they need to reflect and participate in the slow pace simple life we enjoy here at Glory Farms.

Glory Farms, Robert Shipley or Kyle Shipley, 110 County Road 503, Fairfield TX 75840. (903) 389-2676 or (903) 879-4703.
E-mail: rds4@earthlink.net or kyle@gfherefords.com. Website: www.gfherefords.com.

Glueck Farms raises predominately Black Angus calves that are low-stress weaned and then placed on good pasture. Cattle are always handled slowly and led by voice command to prevent stress. Less stress means better producing animals.

Pastures of bermuda and native grasses are rotated frequently to provide good grazing. Fields are planted in hybrid sudan, redtop cane, wheat, oats, peanuts, or turnips to provide a variety of supplemental grazing. Sometimes fields are allowed to grow up in native crabgrass which makes excellent grazing for calves. When grazing is not good, calves are fed alfalfa hay and natural processed cottonseed pellets as supplements.

Meat is processed in an inspected plant and then frozen. Grass-fed beef is available by the side or whole.

Cisco, Texas is located 90 miles west of Ft. Worth and 50 miles east of Abilene on I–20. Highways 6, 206, and 183 intersect in Cisco.

Glueck Farms, Herman Glueck, 918 County Road 169, Cisco TX 76437 (254) 442-1975.
E-mail: cglueck@txol.net.

Good Earth Organic Farm is located in Northeast Texas, about an hour from the Dallas area. We offer organically grown produce, grass-fed lamb and free-range eggs.

Our sheep and lambs are raised on pasture. We use no pesticides,no herbicides, no hormones, no cages/feedlots, etc.—see our website for complete details on the care we take in producing our products.

We participate in local farmer's markets (updated on website) and deliver whole lambs to the Dallas area. You may also pickup at the farm. Co-op orders welcome.

Good Earth Organic Farm, Paul Magedson, 8571 FM 272, Celeste TX 75423. (903) 496-2070.
E-mail: mail@goodearthorganicfarm.com. Website: www.goodearthorganicfarm.com.

Goodgrass Lamb offers lamb and mutton raised exclusively on forage and available only in season. Lambs are born in November and raised over winter on clovers, brassicas and hay, fattened in the spring on cool-season grasses and clovers, and usually ready for harvest starting in May and available until July or early August.

Healthy ewes that fail to raise a lamb are taken out in March for mutton; there are never very many of these. We feed no supplements or grain, we do not medicate or implant our sheep. We do not use herbicides or pesticides. We use some conventional phosphorous fertilizer each year and are not organic.

Whole lamb or mutton are available for custom slaughter. The rest of the crop is processed and available in retail cuts at local farmers markets or at the kitchen door. Call us.

Goodgrass Lamb, John and Camille Bock, between Willis and New Waverly in Montgomery County, TX. (936) 344-6450.
E-mail: officemom04@yahoo.com.

Grassfed Prime Beef by Ross Land and Cattle. Family Run Farm Since 1860. Texas Gourmet, Grassfed, All Natural, Free-Range “Artisan Prime Beef.” I think that says it all...

At the RLC (Ross Land & Cattle) we raise our “Artisan Prime Beef” so we can have healthier, better tasting steaks on our table and enjoy a safer and healthier way to preserve and protect our kids and our land. And now you can enjoy our family’s years of experience and expertise in raising grassfed, all natural, free-range “Artisan Prime Beef.”

Our definition of an “Artisan” is one who creates a masterpiece through passion while remaining in harmony and balance with Mother Nature. Our beef is custom bred to consistently bring out incredible flavor in every tender bite, starting with our “Stillman Prime Tenderloin” (the best of the best), to our “PapPaw’s Big Porter House,” “The 1860 Bone-in Ribeye,” our very own “Texas T-Bone,” Granny’s “All Natural Strip Steak,” and the famous RLC Ground Steak and Ground Chuck Hamburger, which make any cookout special.

Granny Ross has been concerned these days that there are too many hormones, chemicals, steroids, irradiation and chemical baths used in processing beef (and other foods). She says “It Just Ain’t Right,” and I don’t blame her. So at the RLC we have set out to keep it natural, just like we've been doing since 1860. Our RLC "Artisan Prime Beef" has...

  • No Hormones
  • No Steroids
  • No Grain
  • No Antibiotics or Chemicals in the feed
  • No Unnatural feeds
  • No Pesticide
  • No Herbicides
  • Now, Not Ever, Grassfed All Natural Cattle from start to finish on the RLC, since 1860!

We offer one of the most unique ways to buy beef and save money, join our Cattle Baron Club and invest in your own “Steak Futures.” We also offer quarter, half and whole beef online or at the ranch.

Grassfed Prime Beef by Ross Land and Cattle, Britt Ross, Corporate office: 2830 Marcie Lane, Rockwall TX 75032. Ranch: 1944 N Hillcrest Drive, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482. (214) 478-6446.
E-mail: britt@grassfedprimebeef.com. Website: www.grassfedprimebeef.com..

Green Fields Farm’s passion is to restore the health of the land we have been blessed to steward for four-generations (and counting!), while providing nutrient-dense food to our local communities. Our desire is to see this land thriving with abundant life from the soil up for many generations to come, and for our family’s table and yours to be blessed by its abundance. Our belief is that God’s design for His creation is best, and by His grace, we hope to continually farm in a way that honors His design.

We respect the lives of the animals that help sustain us, and we make decisions in light of this. This includes everything... from the good life of grazing diverse forages and frequent movement to fresh paddocks, to humane processing.

We currently offer…

100% GRASS-FED – 100% GRASS-FINISHED BEEF: Our cows harvest the nutrients from the grass and are never supplemented with grains or soy.

PURITY: No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Steroids.

DRY AGED: Dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days for the best tenderness and taste in the end product.

COMING OCTOBER 2014: Soy Free, GMO-Free, Pastured Eggs.

Visit our website for a more in-depth look at our farm and to stay posted on new farm offerings in the works. We look forward to providing local, nutrient-dense food for you and your family.

Green Fields Farm, Jennifer Brasher or Jonathan Cobb, 17060 New Colony Road, Rogers TX 76569. (254) 931.9701 or (254) 231.5877.
E-mail: greenfieldsfarmtx@gmail.com. Website: www.greenfieldsfarmtx.com.

Green Hills Poultry, LLC is located near D'Hanis, Texas, about 40 miles west of San Antonio. We raise pastured poultry and specialize in slower growing breeds that produce a unique taste.

Our feed is milled locally and contains no soy, no antibiotics, and no hormones. Our pastures are fertilized and maintained using organic techniques. We process the poultry in an Exempt P.L. 90-492 processing facility built on the farm.

Visit our website for more information and to order.

Green Hills Poultry, LLC, Travis Krause, 2954 FM 22005 / PO Box 384, D'Hanis TX. 78850. (830) 426-9232.
E-mail: travis@greenhillspoultry.com. Website: www.greenhillspoultry.com.

Greener Vision Farms would like to share our vision with you: farm fresh eggs from well-loved chickens, and local fresh produce and honey.

We are located in downtown Kempner, Texas and convenient to the Killeen, Copperas Cove, and Lampasas areas (less than an hour from Temple, Leander, or Georgetown).

Our signature product is farm fresh eggs. Our chickens are encouraged to roam free on 30 acres. Their houses are towed to new locations every six months to minimize impact on the land. They are fed scratch grains, non-medicated vegetarian chicken feed, and day-old-bread. No routine antibiotics are used.

Our store is a separate property with 2 acres cultivated and organically managed, though not certified organic. We use no chemical fertilizers or poisons. We hope to produce as much as possible of what we sell. We only sell produce from other growers if we can tell you exactly who grew it and how it was grown. The store will be open seasonally (check website for days and hours), but eggs are available year-round. Just call or email and we’ll arrange to meet you with some.

Thursdays we will be at the Georgetown farmer’s market (see www.gtfma.com for details).

Greener Vision Farms, Michael and Heidi Phillips, 115 Peach Street, Kempner TX 76539. (254) 630-8494.
E-mail: produce@greenervisionfarms.com. Website: www.greenervisionfarms.com.

The Greer Farm practices sustainable agricultural practices. We are not organic, but are as close to it as we can practicably be.

We raise grass fed beef and lamb, and pasture-raised pork and chicken. Our layers for farm eggs are free-range. We have large, lush, sweet blackberries and wonderful blueberries in our pick-your-own berry patch. Our pigs, chickens and layers are on supplemental feed containing no soy and no gmo grains.

Our cattle are grass-fed Maine-Anjou. We raise the original French fullblood red and white cattle. We sell beef by the split quarter, half or whole. Our cattle are raised in a stress-free environment on lush pastures. We strive for our cattle to have good pasture year-round. We use a local butcher and the beef is dry aged. Our pigs are pasture raised and sold by the whole or half. We sell beef, chicken, pork and lamb by the package frozen. We also have some fresh vegetables in season.

Our website has more detail on all we produce and activities on our farm, including farm stays in log cabins, farm to fork cooking classes and private dining.

Greer Farm, Sid or Eva Greer, 1444 County Road 1125, Daingerfield TX 76538. (903) 645-3232.
E-mail: info@greerfarm.com. Website: www.greerfarm.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Greer-Farm-117383061628847/.

Harold Koehn Grass-fed Beef is a small family farm on the Texas/New Mexico stateline, raising grass fed–finished Devon/Red Angus cross since 2009. They graze on native pasture in the summer and use winter annuals with free choice hay plus access to stockpiled grass the rest of the year.

Our focus is to build soil health; therefore, we use no chemicals on our pasture. Our cattle are raised from birth to market in a gentle, stress-free way, with no grain, antibiotics, or added growth hormones. We use rotational grazing to give the cattle the best choice of grass, practicing this since 1996.

The beef is 22–26 months old when ready to be processed, which is done in our local USDA Texas facility. They are available in halves or as a whole beef. By USDA standards, our beef has been rated as Choice.

Call for availability of our grass finished flavorful tender beef.

Harold Koehn Grass-fed Beef, Harold Koehn, 13034 FM 296, Texline, Texas 79087. (806) 333-2043.
E-mail: hkgrassfarmer75@gmail.com. Website: None.

Heritage Lean Beef is a family operation producing all natural, grass finished Criollo beef on 100% native pastures in Edwards County, Texas. Corriente cattle are a Slow Food Ark of Taste breed.

Please visit our website for more information and find us on Facebook.

Heritage Lean Beef, Marcy Epperson, P.O. Box 546, Rocksprings, Texas 78880. (830) 683-7198.
E-mail: epperson@me.com. Website: www.heritageleanbeef.com.

Hickory Lake Grass-fed Beef, owned and managed by Jim and Gerry Rackley, raises and sells grass-fed and grass-finished beef. We are located in the La Vernia / New Berlin area of Texas (25 miles SE of San Antonio). We also have a second ranch in Marion, Texas (25 miles E of San Antonio).

We use rotational and mob grazing management techniques along with compost tea applications (no chemical fertilizers) to build healthy living soils, growing healthy grasses, producing healthy calves that are in harmony with nature's plan and designed for health-conscious consumers.

Our cattle are Devon and Devon/Angus cross. The Devon breed are noted for gentleness and genetically adapted to grass-finishing. Both breeds are known for their tender, tasty beef. They are given no antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or corn, and are raised in a stress-free environment.

Information can be found on our website regarding pricing, ordering, reservations, free delivery and pick-up.

We look forward to serving you.

For more information, please visit our website, or email or call our daughter Tracey at the phone number or email address below.

Hickory Lake Grass-Fed Beef, Jim and Gerry Rackley, La Vernia TX 78121. (210) 381-5307
E-mail: hickorylakebeef@gmail.com. Website: www.hickorylakebeef.com.

Hillbilly Nutrition is a pasture-to-plate farm in Waxahachie, Texas raising heritage breed pork, grass fed lamb, and pastured eggs. We offer shipping straight to your doorstep or you can pickup your orders at the farm. We partner with other farms so we can also provide you with grass-fed, grass-finished barzona beef, raw honey, maple syrup, cured salami, meat sticks, olive oil and vinegars, and Alaskan Salmon coming soon.

Our animals are always on pasture, free to graze, and supplemented with a Non-GMO, soy-free, corn-free feed locally milled fresh in Hamilton, Texas. We use rotational grazing methods, never using fertilizers or pesticides on the land. No antibiotics, vaccinations, or hormones are given to our animals and we only use natural de-worming practices.

We breed red wattle heritage breed pigs that produce the tastiest pork you'll ever have and we ensure that our cured meats and sausages never contain any nitrates, nitrites, MSG, dextrose, meat glue or fillers. Our hair sheep ensure there is no gaminess to our lamb harvested at about 1 year of age for maximum tenderness.

We use a USDA processor and sell our meat by the cut on our website. We ship straight to your doorstep using dry ice and insulated boxes and offer $10 off for every returned box.

Our meat is sold by the cut/package on our website. We do offer reservations for half hogs. See our website for that as well. #eatlikeahillbilly

Hillbilly Nutrition, Tracy McCoy, 219 Robinett Road, Waxahachie, Texas 75165. (214) 325-7620.
E-mail: tracy@hillbillynutrition.com. Website: www.hillbillynutrition.com.

Hog Creek Farm is a small family farm located in Magnolia, Texas. We produce wholesome food in a natural way for our own family and share our excess with our neighbors. We offer free range eggs, pastured pork, seasonal berries, vegetables, honey and goat milk soap.

You can meet us at several of the Houston area farmer's markets or arrange for a farm tour. We are also making weekly deliveries to drop off sites around the north Houston area including The Woodlands, Tomball and Magnolia.

We raise heritage breeds of animals and heirloom plants when possible. We only use practices that respect both the environment and our animals. Our animals are treated humanely and with compassion. They are kept on pasture and are provided with shelter, clean water, fresh air and sunlight. We never use hormones or routine antibiotics.

Our pasture and gardens are fertilized with natural compost and other natural amendments. We do not use herbicides, synthetic pesticides or chemicals. We believe that providing a clean, humane and natural environment produces the best tasting and healthiest food possible.

Hog Creek Farm, Jennifer Lyons, PO Box 789, Magnolia TX 77353. (281) 460-9178.
E-mail: hogcreekfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.hogcreekfarm.net.

Homestead Healthy Foods has a number of products available, including pastured beef and chicken, smoked beef, and summer sausage. Beef is available in individual cuts. The chickens are fed a supplemental feed ration that contains organic flax oil, a source of omega-3 fatty acids. They also forage on grass.

Meat is delivered to Austin, Texas, once a week, and shipping to other locations is also available. Call for details. We have a Cooking Guide that includes some of our favorite recipes for grassfed beef.

Homestead Healthy Foods, Richard and Peggy Sechrist, 1313 West Live Oak Street, Fredericksburg TX 78624. (830) 997-2508 or toll free (888) 861-5670.
Website: www.homesteadhealthyfoods.com

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HooFin Wings Ranch is located in the Texas panhandle near Wichita Falls on the Red River. We farm wheat and raise purebred Murray Grey cattle. Murray Grey's are a breed that originated in Australia and are known for their high meat to bone ratio. This means more of the animal you buy is meat and not bone. Murray Grey's are a medium-framed breed cow that finishes well on grass. They don't need copious amounts of grain to finish such as the larger feed lot cows. Our cattle are never put into feed lots to finish them. They stay on natural pasture grasses so you get NATURALLY BETTER BEEF.

Our beef animals have NO growth hormones or antibiotics. They are all pasture raised on native and winter grasses and are usually harvested in the winter/spring of the year. Our rotational grazing program assures they are always getting fresh tender grasses. Any of our beef animals that may need doctoring are taken out of our beef program and sold in the sale barn or used in our herd. Only hormone and antibiotic-free animals make it into our beef program. You won't be eating these chemicals if you buy our animals.

We sell by the quarter, half, and whole animal. Your beef is vacuum packaged and ready for your freezer. If you are interested in purchasing purebred registered Murray Grey's, we have those also.

For more information about these cattle, the meat packages, or detail on our operation, please check our web site.

HooFin Wings Ranch, Jay Biedenharn, PO Box 136268, Ft. Worth TX 76136. Ranch address: Near Burkburnett & Wichita Falls, TX. (817) 456-9446.
E-mail: jay@hoofinwings.com. Website: www.hoofinwings.com.

I O Ranch Lamb raises all natural grass fed and grass finished Dorper lambs on our family ranch in Lampasas County, in central Texas. We ship nation wide, and sell at select Farmers Markets in Austin, Texas.

All lambs are born and raised on our ranch, are humanely treated, and graze freely in our pastures and fields along the Lampasas River. We plant our fields for winter grazing, and have native and improved grasses, so our lambs have the benefit of green forage year round, right up to the day they are processed. Our ewes lamb year round so we have fresh lamb year-round. We believe in, and use, sustainable agricultural practices.

We offer the following cuts: 8 Rib Rack (frenched), Loin Chops, Sirloins, Shanks, Leg of Lamb (Bone-In or Boneless), Shoulder Roast (Boneless), Leg Chops, Shoulder Chops, Spare Ribs, Neck Steaks, Ground, Meaty Soup Bones, Hearts, Kidneys, Liver, and Fresh Sausage. All USDA inspected, vacuum wrapped, and shipped frozen.

Please visit our website for more information about how we produce our grass fed lamb, or about which Farmers Markets we attend. You can order lamb directly from the website and we will ship it right to your door. If you would like to receive our lamb "Recipe of the Week" email, email me at jeff@grassfedlamb.net.

I O Ranch Lamb, Jeff Ruyle, PO Box 207, Evant TX 76525. (512) 964-5084.
E-mail: jeff@grassfedlamb.net. Website: www.grassfedlamb.net.

Isadore Ranch & Farm produces all natural grass fed beef and pastured, organically fed Heritage breed hogs, which is free of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones or pesticides. All water from on our ranch is pure and filtered straight from our well. We take pride in the fact that that the livestock are treated lovingly, humanely and stress free. They serve us well and we treat them with kindness and respect.

We also produce chemical- and pesticide-free fruit. In the near future we will be selling our vegetables and herbs. We are committed to continually working toward total bio diversity and sustainability. We are also committed to educating others about the benefits of eating whole foods that are non GMO and free of chemicals, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

Even though we use no antibiotics, chemicals, hormones, GMO's, or pesticides, we are not certified organic.

We deliver to drop off points in Austin, Bryan/College Station, Huntsville, The Woodlands, Crockett, Palestine, Corsicana, Dallas, Houston and the rural areas surrounding these town/cities.

We gladly accept credit cards or checks.

Isadore Ranch & Farm, Paula Miller Doty, 13949 FM 1452 W, Normangee TX 77871. (979) 595-4458.
E-mail: contactus@isadoreranch.com. Website: www.isadoreranch.com.

The Jersey Barnyard (AKA Frerichs Dairy) offers 100% Grass Fed Beef (no grain ever), 100% Grass Fed Raw Milk (no grain ever), Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs (supplemented with organic feed), Farm Raised/Pastured Broilers (supplemented with organic feed), Farm Raised Pork, Farm Raised Turkeys, Local Raw Honey, Maple Syrup and more. We are constantly expanding our selection of farm products.

Farm ToursMilk a Cow! See where our animals live and grow. Visit our Store filled with farm products and gifts.
Our century-old dairy farm is located in the rolling hills of south Central Texas among many beautiful live oak trees. Our farm started as a traditional diversified farm that raised food to sustain the family. In 1948 the Frerichs family decided to concentrate on one kind of farming and the Jersey dairy had its start. Today the family is re-diversifying to raise food not only for our family, but also for you, our close friends and neighbors.

Our registered Jersey cows are 100% grass fed as is our beef herd. We practice rotational grazing for our dairy and beef herds. We have been using organic practices for over 20 years and are good stewards of the land. We are not certified organic but believe in self-certification. You can see and visit with us about how your food is raised and where your food comes from.

Our registered Jersey herd is majority A2/A2. We are currently breeding all our Jerseys to a tested registered A2/A2 polled Jersey bull to attain an A2 status herd.

We are just 60 miles from Austin and 100 miles from Houston and San Antonio. You are welcome to visit our farm. Please see our website for information on the hours we are open and touring the farm. We are also on Facebook, The Jersey Barnyard, and Instagram as thejerseybarnyard.

The Jersey Barnyard / Frerichs Dairy, Ralph and Faith Frerichs, 3117 State Hwy 159 LaGrange, TX 78945. (979) 249-3406.
E-mail: barnyard@cvctx.com. Website: www.texasjersey.com.

jjjmgrassfedbeef.com, located near Truman Lake in West Central Missouri, is owned and operated by 3rd and 4th generation family farmers. After the Civil War, both Union and Confederate soldiers settled the countryside and area became known as "Golden Valley." Soft rolling hills and spring-fed creeks blended into large parcels of un-treed, open farmland in the Grand River Basin. John Jurgensmeyer and his fraternal twin Ben purchased their property near Montrose, MO in 1919. Today John's grandchildren and great-grandchildren operate the family farm that has been Certified Organic since 1997.

We primarily raise Angus and Hereford for their superior marbling characteristics. Our grass fed natural beef cattle forage on continually rotated fresh pastures, and never receive synthetic growth hormones. Our protocol is to never use any antibiotics unless absolutely necessary for the animal's health and welfare. Our pastures are never treated with artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We cut and bale our own red clover, lespedeza, fescue and orchard grass hay into those big round bales we roll out in winter.

We have animals available year round and offer either Quarter, Half, or Whole Beef. Our beef is processed in a small, family-owned USDA inspected facility and is dry-aged for a minimum of 14–21 days. It is then cut into ground beef, steaks, roasts, brisket, and soup bones for those who want a healthy cut of beef on hand when they need it.

We are committed to providing 100% pure grass fed beef that our customers can feel good about feeding to their families. We like to think of our customers as friends and partners, and we want you to feel comfortable about buying your meat from someone you know and trust.

jjjmgrassfedbeef.com, Larry or Eugene Jurgensmeyer, 852 SW 1001, Montrose MO 64770. (913) 744-5827.
E-mail: larryjurgensmeyer@gmail.com. Website: www.jjjmgrassfedbeef.com.

Jolie Vue Farms is a grass fed beef, pastured pork, and free-range eggs, all natural farm in Washington County TX, near Brenham. Our animals live outside the way nature intended. Our grasses are herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer free and our animals do not do drugs!

We deliver monthly or alternate months to your Houston area/Brenham home. Call (713) 839-8610 or contact orders@jolievuefarms.com for more information.

Jolie Vue Farms, Glenn and Honi Boudreaux, 11000 Tappe Road, Brenham TX 77833. Farm mailing address: 3320 Sunset Boulevard, Houston TX 77005. (713) 839-8610.
E-mail: orders@jolievuefarms.com. Website: www.jolievuefarms.com.

JR Cattle Company produces purebred registered Texas Longhorn without hormones or antibiotics on a family ranch with native pastures. The cattle are all raised on the ranch in a humane, non-crowded manner.

Texas Longhorns produce an extra lean meat since the cattle do not put on fat in the muscle as do the English breeds. Extra lean ground beef is available in one pound packages at $5.00 per package. Butcher calves are available for delivery to your packer at $2.50 per pound hanging weight.

The goal of the management of the ranch is to provide an environment that will produce and maintain the maximum diversity of native plants and animals on the ranch while providing income and enjoyment for the owners and family. We have a strong belief that customers needs to know their food suppliers and the producers methods and practices so we encourage visits by potential customers.

JR Cattle Company, Jeff McSpadden, Jr., PO Box 1551, Marble Falls TX 78654. (830) 693-8822.
E-mail: jmcspadd@tstar.net.

K Bar K Meats LLC is located in Pottsboro, Texas, near Sherman, Texas. We are on the Red River, due north of DFW. K Bar K Ranch is one of the largest providers of natural beef. The herd averages close to 500 head of cattle.

We have been breeding purebred Polled Hereford and Angus, and black baldies for over 30 years. Our philosophy is simple: God made a cow designed to eat grass, we shouldn’t mess that up. Our beef is always raised on pasture, never a feedlot scenario. Our beef is never given, fed, injected, or implanted with hormones or antibiotics. We rate a 5 to 5+ in the 5 Step Animal Welfare Rating, with our beef, pork, and poultry. Our chicks are on green grass at 2 weeks of age. Our pigs are always in the pasture. The pigs and poultry are fed a GMO-free feed as well. Never worry about what you put on your table again. Our products are second to none!

Our meats are offered at several restaurants in our area. Rick's Chophouse and Harvest in McKinney, The Dallas Athletic Club, Fulbelli’s in Sherman, Denison Country Club, and Romas in Pottsboro.

We offer all cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, with some lamb available. We also specialize in custom packages. Discounts are available for custom packages. Our website has complete lists of products and a delivery calendar. Give us a call for details.

K Bar K Meats LLC, Scott Galyon, 1839 Cemetery Road, Pottsboro TX 75076. (903) 271-3257.
E-mail: kbark1986@gmail.com. Website: www.kbarkmeats.com.

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The Lazy A Ranch, certified by the American Grassfed Association and Animal Welfare Approved, is a member of the British White Cattle Association of America, the American Wagyu Association, and the Texas Wagyu Association. Our ranch is certified, which means that our world class standards have been verified by an independent auditor.

One of our herds is the historic British White breed, once reserved for the English royalty and aristocracy, and enclosed in parks. This herd is headed by B&B Ulysses, an American Fullblood bull. We are currently producing beef from this herd, and The Lazy A Ranch website includes a history of this breed.

Another herd is of the world renowned Japanese Red Wagyu breed, headed by JC Red Star 50, a 99.4% purebred bull. American Kobe Beef will be sold beginning in 2016 from this herd.

The ranch follows organic pasture care with compost teas and liquid organic fertilizer from Sustainable Growth Texas, and follows Holistic Management International principles, including rotational grazing. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, routine antibiotics or growth hormones.

Our animals are tame, moved gently, and live on grassy pasture their entire lives. Most were born on the ranch. In addition to pasture grass our cows eat baled hay, alfalfa, cottonseed meal, and molasses. They are given a free-choice supplement with vitamins, minerals, kelp, and diatomaceous earth. They also get a sea salt block with minerals. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, routine antibiotics, or growth hormones.

The finishing process is begun at the ranch for 60–90 days with unlimited supplementary rations on pasture. Typically, our beef will be 28–30 months old and about 1200 pounds for a heavier, more marbled and flavorful beef according to the protocol of Artisan French labeled beef. They will be individually selected as they reach full growth and desired heaviness and processed by LaGrange Smokehouse, which is also Animal Welfare Approved. Beef will be dry aged for 21 days and shrink wrapped for your freezer.

The Lazy A Ranch is located about one hour from Houston between Bellville and Hempstead in Austin county. We also have a location in Cat Spring. Beef may be picked up at the ranch, in the Texas Medical Center Houston, or may be shipped frozen overnight in Texas. Our price for fall of 2013 is $4 per pound, hanging weight. Tours are available by appointment. Quarters’ inventory and prices are listed on the website. Wholesale meat is also available.

Lazy A Ranch, Margot or Bill Heard, 1059 Kurt Road, Bellville TX 77418. (979) 865-5337.
E-mail: mheard@snschools.com. Website: http://lazyatexas.com.

LB Ranch has the knowledge and work ethic needed to grow your grass fed beef calf the way you want it. With over three generations of experience, calves are raised with respect and care that produces high quality meat.

The calves never receive growth hormones or antibiotics. They are free to eat high quality vegetation all of their life.

Our fields are naturally beautiful. The Common Rye, Vetch, Clover, Bermuda, Johnson and native grasses are free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. The calves are rotated on three different pastures, to allow them non stop foraging on new growth. They are never fed grain products.

At LB Ranch we also offer free range, pasture raised chicken and eggs.

LB Ranch prides itself on providing healthy, natural, safe, and humanely treated animals.

Mr Boyd's most-used processor says:

"Boyd's calves are clean and healthy when they are dropped off for processing. The meat has good texture and there is not excessive fat or waste on the animal when processed."– Kurt Cheatham at Hopkins County Food Locker, 158 Putman Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 (903) 885-5241.

Please allow us to raise your grass fed calf and you will see the quality an experienced rancher can provide.

LB Ranch, Larry and Michelle Boyd, 615 CR 3715, Wolfe City TX 75496. Larry (903) 458-8071, Michelle (903) 458-0091. Home phone (preferred): (903) 640-7021.
E-mail: lb_ranch@hotmail.com. Website: www.lbfarmandranch.com. Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/lbfarmandranch.

Lindley Organic Farm is a sixth generation family farm near Mineola, TX. We raise a small herd of registered Devon and Milking Devon Cattle that have been management-intensively grazed on Certified Organic pastures since 2005

Our cattle are totally grass-fed and grass-finished, being maintained with no vaccines, no hormones, no antibodies, no GMOs, no soy, no animal by-products, no commercial wormers and absolutely no grains. They are outside year-round with the option of shelter during bad weather and shade in summer. Well water is piped underground to all paddocks.

We sell our beef by the cut at the farm and also offer custom quarters, halves and whole carcasses. Bone Broth and Stock are available by special order.

We also sell Devon bulls and female seed stock. We have Rotokawa and Lakota genetics along with A2 genetics.

Low stress practices are maintained at the farm. We never castrate our bulls. We arrive early at the processor so we are always first in line, decreasing the fear factor in the animals. Our calves are nursed by their mother for at least 10 months. Our goal from the beginning has been to provide the very best for the animals. The results are healthy, tender, flavorful grass-fed beef for family and customers.

Lindley Organic Farm won the Tender Beef Contest at the NADA Conference (now Red Devon USA) in 2009. The steak we entered registered a 2.43 on the Warner Bratzler Shear Force test.

We are open Monday through Saturday, but we do encourage everyone to call or text before you come. If we are out working the farm we might miss your visit without a "heads up."

Lindley Organic Farm, Pam Trent, 3452 FM 49, Mineola TX 75773. (903) 330-2902.
E-mail: pjtrent@me.com. Website: www.lindleyorganicfarm .com.

Lovejoy Farm, Clifton, Texas.

Question: Who uses sprouted wheat grass for its outstanding nutritional benefits?

Answer: Our grass finished beef do!

Lovejoy Farm is located in Bosque County near Lake Whitney in central Texas. We raise and direct-market clean pasture finished beef.

Our pastures have been free of toxic sprays and chemical fertilizers for over 12 years. We manage our pastures using management intensive grazing practices. With rare exceptions, our cattle are moved to fresh grass and a new paddock every day.

Grass finished beef requires a well-balanced diet (energy vs. protein) during the finishing phase to ensure well-marbled, tender meat. To this end we use sprouted wheat grass as a diet balancer and supplement to their normal pasture grazing. During the final 90-day finishing, each animal received 15 to 20 pounds of fresh wheat grass daily.

Animal nutrition is supported with Redmond natural minerals. Parasite control is accomplished using diatomaceous earth in the minerals as well as apple cider vinegar in the drinking water. Antibiotics or hormones are never used.

Contact us for processing options and current pricing information.

Unsolicited customer comments and repeat orders tell us we are doing things right. We think you will agree!

Remember, if it is in their feed—it is in your food!

Lovejoy Farm, George and Henrietta Lovejoy, 465 CR 3635, Clifton TX 76634. (254) 622-8836.
E-mail: lovejoy61833@centurylink.net.

McClatchy Ranch is located 25 miles southwest of Brownwood, Texas near the historic town of Trickham which was the last stop before Kansas on the John Chisum cattle drive trail. The steers bedded down for the night in a horseshoe loop of the creek where we now raise grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

The McClatchy family has been Hereford breeders for three generations and have won awards for the high quality of our registered breeding stock. Every cow dreams of life on the McClatchy Ranch and a few special ones have enjoyed this idyllic setting for generations.

We begin with the right genetics add grass and tender loving care. Our cattle have been tested and shown to have high levels of the tenderness genes and sonogram muscle density tests have shown our entire herd to be tender. Our cowboys have been trained in gentle handling techniques to assure that the herd stays placid and content. Our cattle are not your ordinary commercial herd, they're something special and almost pampered but still hardy enough to thrive in our ever changing heart of Texas environment. No grain. No feedlot. No antibiotics. No added hormones. No pesticides.

We offer beef by the whole, half and split-quarter cut to your order.

McClatchy Ranch, Merridee McClatchy and Jeanie McClatchy, 12300 FM 1176, Bangs TX 76823. (325) 348-3049.
E-mail: merridee@web-access.net. Website: www.mcclatchyranch.com.

Millfos Ranch is located in the rolling hills of the hill country. For four generations our family ranch has been producing quality Hereford/Angus cows, Barbados sheep, and Boer goats. We believe in being stewards of the land and as a master naturalist and herbalist, we look forward to feeding our animals the way nature intended with the animals' natural diet of forage and grass.

Millfos Ranch offers grass-fed beef on the whole or halves for sale. We look forward to providing you with healthy quality grass-fed beef!

Please contact us for more information. We welcome you to come tour our ranch and see a grass fed operation in the beautiful Hill Country area.

Millfos Ranch, Ursula Higgs, PO Box 1109, Blanco TX 78606. (512) 924-9390.
E-mail: millfosranch@gmail.com. Website: www.facebook.com/millfosranch/

Minyard Farms offers Pastured Poultry (chickens) and Eggs on farm seasonally; some delivery points available. All natural, GMO-, hormone-, and antibiotic-free. We believe in healing our land and treating our animals with respect.

We are conveniently located between Oklahoma City and Dallas. Orders on request preferred.

Minyard Farms, Kyle Minyard, Lebanon OK 73440. (817) 526-2076.
E-mail: minyardfarms@gmail.com.

Mustang Creek Farm is the name of our place in North-East Texas. We grow a variety of plants which nourish our cattle, sheep and goats.

With rotational grazing as a pasture management tool it’s the animals who take care of the pastures. Naturally, we have to decide which one of the over 70 paddocks needs to be grazed at what time, for how long and by which species or combination of species. This gives us good control on our pastures without using pesticides or commercial fertilizers.

At weaning time, the calves, lambs and goat kids form their own herds which are given first choice when it comes to pasture selection. That’s the key to good growth, tenderness and marbling in beef. Knowing that everything on our farm grows from what nature provides, without the help of the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, gives us the assurance that the meat from our animals can only be very healthy.

All meat which we sell as “grass-fed” meat, comes from our animals which were born and raised on our farm. We do not buy stocker calves or lambs to feed them grass and hay for a period of time and sell them as grassfeds!

Mustang Creek Farm, Myriam or Luis Frick, 11776 FR 410 S, Bogata TX 75417. (903) 632-4865 (home) or (903) 249-2411 (cell).
E-mail: frick@mustangcreekfarm.com. Website: www.mustangcreekfarm.com.

Nature's Way Family Farm is located in central east Texas. We raise some of our own food and have some left over for sale. We raise pastured pigs, and they have access to the wood lot, too. We also sell pastured broiler chickens, and pastured eggs. Our chickens (and pigs) have access to sunshine, bugs, and grass at all times. I also hand milk our grass fed milk Jersey cows and make butter and yogurt.

I plant a large garden in the spring. I use compost, and other organic amendments, but I am not certified organic. We sell our products right from the farm and occasionally go to farmers markets in the surrounding area (Palestine, Corsicana, Tyler, Waco). We do not use any chemicals on our animals, or our soil. I add compost and other organic amendments to the pasture, for the use of our own animals, and usually use our own hay. We use apple cider vinegar, Basic H, DE, and rotational grazing to combat parasites.

Our products may or may not be available all year round. We mainly farm for family use, so please call if you are in our area to see what is available.

Nature's Way Family Farm, Chris Ludwick, 104 CR 523, Fairfield TX 75840. (903) 389-4806.
E-mail: nwffarm@valornet.com.

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Nitschke Natural Beef is premium, dry-aged Certified Grassfed Beef produced from cattle raised from birth on our family ranch, the Circle N, near the DFW Metroplex in Jefferson County, OK. Our mostly-Angus herds graze their entire lives on large, rolling prairie pastures along Beaver Creek just north of the Red River. We harvest finished animals several times a year, selling frozen beef cuts as Mixed Quarters, Sides/Halves and Wholes across Texoma and North Texas. Approximate delivery dates and information are found on our website (link below).

Our calves pasture-finish at about 28–30 months, are never confined, given growth hormones or antibiotics, and are handled in a gentle, low stress manner.

Fully pasture-finishing cattle means great tasting, well-marbled beef that’s also good for you. Since healthy, living soil, teaming with bio-diversity, is where it all begins, the Circle N Ranch employs only sustainable agriculture practices. Enhanced by compost tea and other biological activity stimulants, our soil is a rich mixture of beneficial microbes, organic matter and natural minerals. No chemical amendments or treatments are used.

We are committed to providing you with the healthiest, best tasting beef possible. Remaining passionate that sustainable practices in agriculture enhance our ecosystems and food chain, and improve our health as well as the overall well-being of all our animals, our ranch maintains Global Animal Partnership Step 4 and American Grassfed Association certifications.

Nitschke Natural Beef, LLC., Lauren and Gary Nitschke, Ranch: The Circle N Ranch, 12390 N 2800 Road, Waurika, OK 73573, (214) 207-5573 (Lauren's cell).
E-mail: beef@nnbeef.com. Website: https://nnbeef.com/.

Nors Four Star Farms is a family farm, owned and operated by Kevin & Karleen Nors. It is located just outside of Abbott, TX. We currently raise Grass-Fed Beef and Grass-Fed Lamb. We take great pride in humanely raising our animals, keeping them happy and healthy, free of any antibiotics, growth hormones, or exposure to pesticides.

We practice sustainable livestock and pasture management. Red Angus / Red Devon cattle and Katahdin / Dorper sheep have been selected because they work well together in a natural grazing system. With rotational grazing and multi-species on our farm, we have eliminated the need for herbicides and commercial parasite control. Native and improved varieties of grass and clover are established to extend the grazing seasons, and give our animals balanced nutrition. Sea minerals are offered to our animals year round. Quality hay is fed when supplementation is necessary.

Our meats are available for pickup from the farm by appointment, or call us for delivery options.

We appreciate your support of our efforts to contribute to healthier lifestyles, and environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices!

Nors Four Star Farms, Kevin and Karleen Nors, 1040 HCR 2340, Abbott TX 76621, (254) 855-2417 (Karleen) or (254) 313-7900 (Kevin).
E-mail: knors@aircanopy.net. Website: http://norsfourstarfarms.com.

Olde World Farms is a family farm owned and operated by John and Karla McLaughlin. Olde World Farms raises Grassfed Beef and Lamb and Pastured Chicken and Pork.

All our animals spend their lives on pasture. Our beef and lamb only receive hay and natural minerals as supplements to their grass-based diet and are never fed grain. In addition to pasture, our chickens and pigs only receive our own blend of feed and minerals. None of our animals ever receive antibiotics, artificial hormones or steroids or animal by-products of any kind. Our animals are humanely raised, and are never kept penned or in confined, unsanitary conditions.

For our beef, we select only medium-framed British breeds. The cattle are ultrasounded to determine tenderness before harvesting to ensure the cuts are of the highest possible quality. Our beef is dry-aged for 14 to 21 days, producing a tender and richly-flavored meat.

For our lamb program, we raise Katahdins. Katahdins, a type of “hair sheep,” do not produce wool and since they don’t produce wool, they lack lanolin glands in their skin, resulting in a mild, delicately flavored meat which is generally preferred by our customers.

Our Tamworth pigs are a heritage breed known for their ability to survive and prosper on pasture. Their red skin gives them an advantage in the heat and humidity of Southeast Texas. Their affinity for acorns gives them a unique flavor that can’t be matched.

The laying hens and broilers are raised on pasture in portable coops that are moved throughout the pasture to provide access to fresh grass and tasty insects.

Our meats are available at the farm by appointment or at the Houston Bayou City Farmers Market which operates every Saturday ("rain or Shine") from 8am to noon.

Olde World Farms, John or Karla McLaughlin, 25040 Gay Lake Road, Montgomery TX 77356, (936) 597-3999.
E-mail: owf@oldeworldfarms.com. Website: www.oldeworldfarms.com.

At Open Range Cattle Co., we are committed to producing our beef at a higher level of safety. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, great-tasting beef for our customers.

Using methods of our grandfathers, we are proud of the beef we produce. We do not use chemicals of any kind, no growth hormones, or antibiotics. We only feed fine quality pasture, hay we produce, and hay produced for us, adhering to our strict guidelines.

We realize you can purchase grass fed beef from many local producers, but at Open Range Cattle Co. we believe our pride in our product, commitment to customer care, and great value will keep you coming back time and again.

We invite you to check us out. Located in Paradise, Texas, we are only a short drive from the DFW Metroplex. Come see for yourself why Open Range Cattle Co. is your choice for natural grass fed beef.

Open Range Cattle Co., Mike Brewer, 1913 FM 2123, Paradise TX. (817) 247-3381.
E-mail: mike@openrangecattle.com. Website: www.openrangecattle.com.

PaiDom strives to grow and market the finest quality, drug-free and grass-finished meats. In their fourth year of operation, PaiDom provides pastured lamb, beef, poultry. Shipment via UPS 2-day air is available for orders of 50 pounds. Variety packs are available that combine different types of meat.

Visit our website or call for more information.

PaiDom, Alan Birkenfield, HCR 1, Box 56, Nazareth TX 79063. (806) 945-2218.
E-mail: carnivore@paidom.com Website: www.paidom.com.

Parish Custom Beef, LLC raises grass-fed, IMI Global-verified, all-natural Angus beef on its family ranch near Mineral Wells, Texas, about an hour from Fort Worth. No hormones and never-ever antibiotics.

The Parish family ranch has been family-owned and operated for over 50 years. We are a cow/calf operation, which means we raise our own calves, rather than purchasing them. Because of this, we can be certain of the health and diet of each animal, and whether or not it has been exposed to hormones or antibiotics. We have approximately 2500 acres of family-owned and leased land. Our livestock is rotated throughout pastures of native grasses/forage, improved grasses, and wheat/oats (before seeding), and coastal and alfalfa hay.

[Note from Eatwild: Parish Custom Beef, LLC offers both grass-finished and grain-finished beef, so be sure to request grass-finished for maximum health benefits. If a customer requests a “grain-finished” beef, the animal is removed from its grass-fed herd in the open pasture and relocated to a separate (and distant) pasture/pen where it receives grain for 30–60 days. The grass-fed animals do not have access to this area. After this grain feeding period, the animal is delivered directly to the butcher; it is never returned to the grass-fed herd.]

Custom processing and personal delivery are available to fit your family’s needs. See our website for further details.

Parish Custom Beef, LLC, Chris and/or Linda Parish, 3077 Pleasant Valley Road, Mineral Wells, TX 76067. (940) 452-6995.
E-mail: chris@parishcustombeef.com. Website: http://parishcustombeef.com.

Parkinson Farms offers pasture-raised Chickens, Turkeys, and Eggs.

We want our chickens/turkeys to have the best life they could possibly have. We want them eating bugs, native grass, and seeds, then, in turn, fertilizing the micronutrients in the soil as they go. Pasture-raised is the current buzz word. However, it is also the way God intended a chicken/turkey to be and the practice we use to raise our birds.

We put in a little extra time and effort to move our birds to fresh grass daily and they have access to a supplemental feed that’s non-GMO, with no corn, and no soy, and specially mixed to offer all the vitamins, and minerals they need.

Offering our chickens and turkeys a more natural, stress-free environment throughout their lives lets us know we are being good stewards of our animals. It also provides a product we are proud to eat for ourselves and our family, and to share with our community.

Parkinson Farms, Lee and Krista Parkinson, 4720 Peveler Road, Granbury, TX 76049. 817-736-7180.
E-mail: info@parkinsonfarms.com. Website: https://www.parkinsonfarms.com.

Pastured Steps Family Farm is a small farm located in Midlothian, TX, roughly 40 minutes south of both Dallas and Fort Worth. Our goal is to produce high-quality, pasture-raised foods free from GMOs, added hormones, and all the chemical inputs used by conventional farming systems.

We use regenerative farming practices that improve soil health, increase biodiversity, promote animal health, and benefit the environment. We currently offer pastured eggs, pastured chicken, and 100% grass-fed/finished beef. Our hickens’ diets are only supplemented with certified organic feeds. While we follow organic practices as close as we can, we are not currently certified organic.

We offer local delivery services (Monday and Thursday), on-farm pickup (by appointment only), and bulk meat discounts.

NEW – Pastured Steps Family Farm is now selling grain-free, Plant Paradox compliant, pasture-raised chicken. These chickens are supplemented with a corn-free, soy-free, wheat-free feed that does NOT contain peanuts, oats, peas, rice, sunflower seeds, or any of the other lectin-heavy substitutes found in typical poultry feed. Our Lectin-Light chickens are available only on our www.lectinlightchicken.com website, with shipping available to USA lower 48 states.

Pastured Steps Family Farm, Dan Walter, PO Box 992, Midlothian, TX 76065. (469) 612-3531.
E-mail: dan@pasturedsteps.com. Website: www.pasturedsteps.com.

Pendleton Ranch, Gainesville, TX breeds and raises grass fed Texas Longhorn beef. No steroids, pesticides, growth hormones are used at our ranch.

The meat is processed at one of two excellent USDA meat processors in our county. The meat is available through our local Gainesville, TX health food store, The Nutrition Cupboard.

Pendleton Ranch, Craig and Vicki Morrow, 3200 CR 218, Gainesville, TX 76240. (940) 665-9943.
E-mail: craig@pendletonranch.com. Website: www.heart-healthy-beef.com.

P.O.P. Acres Ranch and Farm produces poultry on pasture. In March 2020, we transitioned to a Certified Organic/Non-Soy/Non-Corn supplemental ration for all poultry. We raise Meat Chickens, Chicken Egg Layers and seasonal Turkeys. Our meat birds are processed at a small, local USDA-inspected processing facility, vacuum wrapped and kept in a frozen state.

We sell Grass Fed Beef supplemented with hay, mineral salt and alfalfa pellets.

Our service area includes Corsicana, Texas and the surrounding communities, with delivery service extended/available from Waco to Plano. Currently we deliver to six pick up locations. Additional pick up locations are being added as requested.

P.O.P. Acres Ranch and Farm, Jackie King, 8040 FM 642, Purdon TX 76679. (903) 229-7505
E-mail: customerservice@popacres.com. Website: www.popacres.com.

Prairie Farmstead – We are a young family trying to produce the cleanest food possible for our children and sell the excess to our friends and neighbors in our community. We currently are producing eggs on pasture and 100% grass fed, grass finished, natural beef cattle.

Our chicken laying flock is fed Non-GMO, NO-SOY, NO-CORN feed and rotated often on our chemical-free pastures. Our beef herd is rotated on chemical-free pastures, never receive any hormones, any chemical parasite treatments and no unnecessary medications (unless in a life-saving emergency).

We currently sell from our farm in Sherman and at a food drop in Allen, TX. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing our eggs and meat at another location.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Prairie Farmstead to get farm life and product updates.

It would be an honor to help feed your family our eggs and beef!

Prairie Farmstead, Chuck, 4617 Farmington Road, Sherman, TX, 75092. (903) 231-3748.
E-mail: prairiefarmstead@gmail.com. Website: http://facebook.com/Prairie-Farmstead-776651465877544/.

Prairie Oasis Farm is a family farm located 6 miles west of Weatherford in Parker County, approximately 30 minutes west of Fort Worth. We have raised grassfed meats since 1994.

We offer pastured poultry—Chickens and Holiday Turkeys. Our poultry are also fed a GMO-free and Soy-free grain ration.

Grassfed (not grainfed) Lamb is raised on native prairie grasses.

Ethically Raised - Green Pastures, Fresh Air, and Sunshine;
Chemical Free - No Herbicides, Pesticides, or Synthetic Fertilizers;
Healthy Animals - No Antibiotics;
Natural Growth - No Growth Hormones;
Grass Fed - Graze on Native Grass Pastures;
All Natural - No Preservatives.

Holiday turkeys are available fresh from the farm in November just before Thanksgiving.

Products also available at the Cowtown Farmers Market in Fort Worth.

Prairie Oasis Farm, Allen and Kim Boone, 1020 Fox Road, Millsap TX 76066. (817) 550-7022.
E-mail: akboone@skybeammail.com. Website: www.prairieoasisfarm.com.

Ramblin’ Rodarosa was born years ago, but is just now being realized with the building of the beef cow/calf herd. This was our dream – to care for the land, restore it to its native state, and to improve the habitat for many species of Texas wildlife.

Rodney and I have loved this little piece of Heaven in Coleman County. We wanted to integrate livestock in our long-term management toolbox, and after years of improvements to include brush management, cover crops, native grass plantings, and livestock water development, we are ready to start raising baby calves to provide wholesome and healthy food to our community. Our cow/calf herd is small, but it is the starting point. And, we welcome you to the Rodarosa family.

Know your ranch-Her, know your food! If you desire to know where your food comes from, and know that it is a safe food source, then come and let the Ramblin’ Rodarosa be part of your family, too.

We are located in northern Coleman County, Texas. Call to schedule a visit to come and see the cows and baby calves. Pick one and call it yours! When you are ready, we can make arrangements for your selection at the butcher. Know your food! Know your ranch-Her and come meet us and the cows today!

Ramblin' Rodarosa Grassfed Beef, Melissa Sturdivant, 2492 County Road 458, Coleman, TX 76834. (325) 660-5610.
E-mail: melissa@ramblin-rodarosa-grassfed-beef.com. Website: http://ramblin-rodarosa-grassfed-beef.com.

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Real-Ranch Grassfed is a family-owned ranch here in south central Oklahoma. We raise 100% grassfed Angus cross cattle (beef). We also raise 100% grassfed St. Croix cross hair sheep (lamb). Hair sheep are known for their milder flavor.AGA logo

Our animals are raised from birth to market right here on our ranch with no antibiotics, no added growth hormones and no grain ever; all of our animals graze on pastures that are not sprayed with herbicides or pesticides, and no man-made fertilizers are used.

We have used rotational grazing since 1985.

We process our meat at a USDA facility which allows us to sell by the package. For quarters, halves and wholes, contact us for current pricing. Check our website for more information.

We deliver to OKC and surrounding areas, and Ada at no charge.

Real Ranch Grassfed, Paul and Shari, 11714 County Road 1690, Roff OK 74865. (580) 320-3228.
E-mail: realranchgrassfed@gmail.com. Website: www.realranchgrassfed.com.

Re-creation Ranch. Our all-natural lean beef is the product of 20 years of development by crossing Limousin, a beef bred in Europe for its tenderness, leanness, and carcass weight, and the Texas Longhorn, which by natural selection provides excellent maternal instincts and foraging habits of natural vegetation. This combination produces a more nutritious, tasty, lean and wholesome beef.

We raise our beef on our rotationally grazed pastures for their entire life, from birth to processing. While not certified organic, we raise them in a manner that exceeds organic standards. We use no growth stimulants, antibiotics or feed supplements. Our animals are selected for processing as they mature to a preferred age and size.

We sell our beef directly to the consumer, working from a list of buyers on a first come first served basis. Processing is done by a local custom processor to our specifications and sold by the portion of the processed animal, i.e., 1/2,1/4,1/8, etc. Yield is normally 300 to 350 pounds carcass weight. Example: If a carcass produces 80 pounds of ground beef and customer orders ¼ beef, they receive 20 pounds of ground beef. We also sell animals live for those who wish to buy and handle processing themselves.

Call for pricing due to excessive market changes that impact production of our beef.

We encourage customers to visit our ranch and see how our animals are raised.

Re-creation Ranch, Jim or Rosanne Smalley, 1090 FM 1534, Peoria/ Hillsboro, TX, 76645. (254) 580-9668.
E-mail: farmerjim@hillsboro.net.

The Regen Ranch raises clean, nutrient-dense meats and eggs using holistic management and regenerative agriculture practices. We are committed to regenerating our ranch through the animals and never use chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Our animals are on pasture 24/7. We rotationally graze all livestock with the exception of the pigs, which we are using to clear brush under our oak trees.

We produce lamb, pork, beef, turkey cuts and eggs year round. Come visit us and purchase at the ranch store, or contact us to see which farmers market we will be attending.

The Regen Ranch, Christine Martin, 8698 River Bend Road, Oakwood, TX 75855. (936) 245-9505.
E-mail: christine@theregenranch.com. Website: www.theregenranch.com.

Rehoboth Ranch is located 45 miles northeast of Dallas. We raise beef, lamb and poultry on pastures untainted by pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic chemical fertilizer. No hormones/steroids or antibiotics are given to the animals. Beef and lamb are raised and finished on grass—no feedlots or grain. Chickens and turkeys are raised on pasture in moveable pens, free-ranging during daylight hours.

Ground beef and chicken are available year-round at the ranch. Beef and lamb cuts are available seasonally. Turkeys are available for Thanksgiving. Call for availability.

Rehoboth Ranch, Robert Hutchins Family, 2238 County Road 1081, Greenville TX 75401. (903) 450-8145.
E-mail: hutchins@rehobothranch.com. Website: www.rehobothranch.com.

River Valley Grassfed Beef is located 20 miles south of Waco, TX in the Brazos River valley. Our all-natural beef is born, raised, and finished on 630 acres of prime river valley farm land. We have been in the cattle business for over 30 years and started offering grassfed beef in 2007 after feeding our own family this healthy way for several years before.

We make our own hay and graze on both summer and winter pastures. We run Angus and Charolais cattle and raise our own replacement heifers.

Our beef is available by the calf, side, or quarter in April, May, and June and by the individual cut year round. Pick up for individual cuts is at the ranch and for sides at the processor, Westphalia Market.

For a delivery charge, we will deliver to the Waco, Bryan/College Station, and Austin areas.

River Valley Grassfed Beef, Rick Escobar, 940 CR 105, Riesel, TX 76682. 281-744-9986.
E-mail: rick@escobarfarms.com. Website: http://rivervalleygrassfedbeef.com.

Rockin L Dorpers. We started raising sheep in northeast Texas about one and a half years ago. We chose Dorpers because they are hair sheep and shed, therefore no shearing. They lamb every 8 months, the meat is better with no strong "lamb taste." Carcass weight is 57– 58% compared to 51% for most other breeds. They grow very fast.The Dorpers raise good lambs on forage where most sheep barely exist.

We raise our lambs on grass and sometimes have to feed a little hay. we supplement with a mineral mix of Sea Salt, Sea kelp and Diatomaceous earth. We worm with Garlic Barrier. We believe Grass Fed to be much better than "Organic" as organic tells you what they don't use, nothing about what they do use.

We leave the rams in year round so usually have butcher lambs for sale. We have breeding stock for sale also. Fullblood rams, percentage & purebred rams. We usually have ewe lambs for sale, both percentage and purebred. Our ewe lambs are at least 6 months old and ready to breed. Or possibly bred.

Visit our website or give us a call. We are at Mt Vernon, on Interstate 30, 100 miles east of Dallas.

Rockin L Dorpers, Art & Linda Fredrickson, 2724 Hwy 37 N, Mount Vernon TX 75457. (903) 537-3194.
E-mail: rockinl@mt-vernon.com. Website: www.rockinldorpers.com.

Rockin L Lowlines. When I was diagnosed with CIDP and was not able to work much we looked for an alternative to our Dorper sheep. We found that for small acreages the Lowline beef cattle are perfect.

Lowlines require much less work than the sheep and are very easy to manage. They are more like pets than cattle, and kids love them. They don't require a lot of feed and they return much higher profits than full size cattle or sheep. They are also more ecologically friendly because they are easier on the pastures than full size cattle. Lowlines finish well on grass and they are great for natural, health conscious programs. We sell our Lowline cross steers for meat.

Do you have a small acreage? Lowlines qualify you for an agricultural tax exemption if you only have 3 or 4 acres. This alone will save you enough to pay for them. Along with feed efficiency and ease of handling you get the advantages of premium prices. At the 2006 national lowline sale 54 head, (40 fullbloods and 14 percentage females and 3 percentage bulls) averaged over $5500 per head! Lowlines are a joy to work with and very rewarding financially, and the fact that they are the best beef on the market helps.

Rockin L Lowlines, Art & Linda Fredrickson, 2724 Hwy 37 N, Mount Vernon TX 75457. (903) 537-3194.
E-mail: rockinl@mt-vernon.com. Website: www.rockinldorpers.com.

The Rocking S.O.B. Ranch—oh, that stands for Sandy or Billye—is located in Eastland County. Our animals are all grass fed; of course, with no antibiotics or hormones.

We sell beef by whole or half or have individual cuts available. We also have free-range eggs. Contact us by e-mail or phone.

Some of our products are also available through Owens' Organic, Nature's Medicine Shoppe, and Honey Bee Natural Foods, all in Brownwood TX. See Texas–Beyond the Farm for details.

Rocking S.O.B. Ranch, Sandy Doss, PO Box 617, Rising Star TX 76471. (254) 643-3700.
E-mail: rocksob@txol.net.

Ross Valley Ranch, members of the American Grassfed Association, features


certified Red Angus cattle with pasture to plate genetics. Our dry-aged beef is offered as split halves, halves, or whole, processed to your order. It is priced under "Preferred Angus" at retail stores and available year-round. We only sell what we breed and raise.

Ross Valley Ranch, Lloyd and Marie Robinson, PO Box 1, Bryson TX 76427. (940) 392-2123. Physical address: 1167 Ross Valley Road.
E-mail: doubler@brazosnet.com. Website: www.rossvalleyranch.com.

RR Wilderness Ranch is a family-owned and operated ranch in Bonham, TX approximately one hour northeast of Plano. We raise Black Angus Beef, Pastured Chickens and Free-Range Eggs. We do things the Joel Salatin way. Humane, Sustainable, Natural.

Our cattle live out in the fields on hundreds of acres that are never treated with herbicides or pesticides. Our cattle are Grass Fed and Grass Finished. The cattle never get grain, hormones or antibiotics. They never go to a feedlot. They live a great free life.! We have a registered Black Angus bull and lots of Black Angus mommas and babies in the fields. We have only the best genetics. You can taste the difference.

Our meat chickens are the most tender Cornish Cross Chickens. They live in 12x12x3 movable floorless shelters. They are moved to fresh pasture daily and are fed certified organic grains from Coyote Creek. They also eat bugs, seeds and grasses as they go and as a bonus for us, they fertilize the field at the same time. We raise them from April-October.

Our laying hens are fed Non-GMO, Non-Soy food from Texas Naturals and live out in the sunshine of my garden. We have a few varieties of laying hens producing brown, speckled and white eggs with the most wonderful flavor.

We are set up monthly at the Bonham Trades days and offer monthly delivery to areas within 3 hours of our ranch. Online ordering is available on our website.

All of our products are "Biblically Kosher," which means only animals that the Bible says can be eaten are raised and they are processed in a way to remove the most blood possible from the animal.

RR Wilderness Ranch, Stacy Rauchwerger, 469 County Road 2604, Bonham, TX 75418. (903) 647-7875.
E-mail: rrwildranch@gmail.com. Website: www.RRWildernessRanch.com.

Sand Creek Farm & Dairy is a family farm nestled in the rolling hills near Cameron, TX. We utilize sustainable farming practices.

Raw Cow Milk: Our milk is from Jersey, Guernsey, Jersey x French Normandy dairy cows on a 100% grass diet, completely grain-free, with a rotational grazing system. Our cows are tested and free of BLV (bovine leukemia virus), TB, Brucellosis, BVD (bovine viral diarrhea) for your protection and ours. Our Guernsey bull is a tested A2 bull, listed at the A2/A2 corporation and with the American Guernsey Association. We are moving our entire herd towards A2 status. Our pastures are organically managed for forage quality. Our goal is to provide your family and ours nutrient dense foods.

Dairy Items: Whole Milk, Raw Milk Cheeses, Yogurt+ Kefir and Whey. All dairy products are raw, non-pasteurized, non-homogenized, pastured, grass fed diet, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, humanely raised. + Note: yogurt is pasteurized by process.

Produce CSA: Seasonal non-certified organic produce grown in our aquaponics facility, high tunnel and in the soil. We plan to have fresh vegetables available 45 weeks out of the year.

Meat Items: Pastured Broilers, turkey and Pork — Soy-free feed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, humanely raised. Pastured Lamb and Beef — 100% grass fed, Hormone-free, antibiotic-free, humanely raised. Lamb can be purchased by the whole. Beef can be purchased by the piece, half or whole.

Other Items: Pastured Eggs — Soy-free feed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, humanely raised (available seasonally). Honey— Filtered and bottled, no added ingredients, all natural, raw. Grade B Maple Syrup - non-certified organic.

Classes: Many classes are offered upon request. 5 person minimum. Home Milk Cow, Aquaponics, Farming with Horses, Fodder Systems, and more. Let us know what you would like to learn and we will teach you if we can.

Families may purchase from the farm store, join the farm with a Membership and/or participate in our Produce CSA program. See our web page for a group near you or to join our farm.

Sand Creek Farm, Ben and Alysha Godfrey, 1552 CR 267, Cameron TX 76520. (254) 697-2927.
E-mail: support@sandcreekfarm.net. Website: www.sandcreekfarm.net.

Serenity Farm, located near Terrell, TX, is the home of Sue and Steve Larkin and a whole host of animals. Sue has a medical background and Steve is a Jack of All Trades with a serial entrepreneur background.

Our small farm was bought over 20 years ago and improved over the years; in 2015 it became our full time work. We are very concerned about the quality of food available these days, so we began our farm as a homestead with the goal of raising all our meat and as much of our veggies, fruits, and berries as possible. We offer pork (half, whole, by the cut, ground, sausage and more), chicken, and chicken and duck eggs.

We feed all our meat animals non-GMO, non-soy feed, and use no antibiotics, growth hormones, or chemicals. All the animals are free-ranging or pasture/forest grazed. In other words, our animals get to express their natural characteristics, eat bugs and grass, and exercise their muscles. All these things are essential to flavor and health.

Serenity Farm, Steve and Sue Larkin, 19892 N State Hwy 34, Terrell TX 75161. 214- 536-7525.
E-mail: travelingcageman@gmail.com. Website: www.SerenityFarm.farm.

Sevenfold Farm, LLC: "Gathering families to the flavors of a heritage farm.”

Our grass fed beef, pastured pork and free-range eggs are available to your family in the Dallas–Fort Worth area.

We believe in raising all food naturally. Our farm animals are raised on free range, using traditional methods to produce the purest products possible. Red Devon cattle and Red Wattle pigs are heritage breeds of a bygone era before industrial agriculture. They are well adapted to Texas and thrive under our sustainable and traditional farming practices.

Pig and chicken feed is grown on our farm or we purchase only organic grain and seed. We avoid using any chemical products, antibiotics, hormones, soy and genetically modified seeds, grains, or foods.

Sevenfold Farm, Rob Watson, 640 Quail Ridge Road, Annetta North, TX 76008. (817) 441-8888.
E-mail: rob@novapont.com. Website: www.sevenfoldfarm.net.

Shady Grove Ranch produces the best quality pasture-raised meats and eggs you can find in the East Texas and Shreveport area. Our products include 100% grass-fed beef, soy-free, non-GMO pasture-raised pork, and truly pastured soy-free poultry, including whole chickens, Thanksgiving turkeys, and fresh eggs.

We use old-fashioned breeds that are hardy and produce well on a natural diet. We focus on utilizing rotational management, “buffet-style” mineral supplementation, total avoidance of chemicals and drugs, and fully finishing our animals on appropriate diets. This means that cows only eat grass, and pigs, chickens, and turkeys forage freely and are supplemented with non-genetically-modified, non-soy grains. Our animals never remain on a fixed patch of ground indefinitely—they are moved regularly, according to season and herd size, to ensure good nutrition and avoidance of disease and parasites.

We only process animals that are nice and fat to ensure amazing flavor, excellent tenderness, and plenty of marbling. Our meat is not extremely lean like some grass-based producers. We believe that most of the goodness about grass-fed beef and pastured pork and chicken is in the fat, so we ask our butcher not to trim, and we select animals for slaughter that are in good body condition—not too fat, not too slim. Animal protein with a moderate amount of fat is tastier, more filling, and easier to digest than leaner meat. Our animals are bred for efficient pasture-fattening and they eat diets appropriate to their species The fat on our animals is buttery, flavorful, and rich. It is nothing like greasy, filmy corn-fed beef fat! And you have never tried a real pork chop until you have one from our Large Black pigs. Caution: After tasting Shady Grove Ranch products, you may never be able to eat store-bought meat again!

We sell by-the-cut and in bulk. We welcome visitors to our operation so that you can learn where your food comes from and know how it is really produced. We offer farm tours and encourage you to sign up for our semi-monthly newsletter to receive information (but never spam!) about our specials, practices, events, and more.

Shady Grove Ranch, Jerica Cadman, 539 Shady Grove Road, Jefferson TX 75657. (903) 665-7076.
E-mail: sales@shadygroveranch.net. Website: www.shadygroveranch.net.

Shudde Ranch Beef is natural beef, 100% grassfed on oats, summer grazer and Bermuda grass. We use no pesticides, no antibiotics, no hormones or steroids—All Natural!!

We sell and ship directly to our customers in variety boxes or halves and quarters. Our beef is from breeding stock that is naturally low fat and low cholesterol. It is tested tender, processed at a local USDA inspected plant, and packaged in convenient boneless cuts.

We focus on the nutrition of our beef—of our grasses—of our soil.

Shudde Ranch Beef, Gerry or Janelle Shudde, PO Box 415, Highway 187 South 10894, Sabinal TX 78881. (830) 988-2155.
E-mail: shudderanch@yahoo.com. Website: www.shudderanch.com.

Slanker's is the nation's Internet Store for grass-fed meats. Meat offerings include: 100% grass-fed Beef, 100% grass-fed Lamb, 100% grass-fed Goat, 100% grass-fed Pork, 100% grass-fed Bison, Wild Ocean Caught Alaskan Salmon, Raw Milk, 100% grass-fed Cheeses, pastured Butter, pastured Chicken and pastured heritage Turkey. Also available are condiments, macadamia nut cooking oils, walnut oil, steak dance, real salt, and more, much more.

All orders are custom built (you pick and choose exactly the cuts and products you want in each order) starting at 15 pounds. Volume price discounts kick in at 67 pounds, 134 pounds, and over 201 pounds. Meats are shipped 52 weeks a year to a clientele in all 50 states and beyond.

Slanker's website is loaded with outstanding essays covering a wide range of topics involving health and real foods. Plus it hosts an outstanding Science Links Page that is educational and practical. Voted by Internet Surfers as the most informative site on the Web that markets grass-fed meats. In addition, Slanker's offers a free newsletter that is a real newsletter with a no holds barred approach.

Slanker's Grass-fed Meats, Ted Slanker, 3255 CR 45400, Powderly TX 75473. (866)-SLANKER (752-6537) or (903) 732-4653.
E-mail: goodmeat@slanker.com. Website: www.texasgrassfedbeef.com.

Sloans Creek Farm is a family farm located in Northeast Texas at the northern edge of the rolling Blackland Prairie. We have gone from a typical, conventional Angus beef cattle and horse farm to a Non-Certified Organic, Sustainable, Grass-based Family Farm. We focus on quality grassfed meats in the form of Grainless Red Poll Beef, Salad Bar St. Croix Hair Sheep, and Grainless Myotonic Goat, all of which are heritage livestock breeds produced strictly on grass.

We don't use Hormone Implants, Routine Antibiotics, or Chemical Dewormers in our livestock production. We are trying to take care of God’s Creation, the way we believe He would like, sustainably and organically. We market thru on farm private treaty sales of livestock and hay. We also market our grainless meats in the form of wholes, halves, and quarters from the point of slaughter.

Currently, meat shipping isn’t an option. Animals are purchased with a purchase deposit fee of $100 for beeves and $50 each for sheep and goats. We then transport the animal to the point of slaughter. For more information, availability, current pricing, and accepted forms of payment contact us.

Promoting Heritage Livestock Thru Good Eating!!

Sloans Creek Farm, Cathy and Nathan Melson, 3385 E State Highway 56, Dodd City TX 75438. (903) 583-4951.
E-mail: sloanscreekfarm@juno.com. Website: http://homepage.mac.com/nbmelson/.

Slow Food Farm specializes in producing quality pastured poultry year round, but also offers grass-fed beef, pastured pork and rabbit seasonally. All of our animals are managed in the way best suited to the species and all are treated with compassion, respect and affection. Slow Food Farm is managed in a sustainable way and owners Harry and Jennifer Huf strive to be good stewards of the land their farm calls home.

Fresh and frozen whole chickens are available year round, while beef is offered only twice per year. Currently pork is available about once per season but increased production is in the works. Rabbit meat is available when possible (we're still figuring the girls out). All products are available farm-direct and via delivery in the Austin area; chicken is available weekly at The Mercantile at Dyer Dairy in Georgetown as well as at the Bastrop Farmer's Market. Additional markets are being added as the farm grows.

Slow Food Farm is actively pursuing organic certification but has not obtained it yet. The chickens are fed certified organic grain from the local feed mill; the cows and pigs get organic alfalfa hay, chemical-free grass hay, and are kept on organically managed pastures.

Chickens are processed on-farm, in accordance with our state issued Grant of Exemption, as humanely as possible. Harry and Jennifer take special care to minimize or omit suffering and handle each chicken individually. Beef and pork are processed at the local State Inspected processing facility, which is small and takes individual care of each animal.

Farmers Markets: Bastrop Farmer's Market, Saturdays 10-2pm
Grocery Stores: Bastrop Producer's Market, 977 Highway 71 West, Bastrop, TX. and The Mercantile at Dyer Dairy, 7801 East Highway 29, Georgetown, TX.

Slow Food Farm, Jennifer Huf, 1465 County Road 458A, Thorndale TX 76577. (512) 898-2925.
E-mail: slowfoodfarminfo@gmail.com. Website: www.slowfoodfarm.com.

Star Haven Farms is owned and operated by Ray and Karen Hadaway, and has been in our family since the 1930s. We are located 35 miles east of Bryan College Station, TX (home of Texas A & M University) near Iola.

We raise grassfed beef, Boer meat goats, and eggs from pastured chickens. At Star Haven Farms our cattle are rotationally grazed on 40 acres of pastureland, and are raised on mother's milk, grasses, alfalfa and clover. They do not receive grain, hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals. Our hens roam the pastures dining on all the green grass, bugs, frogs and lizards they can eat, but we do supplement with natural hen scratch.

Our beef is processed at Readfield's Meat Market in Bryan, a locally owned and operated Texas State inspected meat cutter. We sell our beef by the side, split quarter (evenly divided cuts from both the fore and hind quarters), and in small and large variety packs for those with limited freezer space. Shipping is available within Texas. We are also making monthly deliveries to Katy and Brenham.

We also offer a limited number of Boer show wethers for FFA and 4H projects and quality Fullblood and Percentage Boer breeding stock throughout the year.

Star Haven Farms, Ray and Karen Hadaway, 17754 CR 124, Iola TX 77831. (936) 394-9072.
E-mail: starhaven@mscc.net. Website: www.texasgrassfed.com.

SteakBurger is 100% grassfed beef from the Johnson Ranch near Dallas, TX. We don't feed any grain. No hormones, no antibiotics, nothing but grass.

Our product is unique because it is actually all the cuts of beef, including the steaks, ground up. It is true "SteakBurger"—and that's not just marketing hype. Our SteakBurger patties may very well be the best grilled burgers you will ever taste. We ship all over the US.

SteakBurger, Andrew Johnson, 1002 Sevier Road, Milford TX 76670. (972) 493-4777.
E-mail: andrewj@SteakBurger.com. Website: www.SteakBurger.com.

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Sterling Lamb is a family business delivering exceptional, locally-grown lamb products.

Sterling Lamb strives to produce superior, all-natural lamb combined with a lasting commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction. These sheep are naturally well-adapted to the variable west Texas climate. In addition, they offer a succulent meat that is mild in flavor.

Pasture-raised without any added hormones, these sustainably raised flocks are closely monitored by the producers. They do not receive any grain and we only supplement their diets during hard winter spells with alfalfa hay.

Sterling Lamb, Kalyn Hodges, PO Box 64, Sterling City, TX 76951. (325) 650-7664.
E-mail: kalyn@sterlinglamb.com. Website: http://sterlinglamb.com.

Talltex Beef. “Tender and Good for the Heart”TM This is accomplished by two completely different breeds of cattle, with two common traits gentleness and tenderness. The Belgian Blue breed grows at rates higher than cattle treated with growth hormones. They have very low fat levels, yet the meat is very moist and juicy. The Japanese Wagyu, the breed known by the town of Kobe, is very slow growing and has more marbling than any other breed. Yet with all this fat there is very little cholesterol.

We now have four choices in the grass-fed beef you can get. High percent Belgian Blue, Angus/Hereford, High percent Wagyu and Blu-Wagyu. With all the breed combinations, you get “Old West Ranch Flavor”TM.

Buying our meat: At Farmers market we sell individual cuts, the rest of the year we try to stick to halves, quarters, eighths and bulk burger. We are always willing to work with the customer in their needs.

We currently attend the Amarillo Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, and the Borger Farmers Market on Friday mornings from July - September. The Dixon Co-op in Dixon, NM can arrange deliveries a couple of times a year.

Talltex Beef, David and Christine Meyer, 1023 Denrock, Dalhart TX 79022. (806) 24-GRASS (7277).
E-mail: talltex@xit.net. Web page coming soon: http://talltexbeef.biz.

Terra Sienna Grass Fed Beef specializes in raising cattle on year-round pasture consisting of perennial summer bermuda grass, annual winter rye & wheat grasses and clover. At Terra Sienna Grass Fed Beef, healthy soils yielding lush pasture is our number one priority. Through this focus on the land we are able to provide year-round pasture with optimum protein and brix levels to produce exceptionally flavorful grass fed beef, rich in Omega-3 fatty acid.

We are often asked to explain the difference between our grass fed meat and organic beef. Under the organic beef label, a farmer still feeds the cattle grain or corn in confinement. Terra Sienna Grass Fed Beef cattle are never given antibiotics, hormones or steroids, and are managed in a natural, stress-free, free range, pasture environment yielding superior quality grass fed meat. Once our cattle have been finished to perfection, each beef is processed to our exacting standards at a USDA inspected facility, and dry-aged for 14 days to enhance flavor and tenderness.

To ensure freshness and quality, we personally deliver our grass fed beef in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas.

Terra Sienna Grass Fed Beef is the product of the Helm Family's focus on grass farming, land stewardship and our commitment to producing the very best healthy, flavorful, artisan grass fed beef for our family, friends and discerning customers.

Terra Sienna Grass Fed Beef, Jerry Helm, Farmers Market located at 101 South Coit Road, Richardson TX 75080. (817) 507-5547.
E-mail: helm@terrasiennagrassfedbeef.com. Website: www.terrasiennagrassfedbeef.com.

Terrell Ranch is located north of Commerce, Texas, surrounded by crop fields and beautiful country side. The 185-acre farm changed to organic production in 2000 and has specialized in high quality (non-certified) organic beef production. The size of the farm limits the number of animals produced in any one year to about 50, and our carefully nurtured product can be likened to an exclusive wine.

Our beef is raised guilt free! Our cattle live on grass in large fields 24/7/365 as they are supposed to. We do not administer antibiotics in the feed (a standard feedlot approach) or growth hormones. No artificial fertilizers, genetically modified feed or growth promoting agents are used.

You can purchase beef by the side or by the whole. Our meat dry ages for 14 days and our butcher will help you choose how you want your meat cut and wrapped. All of our meat is delivered frozen and shrink wrapped, and labeled with the cut of meat and the weight on each package.

Visit our website for all the information you'll need to place your order for Terrell USDA inspected organic beef.

Terrell Black Angus Ranch, Howard Terrell, 6196 FM 904 S, Klondike TX. (214) 243-9156.
E-mail: terrellangusranch@terrellangusranch.com. Website: www.terrellangusranch.com.

Texas Criollo Beef. Warren Ranch produces 100% grass-fed, pasture raised Criollo beef under our brand “Texas Criollo Beef.”

Criollo beef is exceptionally lean, tender and flavorful with all of the health benefits people have come to expect from grass-fed beef. Criollo beef has been proven in DNA testing to rival Kobe beef (from Wagyu cattle) for tenderness and Angus beef for quality, yet is family affordable. Criollo beef is 50% leaner than “feed lot” beef and our customers tell us there is no comparison on taste.

Criollo are superbly adapted for the environments of the North American southwest. Renowned for their hardiness, fertility, gentle nature and longevity, the animals themselves can reduce the beef industry’s environmental impact. Our cattle spend their entire lives roaming spacious pastures in Central Texas. We use no hormones or antibiotics.

Our beef may be ordered online at our website. We provide free delivery in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and sell at the Dallas Farmers Market on Fridays & Saturdays. Or your order can be shipped for a nominal fee or you can pick up at our ranch in Whitney, Texas.

Texas Criollo Beef, Kenneth Woodell, PO Box 1649, Whitney TX 76692. (254) 337-0263.
E-mail: info@texascriollobeef.com. Website: www.HealthyBeef.com.

Texas Ranch Beef produces grass fed Longhorn and Longhorn-cross Charolais beef pastured on its three ranches known as Texas Ranch Life, totaling 4,000 acres of rich pasture country in Austin County.

Our 600 Longhorn cows have exceptional vigor, good frames, muscle structure, hardiness, and are naturally resistant to disease and travel exceptionally well—this makes them the best mama cows for raising calves on grass range conditions without grain-based supplemental feeds. Texas Longhorn cows crossed with Charolais bulls produce an extra lean meat with good muscle size showing no fat in the muscle. We also produce pure Longhorn calves for beef. Our cattle are high in Omega-3 and CLA and tenderness is good.

All beef is raised from calves born on the ranch and we certify our meat to be 100% natural grass fed beef free of hormones and antibiotics. We have been in the cattle ranching business for over 40 years.

The native grass pastures are managed through rotational grazing, holistic practices and seasonal use to enhance good grasses and forage for the cattle. Yearling cattle are grown out to 600–700 pounds on native prairie grass pastures, some of which are overseeded with rye grass in the winter.

Cattle are raised in large pastures about 400-plus acres each. They are handled quietly by horseback and in a low stress manner to avoid sickness and the need for antibiotics and other medicines. Unstressed cattle on good native grass pastures means beef that is healthy, hormone and antibiotic free, and in prime condition for harvest.

Texas Ranch Beef is processed and inspected in a USDA approved facility, vacuum packaged, fresh-frozen and supplied year-round. We offer a variety of cuts including steaks, ground meat, hamburger in 2-pound packages. We sell over the internet and have a ranch retail store on Main Street in Bellville, Texas.

Texas Ranch Life LLC & Texas Ranch Beed LLC, John and Taunia Elick, 310 East Main, Bellville TX 77418.
E-mail: grassbeef@yahoo.com. Website: www.texasranchbeef.com.

The Regen Ranch – See Regen Ranch above.

Tosca Farm specializes in quality Grass-Fed Beef. Our beef is Dry-Aged to bring out the full, natural, perfect flavor. We process our meat at a USDA certified plant and ship throughout the continental USA via FedEx (frozen, packed in a cooler with dry ice). Our online store offers a wide variety of steaks, jerky, roasts, and meats. Ordering is convenient and fast: Just a few clicks and you’re done! Your order will arrive directly at your doorstep.

Tosca Farm stands for a greener tomorrow. Our mission at Tosca Farm is to manage our land for a sustainable future. To this end we take a holistic approach that rewards the soil, the native plant life, and the production of wholesome, uncompromised food.

It all started with Willy Liesner’s vision to build a farm that would emphasize a healthy and sustainable environment, a vision that is reflected in our commercial tree farm, our grass-fed cattle, and our vineyard.

We’ve created a healthier environment for our cattle: Without the confinement of a feedlot, our cattle don’t need antibiotics. No added growth hormones. Just pure nature. Our cattle is not finished and fattened with grain.

Tosca Farm is pure nature. Our cattle are free to roam and graze on their natural diet—pure, nutrient rich grass.

At Tosca Farm we call the end result: “Beef the way nature intended!” It takes much longer to raise cattle the natural way, but the results speak for themselves.

You have a choice. Choose good quality grass-fed beef from Tosca Farm.

Tosca Farm Grass Fed Beef, Markus Liesner, 231 Hostetter Road, New Waverly TX 77358. (866) 266-8187.
E-mail: info@toscafarmgrassfedbeef.com. Website: www.toscafarmgrassfedbeef.com.

Truth Hill Farm offers tender, loving green-fed beef by the whole, half, and quarter. Ground beef and steak are sold by the pound. The beef is available from late spring to early summer. In addition to the beef, free-range eggs are available at the end of the summer. Work is underway to provide chicken and pork on a small scale.

The beef calves are rotated daily on paddocks of high energy grasses in the spring. They are not treated with hormones or medications, and the pasture is fertilized with organic soil amendments only. We feed diatomaceous earth and kelp for worming and mineral supplements.

We invite people to come out to our farm and see how we raise our animals. We also offer hiking, fishing, picnicking, and playing with the baby animals. Our farm is located one hour northeast of Dallas so families can easily come for an afternoon at the farm.

Truth Hill Farm, Terry L. Pillard, 17953 CR 618, Farmersville TX 75442. (903) 776-2173.
E-mail: truth_hill@yahoo.com.

Vista Knoll Farm is located 50 miles north of Dallas. Started in 1972, the farm's original purpose was to raise Devon beef cattle for breeding stock. Devon cattle are one of the oldest and purest English breeds that prosper on grass. Their docile nature and our low-stress management aid efficient weight gain, plus these Devons have the tenderness and A2 gene.

We focus on healthy nutrition for the cattle, our grasses and our soil using natural fertilizer. They are raised on native and Bermuda grass pastures with NO grain, hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The steers for purchase were born and raised on the farm, roaming the pastures and receiving gentle, low-stress, and kind treatment.

Steers for beef are available by the half or whole and we will deliver them to the processor. The processor we use knows how to age and process grass-finished beef properly. You work directly with the processor to have the beef cut exactly as you wish. If you have not done this before we will work with you, as will the processor, to figure out the best cuts for you.

Vista Knoll Farm, Charlie or Virginia Whitworth, PO Box 457, Whitewright, TX 75491. (972) 989-4934 or (903) 815-8919.
E-mail: virginia@vistaknollfarms.com. Website: www.vistaknollfarms.com.

USDA Organic Seal

At Vital Farms we pride ourselves in producing the finest egg possible,which for us means pasture-raised and certified organic.

Allowing our girls to be outside all the time means they live a natural existence and enjoy their lives. Their days include plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and fun, while foraging in plenty of space on native grasses. We think all this translates into the eggs they produce.

Our pasture, hens, and feed are all certified USDA organic. This ensures no antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides or added hormones ever come into contact with our land, animals, or the eggs they produce.

A truly pasture-raised egg is superior in taste, texture, appearance, and nutritional content. It also means we're responsible stewards of our environment, and humanely treating the animals who produce such a great product for our consumption.

Our model is unique in that we are based in Austin, TX, but we also use a distributed network of independent producers to raise eggs according to our guidelines, all sold under our brand. This allows us to get quality food onto more tables across the country via Whole Foods Markets, as well as to various farmers markets, grocery stores and restaurants in the Austin area. Visit our website or Eatwild's Texas Beyond the Farm page for details.

Vital Farms, Jason Jones, 4507 Brandt Road, Austin TX 78744. (877) 455-3063.
E-mail: jason@vitalfarms.com. Website: www.vitalfarms.com.

Vrooman Ranch makes it easier for our customers to enjoy premium pasture meat and eggs raised in a safe and healthy environment with regenerative practices. We raise grass-fed beef and lamb, and pastured chicken (meat and eggs), and turkey in Ladonia, Texas.

Our cattle are always on pasture and are never fed grain or corn. We use regenerative agriculture achieved through rotational grazing, moving our animals to new pasture multiple times to improve soil health, cattle health, and muscle mass, and to prevent the need for antibiotics or added hormones. We also supplement their feed with 19 free-choice minerals: Phosphorus (P), Iodine (I), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sodium (Na), Vitamin V4, Potassium (K), Sulfur (S), Silicon (Si), CL Alkaline Neutralizer, Vitamin B Complex (CB), OH Acid Neutralizer (OE), SE Formula, Boron, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum (MO), and Zinc.

There comes a time when all of us need to leave the city to reconnect with nature. Vrooman Ranch hopes to bring the joy and fulfillment we have experienced to others so they can find the beauty and simplicity of a rural lifestyle as well. Our blog highlights activities for creating your own adventures and becoming more independent when it comes to country living. Whether you are a foodie looking for a reliable source of delicious and healthy meats, or someone who is simply interested in learning more about living the rugged individual country life and raising animals using the healthiest methods, our ready and helpful team will listen to any questions you may have and guide you toward the products and services you are looking for.

We are open Sunday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Taste wholesome foods fresh from our ranch and pick up something special for guests and family members at your next get-together.

Call or e-mail today and we will be happy to help you with whatever your needs may involve.

Vrooman Ranch, Jeremy Vrooman, 833 County Road 3320, Ladonia, TX 75449. 315-383-4641.
E-mail: vroomanranchtx@gmail.com. Website: Vroomanranch.com.

Warren Ranch – See Texas Criollo Beef above.

AWA logo

Watterson Ranch, certified by both Animal Welfare Approved and the American Grassfed Association (AGA), raises, processes and sells USDA inspected, dry aged beef in quarter, half and whole quantities within Central Texas.

Natural. Local. Grass fed. Sustainable. These are principles that Watterson Ranch has embodied since the 50s. The 1850s.

As the sixth generation to grow up on this land raising cattle, we grew up eating beef we had raised, a luxury then available only to family. Things are done right when you know your family will put it on their plates.

We produce food that is honest-no shortcuts, fillers or additives. We never use hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle freely roam and graze on what God has provided. Fresh grass in the summer, hay from our own pastures in the winter, free choice natural minerals and plenty of fresh, clean water. Our cattle are never penned up in a feedlot or fed grain, but we believe that quality matters-in the happiness of our animals, in our impact to the land and the world, and in the food that you consume. It matters.

USDA inspected, great tasting certified grass fed beef from a local, sustainable and proud Texas ranch, previously available only to our kin. Welcome to the family.

Watterson Ranch, Trina Miller, 625 Watterson Road, Bastrop TX 78602. (512) 332-6084.
E-mail: trina@wattersonranch.com. Website: www.wattersonranch.com.

Wild Type Ranch is a family ranch located in Milam County Texas. Ralph and Sara, with their young boys Alex and Eric, raise registered Red Angus and Black Angus cattle. Our guiding principle is respect for all life. We believe in working with nature to produce a high quality, sustainable product. Ten percent of the net proceeds from our beef sales are donated to local family and domestic violence assistance programs.

Wild Type Ranch Beef is pasture-raised, natural beef, from top quality breeding stock. Our beef is raised without hormones, routine antibiotics or confinement. Our cattle spend their life eating grass and hay. Each animal is individually managed and treated humanely and with respect. After harvest, our beef is aged 14-21 days, vacuum-packaged as individual cuts and frozen. We sell our beef by halves, quarters, eighths, small packs and individual cuts. Our beef is available at the Georgetown Farmer’s Markets, and at monthly pickup points in Cedar Park and North Austin. We do custom pickups by arrangement.

We have a limited supply of 100% grass-fed, organically raised (not certified) beef available. We also sell (non-organic) pasture-raised beef that is minimally supplemented with small amount of a grain ration containing Omega-3 oils.

Wild Type Ranch, Sara Faivre-Davis, 2039 CR 140, Cameron TX 76520. (512) 826-2218.
E-mail: beef@wildtyperanch.com. Website: www.wildtyperanch.com.

Windy Meadows Family Farm is located about an hour northeast of Dallas in Hunt County. The Mike Hale Family raises and processes pastured chicken for health-conscious families and discriminating Dallas-area restaurants. We have an on-site state-inspected poultry processing facility and can custom process home grown pastured broilers for home freezers. Call to receive an informational brochure and schedule a processing date.

We also raise grass-fed beef and lamb. Boneless skinless chicken breasts, leg quarters, chicken livers, and bulk chicken sausage are also available.

Windy Meadows Family Farm, Mike and Connie Hale, 8045 CR 4209, Campbell TX 75422. (903) 886-7723.
E-mail: mhale@worldlogon.com Website: www.windymeadowschicken.com.

Yonder Way Farm is nestled amongst the rolling bluebonnet hills of Washington County a few miles outside of Brenham, Texas. We provide 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pastured pork, free-range eggs, and pastured poultry.

From the moment you arrive at Yonder Way Farm, you will visually see chickens pecking at the grass, cows grazing in the pasture, and pigs rooting in the ground. We have a passion to re-establish the lost art of grass-farming. Our animals are never treated with antibiotics, growth hormones, or vaccines.

Our cows are rotated daily on fresh grass using managed intensive grazing (MIG). We have fully irrigated pastures to ensure green grass year around. Our cows are birthed into a closed herd and finished on our farm on fresh green grass.

Our pigs are raised strictly on pasture and are never confined. Their diet is supplemented with 100% USDA Certified Organic feed specifically formulated for a pigs dietary needs.

Our chickens are true free-range birds allowed to roam pastures freely. They are never confined. We also supplement their diet by feeding them 100% USDA Certified Organic Grains.

Visit our website for a more in depth look at our products and scenes from our farm. Please contact us to see if drop-off locations are available in your area.

Yonder Way Farm, Lynsey Kramer, 5500 Highway 105, Brenham TX 77833. (979) 530-4444.
E-mail: jasonkramer@yonderwayfarm.com. Website: www.yonderwayfarm.com.

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