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Pastured Products Directory - Oklahoma


Find a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild Oklahoma map.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

4B Longhorns is proud to offer lean, healthy, grass-fed Registered Texas Longhorn Beef. Our family has been raising this beautiful and nostalgic breed since 2011 on our ranch south of Tulsa, OK. Our herd is over 100 strong and growing. We sell registered breeding stock in addition to providing wholesome, free-range, grass-fed and grass finished beef. They are hormone free, antibiotic free and live a very serene life on the ranch.

We have been providing beef to many satisfied customers in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas. Our beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility near Tulsa.

We sell whole beeves, halves and quarters. Our beef prices range slightly but are typically around $3.00/lb on the hanging weight and the customer pays the processing fee directly to the facility. A typical 24–28 month steer will yield a hanging weight of 550 pounds for a whole beef.

Please call or e-mail us for additional information or to place your order. We would love to hear from you. We would also like to invite you for a ranch tour so you can see how we raise our happy herd!  

—The Boses

4B Longhorns, Michael Bose, 7056 Hackberry Court, Tulsa, OK 74132. (281) 793-5622.
E-mail: 4blonghorns@cox.net. Website: www.4blonghorns.com

Aird M'hor Ranches – See Red River Beef (below)

American Heritage Family Farm is a small, family-run farm. The animals graze clean pastures that are rotationally grazed in species correct groups the way Mother Nature intended animals to live. The quality of life and welfare of our animals is paramount to our production practices. We use no "artificial anything."

We are now able to spend more time on the farm and are currently increasing our production capabilities, which were limited in the past by time and labor considerations. We desire input from consumers on how we may best serve your needs for farm fresh products raised in harmony with the environment. We invite you to be an integral part of our farm with your suggestions, requests, and comments. Please send us an e-mail to introduce yourself and request our new e-mail Farm Newsletter, which will keep you informed about the farm, current product availability, and a little about the trials and tribulations of life on the farm. We want YOU to be part of our farm!

We currently raise beef, pork, lamb, cabrito, and poultry - including turkey. Other products include eggs, milk, and vegetables. Please contact us for specific standards on how our animals are raised, our production methods, and availability. We would love to talk with you.

E-mail us to request our newsletter or any other information.

American Heritage Family Farm, Tera Biaggi, 11605 South Q, Ponca City OK 74601. (580) 716-4787.
E-mail: americanheritagefamilyfarm@yahoo.com. Website: www.americanheritagefamilyfarm.locallygrown.net

At Twister Ridge Ranch is located 10 miles east of Vinita, Oklahoma in the beautiful rolling hills of northeast Oklahoma’s Green Country, not far from the Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri borders. We are a second and third generation, family-owned ranch raising grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef. We raise our beef naturally without using hormones, antibiotics, or grains. 

Aberdeen Angus is a Scottish breed of small beef cattle that are well proportioned with a more compact, smaller frame size. They offer all the advantages of Angus cattle but in a smaller package; heavily muscled, quality carcass, with typically larger rib eyes per 100 pounds of body weight than the larger Angus. 

We offer whole beef at two years of age, delivered to a quality USDA inspected meat processor near Big Cabin, Oklahoma. Current pricing as of 3/27/2018 is $3.40 per pound of hanging weight, averaging 300 to 450 pounds. For more information or to order a beef call (281) 468-5881 or e-mail us at alannafrank@reagan.com.

At Twister Ridge Ranch, Alanna Frank, 430799 E 220 Road, Vinita, OK 74301. (281) 468-5881. 
E-mail: alannafrank@reagan.com. Website: http://TwisterRidgeRanch.com

At Beaver Creek Farms, we provide lean, chemical-free beef. We use no artificial growth hormones (steroids of any types), and no antibiotics on our beef animals. If an animal gets sick or injured and needs antibiotics, they are treated and taken out of our beef program. They are either used for breeding stock or taken to the sale barn.

Our beef animals are grazed on native pasture, millet, oat, and rye fields—no feedlots. We use rotational grazing and our beef is usually processed after the animals have been on winter rye or oats for 3 months—normally in the December/January time frame. We sell by the half, quarter, or whole. The beef is vacuum packaged and ready for the freezer.

We raise registered purebred and crossbred Murray Grey cattle, which has become famous in Australia for winning carcass contests. Call or send an e-mail and we will send you our farm brochure and information on beef and breeding animals. We are located in southwest Oklahoma, between Lawton and Duncan.

Beaver Creek Farms, Carole Brown, 17209 SE Lee Boulevard, Lawton OK 73501. (580) 357-0285.
E-mail: beavercreekfarms@yahoo.com Website: www.murraygrey.net

Bent Tree Farms is located 20 miles southeast of Ada on the Clear Boggy Creek.

We raise grass fed and finished beef and lamb using rotational grazing and holistic management principles while practicing low stress stockmanship. Our animals are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. They are moved to fresh, chemical free pasture on a daily basis and are provided clean, clear water by our underground water system.

All of our animals are born and raised right here on the farm so we are able to monitor every aspect of their lives. We believe that we are to steward our animals and our land to the maximum benefit of both.

Enjoy the flavor and health benefits of grass fed meats while supporting your local farmer.

Contact us by phone or e-mail or visit our website to see our current specials.

Bent Tree Farms, Jonathan Kilpatrick, Manager, 16603 CR 3680, Stonewall OK 74871. (580) 559-6792.
E-mail: info@benttreefarms.net. Website: www.benttreefarms.net.

BF Farms, also known as Benkendorf Family Farms, is located in Enid, Oklahoma. The farm has been around since 1921. Our family's vision is to bring healthy eating to every individual and home. Our goal is to provide the highest quality beef and lamb through a 100% grass-fed diet, holistic farming, and composite breeding.

We offer beef by the whole, half, quarter, and eighth beef. We also offer ground beef packages, whole lamb, and lamb sausage.

Feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information.

BF Farms, LLC., Jayne Benkendorf, 8400 E. Phillips Avenue, Enid, OK 73701. (405) 202-3495.
E-mail: Jayne@BF-Farms.com. Website: www.bf-farms.com.

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Cattle Tracks Beef. What’s unique about Cattle Tracks Beef? Cattle Tracks is the only grass-grazed, grass-finished beef that is raised on a family owned/operated farm in Oklahoma, and the nation, with these three certifications: Non-GMO Verified, Certified Organic, and Animal Welfare Approved. Why are certifications important on our farm? Many of our customers agree that certifications are another means of knowing the practices used in raising livestock. We believe these certifications are based on livestock-raising techniques that go along with our desire to raise beef the way it was intended, free of inputs, implants, and in a sustainable, friendly environment.

non-GMO logo
AWA logo

What’s healthy about Cattle Tracks Beef? We had Cattle Tracks tested for healthy qualities instead of relying on the grass-fed industry standard. The Omega 6 / Omega 3 ratio surpasses the average for grass-fed beef and the CLA result is among the highest on record. These outstanding results are attributed to their extensive grass-grazed diet; in addition we supplement with a very small quantity of organic oats or barley, grown on our farm, at weaning and when weather stresses livestock. The maximum any animal would get a day is under two pounds, compared to the 40–50 pounds of corn of a feedlot animal.  

What’s available to you from Cattle Tracks? Cattle Tracks Beef is sold by the cut, quarter, half or whole and is available year-around. When ordering a quarter, half or whole you determine a cutting order that best fits your needs. Dry-aged, 100% premium. It is our pleasure to serve the folks of Oklahoma, especially those wishing to know their farmer and who believe healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy food.

Where/how you purchase Cattle Tracks Beef? OSU/OKC Farmer’s Market the 1st Saturday of each month; Oklahoma Food Coop, www.oklahomafood.coop. Call ahead to visit the farm or to make a purchase. 

Cattle Tracks Organic Beef, John and Kris Gosney, 201 S. VoTech Drive, Fairview, OK 73737. Call/Text: (580) 794-7767. 
Email: kris@johnsfarm.com. Website: www.johnsfarm.com. Facebook: www.facebook.com/johnsfarmllc.

Cedar Crest Farms is a small farm marketing organization representing several small tract farms west of Tulsa. Our members produce range fed Dexter beef, goat, pork, chicken, geese, ducks, and rabbits and sell directly to the consumer. Beef is sold by the quarter side, full side, and whole carcass. Goat and pork is sold by the whole or half. Poultry by the whole and eggs by the dozen.

We use no antibiotics or animal byproducts on our meat animals. We don't inject steroids or other growth-promoting hormones. All animals are raised on natural grasses and clover. During drought some supplemental feeds are provided however none of the feeds are medicated or contain animal by-products.

Due to the rapid selling out of meat and the limited availability, we are pre-selling pork and beef. We are taking orders now for winter and spring delivery. Chicken, geese and ducks are available throughout the spring and summer, Turkeys are available in the fall, and eggs are available all year.

See our website for contact information.

Cedar Crest Farms, Annemieke Roell, Rt 1, Box 642, Terlton OK 74081. (918) 906-5982.
E-mail: info@cedarcrestfarmsok.com. Website: www.cedarcrestfarmsok.com or www.countryconceptsllc.com.

Clark Ranch is a 5th generation ranch that has a limited amount of grass-fed beef from late summer through the fall. We are in the extreme NW corner of the Oklahoma panhandle, next to Colorado and New Mexico. We are 8 miles off of Highway 287 from Denver, Colorado (which is 290 miles to the NW) and Amarillo Texas (150 miles to the SE).

We use a USDA-inspected facility in Texas. We have delivery points at Guymon, Oklahoma and at the ranch.

We sell beef by the quarter or ground beef in 1 1/2-pound packages. We have always eaten grassfed beef and are pleasantly surprised at the interest and demand for our beef by the public.

Clark Ranch, Jay Clark, HC3 Box 12, Boise City OK 73933. (580) 426-2440.
E-mail: jayclark@ptsi.net

Crispin Murray Grey Grass-Fed Beef strives to produce and sell quality Murray Grey grass-fed beef directly to our customers so that they may enjoy the flavor and health benefits of Murray Grey grass-fed beef, and at a price that most can afford. In order to do this, we sell in volume; this allows us to cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to our customers and yet provide the great flavor and health benefits of Murray Grey grass-fed beef. Crispin Murray Grey Grass-Fed Beef uses the genetics of the Murray Grey breed known world-wide for their superior carcass qualities and tenderness genes.

The production of quality Crispin Murray Grey grass-fed beef is not a fast process. All animals are born here on the ranch, usually in the spring, and spend their first summer by their mother's side eating green grass and drinking mother's milk. In the winter time, they are placed on the green vegetative growth of wheat pasture. Animals are harvested in their second year. This allows the animals to mature and be grass-finished at just over two years of age.

This is a long process, but one that we feel is necessary in order for Crispin Murray Grey grass-fed beef to be of top quality. Order early and reserve your desired amount. You don't have to pay until you pick up your beef at our facility when it is ready.

We do not feed them grain, soy, corn silage, or concentrate. We do not treat our animals with routine, low-level antibiotics. Those animals that we do treat with antibiotics due to health problems or injury are removed from the program.

For more and complete information visit our website.

Crispin Murray Grey Grass-Fed Beef, Wallace Crispin, 409 N 11th Street, Thomas OK 73669. (580) 661-1637 or 661-2576.
E-mail: beef@crispin-grassfedbeef.com. Website: www.crispin-grassfedbeef.com.

Crystal Prairie, LLC, specializes as the only central OK ranch to offer USDA Certified Grass Fed Beefalo. Beefalo meat is recognized by the USDA under its own unique label: USDA Beefalo Beef. We have been approved under the USDA Certified Grass Fed program to verify our production practices are truly grass fed.

Customers can expect the following from our farm:

  • USDA Certified Grass Fed Beefalo
  • Beefalo beef offers a superior nutritional profile compared to ground bison and beef
  • Beefalo beef has a similar number of calories as an AHA heart-healthy fish such as salmon
  • No grain or grain-byproduct feed
  • No artificial growth stimulants such as hormones or antibiotics
  • No concentrated feedlot
  • Born and raised on our pastures in central Oklahoma
  • Available in all cuts: premium steaks, roasts, ribs, and ground

Because we are 100% grass fed on native grass pasture, we fulfill orders for whole, 1/2, or 1/4 Beefalo seasonally from June–October. We take reservations year round in order for customers to reserve their preferred processing time during our season. Once orders are placed, we work closely with a custom meat processor to complete the order as specified. To ensure the freshest meat possible by eliminating extended freezer time, customers pick up their product directly from the meat processor.

Crystal Prairie, L.L.C., Tam Gearhart, PO Box 2183, Chickasha OK 73023. (405) 320-2543.
E-mail: crystalprairiebeefalo@gmail.com. Website: www.crystalprairie.com.

Dale Family Farms is a small farm owned and managed by two generations of Dales. Located in South Central Kansas, we are striving to be sustainable. To do this, we have learned that we must better utilize our resources through improved grazing practices and reduced reliance on fuel and equipment. Over the last few years, we have realized that letting our animals remain in their natural environment—doing what they do best, grazing—is the key to sustainability.

Our beef comes from cattle that are finished on a strict forage diet of legumes, grasses, and forbs. The beef we sell contains no synthetic growth hormones and no antibiotics. When prepared properly, we have found that grass-finished beef is as tender as grain-fed beef with a much richer, fuller, beef flavor. Our grass-finished beef is available by the cut, wholes, halves and quarters.

Laying hens are allowed to free-range during the day, foraging for green grass, seeds and insects. This “salad bar” approach to their diet improves the flavor, texture and nutritional value of the eggs they produce.

Broilers are allowed to free-range during the day and can't even be compared to the industrial chickens you find in the store. Chicken is sold by the cut or as a whole bird.

Turkeys are also allowed to free-range during the day. They are available seasonally.

In 2010, pigs were added to the farm. Our hogs are pastured and allowed to roam tree rows near their pen, digging up roots and grass to supplement their diet. Pork is available by the cut, whole or half.

Dale Family Farms also carries goat and grassfed lamb.

Delivery and shipping are available.

Dale Family Farms, Kurt and Andi Dale, 526 Avenue K, Protection KS 67127. (620) 622-4473. 
E-mail: thedales@unitedwireless.com. Website: www.dalefamilyfarms.com.

Dewel Family Farms located in Muskogee County Oklahoma is family owned and operated and provides 100% Red Angus grass fed and grass finished beef. Our primary focus is to raise healthy animals in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Our herd mainly grazes Bermuda grass, clover, meadow fescue and ryegrass in a 15-pasture rotation. Our beef animals never receive hormones, antibiotics, ionophores, or animal by-products. The treatment and welfare of our animals is paramount and we exceed the Human Sustainable Agriculture standards. We never overgraze. The conservation and preservation of a healthy ecosystem is a top priority.

We sell beef primarily by the mixed quarter, half, or whole. A mixed quarter requires about 3.5 to 4 cubic feet of freezer space. In our experience, a family of two eating beef once or twice a week will consume about half a steer annually. We personally deliver our cattle to a USDA inspected facility in Big Cabin, OK.

Buying from Dewel Family Farm supplies tasty nutritious beef for your family and supports a local and environmentally friendly farm.

Save even more by sharing a steer with a friend or co-worker!

Dewel Family Farms, Karen Dewel, 8W 143rd Street S, Warner, OK 74469. (828) 226-7391.
E-mail: karenedewel@gmail.com.

413 FARM specializes in NON-GMO: Poultry, Eggs, and Pork and GRASS FED: Beef and Lamb. Serving Green Country.

We are Salatin inspired. I’m an OSU Master Cattleman and Oklahoma Beef Quality Assurance Certified Producer. We rotationally graze our beef and lamb. We stockpile Bermuda grass for over-wintering. We do not supplement. We bring our lambs in the barn at night where additional hay is provided. Chickens are pastured in Salatin-style pens. Pigs are grazed through our woods and provided NON-GMO feed.

413 Farm, Angela Faughtenberry, Adair, Mayes County, OK. 74330. (817) 500-7010.
E-mail: four13farm@gmail.com. Website: Facebook: 413FARM

Goff Greengate Farm's mission is to handle the land as God intended… naturally, with good stewardship and using the most natural and sustainable products available to us at the time. We offer all-natural, pastured, grass-finished lamb and beef.

Our pastured poultry meat birds are fed organic, non-soy, non-GMO feed along with Fertrell's Poultry Nutribalancer trace minerals in addition to the fresh pasture land they are rotated onto twice each day via their "chicken tractors." Because we have chosen to process our own broiler chickens, no saline injections, additives, or preservatives are ever a part of our broiler chicken final products! Our 2013 broiler harvest dates are (tentatively) May 11, June 29, and September 28. You will also discover that our pastured free-range hens’ eggs are better than anything you’ll find in the store! You won’t have to worry about hormones and antibiotics when you purchase our livestock and products.

We want to serve you only that which we would also enjoy eating. We believe you'll enjoy natural more than ever before when you also know that you're buying local, supporting local farms, and building lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved. Thank you for supporting your local farmers!

We direct market our products using pre-orders for meat birds and lamb and beef. Chicken broilers are set for on-farm site pick-up but we do sometimes offer delivery meeting sites for additional fees.

Our location in southwest Missouri makes us within an hour's drive from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas too!

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about what we offer, you can call, email, or use our website's contact form... all listed below.

Goff Greengate Farm, Courtney or Michelle Goff, 17974 Lawrence 1000, Wentworth MO 64873. (417) 548-0166.
E-mail: farmers@goffgreengatefarm.com. Website: www.goffgreengatefarm.com

Grasslander Ranch is family owned and operated. We are located 12 miles SW of Hennessey, Oklahoma. We have Grass-Fed Longhorn Beef For Sale.

Our cattle rotational graze many different grasses and legumes. They receive No Growth stimulants, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, and No Animal by-products. We use sea minerals for livestock minerals and to fertilize the grass, and a molasses-based liquid protein free-choice. We use tumble-bugs to control flies.

Pennsylvania State University released a study in Dec 2011. It demonstrated that eating lean-beef EVERYDAY can be Good Heart Health by improving cholesterol levels. Longhorn grass-fed beef is lower in cholesterol and fat than chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, or commercial beef.

You are welcome to bring your family to the ranch to select your beef and to pet the horse and donkey. We sell beef by the apportioned quarter, the apportioned half, or the whole carcass, or hamburger only.

Availability is as long as the beeves last. I am working on a 100-cow herd. Can deliver for mileage. Get friends to share a beef.

Pickup meat at Moeller Pack at Dover, Oklahoma or here at the ranch.

Grasslander Ranch, Chuck & Bev Grimes, 9612 E 650 Road, Hennessey, OK 73742. (405) 853 2607.
E-mail: grasslander@pldi.net. Website: www.grasslander.com.

Healthy Tasty Beef is raised at Walnut Grove Farm, which has been in the family since 1935. Our grass-fed, grass-finished operation sells only beef born and raised on these acres in NW Arkansas, about two miles east of the Oklahoma border.

Our pure-bred Hereford cattle are grazed in pastures of mixed grass. The summer pastures are primarily Bermuda grass, White Clover, Red Clover and Lespedeza. Late winter and spring find the cattle feeding on Annual Rye Grass, Wheat and Fescue. Cattle being prepared for harvest in the winter time are supplemented with top quality alfalfa hay. We use managed intensive grazing and never graze forage older than second stage growth. Cattle drink clear fresh water from tanks in their pastures, not water from ponds they've been standing in.

Our beef is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, beta carotene, vitamin E and CLA. They are raised free of stress. No grains, hormones, or antibiotics are used in producing this meat for you. Our farming methods are environmentally friendly. No pesticides are used on our pastures. Meat is USDA certified, vacuum sealed and flash frozen. The great flavor is rich and robust.

We invite you to visit our website to check out our offerings.

Healthy Tasty Beef from Walnut Grove Farm, Bob Landsaw, Jr., sales, 14481 Dawn Hill Road, Siloam Springs AR 72761. (479) 549-8250.
E-mail: healthytastybeef@gmail.com. Website: www.healthytastybeef.com.

Judy’s Soy-Free Organically Grown Eggs raises Red Star chickens that lay dark brown eggs. They live on a small property in Sedan KS where they are free to roam when the sun is up and are locked up in coop at night to keep safe while asleep. They eat anything in the yard and I feed them half a cup each everyday of certified soy-free organic chicken feed. They also get fresh kefir every day and any organic scraps I have.

I began growing chickens this way because my daughter is allergic to soy and wheat and must eat organic. Even store-bought organic made her sick, but she can eat these. They have dark yellow to orange yolks, firm shells, and hard whites. 

Give us a call and we'll take care of your soy-free organic Eggy needs. 

Judy’s Soy-Free Organically Grown Eggs, Judy A Gilreath, 705 East Main Street, Sedan KS 67361. (620) 515-3762.
E-mail: kas847jag@yahoo.com

Koehn's Grassfed LLC is conveniently located 40 minutes northeast of Tulsa. We are a family enterprise committed to providing you an exceptional eating experience and dedicated to producing delicious and highly nutritious grass-fed meats and food. We are focused on healing the earth, so the animals we raise have the proper nutrition that will provide you with a healthy food.

Our 100% grass-fed beef is raised on mixed pastures of grass and clovers. The cattle are raised from birth to market with no antibiotics, no growth hormones and no grain. The pastures are not sprayed with herbicide, no chemical fertilizers are applied. We fully finish, (which means fully fatten) our cattle on a mixed winter annual pasture that provides high quality forage to obtain a rich, robust, and tender melt-in-the-mouth taste. The beef is dry-aged at a USDA inspected plant, cut and then individually packaged. Beef is available by the whole, half, split half, or by the individual cut.

Our broiler chickens are raised in bottomless pens that allow them access to sunlight and pasture. The pens are moved daily to give the chickens fresh grass and clover plus they receive a daily ration of mixed grains with no antibiotics or growth hormones. These chickens have a wonderful taste and texture—just like the one's "Grandma" raised! Frozen chicken is available at the farm year around. We also have pastured eggs from free-range hens available!

Customers say our grass-fed lamb is the best! When you keep the sheep off grain, it has a more natural, and less greasy taste. Lamb has a very high level of CLA, so you can feel confident the meat you're eating is healthy!!

Visit us at the Farmer's Market through the summer and enjoy home-made Ice Cream made with local milk.

You can find us at the Cherry Street Farmer's Market in Tulsa April till Oct. This market also goes through the winter months every other Saturday. Check out the Cherry Street Farmer's Market website for dates and time.

The Welcome Mat is always out at the farm for all to come visit or check out our farm products! We are located 3 miles east of Adair on Hwy 28 and 1/2 mile north on 437 Road. Please be aware that Google Maps and GPS doesn't always take you to the right North 437 Road!

Koehn's Grassfed LLC, Ricky Koehn, 9502 N 437 Road, Adair OK 74330. (918) 785-2200.
E-mail: naturalmeat@koehnsgrassfed.com.

Legacy Ranch is situated in the rolling hills of the Ozark mountains in the 4-states region of SW Missouri, NE Oklahoma, NW Arkansas and SE Kansas. We are a grower of all natural grass-fed and grass-finished Belted Galloway Beef. Belted Galloway are one of the oldest breeds of cattle and have the least amount of backfat, next to the Buffalo. Scientific studies have shown numerous health benefits to Belted Galloway beef.

All our animals are raised on rich legume pastures with no grain, fresh water and are managed humanely and with low stress at all times. Our cattle are not given growth hormones, steroids, pesticides, or antibiotics and our farm follows organic procedures, we are looking into certification but are not certified at present.

We have animals available year round and offer either a half or whole beef, and always have premium beltie hamburger available for purchase. Our animals are ready for processing around 24 months of age and are generally dry aged for up to 21 days. All processing is USDA inspected. If purchasing a half or whole animal, you select the cuts you want. Beef can be vacuum packed or double freezer wrapped, your choice.

Legacy Ranch, LLC, Neosho, MO. (417) 207-1234.
E-mail: info@belties.net. Website: www.belties.net.

Minyard Farms offers Pastured Poultry (chickens) and Eggs on farm seasonally; some delivery points available. All natural, GMO-, hormone-, and antibiotic-free. We believe in healing our land and treating our animals with respect.

We are conveniently located between Oklahoma City and Dallas. Orders on request preferred.

Minyard Farms, Kyle Minyard, Lebanon OK 73440. (817) 526-2076.
E-mail: minyardfarms@gmail.com

Mullins Hill Farm is a small, family-owned farm. We offer free-range pastured poultry eggs from heritage breed chickens.

Our hens are never fed antibiotics. Our custom milled feed does not contain any antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products or soy. We apply sustainable farming practices. We are not certified organic, but use organic techniques.

For your convenience, we are selling our eggs at The Herb Garden on West Will Rogers Boulevard, across from McDonalds and Walke Brothers Meats, south of Claremore and north of Route 66 storage buildings.

Mullins Hill Farm, Pat Mullins, 19882 S 4215 Road, Claremore OK 74019. (918) 639-6679.
E-mail: dcpj07@yahoo.com.

Nitschke Natural Beef is premium, dry-aged Certified Grassfed Beef produced from cattle raised from birth on our family ranch, the Circle N, near the DFW Metroplex in Jefferson County, OK. Our mostly-Angus herds graze their entire lives on large, rolling prairie pastures along Beaver Creek just north of the Red River. We harvest finished animals several times a year, selling frozen beef cuts as Mixed Quarters, Sides/Halves and Wholes across Texoma and North Texas. Approximate delivery dates and information are found on our website (link below).

Our calves pasture-finish at about 28–30 months, are never confined, given growth hormones or antibiotics, and are handled in a gentle, low stress manner.

Fully pasture-finishing cattle means great tasting, well-marbled beef that’s also good for you. Since healthy, living soil, teaming with bio-diversity, is where it all begins, the Circle N Ranch employs only sustainable agriculture practices. Enhanced by compost tea and other biological activity stimulants, our soil is a rich mixture of beneficial microbes, organic matter and natural minerals. No chemical amendments or treatments are used. 

We are committed to providing you with the healthiest, best tasting beef possible. Remaining passionate that sustainable practices in agriculture enhance our ecosystems and food chain, and improve our health as well as the overall well-being of all our animals, our ranch maintains Global Animal Partnership Step 4 and American Grassfed Association certifications.

Nitschke Natural Beef, LLC., Lauren and Gary Nitschke, Ranch: The Circle N Ranch, 12390 N 2800 Road, Waurika, OK 73573, (214) 207-5573 (Lauren's cell).
E-mail: beef@nnbeef.com. Website: www.nnbeef.com.

Prairie Farmstead – We are a young family trying to produce the cleanest food possible for our children and sell the excess to our friends and neighbors in our community. We currently are producing eggs on pasture and 100% grass fed, grass finished beef cattle.

Our chicken laying flock is fed certified Non-GMO feed and rotated often on our chemical-free pastures. Our beef herd is rotated on chemical-free pastures, never receive any hormones, and no unnecessary medications (unless in a life-saving emergency).

We currently sell from our farm in Sherman and at a food drop in Allen, TX. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing our eggs and meat at another location. 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Prairie Farmstead to get farm life and product updates.

It would be an honor to help feed your family our eggs and beef!

Prairie Farmstead, Chuck, 4617 Farmington Road, Sherman, TX, 75092. (903) 231-3748.
E-mail: prairiefarmstead@gmail.com. Website: http://facebook.com/Prairie-Farmstead-776651465877544/

Ranch on the Rock Premium Grassfed Beef is now offering beef from grass fed, grass finished Beefmaster and Angus crosses born and raised right here on our farm. We supply premium beef to NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas consumers who have the fine taste to appreciate delicious, healthy beef. 

Our Mission: Redeem, improve and heal the land, working with nature, using natural methods and raise food the way our Creator intended. Redeem our health and help others redeem theirs.

Hi, we are James and Elaine Couch, owners of Ranch on the Rock, home of the finest grass fed, grass finished beef in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. We strive to deliver the very best value for our customers. What you get from us is healthy, lean, perfectly aged, nothing added to, reasonably priced beef!

We are extremely pleased with the quality of calves we are producing. We're proud of our herds and would love to have you to come visit us and let us show you around. We are located three miles south of Maysville, AR.

Ranch on the Rock, James and Elaine Couch, 9350 N State Line Rd, Maysville, AR 72747. (479) 291-0024; cell (479) 719-0102.
Email: ranchontherock@gmail.com Website: www.ranchontherock.com

Real-Ranch Grassfed is a family-owned ranch here in south central Oklahoma. We raise AGA Certified grassfed Angus cross cattle (beef). AGA logoWe also raise certified grassfed St. Croix cross hair sheep (lamb). Hair sheep are known for their milder flavor.  

Our animals are raised from birth to market right here on our ranch with no antibiotics, no added growth hormones and no grain ever; all of our animals graze on pastures that are not sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. We have used rotational grazing since 1985. 

We process our meat at a USDA facility which allows us to sell by the package. For quarters, halves and wholes, contact us for current pricing. Check our website for more information.  

Where We Sell: On farm, Oklahoma Food Coop and www.rootedfarm.grazecart.com 

We deliver to OKC and Ada at no charge.

Real Ranch Grassfed, Paul and Shari Morrison, 11714 County Road 1690, Roff OK 74865. (580) 320-3228.
E-mail: realranchgrassfed@gmail.com. Website: www.real-ranch.com

Red River Beef is the marketing company for Aird M'hor Ranches, as well as other beef producers who produce what we call "Nature's" beef– grass-fed/grass-finished.

Our program beef meets the Eatwild guidelines for grass-fed only, no hormones, and no antibiotics. Aird M'hor Ranches is in one of the best cattle raising parts of Oklahoma, so our cattle enjoy rich grasses and legumes, a quiet pasture setting, and all the care we can give them.

Our approach is to sell Red River beef at a reasonable cost, so everyone can reap the benefits of grass-fed beef. You can order online or call. Our prices are for "apportioned quarters," which means an equitable split of all cuts from each half beef. Our prices are for the cost of the beef, processing, and delivery. If the delivery is greater than 300 miles from our processor, we pay a portion of the delivery cost equal to our cost for the first 300 miles (currently about $24).

Find out what Nature's beef can do for your enjoyment of a healthful, flavorful, and tender beef.

Aird M'hor Ranches/Red River Beef, Christopher L. Kenney, 22679 County Road 3500, Roff OK 74865. (580) 399-8423.
E-mail: info@redriverbeef.com. Website: www.redriverbeef.com.

Redbird Ranch has been chemical-free for 15 years. The farm is managed using holistic principles, and all the animals are handled using low stress methods.

Pastured broilers are available in the spring, summer, and fall. Eggs are available throughout the year, with a limited supply in the winter. Beef is harvested in the early fall and is available as whole, halves, and quarters. The meat is cut and wrapped to your specifications. The beef comes from Dexter and Dexter-cross animals, an old Irish breed that is smaller than most. (A quarter of beef weighs approximately 100 pounds.)

Redbird Ranch, Mark and Erin Parman, Rt 1, Box 443, Webbers Falls OK 74470. (888) 608-4720.
E-mail: redbird@crosstel.net

Russell Ranch OK raises purebred Murray Grey and Murray Grey cross cattle. The Murray Grey is known for the important traits of calving ease, feed efficiency, and carcass quality. Murray Grey beef is preferred for its consistent quality and tenderness. We personally guarantee the quality of our beef and strive to produce superior quality grass-fed beef.

We make every effort to finish out our animals on native pastures. However, we do feed purchased feed if the forage is deficient because of drought, ice storms, etc. We have a smaller place (50 acres) in NE Oklahoma and keep a small herd of around 25 grown cows. Although we have excellent pastures, we feed hay and COB (corn, oats, and barley) when the weather is bad to help keep their energy levels up. When we feed COB, we only feed a few days and only while the weather is severe. We feed in troughs and the cows and bull get approximately 25 pounds (half a sack) of feed every 2–3 days.

Our cattle never see a feedlot. Steroids and artificial growth hormones are not used on our cattle. We keep a health record on each animal and if a steer needs antibiotics, they are pulled from our program and sold on another market.

Grass-fed beef has enormous health benefits. Lower in both in overall fat and saturated fat. It also provides more omega-3 fatty acids. Meat from pastured cattle is also up to four times higher in vitamin E and much higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a nutrient associated with lower cancer risk, as well as higher in beta-carotene and lower in calories. Grass-fed beef is one of the healthiest protein sources available.

Our beef is dry-aged a minimum of 14 days. Dry-aging produces unparalleled flavor and tenderness. We sell the entire beef, half or quarter. Beef is processed locally in a small, family-owned facility, where it is prepared, then cut to your specification and vacuum packaged.

We are a small family-owned and operated ranch. All the beef we sell comes from our ranch and we personally care for our land and our livestock. We direct market our products using pre-orders for beef due to the rapid selling out of meat and the limited availability. Please call, write, or email for availability and current pricing.

Russell Ranch OK, Mike and Vicki Russell, 1232 N 530 Road, Rose OK 74364. (479) 217-0433; (479) 217-0439; (918) 868-1654.
E-mail: vkrussell@sstelco.com. Website: www.russellranchok.com.

Sara’s Grassfed Beef is grown and raised on our farm in Craig County, Oklahoma. Our families have farmed and ranched in the Cherokee Prairie region of Northeast Oklahoma for four generations.

The last few years we have become inspired by the French culinary traditions that utilize farm raised foods. Our cattle are fattened naturally on nature’s finest grasses. The cattle we market receive no hormones and lead very low-stress lives. When processed, we request that the beef be dry-aged, thus developing a rich beefy flavor in the meat. It is our goal to provide beef that is high in omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid.

We deliver our cattle weighing 900 to 1100 pounds to a USDA inspected facility in Big Cabin, Oklahoma for processing. For current pricing and information on ordering a half or whole beef please call or email. Individual retail cuts are available at our farm near Vinita.

Sara's Grassfed Beef: Sara Shelton or Jim Shelton, PO Box 494, Vinita OK 74301. (918) 256-7084.
E-mail: sarashelton494@gmail.com

Shepherd's Cross is an Animal Welfare Approved sheep and cattle farm. We have been raising our animals outdoors on grass for over twenty AWA logoyears. Pasture-born, right here on the farm, pasture-fed and pasture-finished. We do not use chemicals or hormones, etc., per Animal Welfare Approved guidelines. We are certified, and our meat is USDA certified.

Our cattle are the heritage breed "Dexter," and their meat is on the "Slow Food" list. It is wonderfully packed with nutrients, very little fat, and easily digestible. If our meat were graded, it would grade out CHOICE.

Our sheep meat is tender, savory, and mild flavored. We have developed our own sheep breed called "Shepherd's Cross Sheep." Different sheep have different flavors and ours are mild, tender, and savory. Our newborn lambs in the pasture are on mama's milk, but within the first day of life they are eating grass and lovin' it!

We sell all cuts of beef and lamb meat. We do not ship our meat, but we can get an order together for you to pick up at our on-site farm shop. We also sell through the Oklahoma Food Coop online.

We have Family Sized Packages available, as well as individual packages. Here is a link to our price sheets on the website: www.shepherdscross.com/americanlamb.html.

Shepherd's Cross, Dr. Diane Dickinson, 16792 East 450 Road, Claremore OK 74017. (918) 342-5911.
E-mail: farm@shepherdscross.com. Website: www.shepherdscross.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shepherds-Cross-Heart-of-the-Shepherd/311514685599704.

Vista Knoll Farm is located 50 miles north of Dallas, near the Oklahoma border. Started in 1972, the farm's original purpose was to raise Devon beef cattle for breeding stock. Devon cattle are one of the oldest and purest English breeds that prosper on grass. Their docile nature and our low-stress management aid efficient weight gain, plus these Devons have the tenderness and A2 gene.

We focus on healthy nutrition for the cattle, our grasses and our soil using natural fertilizer. They are raised on native and Bermuda grass pastures with NO grain, hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The steers for purchase were born and raised on the farm, roaming the pastures and receiving gentle, low-stress, and kind treatment.

Steers for beef are available by the half or whole and we will deliver them to the processor. The processor we use knows how to age and process grass-finished beef properly. You work directly with the processor to have the beef cut exactly as you wish. If you have not done this before we will work with you, as will the processor, to figure out the best cuts for you.

Vista Knoll Farm, Charlie or Virginia Whitworth, PO Box 457, Whitewright, TX 75491. (972) 989-4934 or (903) 815-8919.
E-mail: virginia@vistaknollfarms.com. Website: www.vistaknollfarms.com.

Updates posted 1/10/19.


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