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Pastured Products Directory - Maine


Find a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild Maine map, or scroll through the alphabetical list below.

Find local markets, restaurants and stores that sell grass-fed products on Eatwild's Maine Beyond the Farm page.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Alder Brook Pig Farm is tucked in the woods in the small town of Athens, Maine.

We specialize in raising Heritage Breed pork. All our pigs are registered pure bred Large Blacks. This breed is best known for its marbled meat which makes it tender, fine-textured and succulent. It is unlike any pork you ever tasted. By raising the pigs on pasture they don't need medication or antibiotics they receive all the vitamins and nutrients they need from mother nature. We are bringing back the old style pork raised on pasture—happy and never confined.

We sell half a pig or whole. If you don't have a freezer big enough or just a small household we do sell from the freezer. Our smoked goods can be smoked with or without nitrates. All our pork is frozen and packaged at a USDA certified facility. We also sell weaned piglets for 4H projects or to raise your own pork. Farm tours are available

Call or email for more information.

Alder Brook Pig Farm, Lori Costa, 429 Brighton Road, Athens ME 04912. (207) 654-3013.
E-mail: costahouse@tds.net.

Broad Arrow Farm uses regenerative, soil-based methods to raise pigs, lamb, poultry and eggs on pasture and in the woods of Mid-Coast Maine’s Pemaquid Peninsula. We also grow seasonal vegetables.

We sell our products directly to consumers in our on-farm store and through FarmDrop in the Portland, Maine area. We also cold-pack ship our pork and lamb products sold through our online store. Additionally, consumers can find our products in some of Maine’s finest restaurants, butcher shops and specialty grocers.

Although we are not certified organic, we use organic agricultural methods. We never use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We never use GMO products of any kind. We use soy-free, organic feed for all of our livestock—except our lambs and ewes whtich are 100% grass-fed. We have reclaimed more than 30 acres of dense woods, converting them into silvopasture from which all our livestock species can derive plant-based nutrition.

We run a year-round, farrow-to-finish pig operation incorporating heritage breeds (Large Black, GOS, Hereford, Duroc as well as Mangalitsa and Kune Kune) that thrive on forage. Our pigs have free access to pasture and woods all day, everyday. We employ rotational grazing methods to maximize the amount of nutrition our herd derives from forage and to promote soil health. 

We chose the Katahdin breed of sheep because it subsists on the more diverse forage environment of our silvopasture. Katahdins also shine as mothers, regularly giving multiple lambs and producing abundant milk.

Our seasonal meat-bird operation includes chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. We keep a year-round chicken laying flock for on-farm egg sales. Our poultry is processed humanely on-farm and sold in our farm store.

We grow seasonal vegetables from organic seed, using organic compost, fertilizer and mulch when needed, and sell them in our farm store.

Broad Arrow Farm, Dan Sullivan, 33 Benner Road, Bristol, Maine 04539. 207-233-5199.
E-mail: dan@broadarrowfarm.com. Website: www.broadarrowfarm.com.

Heartstone Farm raises high-quality, all-natural 100% grass fed beef on our 300-acre family farm in the heart of Maine. We sell shares (sides, quarter shares) as well as cuts (steaks, ground beef, brisket, roasts) to customers throughout New England (home delivery is free). 

We’ve found three breeds that do well for us: Angus, Hereford, and Devon. They do well on our grass pastures, resulting in tender, marbled, delicious beef! Our goal is to provide great meat and great customer service. We’re proud of the more than 50 5-star reviews we’ve received on Google and Facebook.

We do not use antibiotics or GMO feed, and our mission is to treat our animals humanely, with respect and love. We welcome visitors to the farm. We have a farm store where we sell cuts. Our online store is open 24/7 and features all of our products, or you can contact Dan Kaplan (aka Farmer Dan) at dan@heartstonefarm.me or (207) 424-0063.

Heartstone Farm, Dan Kaplan, 128 Paine Road, Charleston, ME 04422. (207) 424-0063.
E-mail: dan@heartstonefarm.me. Website: www.HeartstoneFarm.me.

At Meadowsweet Farm, we work with our domestic animals and plants and the environment to grow healthy food. We treat all animals with respect and allow them the fullest expression of their natures consistent with good husbandry.

Grassfed and grass finished beef and lamb are available year round at the farm and at the Belfast and Orono Farmer's Markets from May through December. Freezer lambs and sides and quarters of beef are available in the fall by reservation. We also deliver freezer orders to the Boston area at least once in the late fall.

Our cattle, sheep, and chickens are fed a natural diet with no added hormones or chemical fertilizers.

Meadowsweet Farm, Sumner and Paula Roberts, 105 Stevens Road, Swanville ME 04915. (207) 338-1265.
E-mail: meadowsweet@prexar.com.

Misty Brook Farm is a diversified farm in Albion, ME committed to producing high quality staples to satisfy all the requirements of a balanced, healthy diet. We organic logoare certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers.

Our dairy cows are Jersey and Jersey crosses that produce rich creamy milk. The dairy cows, beefers, and veal calves are all 100% grass-fed. They graze from April to November and eat hay during the winter months.

The pigs are our land clearers and we supplement their rooting and grazing with organic ear corn, oats and whey or skim milk.

Our laying hens and broiler chickens are fed organic soy-free grain to complement what they find on pasture while roaming.

Our vegetable garden is managed using draft horses and the diversity of its offerings reflect the season upon us! We grow a variety of mixed vegetables including a great deal of winter storage crops. 

Organic Raw Cow's Milk, Eggs, Pork, Beef, Veal, and Vegetables are available year round. Look for Misty Brook Farm Raw Milk Gouda and Raw Cream available regularly as well! 

Over the course of the 2013 season, we are moving our farm from Barre, MA 250 miles north to Albion, ME!  As of May 2013, we plan to be selling our products in three locations: our new farm shop located at 156 Bog Road, Albion, ME, a farm shop opening soon in Eliot, ME at 28 Starboard Cove Road and our farm shop in Barre, MA at 830 Springhill Road. Check our website to keep tabs on our progress! 

Note that as of now, our Barre, MA Farm Shop is open and will remain so through the 2013 season! 

Misty Brook Farm, Katia & Brendan Holmes, 156 Bog Road, Albion, ME 
E-mail: mistybrookorganicfarm@yahoo.com. Website: www.mistybrook.com.


Patridge Farm raises grass-fed lamb, pasture-raised organic (not certified) pork, chicken, turkey, goose and eggs (chicken, duck and "seasonal goose"). We sell piglets and Pilgrim goslings. Humane off-farm poultry processing by appointment.

Wedding or special celebration? Let us raise your chicken; perfect for small or large event of any kind (must book in advance). Organic pasture-raised Freedom Ranger and Cornish Rock broilers sold whole or "cut-up" to make your life easier. Bone-in breasts, "split" chickens--many options available. Pre-order six chickens to receive a discount. Poultry brochures available, please e-mail or call to discuss. Our wholesome poultry has wonderful flavor and texture.

Berkshire/Tamworth pork sold by the cut (fresh, smoked, and link sausage). Quarter, half and whole hogs available by pre-order. Out meat and bacon has rich, genuine flavor, very distinct and delicious. It is lean with slight marbling.

Icelandic lamb meat is fine-grained, very mild and delectable.

Holiday turkeys and heritage goose are available from November on, with bone-less breasts and legs available into the New Year while supplies last. Food lovers are discovering that goose fat has unsurpassed taste and is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. It is high in "heart healthy" mono- and poly-unsaturated fats and rich in oleic acid C18:1.

Patridge Farm is a small third generation farm. All our animals are raised and rotated with care on organic pasture--no cages--and fed organic grain along with organic fruits and veggies grown on our farm. Unlike "naturally grown" animals, all our animals are fed organic grain that contains no GMOs, herbicides and pesticides and all else that "naturally grown" are given.

Meat and eggs sold on farm by appointment. Visits encouraged. We are a mere 2 1/2 hours from Boston and 35 minutes from Hanover and Franconia, NH. Reasonable delivery fees available. We also sell at farmers markets in Rollinsford, Exeter, Lebanon and Hanover, NH.

Patridge Farm, Mary Jones, 583 County Road, North Haverhill, NH 03774. (603) 989-5589 or (603) 918-1451.
E-mail: meatatjones@yahoo.com.

Sebago Lake Ranch is located 1 mile from the South shore of Sebago Lake on the Gorham/Standish line. We also farm in other parts of Gorham and Standish. We have been raising beef under a Natural label since the 1990s and switched to a no-grain, grass-only diet in 2006.

We have practiced management intensive grazing since 1999 and worked with the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service for many years on projects to improve soil, water and air quality. As the manager of Sebago Lake Ranch I farm on a professional level. I have a BS from Cornell University in Animal Science and have attended various schools and seminars on Grass-Fed beef. I also have an extensive library on the subject, constantly staying up to date with the newest knowledge and technology.

Animals are humanely, safely and efficiently handled with a chute system purchased in 2006. We have been certified with the Maine Beef Quality Assurance program. We use a local abattoir that is federally USDA inspected and packages the meat in cryovac plastic. Right now we are limited to a seasonal production model because we want to achieve the maximum levels of Omega-3 and CLA that can be found in an animal finished on green grass. You may also find us at the Portland Farmers Market in Deering Oaks Park, May–November from 7–noon, and at the Sebago Brewing Company at their Portland, Scarborough, and Gorham locations.

We also produce/sell Maple Syrup.

Sebago Lake Ranch, Ben and Kattie Hartwell, 443 Sebago Lake Road, Gorham ME 04038. (207) 892-2586.
E-mail: sebagolakeranch@gmail.com. Website: www.sebagolakeranch.com.

Second Chance Farm, LLC and Longfellow's Creamery offers grass-fed, dry-aged, certified organic beef; whey-fed, pastured Berkshire pork; grass and milk-fed certified organic veal; raw milk and farmstead cheese. Our dairy animals became certified organic and our class A dairy was licensed in May 2007.

We sell meat either by the cut, or in quarters or halves; milk by the quart, 1/2 gallon or gallon; and cheese by the pound. We gladly ship overnight in cool-pak boxes, and we sell from the farm gate and at various farmers markets in Maine.

Our animals are humanely raised and we use sustainable farming practices. Our farm's motto is: "Nourishing the body, sustaining the spirit, celebrating community." Call us at the farm and we will be happy to serve your needs!

Second Chance Farm, LLC., Kathy Trodden, 20 Maple Lane/PO Box 431, Avon ME 04966. (207) 639-2074.
E-mail: info@longfellowscreamery.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Second-Chance-Farm-Longfellows-Creamery-LLC/70912731624.

Thunder Hill Farm is located in Waterford, Maine. We raise Scottish Highland Beef Cattle on 75 acres on our farm. Our cattle are grass-only fed by rotationally grazing from May to October. They eat hay or haylage during the winter months that has been produced from our fields. Our cattle are raised the way nature intended.

All livestock on our farm is respected and raised humanely. No growth hormones or additives are ever used. They are always given room to roam, a barn for shelter when they choose and a constantly year round supply of spring fed water.

Our delicious Highland Beef is available by the whole, side, quarter or piece. Orders for whole, side or a quarter of beef is best secured before May. Your order will be cut, vacuum packed and flash frozen to your specifications at a USDA facility. Our Highland Beef is also available by the piece from our farm.

We also grow pork and chicken to order. Order a whole or half a hog and a specific number of chickens before April 15th to assure availability. These animals will be raised on grass, as much as possible, for you. Supplemental grain may be needed. Your order will be available in the fall.

Thunder Hill Farm Highland Beef is for sale at our farm (please call) and at Bridgton Farmers' Market, Saturdays 8–12 and Greenwood Farmers' Market, Fridays 4–6

Thunder Hill Farm, Dottie Bell, 42 Bell Road, Waterford ME 04088. (207) 583-4146; cell: (207) 461-2686.
E-mail: dbell.thf@gmail.com.


Page last updated on 3/22/19.


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