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Pastured Products Directory – Kentucky

Find farms or ranches near you on our Eatwild Kentucky map, or browse the alphabetical list of farms below.

Find grassfed products in your local stores, markets and restaurants on Eatwild's Kentucky Beyond the Farm page.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Ararat Farm is a family farm located in the mountains of Lee County, Virginia, dedicated to raising the healthiest, best tasting grass-fed beef and pastured pork you can find! We practice holistic management so that we can better steward all life on our farm, from the microbes under the soil to the animals eating the grass.

Our cattle are intensively rotated through the pastures to ensure they always have access to premium grass and forbs and allowing plenty of regrowth time for the grass.

Our pigs are rotated through a combination of pasture and woods to allow them to forage to the fullness of the ability that God created them with.

We have been proudly providing hormone- and antibiotic-free meats to customers for seven years now. We sell the beef in bulk (quarter, halves, and whole) two times a year (spring and fall). We sell the pork by halves and whole in the summer (to take advantage of the grasses) and the winter (to take advantage of the fall acorn crop). We use a local processor to butcher the meat, so it is frozen hard, labeled, and vacuum-packed when you get it.

We welcome our customers to come visit the farm and see how their food is raised. Please contact us to get more information about ordering or about our farm.

Ararat Farm, Matt Watson or Mike Watson, 294 Ararat Drive, Jonesville, VA 24263. Matt: (276) 708-6913, Mike: (276) 393-6347.
E-mail: locallunaticfarmer@hushmail.com. Website: www.araratfarm.com.

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At Ashbourne Farms, our mission is to promote sustainable agricultural practices and intentional wildlife stewardship to maintain an optimal balance in the farm ecosystem. We strive not only to work as an operating farm, but also to manage our land and soils to the utmost standards to promote minimal erosion and optimal organic build-up. We believe that careful land management for farming and wildlife is the only way to assure a thriving, productive environment for generations to come.

We offer Grassfed Beef and Pastured Pork products to the consumer without the use of any antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. Our unique mix of Shorthorn and Black Angus cattle are rotationally grazed across our ample pastures of rolling hills and mixed hardwood stands. Our pastured pork products come from heritage breed hogs, raised by a local farmer who adheres to the same sustainable farming practices as we do. We are proud members of the American Grassfed Association and are also Animal Welfare Approved.

Our ever-expanding gardens supply not only our farmer's markets, but also our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. We provide our customers with fresh produce on a weekly basis, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our farmer's markets and CSA distributions are open weekly from mid-May through mid-October. Registration for our CSA typically begins January 1st and closes when all shares have been sold.

We offer whole, half, quarter, or eighth cows as well as several custom packages and cuts of beef and pork, in addition to Stella’s Lucky Eggs. With easy online ordering and helpful customer service, we make it easy to "Satisfy your appetite for things that matter." Please contact us or visit our website for more information.

Ashbourne Farms, Cathy Shepherd, 3800 Old Westport Road, La Grange KY 40031. (502) 222-0602
E-mail: info@ashbournefarms.com. Website: www.ashbournefarms.com.

Beautifield Farm in Dayton OH raises pastured, soy-free and organic meat and eggs on a 13-acre farm about 15 minutes from downtown Dayton. We currently pasture KuneKune pigs, Katahdin sheep, Red Ranger broilers and we raise ducks and chickens for eggs.

Our animals are all rotated frequently to enable access to fresh pasture. We never feed soy, and only use organic feed for our chickens and pigs.

We strive to always improve the health of our farm ecosystem, the nutrition of our food and offer our livestock the best possible life. As our 11-year-old said of our animals: "If you only have one bad day, you've had a good life!"

In stock we currently have eggs, pork by the cut (including bacon), and whole broiler chickens.

Beautifield Farm, Andrew and Mary Beauchamp, 4669 Bath Road, Dayton OH 45424. Phone: two four eight 890-4389.
E-mail: beautifield.org at gmail.com. Website: http://beautifield.org.

At Bluegrass Grazing, our cattle and sheep are rotationally grazed, which basically means, they usually only graze the same piece of land a few days a year. This is more healthful for the land, which is more healthful for the animals which in turn is more healthful for people. Our animals are 100% grass-fed, given no steroids, no hormones and no antibiotics. We strive to holistically manage our land and animals so that everything is able to produce and thrive optimally.

As a family, we raise our livestock as a means to provide healthful food, but we also strive to instill in our children and grandchildren a love of the land, work and life skills and a strong work ethic as we work together towards a shared goal.

Our goal at Bluegrass Grazing is to provide healthful meat that is tasty and nourishing. We also want to provide you with a meat that contributes to abundant health for you and your family. We are certified with the Kentucky Proud and Homegrown By Heroes programs.

You can order whole beef, half beef, quarter beef, and whole lamb through our website. We welcome you to visit our farm for farm tours where you can also buy individual cuts of beef and lamb. If you have any questions, we would love to speak with you! You can find us on Facebook @bluegrassgrazing.

Bluegrass Grazing, Jeff Gibson, 8861 KY 762, Philpot, KY 42366. (Jeff) 270-314-4587, (Becky) 270-993-2594
E-mail: bluegrassgrazing@yahoo.com. Website: www.bluegrassgrazing.com.

Brookview Farm is Lexington Kentucky's premier registered Devon cattle farm, raising grass-fed, grass-finished beef. We sell our beef products under the name of Brookview Beef to our local Lexington community. We have two pick up locations. One of them is at our farm, the other is 216 Holiday Road, Lexingon, KY. We also deliver!

We love providing a more healthful alternative to corn-fed beef. Grass-fed beef products are rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, and Vitamin C and offer you more “good” Omega 3 fats. Studies show CLA, also present in grass-fed beef, help in the fight against cancer.

Brookview Beef does not contain added hormones, antibiotics or other drugs. Most importantly, Brookview Beef is healthy, natural and delicious. We achieve this by grazing our Devon Cattle solely on pasture, rotating through small paddocks from birth to finish. Unlike many popular breeds developed for the feedlot system, our Devon Cattle produce tender, well-marbled beef on grass alone which promotes the welfare of our animals and the health of our land.

Beef can be purchased by appointment in halves or quarters, or by the individual cut. Ground beef is sold in two-pound packages. All cuts are vacuum packed and frozen. In addition to grass-fed beef we also sell farm fresh eggs.

Brookview Beef, Douglas and Jenny Owens, 7700 Colby Road, Winchester KY 40391. (859) 509-4236.
E-mail: jenny@brookviewfarmky.com. Website: www.brookviewfarmky.com.

Clover Farm has been raising all natural Grass-Fed Beef since 2008. We sell USDA inspected beef by the cut, shares or whole beef in Springfield, TN, Nashville and the surrounding Middle Tennessee area.

Our farm utilizes the concepts of sustainable agriculture where everything begins with the soil. We manage our pastures with a variety of grasses and utilize rotational grazing without the use of chemicals. Our beef has no antibiotics or hormones and are fully matured to 28 months before slaughter.

Clover Farms has been certified “Advanced Master Beef Producer” by the State of Tennessee and continually networks with educational resources to improve our offering of all natural Grass-Fed Beef products. We are 100% focused on providing a flavorful product.

We are passionate about what we do and connecting with local customers to make sure their experience with grass-fed beef is pleasurable. We welcome our customers to visit our farm and see first hand where their meals originate. We do not sell wholesale but we do offer retail discounts based upon volume.

Clover Farm, R David Lee, 4133 Hoods Branch Road, Springfield, TN 37172. (615) 504-3300.
E-mail: rdavidlee@me.com. Website: https://www.facebook.com/CloverFarm.TN.

Cooney Creek Farm is a 250 acre family farm nestled in the hills of Lawrence County, Ohio. We are located in Wheelersburg, Ohio, 100 miles south of Columbus; 30 miles from Huntington, WV; 20 miles from Ashland, KY. The name comes from the largest stream going through the farm.

Cooney Creek is the outlet for 27,000 acres of National Forest land that borders us on three sides. The land has been farmed since the early 1700s to produce meat, dairy, fruit and crops for local consumption. Corn and soybean, beef, pork and turkeys were the main products until Jim and Cindy Yancy purchased the land in 1996 for Quarter Horses. The years of creating more grassland and developing mountain springs to supply stock have seen the operation focus on holistic, sustainable practices.

We now have a few good horses who graze along with our beef herd. Red Devon genetics have been used since the first cow was AI’d by Cindy and are the basis for our gentle, thrifty cattle. Our herd is now Red Devon influenced and registered Red Devon. Each year we get closer to our goal of year round grazing. Our stock thrive on natural forages and are supplemented only with hay and minerals. Only emergent care medicines are used to treat injury. We are not certified organic but follow many organic practices. We do embrace sustainable and holistic principles and have where selected as Outstanding NRCS Cooperators of the year.

Processing is done at a USDA facility and beef is dry aged for at least 14 days, cut to customer order, clear vacuum-wrapped and quick frozen. We sell by the cut, halves and whole beef. Beef consistently grades at high select to low choice, providing wonderful eating. Discover for yourself what beef was like prior to industrialization.

Farm visits are welcome with an appointment. We will be granting hunting leases in the future for deer, turkey. Call to place your order or for more information.

Cooney Creek Farm, Jim and Cindy Yancy, 2049 State Route 522, Pedro OH 45659. (740) 532-8988.
E-mail: cooneycreekfarm@hughes.net.

Cox Family Farms provides grass-fed heirloom beef from the rolling hills of Kentucky to the Greater Cincinnati area.

Like horses and bourbon, Kentucky produces world class beef! We receive accolades on taste and tenderness from local chefs and families alike but our primary responsibility is to provide our customers with the healthiest food available.

Our beeves are treated with utmost care and attention from pasture to plate. Our mission is to provide food to local families and businesses that is organically, ethically and environmentally responsible. We believe that people should be able to provide healthy, high quality food to their families for an affordable price.

We also carry pastured milk, cheese and eggs from other local farmers that meet our high standards. We deliver weekly to the Anderson, Florence, Ft. Thomas and Hyde Park areas. Please see our website for details.

Cox Family Farms, Elizabeth Cox, 151 Cox Lane, Foster KY 41043. (513) 484-8809.
E-mail: coxfamilyfarms@gmail.com. Website: http://thecoxfamilyfarms.com.

Dogwood Farm raises all beef calves from birth. Since 1964, when the herd began as a 4-H project, the primary enterprise has been the production of registered Polled Hereford breeding cattle. Currently producing up to 85 calves annually, the closed cow herd is forage-oriented, selected for ability to thrive on pasture.

Dogwood Farm Polled Herefords are very docile, gentle-tempered cattle. Their relaxed natures and low-stress lives contribute to tenderness in the finished beef. Hereford beef is naturally good-tasting, consistently flavorful meat.

No pesticides or herbicides are used on pastures. No growth hormones are used, nor antibiotics except for rare emergency treatment. Tiny natural predator wasps help suppress fly populations. Cattle graze a variety of pasture grasses, clovers, and other legumes during the green season through rotational or management intensive grazing. During early winter, cattle graze stockpiled fescue, ryegrass and green wheat. Cows remain on pasture with free-choice hay during cold months, occasionally supplemented with high fiber soyhulls during severe weather.

Calves are born in March/April or September/October. Half the calves from each crop are selected for breeding or seedstock sale. The remainder are available for custom finishing by advance reservation. Currently, calves sell on hoof or through arrangement with local processors twice a year. Whole cow hamburger will be available as demand warrants.

Dogwood Farm, Toby and Debby Dulworth, 2492 South Kirkman Road, LaCenter KY 42056.
E-mail: dogwood@brtc.net. Website: www.kyagr.com/KDAPage.aspx?id=6184.

DreamCatcher Farm, located near Taylorsville, Kentucky, is 170 acres of beautiful Kentucky farmland that is home to grass-fed Devon and Angus cattle. Although grass-fed beef is the primary livestock on the farm, lamb and pork are also raised using sustainable farming methods.

Through management intensive grazing, our cows are pastured on alfalfa, orchard grass, red clover, and other native Kentucky grasses. No pesticides or chemicals are ever used on our grasses. Likewise, during winter months, the cattle are given alfalfa/clover/orchard grass hay that is grown on our farm. No growth implants or hormones are ever used on our cattle. Antibiotics are used only in life or death emergencies. Never stressed or driven, the beef from these cows is tender and lean. Extra care is given to the humane treatment of all DreamCatcher animals – especially through the harvesting process.

DreamCatcher Farm's signature item is a whole-cow gourmet ground beef. Our customers tell us it tastes like beef used to taste years ago, before all the chemicals, additives, and feedlots came along.

DreamCatcher beef, lamb, and pork are sold direct in Louisville through six local farmers markets and one retail outlet. DreamBurgers, our signature hamburger, are available at Stan’s Restaurant in St. Matthews and at the BearGrass Christian Church farmers market on Saturday mornings. You can also come and enjoy a whole hog pork sausage biscuit at that same farmers market as well. Please visit our website for the entire farmers market listing.

DreamCatcher Farm, Lelia Gentle, 3253 Beals Branch Road, Louisville KY 40207. (Farm located in Little Mount, KY.) (502) 896-6006.
E-mail: dreamcatcherfarm@bellsouth.net. Website: www.dreamcatchergrassfed.com.

Dutch Creek Farm, located in Pleasureville, Kentucky, is an environmentally-conscientious, diversified-livestock farm producing grass-fed beef, pastured poultry and eggs since 1983. We are committed to environmentally sound and sustainable farming practices and to the humane treatment of our animals.

Jared's Beef is Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World, and Certified Grass-Fed by the American Grass-Fed Association.

AGA logo
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We believe strongly in the nutritional benefit and vitality that the forages bring to us and our livestock. Through proper pasture management, we believe the grasses and greens create a healthier food item for your enjoyment and well being.

Dutch Creek Farm's pasture-raised eggs—"Chelsey's Eggs"—can be found at Whole Foods Markets in Louisville and Lexington. You can find our pastured chicken and 100% grassfed beef and eggs at Rainbow Blossom, ValuMarket, Whole Life Buying Club in Louisville, Ky and Good Foods Coop in Lexington Ky. Or visit our online store and order directly from the farm. You can find us under the blue tent at the St. Matthews Farmers Market on Shelbyville Road in Louisville, Ky from May thru September!

Thank you for supporting our family farm.

Doug and Susan Schlosnagle
Chelsey and Taylor Callis
Jared Schlosnagle

Dutch Creek Farm, Doug and Susan Schlosnagle, 609 Magruder Pike, Pleasureville KY 40057. 502-321-2727 and 502-257-2084.
E-mail: info@dutchcreekfarms.com. Website: www.dutchcreekfarms.com.

Elmwood Stock Farm wants to be your farm! Our multigenerational family farms 550 certified organic acres in the Bluegrassusda logo of Scott County, Kentucky. The diversified operation includes several types of enterprises: Black Angus breeding stock cattle where the genetics, bloodlines and background of each animal is known and available, heritage breed turkeys hatched and raised on the farm, a flock of sheep grazed in a carefully planned rotation producing spring lambs each season, and over 30 acres of organic vegetables.

At Elmwood Stock Farm, we offer 100% grass fed beef and lamb, pastured chickens, eggs, heritage breed turkeys, and fresh produce. We serve Central KY, Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati through a CSA Farm Share program, farmers markets, and online sales with delivery. Elmwood honors a commitment to healthy and wholesome production of superior, high-quality fresh farm products. USDA Organic Certification ensures that we follow safe and sustainable practices every day of the year. Our livestock are well nurtured, our conservation practices ensure better soil and water for future generations, and once you've tried our products we feel certain you'll find the quality and taste superior.

We only offer items that we grow ourselves at Elmwood Stock Farm so you can be assured of how your food is produced. We have been continually USDA Certified Organic since the program was created, and are certified by Kentucky Department of Agriculture. All of our meats and poultry are USDA Inspected for food safety and our butchers are USDA Certified Organic.

Visit us online to learn more about our healthy farm foods including our CSA Meat Shares, our Organic Beef Bundles, and the farmers markets we attend near you. Our current inventory is available on our website and you can place an order for pickup or delivery. We want to be your farm!

Elmwood Stock Farm, Ann & Mac Stone or John Bell, 3520 Paris Road, Georgetown KY 40324. (859) 621-0755.
E-mail: ElmwoodOrders@gmail.com. Website: www.elmwoodstockfarm.com/.

Faul Family Riverside Farm is a small family farm in Henry County, Kentucky. We currently raise Pastured Poultry, Pastured Pork, Pasture-Raised Laying Hens for Eggs as well as Turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Our inspiration comes from Joel Salatin, thus we strive to mimic his farming practices. Our goal is to regenerate our farm through sustainable practices, using animals to rejuvenate our pastures and increase our soil fertility.

Ordering can be done through our website. We have several pick-up points around Louisville and offer free delivery on large orders.

Faul Family Riverside Farm, Andre Faul, 4845 Sulphur Road, Sulphur, KY, 40070. (502) 641-2641.
E-mail: riversidefarmky@gmail.com. Website: www.faulriversideky.com.

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Foxhollow Farm – All Natural, Locally Raised, Pasture Grazed, Grass Fed Beef.

Foxhollow Farm is a 1300-acre 4th-generation family farm with woodlands, creeks, and rolling fields of grasslands located 20 minutes from downtown Louisville. Our mission is to create a thriving Biodynamic farm community. We raise 100% grassfed beef and are dedicated to growing healthy food and strengthening the relationship between human beings and nature.

Our grassfed cattle, a mix of Red Angus, Tarantace, Barzona, Hereford, Afrikander, Jersey and Short Horn, enjoy new pastures every day. This method helps to replenish our soil and to produce a truly excellent grassfed beef product that is healthier for both you and our cows. We also support entrepreneurial partner growers whose businesses range from CSA models to prepared food to pastured animals.

Foxhollow Farm offers an array of specialty grassfed beef packages available directly to consumers via our website and booths at local farmers markets. Visit us to reconnect with nature, experience our Sunset Concert Series, our annual Fall Festival, and of course, enjoy our 100% grassfed beef.

Foxhollow Farm, 8905 Highway 329, Crestwood KY 40014. (502) 241-9674.
E-mail: grassfedbeef@foxhollow.com. Website: www.foxhollow.com.

Good Life Ranch is a family owned and operated sustainable farm in south central Kentucky. We are Kentucky Proud certified, and we use "beyond organic" techniques. We raise all of our animals as naturally and humanely as we can. That means no painful castrations or branding, no feedlot fattening, no grain for cattle, goats, and sheep, and no early weaning. We raise our ruminants on grass alone. Our pigs forage in the woods for acorns, roots, and tubers as well as receiving seconds from the garden. Our poultry (chicken and turkeys) spend their lives roaming freely in the pastures and gardens eating insects and green material.

We process our animals at a local, family-owned and operated facility very close by the ranch. Our animals travel a very short distance and are kept together in groups so they are not anxious and stressed by being separated from the herd. We stay with them through the very end and supervise the process very closely The well-being of our animals is our top priority throughout their lives. On our ranch, the animals truly have a Good Life.

Currently our products are available through direct farm sales and at the Market on Main in Somerset, KY. If you are interested in placing a meat order with us, contact us right away. The demand for our meats consistently outweighs our supply, especially for Thanksgiving Turkeys.

Good Life Ranch, Geoff McPherson, 563 Via San Miguel, Liberty KY 42539. (606) 787-4217.
E-mail: geoff@goodliferanch.com. Website: www.goodliferanch.com.

Welcome to Gourmet Pasture Beef where fresh air, water, sunshine and lush pastures create a special beef unique to middle Tennessee—about 50 miles southwest of Bowling Green, KY. We use these natural ingredients to craft highly marbled works of art showcasing what first-class beef is meant to be; naturally wholesome with a rich, full flavor you will savor.

We raise only the finest grass-finished beef on high quality, local forages here in Robertson County. Rest assured we only offer beef made with natural ingredients - and never any artificial growth stimulants (hormones).

Each cut is hand butchered in a local USDA facility where it is dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days to insure you receive home raised quality in every bite! Treat yourself to a naturally juicy steak or make memorable dishes with our Gourmet ground beef and roasts conveniently delivered to your door.

When you simply want the best taste with nutritional advantages unique to grass-fed beef, trust the experience you will find in our products. Only the best for you and your family, from our pasture to your plate, as nature intended.

Gourmet Pasture Beef, Josh and Kathy Gunn, 5458 Gunn Road, Springfield, TN 37172. (615) 504-2046.
E-mail: steak@gourmetpasturebeef.com. Website: www.gourmetpasturebeef.com.

Grace & Joy Farms is a 270-acre family owned farm raising grass-fed and grass-finished cattle and sheep using humane and all natural processes. Our steers are moved from field to field and graze on non-treated high quality nourishing forage. When ice and snow prevent natural grazing, we provide the highest quality hay to our animals. No pesticides or chemicals are used on our forage. Our animals ingest young clover and a variety of "salad bar" greens including various grasses and free choice minerals. They are provided with a source of fresh water and we maintain a low stress environment. We do not use any antibiotics or hormones in our cattle or sheep, ever.

Their grass fed diet translates into healthier beef and lamb as well as a superior taste. Grass-fed results in higher levels of CLA and Omega 3. Additionally, our beef is dry-aged for a minimum of fourteen days which adds to the flavor and tenderness.

Our goal is to provide superior beef and lamb at competitive prices for those who are educating themselves about the content and quality of their food. We have an "open farm" policy and are happy for those wishing to purchase beef to come visit our farm and see the animals for themselves. We are located in Bloomfield, Kentucky off Exit 34 on the Bluegrass Parkway. We are centrally located within one hour of Lexington, Louisville, and Elizabethtown.

Grace & Joy Farms, Matt and Kelli Morgan, 2130 Highway 1066, Bloomfield KY 40008. (502) 648-9484.
E-mail: matt@graceandjoyfarms.com. Website: www.graceandjoyfarms.com.

Grass Corp. believes our farming practices can change the world. We feed the life in the soil that it might grow healthy plants to feed the animals to create nutritious pasture-raised eggs, pork, chicken and turkey; grass-finished lamb and beef; and 100% grass fed raw dairy.

We farm simply, with the animals grazing lush pastures. Our job is to care for the land that we might manage the pastures and the animals to create nutrient-dense foods. There is no need for antibiotics or hormones.

We now offer home delivery shipping. Our shipping area covers all of Indiana and Kentucky and parts of Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, and Georgia.

Grass Corp., The Steckler Family: Stan, Martha, Gavin, Garth, Samantha, Blake, Joel, Danielle, Eli and Jeremiah, 15606 Oriole Road, Leopold IN 47551. (812) 843-3277.
E-mail: grasscorp@psci.net. Website: www.grasscorp.net.

Grassroots Farm & Foods is a family farm of 380 certified-organic acres, producing: 100% grassfed Red Devon beef, 100% grassfed Katahdin lamb, woodlot pork, pastured chickens, and pastured eggs. In addition, Susan’s Soulful Kitchen (certified by Ohio Department of Agriculture) creates:

  • Grassfed Chili,
  • Moroccan and Vietnamese Sliders
  • Short rib Burgers
  • Bone Broth
  • Chicken Stock
  • Bolognese Sauce
  • Beef Barbacoa
  • Pulled Pork, and
  • Meatballs.

Our pastures and our kitchen generate nutrient-dense, convenient, and delicious foods, guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. We produce food you can trust.

On-farm sales, plus weekly delivery to Cincinnati area. Will go to Dayton and Columbus, Ohio for large enough orders.

Grassroots Farm & Foods, Drausin & Susan Wulsin, 1727 Frost Road, Hillsboro, OH 45133. (740) 634-2440.
E-mail: drausin@grassrootsfoods.biz. Website: www.grassrootsfoods.biz.

Groce Family Farm is a small family farm in Southern Indiana. We offer chicken, pork, beef, and lamb, plus fresh, never frozen, pastured, GMO-free Thanksgiving turkeys which can be reserved through our website.

All of our animals have access to frequently rotating pastures, and our pigs and poultry are fed a non-GMO grain supplement in addition. The heritage breed pigs enjoy a life in the woods, where they exhibit their natural instincts in fresh new paddocks every week. Every 4–7 days our slower-growing chickens are given a brand new paddock that provides them with a fresh, new 30-square-feet per bird.

All of our ruminants are fed strictly forage, and remain outside year round. Most of them end up in our meat Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares.

Our CSA program provides a stress-free way to provide your family with healthy, ethical, local, convenient meat—plus no need to buy a freezer to get a discount or avoid having your favorites go out of stock. With our CSA, you receive at least 20% more each month than a shopper spending the same amount at our retail booth. Our meat CSA features:

  • Discounted but consistent access to the best pastured meats.
  • A wide variety of pasture-raised chicken and pork, and grass fed beef and lamb.
  • Convenient drop off locations.
  • Three sizes to choose from: $75, $100, and $140/month.

Visit https://grocefamilyfarm.com/collections/new-meat-csa-bundles to sign up for one of our Meat CSA subscriptions today!

We participate in farmers markets in Louisville, KY, including the St. Matthews Farmers Market and the Original Bardstown Road Farmers Market. We have monthly drop off locations for our meat CSA in Louisville and New Albany. Email us, or check out our website for details. We do not ship.

You can also find our food at many fine restaurants and grocery stores throughout Louisville and southern Indiana.

Groce Family Farm, Luke and Katherine Groce, 1513 East Carnes Mill Road, English, IN 47118. (502) 436-0311.
E-mail: info@grocefamilyfarm.com. Website: http://grocefamilyfarm.com.

The Honored Prairie Fellowship of Family Farms represents a local group of like-minded farmers and artisans. We are working together to produce and market healthful pasture-raised foods that are a direct result of sustainable farming practices that honor the Creator's intended design of our land.

Products Offered:

  • Grass-fed Beef
  • Raw Milk Cheese
  • Free-Range Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Duck and more.

How & Where to Buy:
Our Farm-to-table distribution model works by taking online orders on our website (www.honoredprairie.com). We then deliver your order to an established Honored Prairie Buying Club pickup location. (View our Welcome Video to learn more about who we are and how to order.)

We are currently establishing pickup points in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and surrounding areas. Contact us about starting a buying club in your area!

Honored Prairie, Blaine Hitzfield, 2046 Damson Drive, Villa Hills, KY 41017. (877) 997-9449.
E-mail: sales@honoredprairie.com. Website: www.honoredprairie.com.

the Jerrys Farm is an organic horse powered farm sustainably serving Lexington and beyond.

"the Jerrys Farm" has grown each year in supplying individuals with healthy meat raised on certified organic pastures. We offer beef, chicken, pork, fresh eggs, and a variety of nourishing heirloom produce—all from a trusted local supplier. Orders are taken any time, but the grass finished beef and milk-fed pork are only processed in late fall. Our pasture-raised broiler roasting chickens are available at the farm store.

Our farm is horse-powered and managed in a sustainable fashion. Draft work horses instead of heavy machinery, and a solar-powered livestock watering system make environmental sense and match the scale of the farming operation. The pasture-made approach to raising pigs and cattle, followed by chickens, has shown itself to be very good for the animals and the land.

Everything grown on the Jerrys Farm will be safe and healthy from people you know. We have opted out of factory farming, now you can opt out of factory food. Visit the farm and find out where YOUR food is coming from.

Meet the horses and see for yourself at our next Farm Open House held the second Saturday of each month.

the Jerrys Farm, Jerry Hicks and Jerry Neff, 2859 Three Mile Run, Flemingsburg KY 41041. (606) 845-2312.
Website: http://thejerrysfarm.com.

Larry's Healthy Beef raises registered Angus cattle on forages only—no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones. Half and whole cattle are available in late fall for custom processing by local slaughterhouses. Free delivery to slaughterhouse. Call for deposit information and processing dates.

Our specialty—Whole Cow Hamburger—is available year round. It is USDA-inspected and available in one pound packages. Enjoy lean grassfed beef that comes from the entire cow—prime rib, T-bones, roast, ground beef, etc.—all ground together into the best hamburger you have ever tasted! Come see our humanely treated cattle enjoying lush pasture, water, shade.

Our Angus cattle are selected to excel on pasture only—with a direct chop forage only winter feeding program on the New Zealand-type plan. Registered breeding stock always available for sale. Visit our website for more on our breeding and feeding program.

Larry's Healthy Beef, Larry Sansom, 3096 Cedar Grove Road, Hartford KY 42347-9742. (270) 302-2836.
E-mail: angus@larrysansom.com or kylandbroker@gmail.com. Website: www.larrysansom.com.

Little Brush Creek Farm, located in South-Central Kentucky, raises pasture fed beef and goats, and has raw goat's milk available through goat share contracts. We also offer rabbit meat and rabbits for pets.

All animals are raised on pasture, with no growth hormones, no prophylactic antibiotics, and no feed except for does being milked. They receive a custom blended feed containing corn, molasses, sunflower seeds and other natural products. All animals have free choice access to a kelp/mineral supplement and free choice hay available year round. In the winter, when pastures are sparse, they have access to natural protein supplements, with no urea and no animal protein. Worming is done on an as-needed basis based upon examination, rather than schedule.

Beef calves are available on the hoof. Goats are available on the hoof, or as USDA inspected steaks, ribs or goatburger patties.

Goat's milk, through shares, can be picked up at the farm or delivered locally. It can also be shipped frozen.

We invite, and encourage, customers and potential customers to come visit the farm and see what we're doing.

Little Brush Creek Farm, Ray Kruse, 693 Big Brush Creek Road, Buffalo KY 42716. (270) 932-5388.
E-mail: rkruse@johngalt.biz.

McCrory Farms have grassfed Katahdin Hair Sheep for sale in the fall. No grain (except for ewes in the winter), no antibiotics, no hormones. Very little worm medicine is used due to bred-in natural resistance and rotational grazing.

Limited number available at $1.00 per pound. Sold on foot, can have butchered locally. Sold by reservations. Tails are not docked. Weigh 100#.

McCrory Farms, Robert G. McCrory DVM, 1516 Main Street, Benton KY 42025. (270) 527-3767.
E-mail: rmccrory@vci.net.

Old Homeplace Farm is a fifth generation family farm committed to providing delicious, grass fed meat to eastern and southern Kentucky. Our rich bottomland pastures at the headwaters of the Kentucky River provide ideal conditions for raising our naturally-grown beef, lambs, goats, pork, and pastured chickens. We never feed any grain to our ruminants.

Our goal at Old Homeplace Farm is to provide your family with exceptionally flavorful, healthy food at a fair price. We use rotational grazing to ensure our animals have constant access to fresh, succulent forages. We are not currently certified organic, but our management practices meet or exceed all guidelines for USDA organic certification. Of course, this means that all meats from Old Homeplace Farm have been raised without antibiotics or hormone implants. More detailed accounts of our livestock management practices and environmental stewardship can be found on our website.

Several options exist if you are interested in Old Homeplace Farm grass fed meats. First, if you enjoy a variety of fresh meats but have limited freezer space we offer the Old Homeplace Farm Pastured Meats CSA. This CSA features year-round deliveries that provides your family with a monthly assortment of grass fed beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. We also offer grass fed beeves and pastured lambs for bulk purchase (whole or half animals). All animals are processed at our local USDA-inspected processing facility, and will be vacuum-packed to maintain their quality.

A limited number of subscriptions for the Old Homeplace Farm Pastured Meats CSA are currently available. Bulk purchases of grass fed beef and pastured lamb are available in the fall; pastured chickens and forage-finished goats are available on a custom basis throughout the summer and fall. Additional details about purchasing Old Homeplace Farm meats can be found on our website.

Old Homeplace Farm, WIll Bowling, PO Box 253, Oneida KY 40972. (606) 847-4868.
E-mail: will.e.bowling@gmail.com. Website: www.oldhomeplacefarm.com.

Patriot Pastures is a veteran-owned and operated family farm located in Harrodsburg, KY. We offer pasture-raised, non-GMO eggs, pork, chicken, beef, and naturally-grown vegetables. We utilize rotational grazing for all of our animals and focus on sustainable practices that nourishes our family, local consumers, and the land. We are part of both the Kentucky Proud and Homegrown by Heroes designations.

We are working to turn our 95-acre piece of the bluegrass into a productive, sustainable, and abundant landscape. Our cows are 100% grass fed and finished. Our pigs and chickens are also pasture-raised and fed only locally-milled, non-GMO grain. Our vegetables are grown without the use of any conventional pesticides or herbicides. We specialize in succulent heirloom tomatoes, crisp lettuces, vitamin packed leafy greens, and much more!

We have online ordering available on our website and accept PayPal and all major credit cards. We deliver within 1 hour of Harrodsburg (including Lexington, Frankfort, Danville, Bardstown, and more) with a $40 minimum order. We also sell at the Mercer County Farmers' Market, open from May to October. On-farm pickup is always available as well!

Pork and beef can be available with custom processing by the half or whole. Please contact us for more information.

Patriot Pastures, Glen Pegher, 550 Central Pike, Harrodsburg, KY 40330. 859-325-0536.
E-mail: glen@patriotpastures.com. Website: patriotpastures.com.

Pike Valley Farm is a sustainable farm located in the heart of the bluegrass. We raise Kentucky Proud, 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and chicken on certified organic pasture.

We move our animals daily to fresh grass, and they receive no hormones or antibiotics EVER. They live happy, healthy lives, and that health passes directly on to you.

We have an On-Farm Buying Club, several metropolitan buying clubs, and we also offer FREE DELIVERY on all bulk orders right to your door. Free Farm Tours with a catered meal are offered throughout the spring and summer months.

Check out our website for more details and make the choice to buy direct from your local family farm today.

Pike Valley Farm , Winston and Teresa Pike, 714 Pike Lane, Lancaster KY 40444. (859) 548-3777.
E-mail: sales@pikevalleyfarm.com. Website: www.pikevalleyfarm.com.

Pure Pasture Farms pasture-raised Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Eggs

Established in 2014, we are 100% grass-fed, family owned farm where our animals are nurtured and grow in an all-natural environment. We utilize a natural and pure approach to farming that provides the production of Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Eggs that are free of the dangerous characteristics of the contemporary food production systems and the resulting products.

We utilize rotational grazing and pasture management to grow and finish our lamb, supplementing their diet with free choice salt and minerals. None of our animals we raise so carefully for food are ever given growth hormones or antibiotics. Our Ewes (mother Katahdin sheep) are only fed supplemental NON-GMO grain in extreme situations where pastures are not able to support the nutritional requirements (drought or extreme winter weather). The lambs we raise for meat is 100% grass fed and 100% grass finished. Our poultry also receive only Non-GMO local grains with nutrients plus all the benefits of being out on fresh pasture. We also avoid the use of any man made chemicals in our pastures.

We invite you to taste the difference that is made possible from the efforts to restore a pure, natural and nutritious food product for our family, our friends and our customers. If you have not had the opportunity to taste genuine pasture-raised eggs, poultry and lamb we are convinced you are missing out on a wonderful part of life. We are working hard to be the best stewards of the land and animals possible so you can have the opportunity to taste and see the nutritional differences in the products we make available.

Pure Pasture Farms, Travis and Melissa Cole, 6514 Highway 161, Springfield, TN 37172. (615) 380-1082.
E-mail: travis@purepasturefarms.com. Website: www.purepasturefarms.com.

Rankin Farm is a certified organic farm raising pastured poultry and pork. Our mission is to provide healthy, wholesome food usda logofrom animals raised the most humane way possible.

All our animals free-range, including the chickens and turkeys who are only confined at night for their protection. Our pigs are born and live their entire lives on pasture. We never ring our pigs to prevent rooting. They have the freedom to root, wallow, or loaf in the shade as they choose.

We sell our pork and poultry products locally at farmers markets as well as direct on-farm. All products are certified organic and all feed sources are organic, non-GMO, and soy-free.

Rankin Farm, Jen Rankin, 2360 Bardstown Road, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342. (540) 818-1013.
E-mail: jen@rankinfarm.com. Website: www.rankinfarm.com.

Rising Sun Beef Farm is set on 800+ acres in the beautiful South East Indiana among the rolling hills. This area is close to both Ohio and Kentucky, in the Tri-State area, close to Cincinnati. We are family owned and operated with dedication to our customers and neighbors to raise our Beautiful Angus with utmost integrity. Our animals are 100% grass fed, with fresh water and pasture always available.

We are non-GMO, steroid free, antibiotic free, pesticide and herbicide free. Our animals are treated with the best care and attention. We believe we should restore the healing power to the earth by practicing the most ethically and environmentally sound farming as possible. Our goal is to make available excellent meat at an affordable price.

Although we are not certified Organic, we believe our practices are of a higher standard. We are constantly striving to create and improve the living environment that was intended for our Angus.

We currently have beef available year round.

Rising Sun Beef, Ray Kersey, 4498 Stahl Road, Rising Sun IN 47040. (513) 200-6042.
E-mail: risingsunbeef@yahoo.com. Website: www.risingsunbeef.com.

Rock'n R Farms is a sustainable, holistic, family farm raising Black Angus beef as nature intended – grass fed, grass finished. Our beef has no antibiotics or hormones, and are fully matured from 26 to 28 months before harvest. Rotational grazing is used to provide the best and greenest forages. Also, we use only organic inputs on our pastures, plus provide organic sea kelp and minerals to our cattle; that way they receive all the minerals and micronutrients that they need to provide us with nutritious gourmet beef.

Rock'n R Farms sells mainly by the whole, half, or quarter; processed to your liking and USDA Inspected at the new Trackside Butcher Shoppe in Campbellsburg, KY. We are a small, growing operation and are limited in supply. Although we also sell gourmet whole-cow hamburger by the pound, available year around.

Our farm is located in Kentucky, half way between Louisville and Frankfort, just outside of Pleasureville in Henry County, off Highway 22.

Check out our website for more information about us and our pricing. Also, there is an order form you can download to place an order for our nutritious gourmet beef.

Thank you for your interest in healthy living.

Rock'n R Farms, Richard Riggs, 603 Bantas Fork Road, Pleasureville, KY 40057. (502) 759-2129.
E-mail: triggs603@gmail.com. Website: www.rockingrfarmsky.com.

The Sanders Farm is located in the foothills of Clinch Mountain in upper east Tennessee, close to neighboring Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina. We have tended a small beef cow/calf herd at our family farm since 1979. We have kept our pasture and hayfields herbicide and pesticide-free for over 40 years. We use no antibiotics, pesticides or growth stimulants of any kind on any animal to be sold on Eatwild. Flies are kept under control with a walk-through fly trap and dustings of diatomaceous earth.

The calves I am selling eat only our own pasture and hay and their mother's milk. They free-range with their mothers and the rest of my closed herd until the day they are processed.

I prefer to sell my calves whole or by the half in the late Spring or in the Fall. Hanging weight for a whole beef is around 300 pounds (give or take 50 pounds) and take-home meat averages 200 pounds. I deliver your calf to a state-inspected butcher near Rogersville, TN and you pick up your frozen (vacuum-packed in plastic) meat there. You decide which cuts you want using a cut-list I will mail you. All the soup/stock bones and organs from your beef are also available to you.

My price, as of the spring of 2020, is $4.50 per pound of hanging weight and the butcher charges $.50 per pound based on hanging weight.

We would rather sell our beef calves to individuals who want untainted beef than into the feedlot industry where they live a little longer but in an unnatural and highly stressful way.

The Sanders Farm, Doris Sanders, 235 Clinch Valley Road, Eidson TN 37731. (423) 921-8489.
E-mail: hydro_8@hotmail.com.

7HFarms is located along the Green River in Butler County Kentucky. Our grass fed South Poll cattle are raised in a low stress rotational grazing environment. They always have access to shade and clean water. No pesticides, antibiotics, or growth hormones are ever used in our beef animals.

We sell wholesale beef by the 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or whole. Prices start at $6 per pound on the rail which includes transport, USDA inspection, vacuum packing, and processing fees. Call Steve Hampton for availability.

7HFarms, Steve Hampton, DVM, 674 Paul Hampton Road, Morgantown, KY 42261. (270) 999-3228.
E-mail: 7hfarms@logantele.com.

Seven Sons is a pasture-based family farm in northeast Indiana. Our mission is simple: We strive to produce nutrient-dense foods in a way that heals and nourishes our land and the people who eat of its bounty.

We offer a variety of pasture-raised meats and organic groceries. Including: 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry, lamb, and bison. Pasture-raised eggs. Wild-caught seafood. Raw-milk cheeses. And much more!

We have pickup locations in and around these areas:

  • Fort Wayne
  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Toledo
  • Cincinnati

Visit our website to see all our pickup locations and products.

Seven Sons, Blaine Hitzfield, 15718 Aboite Road, Roanoke IN 46783. (877) 620-1977.
E-mail: support@sevensons.net. Website: www.sevensons.net.

Six Ridges Farm is a local family farm in Kentucky's Bluegrass Region. We want to supply our delicious products to your family! We offer Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork, Pastured Chicken and a small amount of Pastured Eggs.

We use sustainable farming practices to ensure the health of the land for future generations. We ensure our animals are treated humanely from birth to harvest. We have an open gate policy for those that want to come out to our farm and see our practices.

We sell in halves, quarters, split quarters, sample packs and by the individual cut. We deliver to the Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati areas. We would love to set up Buying Clubs, if you are interesting in hosting a pick up location, give us a call!

Six Ridges Farm, Shannon McGuire, 760 Austerlitz Road, Paris, KY 40361. (859) 953-1050.
E-mail: info@sixridgesfarm.com. Website: www.sixridgesfarm.com.

Spring Hills Farms—All Natural Grass Fed and Finished Beef —"Bringing Family Farm Goodness to Your Table."

Our 100-acre Barren County Farm provides a stress-free environment for raising our cattle. Our herd is provided with lots of shade and plenty of fresh spring water and benefits from rotational free-range grazing. We are not certified organic. However, our cattle are raised on lush pasture and high quality hay with abundant natural springs and creeks for water. They receive no hormones, no steroids and no antibiotics.

Our beef is available for sale in USDA cuts as well as in whole or half beef. We have a spring and fall harvest, usually in March and September. They can be shipped or we can deliver locally. See our website for more details.

We participate in the Farmers Market here in Glasgow at the Town Square on Saturdays from 8:00 am until Noon in the summer months.

We invite you to come visit our farm by appointment, meet us, and see our animals!

Spring Hills Farm, Roland and Jenny Hoffman, 479 Payne Mill Road, Glasgow KY 42141. Phone: (270) 670-3241.
E-mail: jenny@springhillsfarm.com. Website: www.springhillsfarm.com.

Staples Beef raises Charolais Cattle that graze naturally on 325 acres. They are custom processed at a local USDA facility and available in Whole, Half, Quarter, or 25-pound Sample Box. Also popular is the whole cow ground beef patties (grill ready)—great for fundraising events or healthy eating cook-outs. Visit our Family Farm Project Co-Op CSA at 8th & Market Streets in Louisville, across from Glassworks, every Wednesday, May – October, 4 – 6:30 p.m.

Staples Beef, Laraine Staples, 3173 Highway 42 West Street, Bedford KY 40006. (502) 255-3238.
E-mail: Laraine@juno.com or visit www.familyfarmproject.com.

Steckler Grassfed is a family-owned, pasture-based, Certified Organic (by OEFFA) farm in Southern Indiana. We are located halfway between Evansville and Louisville, KY along I-64 between exit 57 and exit 63. We produce:

  • Organic, 100% Grass-fed, Raw Milk Aged Cheese (from Dutch Belted dairy cows)
  • Pastured Poultry (Broilers, Eggs, Turkeys)
  • 100% Grass-fed Lamb
  • 100% Grass-fed Beef

Our cows and sheep are 100% grass-fed. They graze strictly from certified organic pastures during the growing season and are offered high quality organic hay stores during the winter months. Beef and lamb are available for purchase any time. Call or visit our website for more information.

The chickens and turkeys are raised outside and given a fresh smorgasbord of grass and bugs to eat daily. Because of their high metabolisms, they are offered a high quality mixture of grain to supplement their diet. Eggs are available year round. Chickens are butchered to order four times per year (May, June, September, October). Turkeys are butchered to order in late October/early November. Call or e-mail for more information and to place orders. More information is available on our website.

None of the animals are given hormones, antibiotics, or any other foreign substance. We believe that God created His creatures to thrive in their natural habitat. Thus, we strive to provide the most natural environment to produce the most nutritious and delicious food you can find.

Steckler Grassfed, Jerry and Marsha Steckler, 21477 N County Road 600 E, Dale, IN 47523. (812) 683-3098.
E-mail: grassfed@fullnet.com. Website: www.stecklergrassfed.com.

Sunny Patch Farm is a 100-acre, family-owned farm dedicated to sustainable practices raising grass fed beef the way nature intended.

Wavy green grass pastures carpet the landscape, outlined by spring-fed streams. Heathy and happy Pinzgauer cows roam the hills enjoying a 100% high quality grass diet.

Pinzgauer are known for their tenderness and superior quality beef. We provide beef from farm to table by the cut or by the quarter.

Sunny Patch Farms, Steve and Madison Brock, 422 Thomerson Park Road, Etoile, KY 42131. Cell phone: (270)207-8018 or (615)714-9652; home phone: (270) 427-2009.
E-mail: pinzgrass@yahoo.com. Website: https://www.facebook.com/sunnypatch.farm.3.

Tennessee Grass Fed is the name we use for the locally grown grass-fed meats produced on the Baggett Family Farm which is located in the Sango community of Clarksville/ Montgomery County, TN. Our family has owned the land since 1837. We produce 100% grass-fed beef as well as free-range chickens and pastured pork, all without hormones or antibiotics.

All meats are processed under USDA Inspection. Our beef is dry aged to intensify its natural flavors. When the taste of beef produced with our select native grasses and clovers is then further enhanced by dry-aging, the eating experience created becomes memorable, regardless of the cut being served. All animals are allowed to graze/roam without close confinement. No cages or crates are ever used.

All our products are available through our website and can be picked up at the farm or delivered to our storage freezers located at the Farmers Co-op on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard in Clarksville or the Pleasant View Mill in Pleasant View. We also sell at three farmers markets: Downtown Clarksville, Murfreesboro, and Nashville, and offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships with monthly delivery of either beef alone or an assortment of our meats.

We are located 4 miles off I-24 at Exit 19 (Maxey Road); seven miles past the WalMart on Madison Street when driving from Clarksville.

Tennessee Grass Fed, Phil and Kathy Baggett, 335 Williams Road, Clarksville TN 37043. (615) 347-5454.
E-mail: info@tennesseegrassfed.com. Website: http://tennesseegrassfed.com.

Whitaker Farms is owned and operated by former major league baseball player and current Firefighter, Bryan Petersen. His goal when starting the farm was simple – raise healthy animals to feed healthy people and sustain a healthy landscape.


  • Beef – 100% Grass Fed / Finished
  • Pork – Raised on pasture and in the woods supplemented with non gmo feed.
  • Chicken and Turkey – Raised on pasture and moved daily. Non-GMO feed.
  • Eggs – Our Pastured Hens get a non-GMO feed with no soy.
  • Seafood – Wild and from Alaska!

Our animals are never given antibiotics, vaccines, hormones, or any other of that nasty stuff.

Delivery Options:

  • Farm Pickup
  • Buying clubs
  • Home Delivery
  • Shipping

10% of revenue is donated to the National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation.

You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram and can visit the website for more details.

Whitaker Farms, Bryan Petersen, 120 Murphy Lane, Gallatin, Tennessee 37066. 615-540-3175.
E-mail: WhitakerfarmsTN@gmail.com. Website: WhitakerfarmsTN.com.

Willow Hills is a small family farm seeking to practice agriculture in the most natural way possible. We strive to find simple methods using nature to solve growing problems in contrast to the more common industrialized agricultural methods. Our focus is to maximize nutrition in our foods through good management and organic-type practices. No pesticides, drugs or herbicides are used. All of our animals are pastured, and our ruminant animals (cows, sheep & goats) are not fed any grain. We consider providing life giving food to be our ministry. We also offer extensive health information as well on our website. Our goal is to help those whose health has been destroyed by the food industry to regain it.

We offer pastured poultry (chicken and turkey), pastured pork, genuine free-range eggs, raw milk, and grass-fed beef and lamb. All meat is USDA inspected and available from our freezers by the cut.

Shipping is available on our products. Pure, unadulterated milk (not pasteurized or homogenized) that is from grass-fed cows is available on a cow-share basis. For more details on our products and their availability, please contact us or visit our web page.

Willow Hills, Scott and Susan Daniels, PO Box 748, Tompkinsville KY 42167. (270) 427-4238
E-mail: info@willowhills.org. Website: www.willowhills.org.

awa logo

Yellowbird Farms is proud to be certified humane by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) and certified grass-fed by American Grassfed Association (AGA). Yellowbird Farms is a sustainable, 100% grass-fed, family owned farm tucked away in middle Tennessee. The farm is bordered by the beautiful Collins River and is located in one of the most ideal grass and forage growing climates in the country. Our land is a refuge for diverse plant and wildlife communities; we protect these natural resources by responsible stewardship, careful planning and partnering with the natural resources conservation services agency.

Yellowbird Farms is committed to providing the finest, artisanal meats that are healthy, nutritious and delicious. Great care is given to ensure that all of our production practices are environmentally sustainable and ethical.

Our animals are given lush pastures and spend their lives grazing and foraging as they would in nature. Humane treatment results in low stress levels and optimal health, eliminating the need for antibiotics or growth hormones.

Yellowbird farms grass-fed, all natural, pasture-raised system is better for the animals, for the environment and better for you.
Our animals are 100% grass-fed and pasture raised. No antibiotics or growth hormones are given to the animals. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used on our pastures. We rotationally graze the animals, ensuring they always have access to clean, nutritious forage.

We ship throughout the USA, USDA certified, frozen, all-natural, grass-fed, pasture-raised lamb and beef cuts. We are located in Middle Tennessee and are close to Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama.

Yellowbird Farms, Deanna Magar, Jim Malooley, 1085 McCollum Bend Road, McMinnville TN 37110. (931) 743-0376.
E-mail: info@yellowbirdfarms.com. Website: www.yellowbirdfarms.com.

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