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Pastured Products Directory - Massachusetts


Find a farm near you on our Eatwild Massachusetts Map

Find local stores, markets and restaurants featuring grass-fed products on our Massachusetts Beyond the Farm page.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Benedikt Dairy is a 100% grass-fed certified organic dairy in Goffstown, NH, not far from the Massachusetts border. Our products are certified organic by the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food.organic logo

Our purebred Jersey cows live on pasture day and night through the growing season where they eat grasses and herbs. In the winter they are fed dried and fermented grasses, clover and alfalfa. They never eat grain or other energy concentrates. Rotational grazing improves the biological health of the land and provides the cows with optimal nutrition, so they can produce the most nutritious milk for you.

Our Products:

DAIRY – All of our dairy products are 100% grass-fed and certified organic.

  • RAW MILK. Our sweet and creamy cream-top milk is a weekly staple among our CSA members. Unpasteurized.
  • RAW CREAM. Made minutes after milking, our cream is exceptionally thick, perfect for making butter and for whipping.
  • CREAM-TOP YOGURT. Our cream-top yogurt is made from rich whole milk, not homogenized so the cream naturally rises to the top
  • GREEK YOGURT. Our Greek yogurt is the perfect medium for the creamiest tzatziki and the most velvety parfait. Made from skimmed milk and strained to its luscious consistency.
  • BENEDIKT BUTTER. Spreadable right from the fridge, our Benedikt Butter is actually cream with live active cultures, giving it a slightly tart, sweet buttery flavor. It lies somewhere between Devonshire cream and hand-churned butter.
  • CHEESES. An assortment of aged cheeses made from our milk by Benjamin Meier.


  • Pasture raised, certified organic soy-free eggs from our flock of rotationally pastured (in season) hens.


  • PASTURED PORK. Raised to organic standards and rotationally grazed, our seasonal herd of Tamworths are fed certified organic soy-free feed and skim milk in addition to the perennial pasture they graze.
  • PASTURED BEEF. Our full-flavored certified organic 100% grass-fed ground beef makes burgers that are both lean and unbelievably juicy. Different cuts are available as well.
  • STEW HENS. Pasture raised retired laying hens perfect for collagen-rich soup bases

Our farm stand is open to the public 7am to 7pm daily. You can also find Benedikt Dairy Products at the following retailers: A Market Natural Foods, Manchester, NH; Concord Food Co-op, Concord, NH; Manchester Food Co-op, Bedford, NH; Monadnock Food Co-op, Keene, NH; Nature's Green Grocer, Peterborough, NH; Normanton Farm, Litchfield, NH; and Tuckaway Farm, Lee, NH.

Benedikt Dairy, Max and Melissa Benedikt, 97 Shirley Hill Road, Goffstown, NH 03045. (603) 801-6839.
E-mail: info@benediktdairy.com. Website: www.benediktdairy.com.

BOTL Farm is a sustainability-focused livestock farm raising pastured pork; cage-free rabbit; soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO chicken eggs; grain-free, grass-fed lamb and goat. 

Our mission is full-circle sustainability and to deliver the highest quality farm products, so we adhere to these farming philosophies:

  • perform intensively managed rotational grazing year-round for as long as weather and grass production allow
  • when needed, use only corn-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and spray-free supplementary feed
  • maintain breeding stock to control the health and genetics of our animals
  • grow specific heritage breeds who can: 
    • thrive in our Northeast climate of hot summers and cold winters
    • breed successfully to maintain and grow our herds
    • grow and flourish on a grass-based diet.

Our pigs are Mangalitsa/Berkshire/Large Black crosses who live year-round on pasture and naturally farrow in the woods. They are supplemented with a soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO feed. Wholes and halves are available seasonally, while cuts are available year round.

Rabbits are cage- (and 'tractor') free and rotationally grazed on pasture. Harvested seasonally and usually available in our freezers.

Our laying flock of chickens is a mix or Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, New Hampshires and Easter Eggers. Like our pigs, they are supplemented a soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO feed and are rotationally grazed behind our sheep, goats, and pigs. Eggs are available from on-farm honor box or through our 20-week CSA (sign up until May 1st, CSA runs from end of May to end of September). 

Our sheep are Icelandic with a little bit of Shetland mixed in, while our goats are New Zealand Kikos. They are rotationally grazed on grass and available as wholes and cuts each fall. 

We sell directly to customers at our farm, at our roadside honor box, or by appointment. We are located less than 10 miles from the Massachusetts border.

BOTL Farm, Nick Weinstock, Danielle Larese, 859 Westford Road, Ashford, CT 06278. 908-268-3192.
E-mail: nick@BOTLFarm.com or danielle@BOTLFarm.com. Website: http://BOTLFarm.com.

Caledonia Farm is pleased to offer grass finished beef throughout the year, pastured broilers during the summer and eggs most of the year. Our mission is to farm environmentally and financially sustainably to assure food safety, consumer health and long term security.

Our beef is packaged in convenient ready to use sizes that are vacuum sealed in clear plastic and flash frozen. All of our products are available for sale at the farm; just call or e-mail ahead to make sure we're close by to help you.

We've been fine tuning our production systems, forage/grazing chains and quality systems for nearly a decade to offer our customers unparalleled quality and service. Check our web site frequently for up to date information, news, pictures and research projects. We'd be happy to host a tour or consult with you on any questions or thoughts you may have.

Caledonia Farm, David Petrovick, Barre MA 01005. (978) 355-4519. (No early or late calls, please!)
E-mail: caledoniafarm@charter.net. Website: www.caledoniafarm.com.

Cascade Brook Farm raises high-quality, all natural 100% grass fed black Angus beef on our 180-acre family farm in the beautiful Lake Sunapee/Dartmouth Region of New Hampshire. We sell shares (whole, sides, quarters) as well as cuts (steaks, ground beef, brisket, roasts) to customers throughout New England (home delivery is free for shares).

We settled, over a decade, on a Black Angus herd based on their mothering skills, and our ability to determine the genetic profile we want to create marbled, tender, delicious beef—all on grass! Our herd is 100% grass-fed. Our goal is to help our customers through the food system, provide unparalleled customer service, and deliver premium wholesome grass-fed beef that our customers can eat with confidence.

We are all natural. We do not use antibiotics, or any GMO, and our mission is to treat our animals humanely, with love and respect. That is the only way we know how to do it.

We welcome visitors to the farm where we sell cuts by appointment. Our online store is open 24/7 and features all of our products available in your area, or you can contact Ed Canane at ed@cascadebrookfarm.com or (603) 496-7470.

Cascade Brook Farm, Ed Canane, 96 Baker Road, North Sutton, NH 03260. (603) 496-7470.
Email: ed@cascadebrookfarm.com. Website: www.cascadebrookfarm.com.

Chase Hill Farm is an organic-certified dairy farm in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. The farm is owned and operated by Mark and Jeannette Fellows.

Our mission is to produce high-quality local food from grassfed cows using sustainable low-input practices. These practices include rotational grazing, usda_organic_logoseasonal calving, and using draft horsepower.

We milk our herd of 25 Normande cows seasonally from March to December. The cows are 100% grassfed and organic-certified.

We produce raw milk, farmstead cheeses, pasture-raised veal and beef, and whey-fed pork. The cheeses, which are all made from raw milk, include Cheddar, Farmstead (colby-style), Feta, Italian Grace (parmesan type), and Dutch Gold (edam).

Our products are available at the farm, the Amherst (MA) Farmers Market, and local stores and farmstands in the Pioneer Valley. Raw milk may only be purchased at the farm. We do not currently ship any products.

Chase Hill Farm, Jeannette Fellows, 74 Chase Hill Road, Warwick MA 01378. (978) 544-6327.
E-mail: chasehillfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.chasehillfarm.com.

Chaseholm Farm is a grass fed dairy farm nestled in a 350-acre patch work of pastures, crop land, woods and waterways. It is my family’s farm and my brother Rory and I are the third generation to make our lives here, tied together with the land, the cows and their milk. I took over the dairy four years ago with my partner Jordan. We produce milk with a motley crew of Holsteins and Jerseys for my brother who makes artisanal cheeses as Chaseholm Farm Creamery.

We became raw milk certified in September 2013 and built a cozy farm store next to the dairy so that we can share our milk, cheeses and other local delicacies with you! 

We practice intensive and adaptive rotational grazing with our 100% grass-fed dairy herd. We also raise pigs (pork) on pasture and grass-fed beef. All of which you can find in our farmstore.  

Chaseholm Farm, Sarah Chase, 115 Chase Road, Pine Plains, NY 12567. (518) 339 2071 – texting is a great way to contact us!
E-mail: chaseholmfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.chaseholmfarm.com.

Chestnut Farms is a family-owned and operated 106 acre livestock farm in the heart of MA. We are committed to connecting our community with local agriculture using traditional and humane farming practices. We are not certified organic because we choose to support local farmers over importing certified organic hay from Canada. Our animals are rotationally grazed through our all natural pastures maintained with the help of a professional agronomist who advises us on our pasture grass mix and planting schedule rather than chemical sprays and synthetic fertilizers. We are committed to environmentally sustainable farming practices.

We primarily sell our meat in monthly "shares" and offer a monthly on-farm pickup and bi-annual open barns to visit our animals. We raise all natural, heritage breed, hormone and antibiotic free meats. This includes grass-fed Hereford-Devon beef grown exclusively on pasture and hay to ensure a rich, wonderful flavor and high levels of Omega-3. Our York, Hampshire and Duroc pigs are pastured and petted while being fed only a natural grain diet - never any garbage. We use mobile pens and pasture to ensure our pigs always have fresh, outdoor space to grow, play and live in.

Our Icelandic purebred and cross-bred lambs are born in the spring pasture where they are allowed to nurse and frolic with their mothers. They are harvested in September through April each year. We also raise our own pastured poultry including turkeys and chickens in moveable pens. This ensures healthy grazing while significantly reducing the bug population on our farm!

Chestnut Farms offers shares in our meat CSA. Each month members receive a mix of "daily" (ground beef, stew meat, bacon, whole chicken, sausage) cuts and "prime" cuts (steaks, chops, boneless chicken breasts). For more information please feel free to visit our website.

Chestnut Farms, Kim Denney, PO Box 545, 404 Turkey Street, Hardwick MA 01037. (413) 477-6656.
E-mail: chestnutfarms@comcast.net. Website: www.chestnutfarms.org.

Greetings from the Chicoine Family Farm. Henry Chicoine established the farm in 1933. It was a cream and heifer operation. He also sold ice from the ice pond for refrigeration. Henry never used any herbicides or pesticides on the land and that remains true today. We have built on that great foundation and now produce high quality 100% grass raised beef.

We offer a variety of steaks individually wrapped, 2–4 pound roasts, and 1–pound packages of ground beef. Everything is frozen and kryo-vacced. You may call us and purchase at the farm, or visit us at the farmers markets. Ask about our delivery services.

Chicoine Family Farm, Bill Chicoine, Elodie Chicoine, 116 Oliver Street, Easthampton MA 01027. (413) 527-4882.
E-mail: beefychic@aol.com.

At Christian Hill Farm, we raise Berkshire and Gloustershire Old Spot Pigs the old fashioned way; in the woods and pastures.

The pigs spend ALL of their time outside in the fresh air, and are free to roam, root, graze, wallow and play as they please. Our piglets are born here on the farm in deep-bedded huts all year round and we do not use crates or farrowing stalls. Our pigs have never had their wolf teeth broken out, their tails docked, or their noses ringed.

Our pigs are slow grown with locally mixed grain fed twice a day, supplemented with fruits and vegetables, and free access to hay (yes, they do know how) creating delicious meat for our family and yours.

Our pork is processed at a USDA inspected facility and is vacuum sealed and quick frozen for best flavor and storage longevity.

Call to schedule pick up, delivery, or to schedule a visit.

Restaurants: Picasso Restaurant, Barre, MA., B.T.'s Smokehouse, Sturbridge, MA.

Christian Hill Farm, Sean Maki, 630 Williamsville Road, Barre MA 01005. (978) 257-0178.
E-mail: info@christian-hill-farm.com. Website: www.christian-hill-farm.com.

Clark Organic Farm is located in Carlisle, Massachusetts (near Concord) west of Boston, and are certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers. Andrew studied soil science and his wife is a holistic nutritionist. We believe in pasture-based livestock farming and organic methods for vegetables, and also being important contributors to our community. 

We run an organic produce CSA. We raise chickens on pasture in mobile houses for eggs, and they are supplemented with a soy-free grain. Our heritage breed pigs run through the woods and are also given some supplemental, soy-free grain. Our sheep and goats graze on grass and are rotated often. We offer our meat through a CSA program. More information can be found on our website.

We also run education programs and special events, and sell our eggs and produce to restaurants and retail locations. Sorry, we do not ship. Non-members are welcome to shop at our farm during CSA hours. Please visit our website for current hours. 

* We do give our sheep and goats a HANDFUL of organic, soy-free grain just to coax them out to pasture each day. If we didn’t do this, they would run all over town. Our farm is right in the middle of town, and sometimes the animals get loose and stop traffic. This is purely a functional strategy that is necessary because of our location and the difficulties in hearing our animals.  

Clark Organic Farm, Andrew Rodgers, Carlisle, Massachusetts 01741.
E-mail: info@clarkfarmcarlisle.com. Website: www.clarkfarmcarlisle.com.

Copicut Farms is located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, part of the State’s scenic farm-coast region. We pasture-raise meat chickens, laying hens, ducks, turkeys, and pigs. We practice rotational grazing management, and supplement what our animals glean from our chemical-free pastures with 100% GMO-Free feed grown and processed in New England. All of our poultry is hand-butchered by us, on our farm, in our own state-licensed processing facility. 

Our Products:

Chicken: Sold fresh as whole chickens, half chickens, as well as a variety of individual cuts (e.g., boneless breasts, thighs, etc.)

Duck: Sold as whole ducks.

Eggs: Sold as dozens, ungraded and unsized (generally large and jumbo).

Pork: Sausages, bacon, ground pork as well as all typical cuts (e.g., ribs, chops, roasts, etc.)

Turkey: Whole holiday turkeys sold fresh during the Thanksgiving season. 

How to Buy:

Home Delivery: Search all of our products on our website, pay online, and choose a day to have your order delivered right to your doorstep.  Delivery is available in and around most of eastern Massachusetts.

Farmers Markets: We attend 14 farmers markets year-round in and around greater Boston. See our website to find the nearest location.

Farm Share: We offer a popular summer/fall share program where customers can pay discounted prices for a diverse array of poultry and pork at the beginning of each farm season, and pick up their fresh products according to their location and schedule.

Fall Bulk Orders: A limited number of “fill your freezer” bulk packages are available in the fall. 

Farm Store: Open Saturdays from 10am - 4 pm, June through November at our farm in North Dartmouth.

Copicut Farms, Vincent Frary, 11 Copicut Road, N Dartmouth MA 02747.
E-mail: copicutfarms@gmail.com. Website: www.copicutfarms.com.

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Cowberry Crossing Farm is a Certified Organic (by Stellar) and Certified Biodynamic (by Demeter) small family farm located in Claverack, New York. The Harrisons are committed to local, humane, sustainable farming. They have a large and varied vegetable garden. Animals found on the farm include chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, sheep, pigs, cows, horses, and bees. All are fed exclusively on organic feed and spend their days roaming freely on the farm.

Our beef is grass fed and grass FINISHED. A closed herd combined with sound, natural farming practices keeps our beef happy and healthy—no need for wormers, hormones, or antibiotics.

In sync with our own standards, our butcher is Certified Organic (by NOFA) and Certified Humane (by Animal Welfare Approved) and located within a half hour drive from the farm, greatly reducing the stress of long-distance travel on our animals.

Other farm products include vegetables, herbs, sunflowers, eggs, chicken, lamb, pork, and raw wool fleeces. All products can be obtained from the farm or from our farm stands located at our farmers markets in Pleasantville or Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.

Summer Outdoor Markets:
Pleasantville, NY Train Station: 8:30–1, Saturdays, Memorial Day – Christmas;
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY Library Parking: Lot: 8:30–1:30, 1-2x/month Saturdays, June – Thanksgiving

Winter Indoor Markets:
Pleasantville Middle School: 9–1, Saturdays, January – May;
Hastings-on-Hudson Community Center: 9–1, 2nd and/or 4th Saturdays, December – May

Cowberry Crossing Farm, Richard & Cecile Harrison, 55 Wenzels Lane, Hudson NY 12534. (518) 828-2682.
E-mail: cowberrycrossingfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.cowberrycrossingfarm.com.

Devon Point Farm in Woodstock, Connecticut, near the Massachusetts border, is committed to providing delicious, antibiotic- and hormone-free All-Natural Heritage Breed PORK, All-Natural CHICKEN, and Grass Fed BEEF. We also offer unsprayed, chemical-free Vegetables and CSA Farm Shares, and carry Raw MILK, Raw HONEY and Maple Syrup at our farm store.

See our website for details and pricing on all of the following:

Our grass fed BEEF: We raise our cattle on pasture using rotational grazing and sustainable farming practices. They have access to fresh clean water, trace minerals, and round-baled hay during the winter months. Cattle are grown and finished on grass and hay only – no grain, no antibiotics and no hormones. Compared to grain-fed beef, grass fed beef has less total fat, less saturated fat, less cholesterol, and fewer calories. It also has more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and a number of health-promoting fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and “conjugated linoleic acid” (CLA) than grain-fed beef. The beef is humanely slaughtered and butchered under USDA supervision, dry-aged for 10–14 days, clear plastic shrink-wrapped, labeled, and frozen. For sale at our Farm Store as half beef, quarter beef, sampler boxes and by the individual cut.

Our PORK: Heritage Breed, all natural, with no hormones or antibiotics. They are fed a robust diet of vegetable scraps from our all-natural (chemical-free) vegetable share program, and supplemented with limited grain as needed. It is humanely slaughtered and butchered under USDA supervision and custom cut to your specifications. For sale at our Farm Store by the individual cut, or by half or whole.

Our CHICKEN: Our chicken is raised with no hormones or antibiotics. For sale at our Farm Store, whole or split and frozen.

We also offer chemical-free, unsprayed CSA Vegetable and Flower Farm Shares for weekly on-farm pickup, and raise heritage “ruby red” American Milking Devon cattle for sale as breedstock.

Devon Point Farm, Erick and Patty Taylor, 54 Joy Road, Woodstock, CT. 06281. (860) 974-9004.
E-mail: devonpointfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.devonpointfarm.com.

DewGreen is a small family farm that practices humane and chemical-free methods to raise Icelandic lamb, registered Icelandic breeding stock, farm-fresh eggs, sheep and cow's milk cheeses, broiler chickens, heritage pork and Thanksgiving turkeys. We are not certified organic but our animals enjoy organic pasture. Visit us at http://dewgreen.weebly.com to see our products, breeding rams for sale, and keep up-to-date with the wild ride we have on the farm practically every day.

We also use our farm products in our prepared foods line, the Turkish Kitchen. You can find the Turkish Kitchen on this site and at www.turkishkitchen.biz.

We believe we are not stewards of the land. We are part of it, and the way we farm is in accordance with the natural laws that ensure healthy soil, forages and animals. You can rest easy knowing that the food you buy from us contains no violence to you, to the soil and its communities, or the animals who provide your food.

Farmers Markets: Ashfield Farmers' Market, Saturdays from 9am-1pm; Burgy Farmers' Market, Thursdays from 2- 6pm.
Grocery Stores: Whole Foods, 327 Russell Street, Hadley, MA.

DewGreen Farm, Ipek Kursat, POB 3002, Ashfield MA 01330.
E-mail: ipekskursat@gmail.com. Website: www.dewgreen.weebly.com.

The Farm School is a non-profit educational farm. They sell grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and free range eggs, and offer a 21-week veggie CSA. Veggies can be picked up either at the farm on in the Boston area.

MARKET STYLE—From June through October, The Farm School sets up a veggie stand on Tuesday afternoons at Iggy’s Bread of the World, 160 Fawcett Street, Cambridge, or Thursday afternoons at athenahealth, 311 Arsenal Street, Watertown. Shareholders can fill their bags with 7–12 items (Full Share: $625) or 5–7 items (Small Share: $400). The number of items varies with the season.

BOXED—On Thursdays, boxed Full Shares of pre-selected veggies will be left for shareholders in a fridge and can be picked up anytime at their convenience at athenahealth at the Arsenal in Watertown ($625), or right here at the farm itself in Orange ($525).

NOW AVAILABLE: Thursday's Boxed Share delivered to your home or office via Metro Pedal Power. For only $5 more per week, you can have your weekly share delivered to you if you live within our delivery range. We are working with Metro Pedal Power to make this service available to you.

Whichever option you choose will provide a beautiful selection of our excellent quality, super-fresh, certified organic vegetables.

To Sign-Up By check: Please click here to download & print our sign-up form. Return it with your deposit of $300 or full payment to: The Farm School – Veggie CSA, 488 Moore Hill Road, Athol, MA 01331.

The Farm School, Kim Bryant, 488 Moore Hill Road, Athol MA 01331. (978) 249-9944.
E-mail: kim@farmschool.org. Website: www.farmschool.org.

Fox Hill Farm is 315 scenic, rolling acres in Ancramdale, New York just 2 hours north of NY City, in the foothills of the Berkshires of MA, CT and near the Taconic Parkway. We raise grassfed and grass-finished beef in an environmentally sustainable manner with rotational grazing of heritage breeds of British White, Murray Grey, Red Devon and crosses. They are very tame and raised organically but not yet certified.

The farm is protected from development by a conservation easement and has been in the Lampman family since 1882. The heritage breeds were chosen because of their ability to do well on grass and produce a healthy and tender, tasty product high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Quarters, halves, or whole beef custom cuts are prepared to customer specifications. We also sell and ship individual packages of steaks, roasts, burger and now terrific hot dogs (PaPa Dogs) that are all-beef, no-nitrate, with a natural casing.

All processing is done at small, local USDA inspected facilities. However, if an animal is purchased on the hoof in advance, then the most humane ‘end’ can be arranged for at the farm. Shipping is available.

Visitors are welcome.

Fox Hill Farm, Larry and Erna Lampman, 887 E Ancram Road, Ancramdale NY 12503. (518) 810-3274.
E-mail: lampman1@fairpoint.net. Website: www.foxhillfarmgrassfedbeef.com/

Gray Rock Farm, in Tiverton, R.I. just west of the Masachusetts state line, is a 50-acre family-owned farm since 1923. We are now raising grass fed Herford/Angus beef on managed, rotated pastures using no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or antibiotics.

Winter feed is homegrown hay or haylage from our hayfields. To promote healthly soil and animals, we use mostly organic practices at this time, but we are not organic certified.

Sales are made by appointment on availibility. Processing is done at a USDA approved slaughterhouse. Call or e-mail for details.

Gray Rock Farm, Ron and Shirley DuPonte, 148 Narrow Avenue, Tiverton RI 02878. (508) 994-5312.
E-mail: workingfarmgirl@yahoo.com.

Heartstone Farm raises high-quality, all-natural 100% grass fed beef on our 300-acre family farm in the heart of Maine. We sell shares (sides, quarter shares) as well as cuts (steaks, ground beef, brisket, roasts) to customers throughout New England (home delivery is free). 

We’ve found three breeds that do well for us: Angus, Hereford, and Devon. They do well on our grass pastures, resulting in tender, marbled, delicious beef! Our goal is to provide great meat and great customer service. We’re proud of the more than 50 5-star reviews we’ve received on Google and Facebook.

We do not use antibiotics or GMO feed, and our mission is to treat our animals humanely, with respect and love. We welcome visitors to the farm. We have a farm store where we sell cuts. Our online store is open 24/7 and features all of our products, or you can contact Dan Kaplan (aka Farmer Dan) at dan@heartstonefarm.me or (207) 424-0063.

Heartstone Farm, Dan Kaplan, 128 Paine Road, Charleston, ME 04422. (207) 424-0063.
E-mail: dan@heartstonefarm.me. Website: www.HeartstoneFarm.me.

Hettie Belle Farm is a pasture-based family farm raising 100% grass-fed beef, 100% grass-fed lamb and organically-fed pork, chickens, ducks and turkeys. Our product is available through our meat CSA with distribution sites in Keene, NH, Northampton/Florence, MA and Brattleboro, VT and here on the farm in Warwick, MA. Meat and poultry with a guarantee from our family to yours!

$600 CSA shares are comprised of a total of 60+ pounds of farm product distributed over 5 monthly pick-ups (November – March) of roughly 12 pounds each. In total, members can expect to receive:

15 pounds 100% grass-fed beef
20 pounds organically fed pork
10 pounds 100% grass-fed lamb
10 pounds organically fed chicken (equal to 2 whole roasting chickens)
6-9 pounds organically fed duck (1 whole duck).

The open land we steward is central to our lives and business. Our cows and sheep are 100% grass-fed. They have as much of mama’a milk as they want, are moved through our pastures daily May-November, and fed local hay throughout the winter. Our pigs are pastured in a huge forested area where they root day and night. Our chickens, ducks and turkeys are entirely free-range. Our poultry and pigs are fed certified organic grain to complement the generous pasture space they are provided. All of our animals are 100% antibiotic and hormone free. These are very content, extremely healthy animals that truly thrive in their natural environment and are always handled humanely. We believe meat raised in this way, naturally tastes better, and provides healthy essential fatty acids and an important guarantee to customers.

Our vision is grounded in a strong belief that livestock can live healthy, natural lives and families can maintain a humble life farming with the rhythms of the seasons. We believe that to really change the food system, we need small farms in every community raising crops and livestock with intention, care for the earth, and a cultural sensitivity that reflects local values. Come join us by becoming a member!

Hettie Belle Farm, Jennifer Core and Olivier Flagollet, 28 WInchester Road, Warwick MA 01378. (978) 544-6241.
E-mail: jennifer@hettiebellefarm.com. Website: www.hettiebellefarm.com.

High Ridge Meadows Farm is a small, family-run farm offering organically raised grass fed beef, lamb and chicken.

We raise Angus, Red Devon and Hereford beef. Our sheep are purebred Icelandic which produce a lean and mild flavored meat. Our USDA_organic_logoanimals are pastured on our certified organic pastures, rotationally grazed, and are fed certified organic hay in winter from our hayfield.

All our meat is processed at a local USDA inspected slaughterhouse and is sold by the cut, frozen and cryo-vac sealed. If you are interested in pre-ordering a side of beef or a quarter, please call or email us for pricing, cut sheet and more info.

We are very proud to have received organic certification for beef, lamb, hay, and pasture by VOF in 2010, and for chicken in 2011.

Preserving the farming history and beautiful mix of mountains, forests, and fields that is so unique to Vermont, is very important to us, as is returning to healthy, nutritious, organically and naturally raised and grown food.

High Ridge Meadows Farm, Mary Moran, 1800 Chelsea Mountain Road, East Randolph VT. (802) 728-9768.
E-mail: info@highridgemeadowsfarm.com. Website: www.highridgemeadowsfarm.com.

Holiday Brook Farm is currently offering pasture-raised pork, grass-fed lamb and beef, and eggs, maple syrup, and vegetables.

Our piglets are born here on the farm in deep-bedded stalls or on pasture as weather/season allows. As soon as it is warm enough in the spring, pigs are moved to pasture where they are may root and wallow as much as they like as they renovate old vegetable fields, pasture and hayland. They are an integral part of our field management system. They are fed a supplement of locally produced grain throughout the year, and are supplemented with plenty of farm-produced second-cut hay in the winter time.

Our practices make for a flavorful, lean meat that is tender and delicious. Our hams and bacon are real-wood smoked in CT, though our slaughterhouse only has the capacity for a liquid cure. We currently sell cuts out of our freezers here on the farm; please contact us for an informative brochure and detailed cut price list.

Eggs are from pasture-based, heritage breed laying hens, though their winter quarters are in the barn to keep them warm, they still have access to the outdoors and we provide them with free choice 2nd cut hay and locally produced grain. Eggs are sold out of farm office and at our seasonal farm-stand on Rt. 9.

Holiday Brook Farm, Dicken Crane, 100 Holiday Cottage Road, Dalton, MA 01226. (413) 684-0444.
E-mail: farmers@holidaybrookfarm.com. Website: www.holidaybrookfarm.com.

Jordan Farm's objective is to produce the highest quality grass fed beef possible; we raise 100% grass fed Hereford cattle on our small farm in S. Dartmouth, MA.

Our animals are rotationally grazed with sound, natural farming practices that keeps our animals healthy and growing with no need for wormers, hormones or antibiotics. We are not certified organic as we buy some of our winter feed from non-certified fields and we do vaccinate our breeding cows. Jordan Farm is fortunate to be located in an ideal grass farming area with mild winters, reasonable summer conditions and long falls.

We only harvest and sell our young steers, approximately 24–30 months old. All our beef is frozen in individually vacuum sealed packages and is USDA slaughtered and butchered in nearby Rhode Island. Our beef is sold off the web site or by appointment at the farm; please see the price list on the web site.

We will also arrange for delivery in the SE Mass and RI area, including Boston.

Jordan Farm, Andy Burnes, 22 Jordan Road, South Dartmouth MA 02748. (617) 759-1701.
E-mail: andy@jordanfarm.com. Website: www.jordanfarm.com.

Kalon Farm is an integrated small farm that raises and sells grass fed beef, lamb and pork. We have cage-free fresh eggs, seasonal garden vegetables and berries.

We use all natural, antibiotic-free feed for chickens and pigs. Our cattle and sheep are grass based and fed hay/grass (No Grain). We avoid the use of any type of insecticide, herbicide or fungicide on our gardens and pastures. We rely on crop rotation, on-site composting, cover cropping and rotational grazing to build soil health.

We do not use any growth hormones or antibiotics. Heritage breed cattle and sheep have a natural resistance to many of the problems large feed lot animals have. Salt, minerals, and kelp supplements are provided free choice.

We mainly sell our items here at the farm. Our new farm store is open weekends Noon – 4 during the week by appointment. We do take deposits and advanced orders. Please call or send us an email to join our email list. Many items do sell out fast so first come first serve unless you pre-order.

Kalon Farm, Keith P Kopley, 28 Corey Hill Road, Ashburnham, MA 01430. (978) 878-3239.
E-mail: kalonfarm@live.com. Website: www.kalonfarm.com.

Meadowmist Farm's grass-fed, naturally raised beef is higher in CLAs and Omega-3 fatty acids. Our cattle are pastured on about 90 acres of our farm without using pesticides or herbicides. All Angus or Angus-cross-beef breeds (not dairy cows). They are never given antibiotics, steroids, or any growth enhancing products. USDA inspected butchering.

Orders over $300 will receive 10% discount. Call for Pick Up Site or Delivery. Cash on delivery.

Prices are per pound:
Ground Beef $6.00
Stew Meat $6.00
Cube Steak $7.00
Top Round Steak $8.00
Brisket $8.00
Flank Steak $8.00
Boneless Rolled Chuck Roast $7.50
Face Rump Roast $7.50
London Broil Steak $8.50
Boneless N. Y. Sirloin $10.00
Sirloin Strip Steak $12.00
Boneless Rib Eye Steak $12.00
Tenderloin Steak $14.00

Liver $4.00
Meaty Soup Bones $3.50

Sides of beef are also available for $3.70 per pound hanging weight.

Meadowmist Farm, Walter Madsen, 423 Phillipston Road, Barre MA 01005. (978) 355-4319.

Misty Brook Farm is a diverse, organic family farm in Albion, ME committed to producing high MOFGA_certified_organic_logoquality proteins. We are certified organic by MOFGA.

We milk A2 Jersey cows that produce rich creamy milk year round. The dairy cows, beefers, and veal calves are all 100% grass-fed. They graze from April to November and eat hay during the winter months.

Our sheep's milk is available from May to October. Our ewes graze the same organic pastures as our cows and get a small amount of organic oats at milking time. Our lambs are grass-fed and we offer lamb and mutton cuts.

The pigs are our land clearers and we supplement their rooting and grazing with 100% Maine grown soy-free organic grains and skim milk.

Our laying hens are pastured and supplemented with 100% Maine-grown, soy-free, non-GMO grain to complement what they find on pasture while roaming. Most of the grain in their ration is certified organic, just the local sunflower seeds are not yet certified.

Our son Alister grows an acre of vegetables every year to sell at our booth at the Common Ground Country Fair. He grows a variety of mixed vegetables including a great deal of winter storage crops.

Organic Raw Cow's Milk and Cream, Raw Sheep's Milk, Soy-free Eggs, Organic Pork, Organic Beef, Organic Veal, and Organic Lamb are available in our farm stand and stores all over Maine.

Misty Brook Farm, Katia & Brendan Holmes, 156 Bog Road, Albion, ME 04910. 
E-mail: mistybrookorganicfarm@yahoo.com. Website: www.mistybrook.com.

Moon In The Pond Farm has been raising top quality food for 14 years. We have a deep commitment to sustainability, non-toxicity, health of people, animals, the planet, heritage and heirloom breeds, grass- based farming, education, and our local community.

We offer beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat, veal, turkey, goose, eggs, honey, herbs, vegetables, and mushrooms. All seasonal. Year-round at the farm, and May–October at the Sheffield Farmers' Market.

We use no antibiotics (except to treat illness), never hormones, nor herbicides, no chemical fertilizers, no confinement. Animals are raised out-of-doors on grass.

See our website for more information.

Moon In The Pond Farm, Dominic Palumbo, 816 Barnum Street, Sheffield MA 01257. (413) 229-3092 Voice mailbox 2.
E-mail: dom@mooninthepond.org Website: www.mooninthepond.org; https://www.facebook.com/Moon-In-The-Pond-Farm-207627760556/.

New England Heritage Farm is a small family farm specializing in providing meat, milk and eggs. We have specifically selected all of our breeds of animals based on the superior flavor of the food they provide.

We are committed to organic practices, regenerative agriculture and to exceed the National Organic Program's rules for organic producers.

Eggs and meat from our free range chickens who are fed veggie scraps and certified organic grain.

Pork from our Mangalitsa pigs aka "wooly pigs." These pigs are truly the kobe beef of pork!  Featured on Iron Chef America and gaining acclaim with chefs across the USA. An old world breed of pig with excellent flavor and intramuscular marbling. Fed certified organic grain and veggie scraps from our garden. Sold by the cut or halves.

Beef from our 100% grass fed and finished Red Devon cattle. Our herd is from the Rotokawa lines and are the premiere genetics for grass fed beef in America. Sold by the cut or halves.

Raw milk from our 100% grass fed Normande cows. Milk from Normande cows is highly sought after by cheesemakers due to the high casein protein levels in the milk. Some of the best cheeses in France are made from Normande milk. Sold by the 1/2 gallon.

Chickens and turkeys from our farm are raised on certified organic grain and veggie scraps from our garden. We raise 3 different breeds of chicken for meat to fit all of our customers needs. We raise turkeys seasonally.

Lamb from our 100% grassfed Soay Sheep. Our Soay are purebred and are registered with the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST). They are an endangered breed that is close to feral sheep. The meat is gamier than most lamb. Available in limited quantities.

New England Heritage Farm,Dan Fournier, 476 Main Street Sandown NH 03873. (603) 548-0615.
E-mail: info@NewEnglandHeritageFarm.com. Website: www.facebook.com/NewEnglandHeritageFarm.

Oake Knoll Ayrshires, a licensed raw milk retailer, sells grass-fed, pasture-based raw milk year-round.

Oake Knoll is committed to animal welfare, sustainability and food safety. To maintain animal health and as a part of holistic management, milking cows are seasonally supplemented with locally grown whole barley (2 pounds per cow per day, when needed).

In the old barn, at the family's 280-year-old farm, visitors can also purchase eggs, cheese, grass-fed beef, maple syrup, and homemade soap.

E-mail Terri for more information.

Oake Knoll Ayrshires, Terri Lawton, 70 North Street, Foxboro MA 02035. (774) 219-6257.
E-mail: oake_knoll_ayrshires@lawtonsfamilyfarm.com.

Paradise Farm is a family-owned farm in Lyndeborough, NH, a small town located next door to Milford in southern NH. Adrienne and Wayne Colsia bought 160 acres of rolling hills and beautiful views in 2002 and proceeded to grow a multi-faceted farm. All our animals are pasture raised and humanely treated using sustainable and holistic methods.

We rotationally graze 100% grass-fed Scottish Highland beef, a “slow grow breed” which enhances the taste; heritage breed Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs; Nubian goats; chickens; turkeys and Romney sheep. We sell beef, pork, lamb, roaster chickens, and turkeys.

We also sell our own raw honey, free-range eggs, and Nubian goat milk—the highest quality goat milk there is and it has no gamey taste. Reap the major health benefits of goat milk and enjoy the taste.

Seasonally we have PYO blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and apples. We also grow table grapes, pears, plums, and tart cooking cherries that we sell from our farm stand and at farmers markets.

Meats are processed by a USDA butcher in NH and vacuum-sealed for added freshness.

Our meats come in a variety of individual cuts, or we have two bulk options available:

  • Option #1: Get a 10% discount on bulk purchases of meats and poultry if you buy $500 worth in any combination at one time. Must be paid in cash.

  • Option #2: Beef sides for $6.00/lb hanging weight; includes all processing and vacuum-sealed packaging for longer freezer shelf life. Reservation and deposit required.

We encourage people to visit our farm and farm store. We have no set hours, so please call ahead so we know you are coming. Our farm offers expansive mountain and valley views and the opportunity for kids to interact with our many animals. Our two miniature ponies, Lilly and Honey, will greet you when you park. They love carrots!

You can also purchase our products at the Milford Farmers Market, which runs almost year round. For more information, including prices, see our website.

Paradise Farm, Wayne and Adrienne Colsia, 468 Center Road, Lyndeborough NH 03082. (603) 345-0860.
E-mail: wayne@paradisefarmnh.com. Website: www.paradisefarmnh.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paradisefarmnh.

Patridge Farm raises grass-fed lamb, pasture-raised organic (not certified) pork, chicken, turkey, goose and eggs (chicken, duck and "seasonal goose"). We sell piglets and Pilgrim goslings. Humane off-farm poultry processing by appointment.

Wedding or special celebration? Let us raise your chicken; perfect for small or large event of any kind (must book in advance). Organic pasture-raised Freedom Ranger and Cornish Rock broilers sold whole or "cut-up" to make your life easier. Bone-in breasts, "split" chickens--many options available. Pre-order six chickens to receive a discount. Poultry brochures available, please e-mail or call to discuss. Our wholesome poultry has wonderful flavor and texture.

Berkshire/Tamworth pork sold by the cut (fresh, smoked, and link sausage). Quarter, half and whole hogs available by pre-order. Out meat and bacon has rich, genuine flavor, very distinct and delicious. It is lean with slight marbling.

Icelandic lamb meat is fine-grained, very mild and delectable.

Holiday turkeys and heritage goose are available from November on, with bone-less breasts and legs available into the New Year while supplies last. Food lovers are discovering that goose fat has unsurpassed taste and is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. It is high in "heart healthy" mono- and poly-unsaturated fats and rich in oleic acid C18:1.

Patridge Farm is a small third generation farm. All our animals are raised and rotated with care on organic pasture--no cages--and fed organic grain along with organic fruits and veggies grown on our farm. Unlike "naturally grown" animals, all our animals are fed organic grain that contains no GMOs, herbicides and pesticides and all else that "naturally grown" are given.

Meat and eggs sold on farm by appointment. Visits encouraged. We are a mere 2 1/2 hours from Boston and 35 minutes from Hanover and Franconia, NH. Reasonable delivery fees available. We also sell at farmers markets in Rollinsford, Exeter, Lebanon and Hanover, NH.

Patridge Farm, Mary Jones, 583 County Road, North Haverhill, NH 03774. (603) 989-5589 or (603) 918-1451.
E-mail: meatatjones@yahoo.com.

River Rock Farm has raised grass-fed Angus beef since 1961. Animals spend 12 months a year outside on our pastures and are fed only on our own hay in the winter. We do not use hormones or antibiotics. We do not use chemical fertilizers. organic_logo

We were certified organic in 2005. We can sell you at least 1/4 of an animal, arrange the processing at a USDA approved slaughterhouse in Groton, MA, and arrange local delivery. No mail orders, please.

River Rock Farm, Paul Schmid, 236 Fisherville Lane, South Westport MA 02790. (508) 636-5586.
E-mail: pschmid3@att.net.

Robinson Farm is a fourth-generation, 100% grass-fed, 35-cow, certified organic dairy in Central MA. We produce five different raw, aged, organic, washed-rind farmstead cheeses: Robinson Family Swiss, Tekenink Tomme, Hardwick Stone (Brick style), A Barndance and Prescott (Comte Style). These are available at our farmstand store, on our website and at retail locations across New England. See our website for a more complete listing. Contact us for wholesale pricing.

Our farmstand store is open every day from 7am to 7pm (7/7/7). We sell raw milk, our artisan, farmstead cheese, grass fed beef, eggs, seasonal veggies and flowers, local Capri goat cheese, honey and jams, pickles, sauerkraut, yogurt and crackers and more!

Our cheeses are available at various restaurants and grocery stores; contact us by e-mail or visit our website for a complete list of locations. Some of our products are also available at the Dewey Square Farmers Market in Boston, the Amherst and Somerville Winter Farmers Markets, and the Hardwick Farmers Market.

Robinson Farm, Pamela Robinson, 42 Jackson Road / PO Box 94, Hardwick MA 01037. (413) 477-6988.
E-mail: info@robinsonfarm.org. Website: www.robinsonfarm.org.

Simple Gifts Farm stewards 36 acres of community-preserved land in North Amherst, less than a mile from the University of Massachusetts. Our animals are an integral part of the soil fertility plan for the certified organic vegetables that we raise for sale through a CSA and at Farmer's Market. Lamb and beef are 100% grassfed, and are available for sale by the cut seasonally. Our eggs are certified organic and pasture-raised, and are available year-round.

Pork is also pasture-raised, and fed organic grain. Pork shares are available in the early summer and early winter, consisting of a one-time 20-lb. box with several different options. Whole and half hogs are also available. Check our website for more details, and for an easy on-line signup.

All of our products are for sale at the farm during CSA pickup (do not need to be a member), Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 to 7:00 and Saturday 9:00 to 1:00, June through October; at the Amherst Farmer's Market, Saturdays on the Common 7:30 to 1:30, May through Thanksgiving; and at the Amherst Winter Farmer's Market Saturdays at the Middle School, 10:00 to 2:00, December through April.

Simple Gifts Farm, Jeremy Barker Plotkin, 1089 North Pleasant Street, Amherst MA 01002. (413) 549-1585.
E-mail: simplegiftsfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.simplegiftsfarmcsa.com.

Steady Lane Farm offers grass-fed beef, raised without grain. Although our practices are mostly organic, we are not certified yet. We measure success by healthy soils, happy animals, and friendly neighbors.

The mowings and pastures on our farm in the wet, hilly Berkshire soils are over 150 years old. We strive for full-system (holistic) practices that build the soil food web, using our herd’s winter manure and sawdust bedding (from untreated wood) for nutrient and biotic replacement in the hayfields. The herd drinks from the clear spring-fed streams of the Berkshires, and we limit their access to protect the waters flowing downstream. Grass-based farming not only builds land productivity, but also habitat for wild animals.

Our beef is dry-aged, which means that the steaks are tender enough to grill. We also recommend the stew chunks, bone-in stew cuts, shortribs and brisket for making traditional and healthy broth. Of course, ground beef is also available and wonderfully flavorful.

We sell all year in Elmers Store in Ashfield, Debra’s Natural Gourmet in Concord, and Idywilde Farms in Acton. We also have a booth at the Ashfield Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings in the summer, where there is music and grass-fed yogurt!

Steady Lane Farm, 144 Steady Lane, Ashfield MA 01720. (413) 628-4689.
E-mail: farmer@steadylanefarm.com. Website: www.steadylanefarm.com.

Steve Normanton: I am originally from South Africa, where I worked in the livestock trade the conventional, agribusiness way. Here in New England, I have raised grass-fed beef for over ten years, with a focus on sustainability and holistic principles. I now raise pastured pork, pastured chicken, pastured eggs, and 100% grass-fed beef on 65 acres on the banks of the Merrimack River, about 10 miles from the Massachusetts state line. My pastures are certified organic by the State of New Hampshire.

My cattle graze on pasture throughout the growing season, and I feed them certified organic hay in the winter. They are never fed corn or other grain, even for “handling” purposes. I sell beef in bulk and by the cut. I harvest my cattle when they have reached their full potential of quality, which means the largest quantities are available in the fall. Therefore, I recommend pre-ordering for fall delivery. All my beef is USDA-inspected and flash-frozen.

My pigs live and forage outdoors, and I supplement their diet with organic formulated pig grain. My pork is harvested in the fall, and is available in bulk and by the cut as long as supplies last. All my pork is USDA-inspected and flash-frozen.

I raise my meat chickens outdoors on pasture in a day-range system, which allows them to forage for bugs and living plants. I supplement their diet with organic formulated chicken grain. I process the birds on-farm (exempt from USDA inspection) June through October. I sell fresh or frozen whole chickens (i.e. plucked and cleaned but not cut up into parts).

My laying hens, like the meat chickens, forage outdoors on pasture in the growing season, and also get organic formulated layer grain. Eggs are available year-round.

Please visit my web site for current pricing, ordering information, and more details about my farming practices.

Steve Normanton, 226 Charles Bancroft Highway, Litchfield NH 03052. (603) 320-1169.
E-mail: steve@normanton.com. Website: www.stevenormanton.com.

Valley View Farm is a micro organic (non-certified) farm, producing pork, lamb, and chicken. I hand-raise only a few animals a year.

The pigs live in the woods under oak and beech trees. They forage on their own, and I feed them organic grains, vegetables, and fruits. Occasionally they eat non-organic vegetables. The lambs eat from a sunny pasture where I've grown a nutritious blend of forage for them. My meat birds are free to range around my wooded yard, foraging as much as they like. In addition, they are fed organic feed.

My egg layers are kept in awesome tractors I designed myself. They are moved every day so that they get fresh bugs and greens, along with plenty of sunshine. I feed them organic chicken feed.

Orders are taken in early Spring. The meat is processed in a custom slaughterhouse, and comes vacuum packed and frozen. Custom butchering and optional smoking is available.

Please email for pricing and other details.

Valley View Farm, Denise Rachel, 179 Norwell Avenue, Norwell MA 02061. (781) 659-2001.
E-mail: pp-ff@verizon.net.

Weatherlow Farms, founded in 2014, is located in the seaside town of Westport, MA. On a little shy of 200 acres, we raise the highest quality grass-fed beef, lamb, chevon, pork, pastured poultry (chickens) and eggs. We grow a curated selection of flowers and foliages for weddings and special events. All is cared for employing environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices which focus on the special relationship between land, animal and food.

All of our animals are raised 100% naturally, pastured, grass-fed and grass-finished*. (*Our poultry receives non-GMO grain.) We do not use hormones or antibiotics and our fields do not receive herbicides or pesticides.

Our Products:  

Grass Fed Beef
Pastured Lamb
Pastured Chevon
Pastured Pork
Meat Birds
Stew Birds
Fresh Eggs

How to Purchase:

Farm Store: Open 10:00 – 2:00 Saturdays and Sundays, and by appointment anytime.

Farmers Markets: We attend a variety of markets throughout the region. Please check our website for details.

Bulk Orders: All of our meat is available by the side for your freezer at additional savings. **Free Local Delivery**

Weatherlow Farms, Ryan Wagner (owner), 845 Sodom Road, Westport, MA 02790. (508) 938-9398.
E-mail: hello@weatherlowfarms.com. Website: www.weatherlowfarms.com.

Wheel-View Farm in Shelburne is a family owned scenic hilltop farm in western Massachusetts raising USDA certified natural grass-fed beef and breeding stock from our primarily Scottish Highland and Galloway herd.

The cattle graze contentedly on our summer pastures and are fed grass-legume hay from our fields during the winter. These heritage breed cattle do an excellent job of maintaining open space on land that is not suitable for grain or vegetable crops. We have chosen this type of farming because it is more environmentally friendly, more humane for the animals, and also healthier for the consumer.

Unlike commercial feedlot cattle that are raised in confinement and fed a diet of grain, synthetic vitamins, growth hormones, and antibiotics, our grass-fed animals live very different lives. They live on pasture from birth to market. Because they live a more natural, less stressful life the animals are very healthy and calm. We determine the growth rate of our animals not by artificial hormones and grain but instead by genetics and quality of the forage, resulting in a nutritious healthier product.

Wheel-View Farm, 212 Reynolds Road, Shelburne MA 01370. (413) 625-2900.
E-mail: info@wheelviewfarm.com. Website: www.wheelviewfarm.com.

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