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Pastured Products Directory – Oregon



Find a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild Oregon map, or browse the alphabetical list below.

Visit our Oregon Beyond the Farm page for a list of local markets, restaurants, stores and buying clubs that sell grass-fed products.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact these farmers directly to buy their products. Eatwild does not sell any food products.

Aaron's SonRise Ranch. Have you ever wanted to try real farm raised beef without purchasing a whole or half animal? Now you can!

Our small family Ranch provides by the pound grass-fed and finished Beef, non-soy/GMO fed pastured Pork and Chicken sold by the pound in over 200 individual cuts (we are beyond organic – but not certified).

No minimum order and free shipping with qualified orders. We ship overnight to Portland and the surrounding areas. All orders are processed though our web site at www.son-riseranch.com, but we answer the phone when you call – we only look big and fancy.

We dry age all our beef (including our ground) for exceptional flavor. Our shipping containers are biodegradable – so you can sleep at night knowing you’re not poisoning the environment with petroleum-based Styrofoam each time you order.
CSA – monthly subscriptions at heavily discounted rates. Your order arrives each month, on time, with no hassle.

All animals are raised in Oregon and Northern California. USDA processed and approved.

Aaron's SonRise Ranch, Douglas Lindamood, 12300 SE Carpenter DR, Clackamas OR 97015. (541) 728-0409.
E-mail: sales@son-riseranch.com. Website: www.son-riseranch.com

Afton Field Farm is located in Corvallis, Oregon and owned by Tyler and Alicia Jones. Tyler is a graduate of Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm apprenticeship program and the farm is adapted to Salatin’s philosophy and multi-species rotational grazing methods. 

We are currently offering pasture-raised TURKEYS which forage for a portion of their diet from the pasture and woods and are supplemented with a custom GMO-Free grain ration milled locally for us. 

Though we are not certified organic, we follow organic practices that preclude the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and routine antibiotics in our farm operations. We process all of our poultry on-farm.  

We sell on-farm to individuals, and take pre-orders which can be picked up the week of Thanksgiving or at agreed drop locations in the greater Oregon area.

Afton Field Farm, Tyler and Alicia Jones, Corvallis OR 97333.
E-mail: mail@aftonfieldfarm.com. Website: www.aftonfieldfarm.com.

All Natural Nevada Food Company specializes is supplying Nevada raised Grass-fed/finished Beef from Alpine Ranch through a monthly or bi-monthly beef subscription. Customers have three different options to choose from and can switch between the three at any time. As a subscriber with us, you also have access year round to our other products such as Grass-fed/finished Lamb from Albaugh Ranch, Organic Pork, or the many other products that we carry.

We have several drop off locations for our subscribers in Reno, Sparks, Incline Village, Carson City and even one in Las Vegas. We can also ship to the Western United States. You can rest assured, that if we carry it, then the we have gone through the trouble of making sure the product is raised naturally, humanely, never given any antibiotics, hormones, steroids, and is fed its natural food source and never fed grains. All animals are slaughtered and butchered locally at USDA facilities that have been inspected by us as well.

Farmers Markets - This last summer we participated in the Carson City Market on Saturdays, the Grove Market on Sundays in Reno, the United Methodist Church Market on Tuesdays in Sparks, the Somersett Market on Wednesday in Reno, and the Incline Village Market on Wednesdays, the Sparks Market at Victorian Square on Thursdays, and the Garden Shop Nursery Market on Fridays in Reno. Currently we are participating in the Garden Shop Nursery Market, but only on the second Sunday of each month from 11 am – 2 pm through the winter.

Grocery Stores - Currently all Scolari's Grocery Stores are carrying our Grass-fed/finished Ground Beef in their Frozen Meat Section. 1400 US Highway 95a N, Fernley, NV 89408; 1329 Highway 395 #12, Gardnerville, NV 89410; 4788 Caughlin Pkwy, Reno, NV 89519; 3310 S McCarran Blvd, Reno, NV 89502; 8165 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89511; 6255 Sharlands Ave, Reno, NV 89523; 1300 Disc Dr, Sparks, NV 89436; 950 Holman Way, Sparks, NV 89431; 5430 Sun Valley Blvd, Sun Valley, NV 89433; HWY 95 - Air Force Rd, Tonopah, NV 89049; 176 W Goldfield Ave, Yerington, NV 89447

Restaurants - 775 Gastropub at 5162 Meadowood Mall Cir Reno, NV 89502 is using our ground beef for their hamburgers.

Buying Clubs - We have a monthly and bi-monthly grass-fed/finished beef subscription service. We have drop off locations all over Reno, Sparks, and Carson City. We deliver to Incline Village and have a monthly drop in Las Vegas.

All Natural Nevada Food Company, Kyle Huddy, 14460 Ghost Rider Drive, Reno NV 89511. (775) 737-3197.
E-mail: kylehuddy@allnaturalnv.com. Website: www.allnaturalnv.com.

Allington Cattle Company, you want wild...we've got wild!

Red Angus X Red Gelbvieh beef cattle grazed on meadows, sagebrush hill pastures, and on private forest ground.

We offer 1100–1200 pounds live weight steers every August. Do you want a smaller size steak? We also offer 850–950 pounds live weight heifers. Pictures are available.

Butchering options: 1) You buy the beef, you also buy the hunting rights (call for more information); 2) Call the local butcher to process the beef for you.

Allington Cattle Company, Nathan or Leasa Allington, 72697 Reed Road, Burns OR 97720. (541) 495-2430.
E-mail: pestybug@gmail.com.

Amana Ranch is a small grass-based multi-speciated family farm in Cornelius, Oregon. We grow pasture-raised nutrient-dense meats (chicken, beef, turkeys, lamb, and goat) and eggs in a stress-free and chemical-free environment.

Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the diet of our ruminants consists of fresh grass and brush forage (in the grazing season) or grass hay (in the winter months). The 1% exception is for those special treats of non-GMO whole grain used to reward and train animals. These treats typically go undigested and end up being picked up by our free-roaming chickens. Free-choice non-synthetic minerals such as kelp and trace mineral salt are provided as needed to cattle.

Delivery is available within the Greater Portland Area.

Sign up today to see what's in stock and start shopping: www.amanaranch.com/register 

Amana Ranch, Nour Mouktabis, 3270 NW Susbauer Road, Cornelius OR 97113. (971) 713-5656.
E-mail: contactus@amanaranch.com. Website: www.amanaranch.com.

Anandaloka is a 44-acre farm outside Ashland, OR. We manage 35 acres of pasture using management intensive grazing techniques based on the work of Andre Voisin, four acres of hay, and a fruit test orchard of 80 varieties. We adhere to permaculture principles and organic management although we are not yet certified.

We rotate our sixty head of Red and Black Angus beef cattle approximately every two days to fresh organically-managed pasture (no chemical use for past 30 years) through a total of 19 paddocks. Cattle are exclusively grass-fed. Using stress-free management techniques, we attempt to minimize stress hormones in the cattle and maximize grazing time. We actively steward Butler Creek and protect Steelhead by restricting grazing in the creek and restoring the streambank forest.

We offer quarters, halves, and sides. Please call or email to reserve yours now. Pick up of cut and wrapped meat will at the butcher in Central Point, OR.

Anandaloka Farm, 1168 Butler Creek Road, Ashland OR (97520). (503) 781-6221.
E-mail: anandalokafarms@gmail.com.

Anna Rose Farm, of Salem, Oregon, is now offering 100% USDA-inspected lamb, lavender, plums, wool products, yarn and fleeces, both chicken and duck eggs. We also have rabbit meat.

Anna Rose Farm is a family operated 10-acre farm in the heart of Willamette Valley, located in West Salem in Polk County, Oregon. We adhere to many permaculture principles and animal welfare methods, using intensive grazing management. We use no antibiotics or hormones in our breeding or feeding program. Our ewes and rams are fed pasture, local hay and alfalfa in the winter. Our lambs are finished on grass.

We rotate our small herd of sheep approximately every 2 days through a total of 9 paddocks. The lambs are exclusively grass finished, using stress-free management techniques to minimize stress hormones and increase omega 3s.

We offer lamb cuts as well as 1/2 or whole lambs. We also offer our Registered Romney lambs and Angora rabbits for breeding and show purposes as they are registered and of excellent blood lines. We have proven rams and ram lambs available now for the breeding season. They are winning show-quality animals.

Please call or e-mail us to purchase or reserve your lamb or wool products. Prices depend on availability. We have fleeces for spinning, felting, felt, roving and yarn. Our prices are very competitive and less that in your supermarket—when you can find it!

We are dedicated to raising our animals in the safest, most humane way to provide our customers safe, healthy, delicious foods and products for their table and family. We also offer free farm tours to all our customers! We enjoy providing the best quality products for customers who care enough to buy safe, healthy foods and products for themselves and their family.

Please call Ralond or Ruby right away to schedule your farm tour! We are eternally grateful for all our customers who support our friendly family farm.

Ralond and Ruby Troncin, Friendly Farmers, Anna Rose Farm, 3285 Gibson Road NW, Salem OR 97304. Cell: (971) 237-3150. Farm: (503) 474-1040.
E-mail: ruby@annarosefarm.com. Website: www.annarosefarm.com.

August Farm is a small-scale, pasture based, diversified livestock and flower farm. We are located in Independence Valley, a vibrant farming community, 30 miles south of Olympia, Washington. Our mission is to produce healthy, organic, humanely raised, pastured meat. We strive to preserve heritage breeds, be stewards of the land, and reinvigorate our local economy. Our priority is to provide our livestock with the highest animal welfare and supply our community with the highest quality meat.

We raise free-range chickens, whey-fed pigs, grass fed lamb and specialty cut flowers. All of our animals graze on pasture and are fed local and/or certified organic feed. They are raised outside in a safe, comfortable environment that honors their natural instincts. They are slaughtered on farm to reduce the stress of transport and are sold directly to our customers. 

Pasture Raised Chicken is Better for the Environment and Better for You. Our chickens are raised seasonally, outdoors, on pasture, where they can flap their wings, take dust baths and eat crickets, worms and grass. We supplement their foraging with non-GMO certified organic feed. Our chickens have been bred to grow more slowly than industrial breeds. The more natural growing period results in superior, old-fashion tasting chicken with a deep, rich flavor our grandparents would recognize. 

Purchase whole chickens delivered monthly through our Chicken CSA program to Portland, Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle. Our pork is sold by the half or whole. You can buy a whole grass fed lamb, they are ready in November. Check out our website for more details or contact us to place an order or ask questions.

August Farm, Liza Judge, Marianne Copene, 11545 Independence Road, Rochester WA 98579. (801) 859-6598. 
E-mail: info@august-farm.com. Website: www.august-farm.com.

Bald Hill Farm is a family farm, owned and operated by the Martin and Heeter Families. Our philosophy is: Good for You, Good for the Animals, and Good for the Environment. We believe in raising quality, healthy meat for our community. Our animals graze on several hundred acres, free to roam and eat all that nature intended them to. We use no hormones, feed antibiotics or by-products.

At Bald Hill Farm, we sell beef, lamb and pork. You can purchase beef by the 1/4, 1/2 or whole animal. Lamb and pork is sold by the 1/2 or whole. We now make regular deliveries to the Portland area.

Our farm is located west of Bald Hill Park in Corvallis. We invite you to hike or ride our trails and see our animals grazing peacefully in their pastures.

For more information please visit our website, call, or send us an e-mail.

Bald Hill Farm Office & Store, 5700 SW Reservoir Avenue, Corvallis OR 97333. (541) 753-3500.
E-mail: info@4BaldHillFarm.com. Website: www.4baldhillfarm.com.

Bar MD Cattle Company has been raising our own Angus Cross Beef for over 30 years in Beautiful Union County in Eastern Oregon. We are a Mom and Pop operation and raise our cattle from birth to table. Our animals are very calm, have many acres to roam, and have no antibiotics or hormones. They are on pasture and hay throughout their life, with no other feed. They are given free choice salt and minerals.

We take pride in raising healthy, happy cattle in a great setting.

We sell by the half of the whole. The price is $3.25 a pound hanging weight. This price includes on the farm harvesting. The average hanging weight is 525 to 650 pounds.

Staffords of Elgin, Oregon does the cut and wrap. You will have to pay them $.50 to $.70 per pound for cut and wrap. You will be able to give them instructions on how you want it cut up. For example, do you want prime rib or rib steaks? How many pounds of hamburger do you want in each package? How thick do you want your steaks cut?

We are now also selling hamburger and stew meat by the package at $4 per pound with a 10-pound minimum, plus shipping.

We butcher twice a year, July and October. Please call us to reserve your Grass Fed beef right now!

Bar MD Cattle Company, Mark and Donna Beverage, 63392 Lower Cove Road, Cove OR 97824. (541) 786-1492.
E-mail: barmd@eoni.com.

Basket Flat Ranch is located in the Pacific Northwest, near Battle Ground, Washington. Basket Flat Ranch utilizes the mild, wet climate, longer growing season, and lush pastures to produce a superior, all natural, grass fed beef product for your dinner table.

We feed our beef animals only grass and clover pasture and locally grown grass and clover hay during the Winter season. We fertilize our pastures with manure and manure compost and avoid the use of chemical fertilizer.

We do not use any hormones or anti-biotics and we are a small ranch with tame animals that we personally work with in a low stress manner.

We raise Angus beef (both red and black color), and we are constantly selecting genetics in our breeding stock for the best tenderness, marbling, and steak thickness.

We are passionate about raising beef with all natural techniques and carefully taking care of and stewarding our animals and pastures year after year so we can produce a healthy beef product for our table and yours.

We serve the S.W. Washington and Portland, OR Metro area. Our beef is available for pick up from a local butcher in Battle Ground, WA. Please visit our web site for ordering, quantities, pricing and availability.

Basket Flat Ranch, Jon Schoenborn, 21309 NE Basket Flat Road, Battle Ground WA 98604. (360) 601-5918.
E-mail: jons@basketflatranch.com. Website: www.basketflatranch.com.

Beyer's Choice BeefSee Wine Down Ranch below

Birkeland Farm is a family-run 70-acre Beef Ranch in Beavercreek, OR. We raise grass fed/grass finished Beef and pasture raised Chicken.

Our cows spend their life 100% on pasture in a natural herd environment, and are never confined to small spaces. They do not receive any hormones or antibiotics. We do raise heritage Corriente and British Whites as well as some standard Beef breeds.

Our Chickens are raised in Salatin-style moveable pens after two weeks in the brooder. They move every day onto new pasture and receive a no-corn, no-soy locally-milled feed. They are professionally processed by a local family. No added hormones or antibiotics. 

Birkeland Farm, Lynne Van Dusen, 22280 S. Beavercreek Road, Beavercreek OR 97202. (503) 732-0265.
E-mail: birkelandfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.birkelandfarm.com

At Botany Bay Farm we use rotational grazing practices to produce healthy, contented animals, nourishing food and fertile, sustainable land. We currently raise and sell Pastured Chicken, Eggs, Rabbit, Beef, and Forest-Raised Pork as well as Rototiller Pork. All of our meat and eggs are 100% hormone- and antibiotic-free. We supplement our Pasture Raised Broilers, Layers, Rabbits, and Pigs with a soy-free and GMO-free feed (most of which is milled fresh on farm). The majority of our animals are processed on farm.

Our Pasture Raised Chicken is available from the end of May through the beginning of October. We offer whole birds, cuts (quarters, boneless skinless breasts, and wings), broth parts, and organs on farm. You can also purchase our whole birds at any New Seasons Market or Chuck’s Produce & Street Market.

Our Pasture-Raised Eggs are available year round and can also be purchased on farm or at New Seasons Market or Chuck’s Produce & Street Market.

Our Forest-Raised Pork (available in the fall) and Rototiller Pork (available in the winter) are sold by the whole or half pig.

Please check out our website for more information about our farm as well as product pricing. You can contact us if you have any questions about the products we offer or our farming practices. Be sure and check out our farm blog to see what's happening on the farm!

Botany Bay Farm, Heidi Sturtevant, 13513 NE 132nd Avenue, Brush Prairie WA 98606. (360) 524-9005.
E-mail: info@botanybayfarm.com. Website: www.botanybayfarm.com.

Box R Beef is a third-generation family-owned and operated company, providing exceptional 100% natural beef for over 45 years. Our cows are grass fed and grass finished on open green pastures, and never given antibiotics or added hormones. Our animals' health and welfare are our number one priority. We promote low stress, humane treatment of our naturally happy animals. They are raised with a holistic approach in the Southern Oregon sunshine. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality beef, while being good stewards of the land and its animals.

Our delicious 100% natural grass fed beef is available in whole, half, quarter and eighth. Customers are able to work directly with the butcher to completely customize how their order is cut and wrapped. We also offer a premium ground beef. We call it premium because that's what it is! Our USDA inspected ground beef comes from our all-natural grass fed cows, and contains all the premium cuts (all steaks, roasts, prime, tips, etc.) for this mouth-watering 85/15 blend. 

Interested in featuring our beef in your restaurant or business? We also offer USDA inspected beef at a wholesale price!

We have beef available year around and will deliver to Ashland, Medford, Klamath Falls and surrounding areas.

Here at Box R Beef, we want you to know exactly where your meat comes from and the people who produce it. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get to know us and stay in touch! Give us a call or visit our website for more information or to place an order!

Box R Beef, Nick Randall, 17575 HWY 66 Ashland, Oregon 97520. (541) 482-1873.
E-mail: info@boxrbeef.com. Website: www.boxrbeef.com

Buckleberry Farm is our "hobbit-farm" in Milton-Freewater, OR. Everything is on a small scale for now. We raise fruit, vegetables, poultry, and bottle, can and have a bakery in our home using all our little farm produces. We take these products to the Walla Walla Farmers Market and sell to folks by phone and e-mail orders. We dry and roast fruits and nuts as well and run the bakery one full day a week. We have also started bottling our blackberries into an Oregon blackberry BBQ sauce and other items.

We raise, for now, 20 Bronze Turkeys pasture-fed per year and 20 broilers two times a year to freeze and sell smoked as well. Building our own smokehouse now! Looking forward to expanding and developing our knowledge and facilities! We also raise miniature horses and love to cart them down country roads. We love farm life...any interest you have in what we do, please contact us via e-mail!

Buckleberry Farm, Chuck and Cindi Hudgins, 85180 Hurst Lane, Milton-Freewater, OR 97862. (541) 938-5352.
E-mail: buckleberryfarm15@yahoo.com. Website: www.buckleberryfarm.com.

Bunn Family Farms is a multi-generational family farm located in the heart of winecountry in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Our family has been farming in the valley since 1850. The goals of our operation are to produce healthy, wholesome meats and eggs for our local community while improving the quality of the soils and pastures we rely on to produce those products. Our list of products include grass-fed beef and lamb; pasture raised eggs, broilers and turkeys; and pasture raised pork.

Our products come from well-cared for and contented animals raised without the use of hormones, anti-biotics, and commercial insecticides. All animals benefit from natural supplements, and pigs and poultry are offered free choice natural grains to meet their nutritional needs. Sheep and cattle are never offered grains as they perform better and have fewer health problems when their natural need for quality forages is met.

Our farm is not certified organic, but we adhere to organic principles in our management techniques, choosing to refrain from use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Bunn Family Farms, Ben, III or Marla Bunn, PO Box 281, Lafayette OR 97127. (503) 864-8260.
E-mail: ben.bunn.iii@gmail.com.

Butler Creek Farm grass-fed cows are born and raised on a small coastal Oregon Century Farm that was homesteaded by our family in the 1800s. The farm includes old growth timber, salt marsh and alluvial flood plain pastures.

Our cows are humanely treated and graze our pastures year round. Their winter diets are supplemented with clover and grass hay that is grown and harvested on-site. They are not fed any grains. They do not receive any hormones or low level antibiotics. They do receive immunizations and de-worming solutions as recommended by our herd veterinarian to keep them healthy in our lush environment.

Beef is sold by the whole, half, or quarter animal. We also sell hamburger by the quarter animal. Our cattle are butchered on-site by a licensed mobile butcher. This is carefully done away from the rest of the herd. The butcher hauls the hanging beef in a refrigerated truck to the custom meat packing plant, where it is aged under refrigeration. We use one butcher in Eugene and one in Bandon.

We only sell our beef directly to consumers each fall (typically) with the option of delivery for a $45 fee, or you can pick up your product directly from the butcher.

Butler Creek Farm Grass-fed Beef, Nadja Sanders, 2160 Arthur Street, Eugene OR 97405. (541) 344-5204.
E-mail: bcfgrassfed@gmail.com. Website: www.bcfgrassfed.com.

Carman Ranch is a fourth generation working cattle ranch. We raise 100% grassfed beef for people who care about quality, who want to know where their food comes from, and who are concerned how animals are treated. We accomplish this without the use of added hormones, antibiotics, or commercial fertilizers. We care deeply about our land, our animals and our community. We strive to:

  • Produce exceptionally tender and flavorful beef
  • Engage in practices that promote environmental stewardship and
    good range management
  • Treat all of our animals humanely and with respect.

You can find our booth at the Portland Farmer’s Market and on the menu of some of Portland's finest restaurants. We sell individuals cuts as well as sides and quarters cut to your specifications at our trusted local butcher shop. We only offer beef in the summer and fall months and sell out each year. Please contact us early for best availability, or join our e-mail list for updates. Thank you.

Carman Ranch, Cory Carman, 67357 Promise Road, Wallowa OR 97885. (541) 263-0812.
E-mail: cory@carmanranch.com. Website: www.carmanranch.com.

Champoeg Creamery is a sustainable, pasture-based farm offering raw cow's milk to families who value their health for almost 10 years!

  • Raw cow's milk from our jerseys and brown swiss girls
  • Eggs from pastured hens
  • Turkeys fresh for Thanksgiving, must be pre-ordered on our website or call
  • Chickens fresh during the summer

Farm Tours monthly during the summer.

We are not certified organic, but our sustainable practices and rotational grazing practices put us above and beyond organic.

Our cows are moved to fresh, quickly-growing grass every 24 hours during the full Oregon grass growing season, which is 9 months of the year. When they graze grass that is around 7–8 inches high, they are eating it at its most nutritious state, which means the milk they produce has the highest nutrition available. They are fed less than 1% of their body weight (about 6 pounds per day) in GMO-FREE and NO Corn/No Soy grain.

For store hours go to website at http://www.champoegcreamery.com

Champoeg Creamery, Charlotte Smith, 7798 Champoeg Road NE, St Paul OR 97137. (503) 860-6286. 
E-mail: champoegcreamery@gmail.com. Website: www.champoegcreamery.com.

CMS Sheep Company offers lamb at two times of year. The fall lambs are fed a small amount of grain in addition to grass. The spring lambs are finished on clover and grass only.

Pastured pork is available in the fall. A limited supply of beef is available from Jersey cows or dairy cross calves that are butchered in June after grazing on the spring grass. The beef is available in halves or whole.

CMS Sheep Company, Scott and Pat Sublette, 1099 Elkhead Road, Yoncalla OR 97499. (541) 849-2871 and (541) 817-3803.
E-mail: pwork@earthlink.net

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Croakers Crossing Farm is proud to offer truly pasture raised poultry, eggs as well as honey.

We practice regenerative agriculture farming which means we are focused on soil health which we believe all else stems from this baseline. We rotate our poultry and livestock daily to fresh pastures to ensure they always have access to forage and that their manure is spread evenly across the farmland.

We have a batch of pasture raised chicken available every three weeks for On Farm Pickup. You can reserve you chicken via our online farmstore @ www.croakerscrossingcom

Croakers Crossing Farm, Jenna Johnson, 16400 SW Pleasant Valley Road Beaverton OR, 97007. (971) 770-0696.
E-mail: croakerscrossing@gmail.com. Website: www.croakerscrossing.com

The Crooked Gate Ranch, LLC is located in the beautiful Oregon coast foothills roughly halfway between Corvallis and Eugene, OR. Our grass finished beef is raised naturally utilizing a sequence of different forages to give the meat the finish you deserve. We use no feed-grade antibiotics, growth hormones, feed additives, grains, etc., just quality forages that animals were intended to eat.

Our herd is primarily Black Angus, to provide their excellent meat traits. All the animals we sell as grass finished beef were born and raised on the farm, allowing us to assure you of the entire history of the animal. We utilize management intensive grazing to constantly provide our animals with fresh forage, and utilize different forages during the season to match the animals' energy and protein needs and to provide you with the quality product you deserve.

We sell beef by the quarter, half, or whole, or offer sample packs and ground beef packs for individual sale.

Crooked Gate Ranch, LLC, Mark and Mechele Poorman, 26293 Foster Road, Monroe OR 97456. (541) 424-3050.
E-mail: info@greatgrassbeef.com. Website: www.greatgrassbeef.com.

At Cunningham Pastured Meats, located on the Oregon/Idaho border, we raise grass-fed and finished beef and lamb. We also raise pastured pork and chicken. All of our animals graze our wild meadows and have access to clean water and plenty of open space. We have been selling pastured meats for several years and are happy to help anyone looking to start buying bulk meat for their freeze.

  • Our animals are NEVER given antibiotics and hormones. 
  • Pigs and chickens receive supplemental NON-GMO grains.
  • We sell bulk freezer meat at a price that families can afford compared to supermarket store prices. 
  • Use a small local butcher for harvesting animals that you can get cut to your specific request. 
  • We harvest cattle on-farm allowing the cattle to stay calm (instead of being transported to town), thus creating a better tasting, healthier meat.
  • We harvest meat several times throughout the year to keep your freezers full!

All the information you need to know about our animals, management practices and ordering are on our website. 

Cunningham Pastured Meats, Liz Cunningham, Greenleaf, Idaho 83626. (208) 649-4403.
E-mail: thiswesternlife@gmail.com. Website: www.thiswesternlife.com

The Deck Family Farm raises Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken and sells by the side or by custom 20-45 lb. boxes which we ship frozen to your home.

Our goal is to raise healthy happy animals. We respect our animals and the life that they are giving. All of our Cows, Hogs, Lambs and Chickens have pasture access 365 days a year from birth to death. Pasture raised animals not only live a more stress free life than their confinement fed counterparts but they also grow to provide a healthier meat. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics. Our commitment to you is to raise the healthiest, happiest animals possible and we believe, that in turn, these animals will provide the best nutrition for you and your family.

Boxes start at $115 for 20 lbs. We offer free shipping to Central California, Oregon, and Washington State and a 10% discount for local pickup.

Deck Family Farm, Christine Deck, 25362 High Pass Road, Junction City OR 97448. (541) 998-4697.
E-mail: info@deckfamilyfarm.com. Website: www.deckfamilyfarm.com


DD Ranch is located in Terrebonne, Oregon, about 25 miles north of Bend. We offer free-range, grass fed beef—no hormones, no chemicals and no grain—and pastured pork. We pride ourselves on offering fresh, steroid-free, naturally grass fed beef. It is some of the best meat in the world!

We will be offering USDA beef and pork throughout the fall, at the Pumpkin patch, and year round. If you want to purchase our meats by the 1/4, 1/2, whole, or by the package during our off season, January through July 15th, give us a call; we will make arrangements for your purchase or you can visit our website to find a meat order form. We also sell our meats in our country store by the pound if you are only interested in a small amount.

DD Ranch sponsors an annual 5K Run/Walk in September and offers spring and school tours, U-pick flowers, u-dig potatoes, a pumpkin patch, Christmas trees and wreaths, facilities for special events, and more.

Visit our website or give us a call for more information or to place an order. We encourage you to support your local farmers and ranchers offering healthy and safe produce and meat alternatives for your family.

DD Ranch, Mike Duggan, 3836 NE Smith Rock Way, Terrebonne OR 97760. (541) 548-1432.
E-mail: duggan@ddranch.net. Website: http://ddranch.net.

Deo Volente Farm raises all natural pastured heritage chicken and Katahdin sheep.

The heritage chickens are kept on natural pasture and moved daily to fresh grass. They have access to clean water and natural grain which is antibiotic and hormone free.

The sheep are raised on pasture year round supplemented with minerals and all natural wormer.

Please visit our website to read more about the family, see current prices, and find out how to order some chickens or lamb.

Deo Volente Farm is operated by the Cone offspring on their farm in Mulino, Oregon, located about 15 minutes south of Oregon City.

Deo Volente Farm, Scott Cone, 15582 S Howards Mill Road, Mulino OR 97042. (503) 829-5744.
E-mail: info@deovolentefarm.com. Website: www.deovolentefarm.com

Double Diamond Ranch is a family farm located in the high-desert foothills of the Wallowa Mountains in northeastern Oregon. Our pastures are irrigated by snowmelt from the Eaglecap Wilderness. We have been certified organic by Oregon Tilth since June 2000 to sell Certified Organic/Grass-fed Lamb and Beef.

Naturally. . NO: hormones, antibiotics, by-products, GMOs, feedlot, or irradiation.

Our annual crop of about 150 lambs and 30 beef is harvested from late July through September to capture the meat at its grass-fed prime. We offer two purchase options: 1) Processing through a USDA inspected, organically certified plant; 2) purchase of the live animal for local processing.

Orders may be placed by phone or e-mail, and shipped (at the customer's expense) almost anywhere in the US. We accept VISA. For more information about us and our product look for Vicki Wares' profile on Facebook and access our Double Diamond Ranch page.

Paul Wares, 45008 Houghton Creek Road, Baker City OR 97814. (541) 853-2320 or (541) 519-5805.
E-mail: dbldimon@gmail.com Website: http://doublediamondranch.netbiz.com/

Drizzlewood Farm, LLC produces grass-finished beef and free-range heritage turkeys on our pasture-based family farm of oak savannah, wetland and forest located in the beautiful Cascade foothills just south of Molalla, Oregon. Both beef and turkeys are harvested humanely on-farm to avoid the stress of transport and to allow us to control quality of the products.

Our animals are given no antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones. Throughout the year, we move cattle from pasture to pasture to give them the best available grass while improving field condition and health. When needed, we feed them hay cut on the farm. The only grain they get is used in training them to follow us from field to field. (We don’t drive ‘em; we lead ‘em!)

We have 40 heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving this year, a mix of Bourbon Reds and Narragansetts (both breeds are listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste). They forage outdoors during the day and go into the poultry house at night to deter predators. In addition to the bugs, grubs and grasses they find, we provide commercial pellets with no medication.

We’re learning how to produce great tasting, healthy food using sustainable, pasture-friendly practices. Currently, the farm produces grass-fed, grass-finished beef; free-range, heritage turkeys; eggs and honey.

Wetland areas and creeks have been fenced off to protect them from cattle damage and a creekside restoration project is underway with the planting of some 2,000 trees and shrubs.

Drizzlewood Farm, LLC., Kathy Thurow and Harlan Shober, 15298 S Herman Road, Molalla OR 97038. Mailing address: 2280 SE 34th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214. (971) 227-0478.
E-mail: Drizzlewood@gmail.com. Website: http://drizzlewood.com.

The Faded Rose Ranch is located on Puget Island, on the banks of the Columbia River, across the bridge from Cathlamet, WA and accessible via ferry from Westport, OR. The ranch is within a scenic drive from both Seattle, WA and Portland, OR areas. This one-man and two-dog sheep and cattle operation offers all-natural, grass-fed freezer lamb and beef by the whole or half.

All animals are bred, born, and raised here. Grass/hay, clean water, plus mother’s milk make up the diet of our livestock. Our happy animals are raised in a stress-free and humane environment. We are not certified organic but we try. No hormones, supplements or antibiotics are ever used.

The delicate flavored lamb of a Katahdin hair heritage breed ewe will be a welcome addition to your diet. We look forward to telling you why. Our beef comes from Irish Dexter cows usually crossed with Black Angus to give the finest flavor and a size that will fit in your freezer. Delivery to a local butcher is included in the sale. Delivery to your location may be possible.

Product is available in the fall and can be made available other times of year if prior arrangements are made. It does help the shepherd's planning if indications of product interest could be made as far as possible in advance of your need.

Come visit, bring a kayak and enjoy the river. We are proud of how we raise our animals and we are proud of the quality, taste and safety of our products. We look forward to feeding you soon!

The Faded Rose, Mike McAvoy, 130 E Little Island Road, PO Box 313, Cathlamet WA 98612. (360) 849-0030.
Website: www.localharvest.org/the-faded-rose-M17521

Flat Nothing Farm is a small farm, family owned and family ran, located in Canby, Oregon. We sell high quality 100% naturally raised and 100% grass fed and grass finished Angus and Angus/Hereford cross beef.

We process our beef humanely with the mobile unit coming to the farm. Cattle are born on our farm, never trucked never stressed.

We are not certified organic. We follow stricter farming practices.

No chemical fertilizers
No pesticides
No growth hormones
No antibiotics
No herbicides.

We are dedicated to raising healthy animals that produce nutrient rich food for our selves, our grandchildren and our customers. Our beef is well marbled, tender and great tasting. We dry age our beef to perfection.

We sell direct from our farm to our customers.

Flat Nothing Farm, Jojo Davis, 28648 S Elisha Road, Canby OR 97013. (503) 915-1244
E-mail: flatnothingfarms@gmail.com

Fluit Family Farms is a small family operation. We live in the beautiful Wallowa Mountain Valley in Northeast Oregon. We offer grass fed & finished beef. We also offer free range chicken eggs.

Our goal is to have healthy soil to grow healthy plants and animals to have healthy people. We soil test annually to try to keep our soils in balance. We only use natural fertilizers and are in the process of being organic certified.

We practice management intensive grazing and rotate our animals daily to a fresh new saladbar mixture of grasses and clovers. Our cattle also are provided with Organic Thorvin Kelp and Redmond salt for additional minerals and supplements.

Our beef is available in quarter, half, or whole and individual USDA Certified packages. Shipping is also available. We hope to have pork available in the future.

We hope you will in enjoy our products!

Fluit Family Farms, Mike, Joanie & the Girls, 62331 Tucker Down Road, Joseph OR 97846. (541) 432-5071.
E-mail: info@fluitfamilyfarms.com Website: www.fluitfamilyfarms.com

Flying Carrot Farm is a small, family-operated farm in the foothills of the coast range in Noti, OR.

We use beyond organic methods, with an emphasis on regenerative pasture-based agriculture, but we are not certified organic. We treat our animals with the utmost care and respect. Those that receive supplemental feed are fed a certified organic, non-GMO verified, raw, soy-free feed tailored to their species' needs. None of our animals receive antibiotics or hormones. We offer:

  • Grass fed/grass finished Beef by the whole and half – Our heritage breed Galloway cows are moved daily through our pastures through the grazing season and never given grain, hormones, or antibiotics.
  • Pastured Pork by the whole or half – In addition to what they forage, our pigs receive supplemental feed and are rotated through our pastures.
  • Whole Chickens – Our birds spend their entire lives on pasture, protected by electric netting. In addition to plants and bugs they find, they receive supplemental feed.
  • Eggs – Our layers are also rotated through our pastures in mobile coops surrounded by electric netting. In addition to all the plants and bugs they find on their own they receive supplemental feed.
  • Grass fed/grass fed Lamb – Our lambs never receive grain of any kind nor do they receive antibiotics or hormones Our lambs are allowed to wean naturally.
  • Turkeys – Our turkeys are raised on pasture and receive supplemental feed.
  • Vegetables and Flowers – Beyond organic vegetables and cut flowers available at farm gate.

Please visit us online at www.flyingcarrotfarm.com for more information and feel free to email or call with any questions.

Flying Carrot Farm, Adam and Amy Stevens, 89043 Poodle Creek Road, Noti, OR 97461. (801) 652-3955.
E-mail: hello@flyingcarrotfarm.com. Website: www.flyingcarrotfarm.com

Four Pines Ranch is a small, family owned and operated ranch located in Eastern Oregon that is dedicated to producing and direct marketing all-natural grass-fed beef.

Our Value Packs offer a mix of steaks, roasts, ground beef, and stew meat. Value Pack Options include Family Packs (50 lbs), Mini Packs (25 lbs) and Sampler Packs (12 lbs). We also offer CSA options for the affordable purchase of larger quantities.

Direct marketing and selling in bulk keeps our prices competitive to those of conventionally raised beef found in your neighborhood grocery store. Order online in minutes at www.fourpinesranch.com using any major credit card, and we can ship right to your door.

We are committed to producing fantastic beef that is both good for you and good for the earth. From pasture to plate, we oversee each step of production with integrity. Specializing in the art of grass-fed finishing, our beef tastes superb and consistently rates choice or high-select.

We never use grain, animal byproducts, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), pesticides, herbicides, or commercial fertilizer. Our cattle graze in green pastures, supplemented with hay produced only on our ranch. They are always treated in a calm, respectful manner.

Four Pines Ranch, Scott Jager, 42979 Marble Creek Road, Baker City OR 97814. (541) 805-0329.
E-mail: scott@fourpinesranch.com. Website: www.fourpinesranch.com.

Fox Hill Farm is located just east of Roseburg, OR, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. We are a small family farm that raises 100% grass-fed, pastured beef. We also are home to free-range chickens, horses, barn cats and a variety of wild critters! 

Our small herd of cattle have access to over 80 acres of pasture and timber land, where they are rotated as needed. Our herd is predominately black Angus and Angus crosses. Our animals are raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or grain, just as nature intended. They are supplemented with high-quality grass hay in the winter months, as needed. 

Our grass-fed beef is sold directly to the customers by wholes or halves. It is farm harvested to limit the stress placed on the animal. It is then dry aged for up to 2 weeks and cut and wrap is performed according to each customer's specifications. Orders are taken in the Spring for Fall delivery. If interested in purchasing a quarter, we may be able to pair you with another customer, however this is not guaranteed, depending on the year. 

If you are interested in learning more about our operation or would like to be a customer, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for supporting local farmers and ranchers! We appreciate your business. 

Fox Hill Farm, owned by Bob & Kathryn Dozhier, Heather Barklow, herd manager/contact, mailing address: 444 NE Winchester St, PMB E-10, Roseburg, OR 97470. (541) 771-4244.
E-mail: foxhillfarmbeef@gmail.com. Website: www.facebook.com/FoxHillFarm2

Fresh Start Farms is home to pasture raised beef, pork and chicken. It's also home to eight teenage girls and myself, Kathi Miller, and provides a hands-on education on integrity. No feedlot, no hormones, no antibiotics, etc. We produce chicken that tastes like grandma's, farm fresh eggs in a rainbow of colors, full-flavored natural dry aged beef, and pork that is so good and good for you, from chops to sausage, bacon, and ham. Sold by the pound or by the half or whole.

We welcome you to call or come visit our oasis in the high desert—15 miles east of Bend—and we'll introduce you to the eclectic collection of animals that we know on a first name basis. The greenhouse is up and we hope to introduce a limited amount of produce to our beef, chicken and pork offerings. Food Grown with Integrity.

Fresh Start Farms, Kathi Miller, 63530 Johnson Ranch Road, Bend OR 97701. (541) 317-5925.

Full Circle Bison Ranch is our family's farm in SW Oregon. We provide 100% grass fed Buffalo nationwide, specializing in low shipping rates on the West Coast.

Our bison graze certified organic pastures and are fed organic grass silage, organic alfalfa, and no spray hay. Spring grass is stored as grass silage and fed in fall. This makes our meat high in Omega-3 fatty acids and CLAs that are so important to healthy grass fed products.

Owner Tobias Hatfield tests a steak from every bison harvested. We guarantee that our meat is consistently tender, juicy, and flavorful. Customers may purchase meat through our online store. We sell a variety of packages including steaks, roasts, ground, ribs, and 1/4 bison. We also have handmade buffalo sausages, such as Buffalo Salami, smoked Polish, smoked Louisiana Hot, smoked Andouille, and smoked steak Jerky. These artisan products contain 100% grass fed buffalo meat and no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Our meat is flash frozen and cryovacked, then shipped in an insulated box via UPS 2nd Day delivery, guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition.

To purchase our meat, learn more about our operation, and see pictures of our bison please visit our website, or give us a call. Our products are also available at the following:

Farmers Markets:
Ashland Grower's Market, Tuesday: 8:30-1:30
Medford Grower's Market, Thursday: 8:30-1:30
Grants Pass Grower's Market, Saturday: 9-1

Grocery Stores:
Gooseberries', Grants Pass; Ashland Food Coop, Ashland; Health Food Mart, Medford; Cherry Street Meats, Medford.

The Chateau at the Oregon Caves; Chateaulin Restaurant Francais; Jacksonville Inn; Lela's Bakery; Ashland Springs Hotel; Gogi's; Summer Jo's.

Other: Annual Ranch BBQ

Full Circle Bison Ranch, PO Box 471 / 488 Caves Camp Road, Williams OR 97544. (541) 846-1351.
E-mail: info@fullcirclebison.com. Website: www.fullcirclebisonranch.com.

The Gillespie Grazing Company is a family owned and operated business located on wheat fields of Eastern Oregon. We work in conjunction with wheat farmers to provide natural control of grasses, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to weed control. In turn, our ewes are free of hormones and live in an open range environment.

Our lambs and ewes graze on spring grasses, and then lambs are finished on succulent Austrian peas and wheat and barley stubbles. In the fall and winter our ewes and feeder lambs graze on grass and alfalfa fields.

Our lambs can be pre-ordered and are processed and packed at a USDA approved and inspected facility. Lambs are available in the late fall and early spring. Please pre-order your lamb to secure your meat purchase.

We also produce super fine Rambouillet wool, which is available through our website.

Gillespie Grazing Company, Cameron GIllespie, 207 SW 9th St, Pendleton OR 97801. (541) 377-4526.
Website: www.gillespiegrazingco.com.

Graf Century Farm has been in the same family since 1881. In 1994, Loren and Nita Wilton began making the transition to pasture-intensive farming. Today, they raise pasture-finished beef.

The Wiltons' goal is to practice an agriculture that heals and regenerates, and that thrives on diversity, resource regeneration, and lower petroleum use. After over-wintering the cattle on deep bedding packs, the cattle are returned to the pasture in the springtime, pigs are brought into the winter shed to aerate the bedding and turn it into sweet-smelling compost. The finished compost is spread back on the pasture, returning the nutrients to the soil.

Pasture finished beef from their top-quality Herefords is available in whole, half, or split-halves (quarter) in June or August.

The Graf Century Farm, Nita and Loren Wilton, 44222 SE. Louden Road, Corbett OR 97019. (503) 695-5452.

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GrassKickin' Farms grows and sells Beef, Pork, and Poultry using management intensive rotational grazing techniques along with Joel Salatin-style, poly-culture pasture-based farming methods. Although we are not yet certified organic, we practice organic farmland management. We are passionate about growing high quality PasturePickin' Protein!

•  Beef – 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished...w/ High Quality Black & Red Angus
•  Pork – Grassy Woodland Rootin'...w/ Pure Berkshire (Chef's Choice)
•  Chicken – Pasture Pickin'..w/ Red Ranger & White Heritage
•  Turkey – Grass Gobblin'...w/ Broad Breasted Bronze
•  Eggs – Free Rangin'...w/ Assortment of Heritage Hen Breeds

GrassKickin' Farms is owned by the McGuffin family of five, and as a family we are constantly learning the art of pasture-based farming together as a work in progress. We farm on 50 acres located in Camas, WA near the Columbia River and Portland, OR...just 15 minutes from PDX.

As a fit farmin' family, we subscribe to the Paleo / Primal diet of High Quality PasturePickin' Protein, and the Westin Price teachings of the nutritional benefits of eating the Whole Animal...and many of our GK customers do, too!

Visit our website to see:

•  GrassKickin' Mixed Bundles (10–20 lbs) of Beef, Pork and Poultry...usually 1–2 grocery bags.
•  GrassKickin' Spice Packs made from High Quality Spices for Special Seasonings, Brines & Rubs... w/o fillers, sugars, gluten, nitrates, etc.

All of our GK Beef and Pork is processed at an Animal Welfare Approved USDA Inspected abattoir. All of our GK Poultry is processed humanely at a state-inspected (USDA Exempt) poultry abattoir.

GK Customers can pickup from the farm, or we offer Free Delivery direct to you locally and have drop locations. GK Customers typically order Bundles every 3–6 weeks. We can ship with dry ice for special orders.

Check out our website for current pricing and availability. We are also at the Camas Farmers Market on Wednesdays from 3-7pm, June 13–October 10, 2013.

GrassKickin' Farms, Shane and Melissa McGuffin, 24108 NE Weakly Road, Camas WA 98607. (360) 600-8854.
E-mail: gomeat@grasskickin.com. Website: www.grasskickin.com.

Great Basin Goat Company raises meat goats on 20,000+ acres in the high desert of California and Oregon. Our holistic, grazed management produces high-quality goat meat that meets ecological needs on our public lands permits and our certified organic irrigated pastures.

We believe the integration of multi-species grazing is essential to the healing and regeneration of our western grazing lands.

Our goats kid in early spring as the grass is beginning to turn green. The kids graze alongside their mothers until late fall. We can begin delivering beautifully processed goat meat October – December.

Customers can choose whole, half, 9-piece or ground options. See our Facebook page for current pricing.

Great Basin Goat Company, Lydia McGarva, Kelly McGarva, PO Box 142, Likely CA 96116. (541) 417-0264 or (541) 417-0246.
E-mail: greatbasingoat@gmail.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greatbasingoats/

Green Fields Bison Ranch is a family-owned and operated ranch in western Oregon (30 minutes west of Salem). We are a local source of wildly nutritious grass-fed bison meat: no GMO feeds, no hormones and no antibiotics. We produce plain and simple healthy bison meat – sustainably and naturally raised – from our ranch to your table. Our bison live out their lives on our pastures:

  • Our calves are born on our ranch and live out their lives in a peaceful valley.
  • Our bison live in family groups, grazing on our pastures; we supplement with hay and alfalfa when the grass is not sufficient. In 2016, we added a creep feeder. We built a special doorframe that only allows calves to enter to eat so they do not need to compete for nutrition with animals more than twice their size. As a result, our 2016 calves are healthy and full of energy!
  • We work to grow the best possible grass for them to eat by enriching the soil with nutrients, seeding where needed, and controlling weeds through hand pulling and mowing.
  • We practice low-stress handling, allowing the bison to move into new pastures at their own pace as we open gates. We often talk to the bison when we are out in the fields with them and call them by name (tag #).

Check our website for current products, prices and specials. We sell packaged cuts of meat from freezers on our ranch. We also sell bison in quarters, halves and wholes. We sell at the Salem Saturday Market and the Corvallis Saturday Farmer’s Market (see 2017 schedule on our website). We also sell our wildly nutritious bison meat at LifeSource Natural Foods and the Kraftworks Taphouse in Salem, and two co-ops on the Oregon Coast. If you are planning to start a bison herd, give us a call. We currently have breeding bulls from Custer State Park in South Dakota and breeding heifers from Antelope Island State Park in Utah for sale.

Green Fields Bison Ranch, Rick and Lori Hedlund, 16055 Gilliam Road, Dallas, Oregon 97338. (971) 720-0462.
E-mail: lhedlund@gmail.com. Website: www.greenfieldsbison.com

Hardgrass Beef is our family's farm in Lostine, Oregon. Providing families 100% Organic (USDA-certified) Grass fed, Nutrient Rich, Dry-Aged, Scottish Highland Beef.

Our farming philosophy is simple: Combine the best breed of cattle with the optimal environment and stewardship of the land, followed organic logowith humane care and respect for the animals to create the best nutrient rich beef from our family to yours!

  • 100% USDA certified Organic, Grassfed. No Antibiotics, No Herbicides, No Pesticides, No Hormones.
  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids and CLAs
  • USDA small scale Artisan Butcher
  • Stewardship of our riparian areas and upland grasses through rotational grazing practices and protective fencing

Purchase our meat online. All meat is USDA inspected. All meat is humanely harvested, dry-aged, artisan butchered then flash frozen and cryo-vacuumed packaged. We offer our beef for sale as ground beef, premium steaks, quarters, halves and whole beef options.

To purchase our meat or learn more about our family farm, please visit our website or give a call.

Hardgrass Beef, LLC., Getty Pollard, 69602 Warnock Road, Lostine OR 97857. (541) 263-1545 or (888) 333-9812.
E-mail: info@hardgrassbeef.com. Website: www.hardgrassbeef.com.

Harlow's Hills West Coast (Portland, OR Metro Area) provides locally grown, grass fed, natural lambs. Our lambs are NEVER fed grain and are bred to be hearty and healthy on Natural, Native Grass. You will taste the difference the first time and come back for more.

We have lambs ready now. Please contact us today to reserve your lamb.

Harlow's Hills West Coast, Owner/Operator: Eric JT Harlow, 611 NE Hughes Road, Washougal WA 98671. (360) 837-3606.
E-mail: eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com. Website: www.harlowshillswestcoast.com

Harmony J.A.C.K. Farms Inc. is a natural, owner-operated farm. We have Grass fed cattle and goats and free-range turkeys. No antibiotics or hormones are added. Very lean, natural beef is available year-round in quarter, half, or whole beef. Whole turkeys are also available year-round.

Animals are sold on a live weight, per pound basis. Contact us via e-mail or phone to order or to obtain more information.

Harmony J.A.C.K. Farms, Inc., Andy Westlund, 41154 Ridge Drive, Scio OR 97374. (503) 769-2057.
E-mail: AwestL1@aol.com.

Harper Valley Ranch is a small, family-owned and managed ranch focusing on raising grassfed, grass finished beef and lamb.

Our goal is to provide safe and healthy meat at a competitive price. Farm to table is a lot more than a catch phrase for us. We believe in transparency and open dialogue. If you have any questions about the ranching practices at Harper Valley, please call or e-mail. We love to talk about the ranch and our animals.

Our animals feed only on pasture and hay. We do not administer ongoing antibiotic treatments, utilize feedlots, steroids, or growth hormones. We strive to raise quality meat in an environment that is low stress, humane and natural for our animals.

HVR delivers on a regular schedule to the Treasure Valley and Ontario areas.

You can order online at harpervalleyranch.com, or call us at (541) 358-5321. Our products include beef and lamb by the cut, in bundles, halves or whole animals. We also have CSA packages with monthly delivery.  

Harper Valley Ranch, Sandy Sturgis, 3099 Little Valley Road Harper OR 97906. (208) 371-5321.
E-mail: Sandy@harpervalleyranch.com. Website: www.harpervalleyranch.com.

Helios Farms provides pastured dairy, meat, eggs, and poultry through private farm shares. If you want to get milk from our farm, purchase a share of one of our dairy cows and then hire us to board and milk your share of the cow. Each cow's milk is bottled separately as "Single-Moo Milk" with the name and picture of your cow on the label. For more raw milk info: www.realmilk.com

Cows get only pasture and alfalfa along with mineral supplements (redmond salt and kelp). Water is pure from spring fed sources. We sour (clabber) some of the milk and then soak hog and chicken grains in clabber to release the nutrients. Hogs are moved in the hog garden year round. Chickens tour the pastures in their egg-mobile with daily foraging stops.

In addition to dairy cow shares, we offer hog shares, chicken shares, egg shares, and beef shares. We have dropoff points in Roseburg, Cottage Grove, Eugene, and Corvallis and are expanding.

Our animals and humans are soy free, hormone free, pharma/chemical free. The chemicals we use on the farm are baking soda, vinegar, and ascorbic acid. Pre-milking teat dip is diluted manuka honey and ascorbic acid (vitamin c). Post-milking teat dip is clabbered milk. We use no antibiotics. We treat issues in ruminants with ascorbate mash; in hogs with clabbered milk and ascorbate.

Our mission is to reconnect people with the beauty of a local pristine food supply and to support the decentralized production of food. We encourage farm share owners to visit and participate in the farm and review all our methods which advance traditional farming techniques with life-positive farming practices. We are a family-friendly farm.

We are members of the Weston A. Price foundation and many of our farm share owners follow the WAPF dietary guidelines.

Helios Farm, Theo and Kira Wadman, 2077 Skelly South Road, Yoncalla OR 97499. (541) 908-0561.
E-mail: heliosfarms@gmail.com. Website: www.heliosfarms.com.

High Meadow Farm is located on 367 acres in the Cascade foothills where we raise free-range beef for people who care about quality, who want to know where their food comes from, and who are concerned how animals are treated. Our beef is 100% traceable. We have a closed herd and raise all the beef we sell on the farm. We care about our land, our animals, and our health.

Our herd of Purebred Polled Hereford cattle is selected for their excellent meat traits and calm disposition. Our cattle are never confined and have free access to pastures year-round. Our grass-finished beef is raised naturally on non-irrigated pastures supplemented with Oregon-grown hay in winter. We use no feed-grade antibiotics, growth hormones, or feed additives - just quality forages that animals were intended to eat.

The animals are processed in a USDA-inspected plant. To maximize tenderness beef carcasses are hung two weeks and the cuts of meat are double-wrapped and quick frozen.

We sell beef by the half, or whole. Custom meat cutting is provided by Gates Family Tradition Meats in Cottage Grove who make exceptional Beef Jerky in 4 flavors.

High Meadow Farm, Martha DeWees, DVM. Fall Creek, OR 97438. (541) 746-8329.
E-mail: mhddvm@gmail.com. Website: www.highmeaodowherefords.com

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Holy Cow Grassfed Beef / Moses Farm is very proud to be awarded 2012 Farmer of the Year by the Greater Wapato Area Chamber of Commerce. In 2011 we were awarded Top Animal Welfare Certification by Animal Welfare Approved. Our animals are free-range and we practice American Grassfed approved methods on the farm. We are breeders, growers, and USDA certified organic producers. We are inspected for our health and safety rules. Our endorsements tell you we do it right.

We farm 128 acres of organic grass hay, breeding over 100 cows and their calves in a closed herd. The beef we sell has been bred, born, raised and finished on the highest quality irrigated organic grass pastures. Holy Cow is passionate about providing customers with the healthiest, safest and best quality 100% natural organic grass fed beef on the planet. We have a high vigor breeding program using two breeds exclusively: Angus and Limousin. The result is known for the excellent marbling and longer loin muscle, resulting in the highest quality organic grass fed beef.

Beef is available year-round and can be picked up at the farm in the Lower Yakima Valley or we have two low-cost delivery options: 1) we make regular deliveries to pick-up spots in the Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver metro areas; and 2) we have our own refrigerated truck and can deliver quarters, halves or wholes to San Francisco and Sacramento in California, or to Portland, Oregon.

We offer great taste at a great price. Visit the Holy Cow Grassfed Beef website for order information and to learn more about the farm.

Holy Cow Natural Grassfed Beef, Janelle Moses, Wapato WA 98951. (509) 848-2598 or (509) 985-9457.
E-mail: sales@holycowgrassfed.com. Website: www.holycowgrassfed.com.

Horseradish Ranch – "Heritage Agriculture for a Resilient Future"

Our mission is to increase food independence and regional resiliency in the Columbia River Gorge and the greater Northwest by bringing you pasture-raised meats and eggs, calorie-rich storage crops, and wild and native foods. We aim to provide our customers with the highest-quality, humanely-raised products that excel in nutritional quality and are exceptional in flavor. We offer pasture-raised Chicken, Duck, Rabbit, Chicken and Duck Eggs, and grass-fed Lamb, in addition to grains, beans, and select vegetables, herbs, and fruits. 

We focus on using and further developing heritage agricultural techniques such as dryland farming without the use of irrigation, no-till soil management, and raising hardy breeds of livestock and plants that thrive in the natural outdoor environment of our farm's pastures and are resilient to change. We emphasize the importance of regenerating our pastures through multi-species rotational grazing, and are committed to providing corn/soy/GMO-free, regionally-appropriate foods with practices that build soil fertility, don’t deplete our water resources, and encourage biodiversity.

We are working to develop a small-scale system that can help transform lands traditionally considered undesirable for agriculture into productive and sustainable use, preserving and improving them for future generations. While we are not certified organic, we do not use herbicides or pesticides on our property, and we include many organic management principles on our farm. Please see our website for in-depth details about our farming practices.

We believe that by bringing our hard work and creativity to the world of farming, we can help you enjoy foods that both taste good and do good for your body, your community, and your earth.

Horseradish Ranch LLC, Laura Bazzetta, 1381 Snowden Road, White Salmon, WA 98672. (509) 310-3157.
E-mail: info@horseradishranch.com. Website: www.horseradishranch.com.

J/K Cattle Ranch, Inc. has locations in Scio & Sisters, Oregon. We breed & raise pureblood Wagyu & Wagyu/Angus Beef. This beef is also known as "American Kobe" and is known for great marbling and flavor.

Our cattle are all 100% grassfed and pasture raised. No hormones or unnecessary antibiotics are used. Our full blood bull descends from Hirashigetay asu, an outstanding imported sire from Japan. Our pureblood heifers descend from Fukutsuru 068 (#1 in marbling study #2) and also Michifuku (#1 in marbling study #1).

Our beef is dry-aged a minimum of 21 days. We sell by the 1/4 or 1/2 beef hanging weight or individual USDA certified packaged beef with various cuts of steaks, roasts & ground beef.

J/K Cattle Ranch, Inc., Mark Koos, PO Box 796, Scio OR 97374. (541) 740-7180.
E-mail: dkoos@smt-net.com. Website: http://jkcattleranch.com.

Ken and Connie Pond produce grass-finished beef and pastured chicken and turkeys. The beef is available in halves or whole, or in individual cuts with a 100-pound minimum order. Ground beef is available in orders of 25 pounds or more.

The freezer beef is available September through November. Ground beef is available July through November. Broiler chickens are sold from July through September, with turkeys available in October.

Meat is also available at Naturally Yours Health Food Stores in Hermiston and John Day, Health Haven Foods in Pendleton, and Randy Smith's in Bremerton, WA. The frozen meat can be shipped Second-Day Air anywhere in the United States.

Ken and Connie Pond, 302 SW 23rd Street, Hermiston OR 97838. (541) 567-4470.
E-mail: ken_pond@hotmail.com

Kookoolan Farms is one of only four farms in Oregon with licensed, inspected, on-farm poultry processing. We are a grass-based farm with all naturally-raised, no hormones, no antibiotics, humanely raised and slaughtered food animals. Grass-fed lamb and beef are also available at the farm and have free, unfettered access to never-sprayed grass pasture 365 days a year (although we don't force them out of the barns in severe weather!).

Pastured chickens (barn-raised in colder weather and provided with alfalfa and lettuce to supplement their feed ration), ducks, rabbits, turkeys, geese, and other poultry, plus chicken eggs and duck eggs, are available at the Hillsdale Farmer's Market in southwest Portland year-round, or directly from the on-farm store.

Chickens are available as whole roaster/fryers, or cut into breast quarters or thigh quarters. Necks, back, and feet are available for soup.

Kookoolan Farms is also the only purveyor in the greater Portland area of home cheesemaking supplies with a full line of cultures, rennets, cheesecloths, papers, molds, enzymes, and equipment for making your own cheeses. Raw cow and goat milk is sold out indefinitely with more than 70 families on the waitlists. We ship anywhere.

Kookoolan Farms, Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor, 15713 Highway 47, Yamhill OR 97148. (503) 730-7535.
E-mail: kookoolan@gmail.com. Website: www.kookoolanfarms.com.

Lake View Farm is an all natural, family operated farm located in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon since 1928. Over four generations, striving to improve with each, we currently find ourselves producing REAL Milk, Old Fashioned Pasture Fed Chicken, Grass Fed Beef, Plump Holiday Turkeys, Farm Fresh Eggs, Tender Spring Lamb, Chevré and Fresh Lean, Milk Fed Pork.

God has shown us the advantages of wholesome food produced in a naturally seasonal, sustainable way. This has provided us with the opportunity to grow quality food on our family farm. We are committed to supplying the healthiest products possible by providing nourishing feed and quality care for our animals. To us, this means a clean, low stress environment, plenty of fresh air and sunshine and all the grass our animals can eat.

Lake View Farm is confident that you will enjoy the delicious food that results when it is grown the way it was always intended. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and to check on the availability of free samples of our farm fresh products.

We sell our wholesome, natural products directly off the farm. We hope that once you see where your food is coming you’ll agree that it is More than just food to eat, it’s food to live on.

Lake View Farm, Andy Walton, 29540 Crook Drive, Halsey OR 97348. (541) 409-4497.
E-mail: lvf.realfood@gmail.com Website: www.lakeviewfarmoregon.com

Little Wheel Farm is our family farm located near Grants Pass, Oregon at the edge of the beautiful Applegate Valley. We raise 100% grass-fed St. Croix lambs

The St. Croix breed was developed specifically to produce high quality meat, known for flavor and tenderness. Our lambs are grass-fed on our pasture, supplemented with our own hay and some alfalfa. No grains used at all. They live a peaceful, quiet life grazing our lush pastures. 

Lambs are typically available in the spring and fall and are sold by the whole animal only. Email your order request to littlewheelfarm@gmail.com. Local pick up at your choice of butcher in Southern Oregon.

Little Wheel Farm, Clay and Donna Givens, PO Box 175, Murphy, OR 97533. (541) 914-6637.
E-mail: littlewheelfarm@gmail.com. Website: None.

Long Tom River Ranch raises 100% grass fed beef and lamb, pastured on 175 of our 275 acres west of Veneta, Oregon. We use rotational grazing practices and feed local hay in the winter months. We are a small farm so each animal receives individual attention.

In an effort to produce the highest quality, most flavorful and tender beef, we have added a Piedmontese bull to our herd of mixed breed cows. We also raise Katahdin lamb. These sheep are raised strictly for meat and are easy keepers that shed their wool in the hot months. We use no hormones and no antibiotics on any of our animals. We are not certified organic but use no chemicals on our pastures or the hay we feed.

We have been working since 2000 with the USDA Natural Resources and Conservation Service's Environmental Quality Incentives Program and the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board to fence our livestock off from more than one mile of the Long Tom River running through our property, planting trees to provide shade and improve the fish habitat, and providing off-channel watering for the livestock.

Beef is available usually in late summer or early fall, and occasionally at other times of the year. It can be purchased as a quarter, half or whole. It is cut to your custom order, wrapped and frozen and must be picked up in Eugene. Lamb is available whole, usually in the fall, and can be delivered for a fee to a butcher of your choice.

Long Tom River Ranch, PO Box 862, Veneta OR 97487. (541) 935-7164.
E-mail: info@longtomriverranch.com. Website: http://www.longtomriverranch.com.

Lostine Cattle Company employs the same sustainable, estate wine-growing philosophies as Leonetti Cellar and FIGGINS, the other Figgins Family Wine Estate brands, and applies them to the growing and harvesting of Scottish Highland Beef Cattle.

Raised in the pristine Wallowa Valley in Eastern Oregon, the cows are allowed to graze freely for their entire life on a superb grass mixture in an Oregon Tilth certified organic, biologically-farmed pasture. The cattle are never fed hormones or antibiotics, and as a final treat, they sometimes enjoy Pommace (pressed out grape skins) from our estate wineries.

We humanely harvest at a natural maturity age of 28-36 months, which intensifies flavor and quality of the beef. The beef is then dry aged for up to 28 days prior to being processed by our artisanal butcher. The meat is then cryovac packaged and immediately frozen.

Lostine Cattle Company strives to produce the most sustainable, finest quality beef available anywhere. We offer a combination of premium cuts such as steaks, along with roasts and other popular & classic cuts as a part of our quarter, half and whole beef program.

For more information about purchasing Lostine Cattle Company beef, please visit our website. To purchase a quarter, half or whole beef please call us directly at 1-877-581-9618. We offer delivery to Seattle, Portland, Tri Cities, and Spokane as well as split shipping options if freezer space is a concern.

Lostine Cattle Company, Carlye Knowles, PO Box 604, Walla Walla WA 99362. (877) 581-9618.
E-mail: info@lostinecattlecompany.com. Website: www.lostinecattlecompany.com.

Malheur River Meats was created with the belief that great tasting meat can be healthy for you while being produced using humane, sustainable poly culture practices. We are family owned and operated, residing in the high desert region of Malheur County in southeastern Oregon.

At Malheur River Meats we believe that producing great tasting healthy meat starts with happy, healthy animals. We accomplish this by providing an environment in which our grass-fed Angus beef, pasture raised heritage Duroc pork, pasture raised heritage turkey (seasonal) and grass-fed goat (seasonal) are raised the traditional way, the way nature intended. Our animals spend their lives expressing their natural behaviors of foraging on grasses, browsing, or just rooting around. These animals are free of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and animal by-products. We also do not use herbicides or pesticides on our pastures.

Our beef and pork are available year around for pick-up, delivery or mail order. It is sold as frozen individual cuts or bundles and by half or whole carcasses. All of our beef is dry aged 14 to 21 days. Our goat is available during the fall and winter months, while our turkey will make a great centerpiece for your holiday table.

To place an order or to find out more information about our products, feel free to visit us at our website, call or e-mail. Look for us also at the Nampa Farmers Market in Nampa, Idaho and the Capital City Winter Market in Boise, Idaho.

Malheur River Meats, 4276 John Day Hwy, Vale OR 97918. (541) 473-2151.
E-mail: malheurrivermeats@mindspring.com Website: www.malheurrivermeats.com

Mandala Farms Beef is a two-farm cooperative with a goal of delivering a product as pristine as wild meat, but with the added flavor and texture benefits that have been bred into British cattle since the early days of the Industrial Revolution.

The Red Angus and Herefords raised on the ranch have 100 percent pure British bloodlines. They are harvested at 20 months of age or less. The grassfed beef is dry-aged and then cut and wrapped according to customer instructions.

Mandala Farms, 45404 Notch Road, Fossil OR 97830.

Marion Acres is a small, two-family farm operated by the Mathias and Scotts, offering pasture-raised, artisan meats. Our animals are moved daily onto new fresh, green pasture. NO antibiotics, no hormones, sustainable practices, and locally grown feed. 

Pasture-raised and moved every single day onto thick, fresh pasture. Buy our poultry “a la carte” or become a “subscriber” for a 10% discount and special perks. Our chicken is seasonal, usually beginning in May. We butcher, clean, package, and label our poultry on our farm to minimize the stress on the birds and to provide the freshest possible chickens to our customers. Same day pick-up and unfrozen!

100% Pasture-raised and finished. Moved every day onto a thick, fresh plot of pesticide-free pasture.  

Pasture-raised and finished. Moved every couple of days onto a thick, fresh plot of pasture where they can freely roam, forage and wallow.  

Mobile coop is moved frequently onto a fresh plot of pasture, but hens are always free to roam the whole farm. Non-GMO, locally milled feed. 

From grass-fed, organically raised cows. Available for delivery through Schoch Dairy, our neighboring farm. 

"At Marion Acres, we strive to honor God's call to service by providing our community with local, high quality, fresh, and sustainable food that we openly stand behind. We believe in stewardship, which to us means having the greenest pastures, the happiest animals, and the most satisfied customers. It is a blessing and honor to provide honest food for you and your family in a relationship that we hope spans many years." 

For more information, visit our website, drop an email, or call us on the phone!
Facebook // Instagram // Twitter //

Marion Acres, LLC., John & Rachelle Mathia // Geoff & Amy Scott, 23121 NW West Union Road, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124. (503) 928 4428
E-mail: MarionAcres@gmail.com. Website: www.marionacres.com

Martin Family Ranch near Central Point, Oregon has been supplying premium grass fed beef to our customers in the Rogue Valley since 2003.

We manage over 70 acres of productive irrigated pasture on which we rotationally graze our 35 cows and calves and the yearlings that are being finished for beef. The beef that we sell comes exclusively from our cattle that we manage from conception until harvest. Our cattle are never fed any grain and are never given any hormones or fed any antibiotics. Our pastures are not sprayed with chemicals nor are commercial fertilizers applied to them. Our pastures offer a smorgasbord of forage species including various cool season grasses, legumes, and even a few paddocks of eastern gamagrass, a very productive and palatable warm season grass.

Our calves are sired by bulls with some of the best grass-based genetics available. Our finished cattle are typically ready for harvest at an average weight of over 1150 pounds at only 18 months of age, yielding a very tender and tasty eating experience. Please visit our website to learn more about our cattle and our grass.

We use a local state inspected cut and wrap facility to process our beef and they have provided our customers with trustworthy service for almost 10 years. We sell quarters, halves, and whole beeves and our finished cattle are ready for harvest from early September through the middle of November each year. We welcome visitors to our farm anytime.

Martin Family Ranch, Larry Martin, 2673 Taylor Road, Central Point OR 97502. (541) 664-3778.
E-mail: larrymartin99@msn.com. Website: http://martinfamilyranchoregon.com.

McIntyre Pastures is family owned and has been in the family for over four generations. We offer 100% grass finished beef, along with pastured pork, and eggs.

You can order beef and pork in bulk and we also have cuts available. Once you place an order we will find a mutually beneficial place to meet and deliver your products. We are in the process of changing over our pastures to be certified organic.  

Our pasture-based system helps to keep a low carbon footprint. Also, our pigs and chickens receive non-GMO grains grown right on the farm. The animals are not given antibiotics or hormones. Our animals are humanely raised on pasture and we breed for docile animals. This creates a low-stress environment, for not only animal but also humans. All the animals are rotated throughout the pastures to increase soil health and also regenerate the land. Without healthy soils we cannot have healthy plants, animals, and humans.

  • Cows: 100% Grass finished, never fed grain
  • Pigs: ration-grown on farm, no crates or pens, with movement allowed to develop intramuscular fat (taste)
  • Chickens: free range chickens, allowed to forage for food, mineral-rich eggs

For more information about our animals, you can visit our website or contact us.

McIntyre Pastures, Evan Lynam, Brad McIntyre, 17995 Lewis Lane, Caldwell, ID 83607. (208) 573-4923.
E-mail: sales@mcintyrefamilyfarms.com. Website: www.mcintyrefamilyfarms.com.

Meadow Harvest 100% grass-fed beef and lamb.

Our farm consists of 60 acres along a beautiful river. All the pastures are fenced so cows never disturb the banks. 40 of the acres are certified organic and we are in the process of getting the rest certified. All our animals are born and raised on our farm, grazing with their mothers on pastures in a rotational grazing system.

We do not feed grain, hormones or antibiotics. We put our animals comfort and heath as priority number one. We use antibiotics as medicine to treat health problems. The lambs for butcher never receive antibiotics. Occasionally the beef may need to be treated for a problem; we keep track of the treated animals and can assure customers their animal has never received an antibiotic.

We send our animals to a USDA inspected butcher where the meat is dry aged cut and wrapped. We have most of the popular cuts of beef and lamb and can arrange custom orders. We also sell whole and half lambs in the fall. The butcher we use is not certified organic so our meat will not be sold as organic. We are happy to answer specific questions about our products or management.

We sell meat at farmers markets and at the farm, contact us for arrangements. We are located about one and a half hour's drive from Portland OR.

Meadow Harvest, Sage Walden, 19350 Barber Road, Nehalem OR 97131. (503) 368-5078.
E-mail: meadow-harvest@hotmail.com. Website: www.meadowharvest.com.

Modoc Ranch in southern Oregon produces grass/hay fed Angus beef. We raise and sell 10–12 steers and heifers per year to individuals. Most of them are sold at around 7 months old (500 pounds) where the buyer can finish them as desired, the steers for meat and the heifers for meat or breeding. We can also make arrangements to feed them, as we do our own beef, on pasture and hay to butcher age, around 20–24 months (1200–1500 pounds).

We use no hormones, grain, or supplements. We raise all our own hay and all our breeding cows were born on the ranch. We purchase a new Angus bull every two years to prevent in-breeding. Our calves and cows are rotated through different pastures (7 days on, then 21 days off) to control weeds and parasites and to maximize pasture output. Pastures and hay fields are sprinkler irrigated from the Rogue River to conserve water. The pastures include alfalfa, clover, orchard grass, rye grass, timothy, and other grasses. All cows and calves are tagged at birth and we have records on each one.

Modoc Ranch, Bill Ryan, 11322 Modoc Road, White City OR 97503. (541) 826-8171.
E-mail: wryan@medford.net

Monitor Farm is located in Mount Angel, Oregon, where our family has been raising pigs and cattle on this farm for more than 100 years.

Our cattle eat only grass. In addition to rotating them around our various pastures, we make enough hay in the spring and summer to feed them in the winter when the grass is not growing.

Our pigs are a mix of heritage breeds and our herd has been on this family farm for nearly 100 years. We raise most of their feed right here on the farm. Upon special request, we can finish them on hazelnuts that we also raise.

We sell (you can purchase) half or whole beef or pork, and have it custom-butchered to fit your needs. We normally use a USDA-inspected butcher located only five minutes away from our farm here in Mount Angel. You will pick up your meat there (we don't ship or deliver).

We generally harvest year-round, although there may be a couple of months between harvests and/or it may take some time to get on the butcher's calendar.

For more information, please call my cell phone listed below. I'll likely answer you from out in the field somewhere. If I don't answer, just leave a message and I'll call you back.

Monitor Farms, Charlie Bochsler, PO Box 407, Mount Angel, OR 97362. (503) 910-8459.
E-mail: crbochsler@gmail.com. Website: none

Moomaw Family Farm provides grass-fed meat delivered directly from our farm to your home.

  • Pasture-raised Pork, Chicken, Lamb, and Rabbit.
  • All animals are raised by us in Molalla, OR, just 35 miles from Portland.
  • We provide the absolute best living conditions for our animals, which results in meat that is tastier, safer, and more nutritious.
  • You choose the types and amount of meat you want, then we deliver it right to your door on a monthly basis.

Visit our website for more info and to sign up...

Moomaw Family Farm, Nathan Moomaw, PO Box 128, Molalla OR 97038. (503) 927-6306.
E-mail: moomawfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.moomawfarm.com.

Ramsden Ranch provides Mountain Beef. Our cattle are grazed in balance with nature's law. They forage year-round and we feed no hay. That is wild.

Our beef is sold in halves and wholes. See website for details.

Our goals are to provide wholesome, healthful meat and to promote a pastoral grazing system that will inherently advance the management of our natural resources, thus becoming a sustainable ranch and a home where our children can grow. Ultimately we strive to benefit the land, community and our own family through thoughtful and caring stewardship.

Our ranch is situated on the border between Washington and Oregon. In 2013 we will be selling our beef at the Edmonds, Washington Farmers Market, Saturdays, 9am-3pm, from June 29 to October 5.

Ramsden Ranch Mountain Beef, Mark and Amy Ramsden, 68340 Warnock Road, Lostine OR 97857. (541) 263-1515.
E-mail: ramsdenranch@eoni.com. Website: www.mountain-beef.com.

Natural Fine Lamb Company sells natural gourmet lamb by the cut or case.

USDA approved processing. National shipping or ranch pickup.

Natural Fine Lamb Company, Eric JT Harlow, 67794 Highway 395 South, Pendleton OR 97801. (360) 837-3606.
Website: www.finelamb.com.

Nehalem River Ranch is a multi-species, pasture-based farm nestled along the Nehalem River in the western foothills of Oregon’s Coastal Range. In this lush and mild setting, our cattle, pigs and poultry thrive on the verdant, year-round pastures. Our grass-fed/finished beef, pastured pork and poultry are raised with deep respect for both the animals and the land.

We raise all of our livestock humanely on pasture at our farm and do not treat our fields or livestock with any chemicals, hormones, synthetic ingredients or antibiotics. Our pastures are buffered from riparian areas and are managed using intensive, multi-species, rotational grazing techniques. 

For those who are concerned about the state of the current food system, are looking for nutritious whole food, and would like to participate in their food community, Nehalem River Ranch offers a choice.

Our grass-fed/finished beef is dry-aged the old fashioned way and is available custom-butchered by the whole, half or quarter, or as part of our Pasture Share program. Pastured pork is available custom-butchered by the whole or half, or as a part of our Pasture Share program. Chicken, goose and turkey is available as part of our Poultry Share or as part of our Pasture Share program. Visit us at www.nehalemriverranch.com for more details.

We invite you to come visit our ranch, meet our animals and learn more about our operations! 

Nehalem River Ranch, Jared Gardner / Hilary Foote, 22885 Foss Road, Nehalem OR 97131. (503) 368-6328.
E-mail: hilary@nehalemriverranch.com. Website: www.nehalemriverranch.com.

Neil Creek Farm is a small family farm 19 miles outside of Portland, at the foot of beautiful Dixie Mountain. 

We are offering fresh cow milk and fresh goat milk through private herd shares in our very small herd of one Guernsey dairy cow and two dairy goats: an Alpine, and a Saanen. One pick-up spot in SW Portland, close to St. Vincent Hospital. We are not set up to pick up at the farm at the moment. 

All our animals are on a natural diet: cow is eating grass when the grass is growing, and hay when the grass is not very nutritious in the winter, and goats eat browse and grass. All have access to fresh water and minerals They receive a treat of grain at milking which consists of about 1.5 pounds per day for the cow, and 1 pound per day for the goats. It’s combined with root vegetables, and some chaffhaye.

Our farm is a stress-free environment, where we live in harmony and respect with nature and wildlife.

We are not certified organic, but use only organic and holistic management practices. 

Neil Creek Farm, Nick and Livia Blaszak, PO Box 1577, North Plains, OR 97133. 503-290-9470.
E-mail: neilcreekfarm@gmail.com. Website: Coming soon! www.neilcreekfarm.com 

NORTH COAST PASTURES is a non-certified organic poultry farm based in Willamina, OR.

We believe in bringing the full circle back to the farm. Our journey began in Perry County, PA then to Valley Ford, CA and we are currently residing in Willamina, OR. We take pride in raising all of our poultry as humanely and stress-free as possible. We use rotational grazing practices. We feed non-GMO certified organic grain + sprouts. We butcher with our commercial-grade butchering unit for our own poultry on-site where they were raised. We also offer mobile butchering services in efforts to support other local farmers bringing the full circle back to their farming practices. Our goal is to provide a low-stress, humane environment for the animals we raise.

We raise jumbo Coturnix quails. We raise Freedom Ranger chickens. We butcher our poultry on farm. We'll butcher for you on yours, too. 

Buy our non-certified organic poultry today! We can arrange delivery for wholesale purchases within 40 miles of Willamina, OR. Right now, we're offering our: 

    • Jumbo Coturnix Quails: $7 each - sold in 5-packs or 20 quails for $100
    • Freedom Ranger Chickens: (*only small 2–3.5 lbs.) – $3.75/lb
    • Discounts given for wholesale purchases of 25+ quails or 10+ chickens

We have a commercial mobile butcher unit for chickens, game birds, turkeys, geese and ducks. We can come to you within 150 miles of Willamina, OR 97378 – under 75 birds, you come to us. We can kill, pluck, clean and package, as well as cut birds into parts.

North Coast Pastures, Brea + Isaac, 7535 Sawtell Road, Sheridan, OR 97378. (925) 482-4686.
E-mail: northcoastpastures@gmail.com. Website: www.northcoastpastures.com

Norton Creek Farm sells free-range eggs at the Blodgett Country Store, Richey's, First Alternative Co-op in Corvallis, and at farmer's markets in the Corvallis area in season. Our pasture-raised broilers are available by subscription May–October. The broilers are hand-processed and are picked up at the farm. Thanksgiving turkeys are pasture-raised Red Bourbons, an old-fashioned, smaller breed with fine flavor. Order early. We didn't have enough birds for last-minute customers last year!

Grass-fed Romney cross lamb (with an excellent, mild flavor), chevon, and pasture-raised pork are also available by subscription.

We believe that raising birds and animals on grass gives the best flavor.

Norton Creek Farm, Karen Black, 36475 Norton Creek Road, Blodgett OR 97326. (541-453-5841)
E-mail: nortoncreek@plamondon.com

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Nourished With Nature is a small family farm in Lebanon, Oregon. Blake and Julia, along with their three young boys, own and operate the farm. We started raising the kind of meat and eggs we wanted to feed our family, FREE of chemicals, additives, hormones, antibiotics, common allergens like corn and soy. We believe it's some of the cleanest and tastiest meat you can find and we want to share with you!

We raise pastured and organically-fed Berkshire PORK, finished on acorns in our wood lot, pastured and organically-fed TURKEY for the Holidays, pastured and organically-fed CHICKEN, and pastured and organically-fed EGGS. We also raise grass fed and finished BEEF and LAMB. In addition we have bones for broth and organ meat such as heart and liver for sale. Special requests for tongue, feet, etc., can be arranged on an individual basis. Our pork and poultry are supplemented with a locally milled non-GMO corn- and soy-free feed. Our lamb and beef never receive any grain.

We sell our pork by the half or whole, turkey and chickens whole, beef by the quarter, half or whole, and lamb whole. We also have individual cuts of beef, pork and lamb available sometimes; check with us for availability. Pick up of our meat is at our farm so you can see our practices; we do not ship. You can reserve your meat by sending us a deposit, then the balance is due at the time you pick up.

Please email or call us to check our availability and prices. We are happy to give you a tour of our farm, please make arrangements for this before arriving. We look forward to meeting you!

Yours Naturally,
Blake and Julia Bell

Nourished With Nature, Blake and Julia Bell, 34847 Bond Road, Lebanon OR 97355. (541) 409-3719.
E-mail: info@nourishedwithnature.com. Website: www.nourishedwithnature.com.

Peeters Bar B Q Ranch raises premium Low Line Cattle LOALA's. These are grass fed beef. Range run. No grain. No hormones. Low Line are smaller cattle for smaller acreage, tamer animals easy to handle.

We have some steers ready to go, will sell live or packaged to your specs. We also have some feeder bulls which are weaned, could be fattened up or could be used for breeding purposes, these are percentage lowlines.

We are located in the Mohawk Valley, Springfield.

Peeters BarBQ Ranch, Fred Peeters, PO Box 1239, Marcola OR 97454. (541) 747-8597.
E-mail: fdpeeters@aol.com.

PETAL TO THE METAL FARM is a small, diversified farm near Oakland, Oregon. It is owned by Larisa Sparrowhawk, President of OCFA, Oregon Consumers and Farmers Association, which is associated with NICFA and VICFA, the National and Virginia farm rights groups.

Petal to the Metal uses natural farming methods to raise pastured chickens, ducks and goats as well as fruits and vegetables.

We use no synthetic chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides or genetically engineered seeds. However, our poultry feed is primarily cracked grains from a regular feed store until we find a local farm source. Our poultry ranges widely over a four acre area for their own health and happiness and also to control insects.

For 2008, eggs, apples, plums and pears are available. Goat meat will be available around January 2009. By summer 2009, once our fencing is done to keep the deer and turkeys out, we hope to be ready for CSA shares.

You are welcome to visit the farm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY or pick up eggs at a drop point in downtown Roseburg. E-mail for further information and directions to the farm.

Petal to the Metal Farm, Larisa Sparrowhawk, Oakland OR. (541) 459-3447.
E-mail: petaltothemetal@aol.com.

Pete and Pam Talbott produce delicious 100% forage-raised Certified Organic beef and lamb in the Goose Lake Valley of south central Oregon. Our stock consumes only grass and legumes with basic minerals such as salt. The stock is raised under USDA Organic standards without implants or antibiotics. We manage our land in a holistic and environmentally sensitive manner for healthy livestock, wildlife and people.

We practice low stress handling methods to maintain a healthy lifestyle for stock and man. We are also certified under the Global Animal Partnership 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standard at a Step 4. The ranch and livestock are always available for inspection by our customers.

We offer 1/2 or whole beef and lamb that is organically processed to our customers' specifications. The beef is dry aged for 3 weeks, providing a very tasteful and tender product. It is then quick frozen and delivered to the customer. Our sale animals are available during the summer and fall months.

Our goal is to provide a safe, wholesome product that will give our customers a great healthy eating experience.

Pete and Pam Talbott, 17614 Tunnel Hill Road, Lakeview OR 97630. (541) 947-3482.
E-mail: ptcows@gmail.com. Website: www.talbottranch.com

Pine Mountain Ranch is dedicated to grow the best food possible while minimally impacting the environment. Our Bison and Yaks have small hooves, which help to aerate the pastures while doing little damage to the soil and grasses. Our chickens are raised on the pasture where they follow the animals and clean up dung beetles and control pests while leaving behind nitrogen rich droppings. This is our source of fertilizer, further diminishing the animal’s footprint on the environment.

Our goal for 2011 is to introduce as many native species as possible, including guinea fowl, ducks, goose, and heritage chickens and turkeys. Sustainability is the goal, the land will sustain the animals which in turn sustain the people living off the land. We never use medications, hormones or antibiotics.

Our products include bison, elk, yak, heritage pig, lamb, beef, venison, heritage chicken, turkey, duck, quail, goose, pheasant, rabbit, and pastured eggs. Our poultry and rabbit are processed onsite in our USDA exempt, ODA licensed facility. We humanely process all our livestock. Our large animals are processed at a nearby small USDA inspected family owned facility. Please visit our website for more information about our meat CSA and our farmers markets schedule.

Pine Mountain Ranch, Alan Rousseau, 23585 E Hwy 20, Bend OR 97701. (541) 312-0185.
E-mail: info@pmrbuffalo/com. Website: www.pmrbuffalo.com.

River Run Farm offers Certified Organic, Pasture Raised and Finished Beef from Black Angus cattle. We never feed Grains or processed feeds. We sell halves and whole animals for locker beef and price is based on hanging weight. Please call or email and inquire.

River Run Farm Beef has been tested by Dr. Tilak Dhiman and was found to have unusually high levels (17 mg/g fat) of CLA.

River Run Farm, James and Ellen Girt, 19224 Swedetown Road, Clatskanie OR 97016. (503) 728-4561.
E-mail: theriverrunfarm@gmail.com

Rockside Ranch is a pasture-based, multi-species farm tucked in the Scott Valley of far Northern California. We raise a variety of poultry, heritage pigs, and produce. We operate a small CSA in our county and hand-deliver our products throughout California and southern Oregon.

Our farming and lifestyle principles govern our practices, which preclude the use of any chemicals, medications, or added hormones. In our home and on our farm, we ascribe to the Weston A. Price Foundation’s nutritional philosophy and raise our animals in accordance with their standard: grassfed, pasture raised, and free of all soy and GMOs.

We treat our animals with dignity and work hard to provide a comfortable, stress-free environment for them to do what they do best.

Our chickens and turkeys follow cows and range on our pasture eating bugs, grass, and grain. We process and package them on-site.

Our pigs are rotated through the woodland, foraging and disturbing the ground to make way for fresh growth and encourage biodiversity. We sell our pork by the half or whole, and butcher a portion of our herd at a USDA facility for retail sale by the package.

Our passion is raising rich, nutrient-dense, and tasty food. We love sharing our food with our family, friends, and neighbors. We can be reached by phone or email.

Rockside Ranch, Craig and Jen Thompson, 2421 N. State Hwy 3, Etna, CA 96027
Ranch/Home: (530) 467-4044.
E-mail: craigandjenthompson@gmail.com Website: www.rocksideranch.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/rocksideranch

Rudio Creek Ranch, owned by the Kreitzberg and Redding families, is proud to offer USDA inspected 100% natural grass fed beef for sale.

Our beef comes from the purebred Black Angus herd that grazes and utilizes the ranch’s grasslands. These animals never leave the ranch, eating nothing but the grass and hay produced on the ranch. No growth hormones, antibiotics, or confined feeding practices are used and we even cold-brand our cattle.

Grass fed beef has been proven to provide more Omega-3 fatty acids and is lower in fat and cholesterol than grain fed beef. It is also high in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and rich in antioxidants like vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene. Our animals are well cared for and have a stress-free existence.

Our lean beef takes over 20-24 months to produce, compared to the standard 14-16 months. It is dry aged to perfection. We offer ground beef and ground chuck, in 1-pound packages, year round out of our business office along with beef tenderloin. Our main products are the whole and half sides of beef. We also offer a half of a half. We do deliver locally to Salem and Portland regularly.

Rudio Creek Ranch, Tami Bogat (503) 990-1780 and Linda Morris (503) 798-9731 Business office: 2837 22nd St. SE Suite 155, Salem, OR 97302
E-mail: tami@rudiocreekranch.com. Website: www.rudiocreekranch.com.

Scott River Ranch grass-fed and finished certified organic (by Oregon Tilth) beef is a healthier and more flavorful choice for you, your family, and the environment. Our beef is born and raised on a family owned ranch near the Russian Peak wilderness area in northern California. Our animals are fed only USDA certified organic grass and hay from our local pastures. This allows us to minimize the stress on the animal, reduce the environmental cost of transportation, and eliminate any antibiotics or growth stimulants.

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Our beef is USDA certified start to finish, and dry aged from 21+ days locally. This allows natural enzymes to tenderize the meat, and give it the delicious flavor which our parents and grandparents once enjoyed. Our beef is available in individual retail cuts. We make free local deliveries and ship Fed-Ex.

We are happy to assist you with your beef purchase, and answer any questions you may have. We want to be your own personal farmer giving you a connection to our land and way of life. We invite you to browse our website and learn more about us, our heritage and history, and about the cattle we believe will provide you with the finest eating experience anywhere.

Scott River Ranch, Amanda Schmalenberger, 1138 East Callahan Road, Etna CA 96027. (530) 467-4006.
E-mail: customerservice@scottriverranch.com. Website: http://scottriverranch.com

Seven Springs Ranch is located in southern Oregon, near Roseburg. The 444-acre ranch fully supports a herd of approximately 50 Angus-Hereford crossbred cattle.

Seven Springs cattle are raised free of steroids, synthetic growth hormones and antibiotic-laced feeds. They graze from birth to maturity on nutrient-rich grasses grown without inorganic nitrates and phosphates, chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Our animals are handled humanely, matured from birth, as nature intended. Situated in the foothills of the Oregon Cascade mountains, they graze on lush, hillside meadows and drink clean water provided by one of several spring-fed water sources on the ranch. A superior free-choice chelated mineral supplement is provided year around.

Our natural beef is sold directly to the customers by wholes or halves and farm processed according to each customer's specifications. Orders are taken in the Spring for Fall delivery. Lean ground beef is available in limited quantities for retail sales, please contact us for shipping or delivery options in Oregon.

Please visit our website or contact us directly by e-mail or phone.

Seven Springs Ranch, Stan and Linda Young, Owners, 10879 Buckhorn Road, Glide OR 97443. Heather Barklow, herd manager and contact, (541) 771-4244.
E-mail: sevenspringsbeef@gmail.com. Website: www.thesevenspringsranch.com

Sexton Ranches is a family ranch that raises sheep and cattle in Eastern Oregon.

Our lambs and beef calves are born in late spring on lush green pastures with plenty of mountain air and sunshine. For the health of our animals and our customers, we do not use any antibiotics, steroids or added growth hormones. Our animals are naturally grown, grass fed and grass finished and then processed at a USDA inspected facility. Our meat is also dry aged for a tender and flavorful eating experience. We also practice rotational grazing. No grain is ever fed to our grass finished lambs or beef.

Our products are sold by the cut at farmers markets, and we also sell ½ and whole lambs and ¼, ½ and whole beef. Internet orders can be placed via our website where you can find a listing of the individual cuts we offer as well as suggested themed boxed orders. We ship anywhere in the United States.

If you happen to be close enough to stop by the ranch and would like to see where the meat you buy is raised, give us a call. We would be happy to sell off the ranch!

Sexton Ranches Natural Lamb & Beef, Dick and Andi Sexton, 47307 Anthony Lakes Highway, Haines OR 97833. (541) 856-3939.
E-mail: andisexton@cascadeaccess.com. Website: www.sextonranches.com.

Silvies Valley Ranch believes livestock ranching can be paired with abundant, healthy wildlife to set the standard for the nation in best ranching and environmental practices.

Three families with pioneer roots own and manage the farm. The ranch is over 130,000 acres of deeded and leased national forest and BLM lands in and surrounding Silvies Valley, nestled in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon. The size of the property allows for a minimum of 100 acres per head of cattle. Our ranch is Food Alliance certified.

Our line of heritage cattle is a mix of Red Angus and Hereford bred to go to market at a weight of less than 900 pounds. This yields tastier smaller cuts and is easier on the riparian meadows where they are bred and raised. We never use antibiotics or hormones and our cattle are 100% free from corn, grain and alfalfa. Our choice to take our cattle at the yearling age of 12-16 months produces smaller, tender cuts that distinguish our beef.

Their diet consists solely of native meadow and Silvies Valley hay. This includes 12 varieties of naturally irrigated grasses, seven species of clover and over 100 varieties of wild flowers. This produces tender lean meat with a higher proportion of good fats and proteins.

Our beef is solely processed and distributed by Nicky USA, Inc. in Portland, Oregon. April through December our beef is available fresh, the remainder of the year we provide frozen options. We offer all cuts vacuum packed or up to full quarters cut to your specifications. Our beef is available for pick up or direct shipping.

Silvies Valley Ranch Beef, Nicky USA, Inc., 223 SE 3rd Avenue Suite B, Portland OR 97214. (503) 234-4263 or (800) 469-4162.
E-mail: info@nickyfarms.com. Website: www.nickyfarms.com.

Soggy Feet Enterprises, located in Scappoose, Oregon, is a first generation family farm, offering local, pasture-raised, natural grass fed and finished beef. Our beef is USDA Certified Grass Fed/Finished (we are one of only two farms in the state with this certification). We do not feed our cattle any grains, antibiotics, GMOs, or use any type of hormones. Our cattle are on pasture year round. During the winter when pasture grass is not growing, we supplement with grass and clover haylage and grass hay that we grow and harvest ourselves. Our cattle are primarily Black Angus, with a few Angus/Hereford or Charolais crosses (no dairy breeds).

Our beef is available in whole, half, and quarter shares throughout the year. Wholes, halves, and quarters are vacuum packed and cut and packaged to your specifications. (A quarter beef usually fits in 2–3 of our boxes measuring 12"x12"x18".) We also offer 25-lb and 50-lb ground beef boxes (subject to availability, vacuum packaged in 1-lb packages). Our ground beef is made only a few times a year. One whole beef is de-boned and ground and all the premium cuts are included as well to make an amazing, high-quality, lean ground beef. 

If you are interested in placing an order, or would like to ask a few questions to find out if this is the right option for you, please feel free to give us a call. We accept most major credit cards and offer on farm pickup for your orders.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Soggy Feet Enterprises, Amanda Hoyt, 35635 E Columbia Avenue, Scappoose OR 97056. (503) 730-2517.
E-mail: soggyfeetfarms@msn.com. Website: www.facebook.com @soggyfeetenterprises

Sweet Home Farms is a family farm dedicated to humane animal husbandry and sustainable production of healthy meat, poultry and eggs. We proudly offer naturally raised products, including beef, lamb and goat, and pasture-raised poultry and eggs. Our beeves, lambs and goats are entirely grassfed and grass finished. Laying hens and meat chickens are raised on pasture with supplemental grain.

We use low-stress, humane, handling methods for all animals, guardian dogs to prevent losses from predators, and limit our use of medications as much as possible. We use no hormones or low-level antibiotics. We have fenced off our streams and planted native plants in riparian zones to restore natural habitat and stream health.Our leader-follower, grazing system rotates cattle, sheep, and goats to reduce parasite loads naturally. This system also provides recovery time for each paddock after it is grazed, improving forage diversity and quality. Better-quality forage improves the flavor of our meat and poultry and adds beneficial nutrients. Our chickens fertilize the fields naturally, as does the compost we make from winter bedding.

We carefully select the genetics in our herds to improve their performance in our natural grassfed system, raising small-framed Angus and heritage Belted Galloway cattle, Katahdin sheep, and Kiko-cross goats.

We sell on-farm, make regular deliveries to the Portland area for our CSA and individual orders, and have limited deliveries to the Eugene and Salem areas. In addition to our CSA and by-the-piece sales, we offer bulk meat (sides and wholes for all large animals; mixed beef quarters are also available). We also offer and deliver meat and poultry at the Wednesday Interstate Farmer’s Market in Portland (spring through fall) and at the Saturday Oregon City Farmer’s Market (year round). We encourage farm visits. Please call for product availability or if you’d like to come by.

Sweet Home Farms, Carla Green and Mike Polen, 40524 Highway 228, Sweet Home OR 97386. (541) 367-0687.
E-mail: sweethomefarms@centurytel.net. Website: www.sweethomefarms.com.

TreeBird Organics.
Our Mission
TreeBird Organics aims to be a year-round source for local, organic and humanely raised food that is grown with environmental, social, and economic consciousness (the three tiers of sustainable farming). Our goals are to increase the sustainability of farming practices, create good jobs that pay living wages, have a transparent and welcoming farm that is open to the community, and support the education of children and consumers in what it means to have a sustainable food system. We practice inter-species farming and rotational grazing for the health of our pastures and animals.

How We Stick to Our Mission
From paying our team members a true living wage (over 1.5 times our state minimum wage) to feeding 100% certified organic feed, to adhering to the highest animal welfare standard the in country, we are setting the bar high for a new way of thinking about how our food is produced. Every part of how we structure our business and our days is rooted in our passion to ensure that what we do is a reflection of our respect and our beliefs in the natural world and the good of humanity.

AWA logo
USDA organic

Where Can You Buy Our Products?
Our Certified Organic and Animal Welfare Approved Eggs can be purchased in Hood River, OR at Rosauers, The Farm Stand in the Gorge, and the Hood River Farmers Market. In White Salmon, WA at Feast Market and the White Salmon Farmers Market.

All of our products including eggs and organically fed beef / pork can be purchased here at the farm.

TreeBird Organics, Rebecca Wellman, Michael Kelly, Joanna Bakken, 573 Sunnyside Rd, Trout Lake WA 98650. 509-395-3600.
E-mail: eatwell@treebirdorganics.com. Website: treebirdorganics.com.

Triple D Ranch raises grass fed cattle, the way god meant them to live—grass beneath their feet and sun on their backs. Our Livestock live peacefully on the lush green grasses of the Central Oregon Coast near the towns of Yachats and Waldport.

You can be assured that the Beef and Dairy Products you feed your family from our farm are raised on grass and not a feedlot, are free of Antibiotics or artificial Hormones, and have been raised with kindness, a genuine love for animals and farming, and with preservation of the land and health of our animals always in mind. My family have raised cattle and farmed for generations and the tradition continues with us supplying you superior products.

We sell from the farm Fresh Milk and Beef in whole, half and quarters delivered to western Oregon and can ship throughout the nation with a 25-pound minimum order. For ordering information phone, e-mail or visit our website. Thanks for supporting your local farms.

Triple D Ranch Debbie Ostling, PO Box 2596, Waldport, OR 97394 (541) 270-4284
E-mail:debo@tripledranchs.com Website: www.tripledranchs.com

Verdant Hills Farm is a small family farm in McMinnville, Oregon that specializes in raising 100% grass-fed/grass-finished beef on pasture. Although not certified organic, we follow better-than-organic standards with no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, or synthetics. To guarantee the purity of our forage and offer a sustainable model, we limit our herd size so we can feed our cattle from our own pastures and practice intensive rotational grazing.

Our beef is well-marbled, flavorful, and tender and available by the whole, half or quarter (split-half) by pre-order for slaughter, usually in June. We occasionally offer beef shares at other times during the year. Quantities are limited so please contact us to inquire.

Our customers appreciate their connection with us and our farm. We welcome tours and questions as we believe people should know their farmers and their food. For more information, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Verdant Hills Farm, Rich Butler, 12750 SW Muddy Valley Road, McMinnville, OR 97128. (503) 474-2820.
E-mail: info@verdanthillsfarm.com. Website: www.verdanthillsfarm.com

White River Lamb Company offers a "deliciously different" alternative to meat found at the grocery store. The difference is in our method, philosophy, and production practices. Our lambs NEVER see confinement, and spend their lives converting grass and natural forages into consumable protein... The only additives are their mothers' rich milk, until weaning, and free choice essential minerals.

We work hard to provide healthy, wholesome products to our customers in the region. You won't find meat products like ours in your local grocery store. Their meats are from an industrial farming system that abuses the environment, the animals, and ultimately, your health. Our meats are raised in a way that's environmentally sustainable, truly humane, and naturally healthy.

White River Lamb Company LLC, Ellen Nieslanik, 39020 Fish Hatchery Drive, Scio OR 97374. (541) 258-2002.
E-mail: info@whiteriverlamb.com. Website: www.whiteriverlamb.com.

Wine Down Ranch offers Beyer's Choice Beef.

We are a small, family owned ranch nestled in the foothills of the Ochoco National Forest. We offer all-natural, grass-fed / finished AngusX BEEF. NO antibiotics, hormones, pesticides. Pasture rotation. Summer forest grazing. Only fed grass and hay with free choice salt and minerals.

We genuinely care about our cows and calves and provide them with a minimal stress lifestyle. They are born and raised on the ranch and we practice on-site butchering by a mobile slaughtering unit, so there is NO STRESS to the steer.

Available by whole, 1/2 or 1/4. Per pound price includes slaughter and cut and wrap fee, or on the hoof (market value).

Arrangements can be made for delivery in Central Oregon or Portland area for a small fee. 

Wine Down Ranch / Beyer's Choice Beef, Mary Beyer, 6500 NE McKay Creek Road, Prineville OR 97754. (503) 810-7003.
E-mail: winedownranch@gmail.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WineDownRanch

Winter Green Farm offers delicious, lean 100% grassfed beef. Our animals are treated with respect and raised in a manner that is both as natural as possible and which enlivens our farm. Our goal is to have all of our beef consumed by those that can respect and appreciate the difference in how our animals are raised.

We sell quarters, halves, and whole animals directly to the consumer. The beef is cut, wrapped and frozen to your specifications and must be picked up locally in the Eugene area. Our beef is available primarily in the fall with some availability year round. We also raise medicinal herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Most of our fruits and vegetables are sold to over 300 families that are members of our farm. Our herb and vegetable production has been certified organic since 1984. More information is available on our website.

Winter Green Farm, Jack Gray, 89762 Poodle Creek Road, Noti OR 97461. (541) 935-1920.
E-mail: folks@wintergreenfarm.com Website: www.wintergreenfarm.com

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